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from issue no. 03 - 2007

A long path in fidelity and in service to the Church

by Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte

I have had the privilege of meeting His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI several times, before and after his election as Pontiff.
His welcome has always been simple and cordial. The various questions that we have faced have brought about a frank and direct exchange that has enabled points of view to be expressed that were well received. Each time I have come out enriched from these encounters, enriched by the light of the knowledge of this man who knows how to illuminate the most difficult questions with the prudence that emanates from his judgments.
I am grateful to the Lord that I can put myself at his service in the tasks that he has entrusted to me, and help him in the governance of the Church.
The celebration of his eightieth birthday is for me a chance to congratulate him on the long path travelled across the years in the fidelity and service to the Church, and to thank the Lord for having given him to us as pastor.
In union with the Church of Montreal, I repeat my affection and my admiration and I offer him my most sincere wishes. I ask the Lord to cover him in blessings and to bestow on him health, daring, the calm and the courage required by the exercise of his ministry of communion.

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