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A book by Father Leonardo Sapienza

In the tracks of Paul VI

By Gianni Cardinale

«Following the spiritual tracks of Paul VI is like looking for a spring of abundant water, sure of finding it; the discovery, then, continues to amaze. He gave a very great deal to the Church and to mankind; but his gift (or the gift that Providence gave us through him), nobody has yet been able to exhaust». So Father Leonardo writes in the introduction to the fine book he has edited, Paul VI. Teacher of the Word (Gabriele Corbo Editore, Ferrara 2003. 747 pp., 29,41'). The book, in bookstores shortly, brings together five thousand thoughts, arranged under 683 headings, from A to Z, drawn from the sixteen volumes of the collected Teachings of Paul VI. Father Sapienza points out that «all the speeches of Paul VI for general audiences and for the Sunday Angelus were written personally with passion and precision. In that, too, Paul VI shows himself a genuine Teacher of the Word».
Father Sapienza performs his mission in the Prefecture of the Pontifical House, as responsible for protocol. He belongs to the religious congregation of the Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus and on 1 July last he celebrated twenty-five years of priesthood.
Gia. Ca.

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