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Interview with the Pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary in Doha

Thank You, Your Highness, finally…

Interview with Tomasito Veneracion by Giovanni Cubeddu

Father Tom what is the significance of this new church in Doha?
TOMASITO VENERACION: It means that Qatar, and in particular His Highness the Emir al-Thani, is serious in his desire to open a dialogue between the religions of the Book. It also expresses the government’s commitment to promote respect for other religions and other beliefs. In May the government hosted the sixth international meeting on inter-religious dialogue and this makes us confident that everything possible is being done to create awareness on the issue of faith, not only each one for his own people, but worldwide.
Do you remember a recurrent comment that you heard from your faithful after the inauguration of the new church? Is there an awareness of being a minority in a host country?
VENERACION: Yes, in recent months I have heard people repeat the word ‘finally’ many times. But I believe however that we must start all over again, given the enormous task that was entrusted to us, not of immediate solution…
How does the life of the Christian community of Qatar proceed?
VENERACION: There is still no assurance about the date when the final details of the building of the church will be completed. So far there are no roads, nor electricity, nor water ... But I’m absolutely not complaining! I understand that this is the greatest and most demanding work in the world. In Qatar we are aware of our Catholic faith perhaps more than elsewhere in the world. We are assailed by problems, but to each day its own worries…

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