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The sacrament of Confession: gift of the Risen Jesus

Thoughts of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina

“If standing on our feet depended on us, surely at the first breeze we would fall ... Let us always confide in His divine mercy and thus we will experience increasingly how good the Lord is”.

What Paul VI said of Padre Pio (20 February 1971)
“The miracle that happened for Padre Pio will happen for you. Look what fame he had, what a worldwide following gathered around him! But why? Perhaps because he was a philosopher? Because he was wise? Because he had resources at his disposal? Because he said Mass humbly, heard confessions from dawn to dusk and was – it is not easy to say it – one who bore the wounds of Our Lord. He was a man of prayer and suffering”.

“... Proceed with humility and honesty to confess before God what you have noted, and remit it to the sweet mercy of Him Who supports those who fall...; and raises them quickly indeed and sweetly indeed so that they are not aware of having fallen, nor of being raised, because the hand of God raised them so quickly, that they did not think about it”.

“In the tumult of passions and adverse events, may the dear hope of His inexhaustible mercy sustain us: we run confidently to the tribunal of penance, where He, with the anxiety of a father, awaits us at every moment; and, while aware of our bankruptcy before Him, we do not doubt the forgiveness solemnly pronounced on our mistakes. We place on top of them, as the Lord has placed, a tombstone!”.

“Humiliate yourself in your daily infidelities, humiliate, humiliate always. When Jesus sees you humbled to the ground, He reaches out His hand to you and He Himself is concerned to draw you up to Himself”.

“It was God’s infinite wisdom to put in our hands the means to be able to make our soul beautiful, even after we have deformed it by fault. Enough that the soul wants to cooperate with divine grace, that its beauty can reach such splendor, such shapeliness, such gracefulness that it can draw to itself, for love and wonder, not so much the eyes of the angels but those of God even, according to the testimony that Sacred Scripture itself gives us: ‘The king, that is God, has become enamored of your decorum’”.

“He [Jesus] always wishes me well and clasps me ever more to Himself. He has forgotten my sins, and it could be said that He remembers only His own mercy”.

“I feel ever greater the need to abandon myself with more confidence to the divine mercy and repose my only hope in God alone”.

“Be docile to the promptings of grace, complying with their inspiration and their attractions. Do not be ashamed of Christ and of His doctrine”.

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