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from issue no. 10 - 2008


A bishop expert in inter-religious dialogue

by Gianni Cardinale

Mariano Crociata was born in Castelvetrano (Trapani) in 1953. He studied at the Episcopal seminary in Mazara del Vallo and took his leaving diploma on the classical side at the local state school. He was a student at the Capranica College and attended courses in philosophy and theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, obtaining a doctorate in theology.
After priestly ordination on 29 June 1979, he held the following positions: director of the diocesan catechetical office (1983-1986), parish priest of Marinella Selinunte (1985-1989); archpriest and parish priest of the Mother Church in Marsala (from 1989). He was diocesan assistant to Catholic Action, professor of Fundamental Theology at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Sicily in Palermo and director of the Department of Theology of religions in the same faculty. In 2005 he became vicar general of the Mazara del Vallo diocese. And on 16 July 2007 he was appointed Bishop of Noto, where he was consecrated on 6 October following by the Archbishop of Palermo Paolo Romeo, with the Bishop of Mazara, Domenico Mogavero, and Archbishop Nicola Eterovic, Secretary General of the Synod of bishops, as co-consacrants. On 25 September came his appointment as Secretary General of the IEC, beginning officially on 20 October. Monsignor Crociata is the author of a handbook of fundamental theology entitled La Chiesa [The Church] (Piemme 1991), and of several articles on inter-religious dialogue, and has edited various texts devoted to manifold aspects of the theology of religions.

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