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from issue no. 12 - 2004

Saint Augustine our spring water

by the Augustinian nuns

An image of the convent

An image of the convent

A new, young, enthusiastic life has for some years been animating the ancient walls of the hermitage of Leccetto, formerly Selva del lago, renewing voice and song, reviving the ancient Augustinian convent: miracle of Providence, unpredictability of the loving wisdom of God.
A Council sent us back to the fount, to the original spirit of the founder Augustine, and we found the clarity, the strength, the freshness of a charism absolutely capable of newness because in profound harmony with the times and with man today.
And really no wonder: Augustine like all the Fathers of the Church, is spring water and at the same time a man who knew the whole gamut of human experience, of joy and suffering, of sin and grace. All eager and spent in the search for Truth and Love, the poles of his existence.
His monasticism grew out of the fullness of conversion and the Christian experience, the aim of a way back to the original purity of man, in the bosom of a Church that was mother and teacher.
«Perfectus fidelis in Ecclesia» cf. Against the Letters of Petilian II, 104:239) he defines the man of his following. And he is convinced that only when man is brought back to his roots, does he return to living true life, full of hope.
We have done no more than listen and translate into action, into life, the genuinely ecclesial monastic inspiration of the converted Augustine, that here in Lecceto, through his children, men of great sanctity and doctrine, filled a thousand years of history. Of them it was said: «The servants of God are portable heavens who imparadise every place they walk» (Sacra Leccetana Selva, 17th century).
The secret? A faith, a hope, a love. A passion for communion. A desire, a longing: to see God, to help man.
Saint Thomas of Villanova, illustrious and holy child of Augustine, who lived at the time of Saint Teresa of Avila, writes: «Et finis vitae monasticae est sola puritas cordis» (In die circumcisionis, c. 3, t. 6, p. 313).

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