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from issue no. 01/02 - 2011


Yenshui, Taiwan
30Days gives us information we might otherwise have difficulty in knowing

Yenshui, 7 December 2010

Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,
The Prince of Peace is now in our midst! Let us rejoice and be glad!
The Order of Saint Clare to which our community belongs is now in its second year of preparation to celebrate its 800th anniversary since its founding in the 12th century. This year’s theme is contemplation. To be a contemplative is not exclusive to communities of men and women who live in silent presence in secluded areas or in the midst of a city to be witnesses that God is alive. All are called to deeper union with our Creator in whatever state of life one is in.
The coming of the Advent and Christmas seasons, are opportunities for us to reflect again on the meaning of the Holy Infant Jesus’ Birth among us.
During this year 2010 it is our joy to share with you some important news from our community. Among the many blessings God bestowed on us, Sister Mary Agnes Hu, our Taiwanese Sister had her solemn perpetual profession last October 2, Feast of the Guardian Angels. Then with His grace we also received the approval of our daughter monastery in Lamma Island, Hong Kong, the canonical erection of their monastery dated October 4, the Feast of St Francis of Assisi.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the magazine 30Days you generously sent to us free these past few years already. Indeed it provides us lots of information on the Catholic Church and important world news which we have rare access to be able to know. God be your reward!
We pray for your well being and wish you Peace, Joy and Love during this Christmas season and abundant blessings to all your staff and loved ones all throughout the New Year 2011.
Sister Mary Veronica Therese, OSC, and the Poor Clares of Yenshui


Musambira, Rwanda

Deep gratitude for the gift of 30Jours

Musambira, 10 December 2010

Dear Director,
Peace and good in the Lord.
We are pleased to send you a few lines to express our deep gratitude for the gift of the magazine 30Jours but also to extend our best wishes to you for the holidays now just a short time away. May the Word of God made flesh bring you all the graces and blessings you need in order to better carry out your mission! May the year 2011 be a very prosperous and fruitful one for you.
We assure our closeness in prayer.
May the Virgin Mary keep and protect you in every way.
Very fraternally,

The Poor Clares of Musambira


Jerusalem, Israel

Thank you so much for the valuable articles that widen our horizon

Jerusalem, 12 December 2010

Dear Editorial Staff of 30Giorni,
Peace and good from Jerusalem! I wish you all a happy feast of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and a prosperous, peaceful 2011.
I am an avid reader of 30Giorni, thank you ever so much for the valuable articles which widen our horizon and keep us up to date with the news of the Church and the world.
Please will you kindly send me two copies of Who prays is saved, one in Italian and one in English.
I will be ever so grateful if you send them at your soonest. Please keep the Middle East in your prayers so that an everlasting peace will eventually prevail in the region.
With my renewed thanks and gratitude, I remain,
Sincerely in Jesus Christ,

Sister Ildephonse El-Hajjeh

Bien Hoa, Vietnam

Greetings from Vietnam

Bien Hoa, 13 December 2010

The Prioress and her sisters wish you, Mr Director, and your family, health and many graces from the Divine Child and the joy of participating in His works of redemption.
Thanks for sending 30Jours.
God bless you,

Sister Marie Jean de la Croix Pham Ghy Tac and the whole community



La Vega, Dominican Republic

We thank you profoundly for your lovely and interesting magazine 30Días

La Vega, 21 December 2010

Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
Blessed be the Lord who once again allows us to celebrate with immense joy the great mystery of the love of Christmas, that unites us all spiritually in humble and silent adoration of the One Who being immense and powerful made himself small and weak to communicate the divine life to us! Therefore, from this humble corner of the earth, which had the good fortune to contemplate the victory of our God, we send you a fraternal embrace of peace and love and salute you with all our hearts.
I inform you that from 8 August 2010 we have begun the jubilee for the five-hundredth anniversary of our Diocese of Concepción de la Vega – one of the first three in America, along with that of Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico – erected by the Bull Romanus Pontifex of Pope Julius II. The Lord has been wonderful with us. In recent years he has granted abundant priestly and religious vocations to our region. So far God has given us 82 diocesan priests who are natives of this diocese. For this we are happy and we want to celebrate, with gratitude and enthusiasm, this historical and ecclesial event and to share our joy with you.
In deep communion with you all, we continue very united with Pope Benedict XVI and the whole Church in its trials and sufferings, through our prayer and tribulations that the Lord in his love and in His providence, allows us to go through.
We wish to all that these holy feasts of “God with us” will help us to increase our faith, hope and love and to unite our forces in the struggle for the transformation of our world, with the firm conviction that only love and truth should prevail over all evils.
May Our Blessed Mother, Queen of Peace, grant you a New Year 2011 full of grace and peace, according to the will of the Lord.
Fraternally in Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we thank you profoundly for your lovely and interesting magazine 30Días, which we read with great pleasure.
Recommending you heartfully in our prayers,

Sister María Cecilia Morini and community

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