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The <I>Kayapó</I> Indios

The Kayapó Indios

Redenção, Pará, Brazil

I ask you the charity of continuing to bestow us the gift of 30Giorni in 2011 also


Redenção, 25 November 2010

Dear friends of the editorial staff of 30Giorni,
For some years now we have received your magazine and, I don’t know for what unjustifiable reason, we’ve never thanked you. Yet we had the reasons for doing so every time the magazine arrived to us! It arrived regularly to Redenção, where we have our base and support center for the Kayapó indios. Redenção is a city (about seventy thousand inhabitants) in the south of the State of Pará, located between two major rivers, the Araguaia and the Xingu, formed by a population coming, even now, from other States of central-south and north-east Brazil.
We have always gladly received your magazine, indeed sometimes when it arrived late, we feared that you were tired of our silence. Instead the last number we received heartened us...
I am here, on behalf of the community of the Xaverian Missionaries of Redenção, to ask, or better to ask one of the “saints” that have let us have it so far, to continue to send us 30Giorni!
In this request appreciation of the doctrinal contents on the one hand, and the pastoral on the other, is implicit. Personally, I read with great interest and benefit the presentation of the life and spirituality of people who have made the Kingdom of God great, who have shown the transforming power of grace in so many people and environments. I won’t mention any names of the protagonists of this wonderful story of the Church, with its lights and shades of course (if not what story would it be?), in order not to wrong anyone. Only God measures holiness!
We therefore ask you the charity of continuing to bestow us this gift, for 2011 also. If you wish and if a contact with us interests you... you already have our e-mail address.
With us Xaverian missionaries our, your, Kayapó Indios brothers greet you.
Thanks! Count on our prayers. With sincere friendship, on behalf of the community,
Father Renato Trevisan

N.B. The photos that that I send you are intended to be a reminder of Christmas. Kayapó children... covered in and adorned with feathers; or painted by their mother... Had Jesus been born among the Kayapó, Mary would have painted him black with vegetable materials (only with the body painting is the Kayapó a Kayapó). The feathers refer to the flight... The myth says that the Kayapó descended from the sky... and there they will return.



Fukuoka, Japan

Thanks from Japan

Fukuoka, 6 December 2010

My sincere thanks for the beautiful and interesting magazine 30Giorni that I receive punctually.
I pray and hope that Holy Christmas and the New Year may be passed in the peace and joy of the Lord. Regards.

Sister Maria Giovanna Ferralis

Libreville, Gabon

30Jours for all the students

Libreville, 16 December 2010

Greetings to you all!
I am a Brazilian missionary and work in Libreville, Gabon. I came to know 30Jours when I was in the community of the Sisters of St Joseph in the Apostolic Nunciature in Libreville; I liked it very much, it has everything we need to be informed and I would love to receive it. Since I work in a Catholic school, it will be good for all students: I will make photocopies, so they can read it. Also it will help us a lot in evangelization.
It is necessary to point out what the Christian life is and this magazine is wonderful because it does so. I would be grateful if you could send it in French, the local language, and if you could also send the book of prayers Qui prie sauve son âme.
Thank you very much and may God bless you and keep you always!
Merry Christmas!

Sister Sonia Batagin

Porto-Novo, Benin

Qui prie sauve son âme answers in an appropriate way to the needs of our catechumens

Porto-Novo, 13 January 2011

Greetings, Mr. Director of 30Jours,
I am Father Paul Akplogan, pastor of the Sacred Heart Parish of Porto-Novo, in the Republic of Benin.
I discovered, in a truly opportune way, the booklet entitled Qui prie sauve son âme, at the Capuchin friars in Wawata. I saw that this is a very important text that responds in an appropriate way to most of the needs of our catechumenate. So I ask very respectfully to please bestow the gift of this booklet for the needs of the catechumenal cause. For your information, this year we have about eight hundred catechumens and about the same number every year.
In the hope of a favorable response, I send you, right away, the expression of my deep gratitude.
Father Paul Akplogan


Porto-Novo, 20 January 2011

Mr Director,
It is with great pleasure that I received the booklets today.
I confess that I was very surprised by the promptness of your reply and thank you for your participation, very eloquent, in the Christian formation of our catechumens and in the strengthening of the preparation of our faithful.
Be assured of our prayer for the perpetual continuation of the pastoral activities of 30Jours.
To you and your collaborators, grace and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Father Paul Akplogan

Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Qui prie sauve son âme helps the children of our parish to pray well

Boma, 17 January 2011

Mr Director,
I thank you for 30Jours that nurtures my spirit through repeated readings. Thanks for sending this magazine that is so important for all the knowledge and information that I have found there. Thank you so much for the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme that helps the children of our parish to pray well. We still have need of a good number of copies of the book, always in French.
I take this opportunity to present my best wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity for the year 2011 to you, your collaborators and the entire team of the editorial staff, not to mention all the subscribers to 30Jours.
Please accept, Mr Director, the expression of our feelings of joy and happiness.

Roger Phanzu-Kumbu



Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Qui prie sauve son âme for a parish in Kinshasa

Kinshasa, 1 February 2011

Dear Director,
Please receive once again my thanks for the generous service that you render to the people of God with your magazine and many publications, in particular for your Qui prie sauve son âme.
I am a Xaverian missionary. I was in Cameroon and I received a large number of copies of the precious booklet Qui prie sauve son âme from you. You can not imagine how much this booklet has made the young people and children of our parish of Jesus the Good Shepherd of Oyom Abang happy. Again, on behalf of these children, I express a big thank you.
For now I am in Congo, in Kinshasa. I realize how much this booklet could also be useful to the Christians here, of our parish of St Bernard of Kingabwa, in the archdiocese of Kinshasa.
If you can, please send me, once again, a few copies in French of Qui prie sauve son âme. Thank you very much and good service of God’s people.
In union of prayers from Kinshasa,

Father Louis Birabaluge, SX

Kousséri, Cameroon

Thank you from the heart for 30Giorni

Kousséri, 2 February 2011

Dear friends,
Thank you from the heart for the beautiful and interesting magazine 30Giorni.
For years, I have received it and I always read it with pleasure. For the past two years I have been in Kousséri, in Yagoua diocese, and with me there are two priests from Cameroon.
Could you not, please, send me 30Giorni in French to give the two priests the possibility of reading this fine magazine also?
Thank you so much and continue to sow generously and with joy: the rest is in God’s hands.
Sincerely yours,

 Father Giovanni Malvestio, PIME

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