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Cárdenas, Cuba
We would like to have a copy of the booklet Quien reza se salva that we could photocopy
Cárdenas, 9 February 2011
Dear Brothers,
We are a group of young men of the church of St Anthony of Cárdenas in the province of Matanzas (Cuba). We belong to the lay Missionaries of Charity, and while we were in the parish library we saw some old copies of the magazine 30Días and we were enchanted by it. It appealed to all those who are part of our vocational group. We had never seen a magazine that spoke of the Church in the world in this way. We would like to receive, if possible every month, at least one copy of it to share with the sisters, but for free, given that our economic situation is not very good. If it is not too much trouble, we would also like to have a copy of the booklet Quien reza se salva that we could photocopy for our missions in the “bateyes” of the rural areas and for our mission houses.
Together with Mary, our Mother, may God our Father bless all the collaborators of your editorial staff.
Your brothers in Cuba
Porto-Novo, Benin
Two thousand copies of Qui prie sauve son âme
Porto-Novo, 9 March 2011
Thank you, Mr Director,
for Qui prie sauve son âme that you sent for this year’s catechumens.
It’s nice to see how, in a unanimous way, they expressed their satisfaction and joy at having for themselves this valuable work tool. We gave it as a gift also to the English speaking students who are taking a linguistic “immersion” in the University situated on the territory of our parish.
This little book is so good and appropriate, that the associations and groups of children in the parish also wish to benefit from it.
It is therefore for this reason and in their name that we want to respectfully request the gift of two thousand copies of this little booklet.
Pending a favorable response to our request, we assure our pastoral availability in the field of the Lord.
Father Paul Akplogan
Hyúga, Japan
I am a missionary who has been working in Japan for twenty-five years
Hyúga, 22 March 2011
Dear Director Mr Giulio Andreotti, and 30Giorni editorial staff,
I am a missionary who has been working in Japan for twenty-five years. I am an enthusiastic and assiduous reader of the magazine that I appreciate very much. Formerly I paid my subscription, but since you have kindly started sending the magazine free to my fellow-brothers, at the behest of my superior I asked to have it for free also.
Since then, I receive it free with regularity, and I thank you sincerely. Now I write also to notify my change of address. Thank you so much for everything, I will remember you in my prayers, and may the Lord bless your work.
Happy Easter.
Father Severino Mastrotto

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