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from issue no. 03 - 2011



Callao, Peru
Your magazine is a wonderful means of education for our seminarians
Callao, 1 February 2011
Dear Mr Giulio,
Please receive the cordial greetings from the instructors and seminarians of the Corazón de Cristo diocesan seminary.
I am writing from this seminary that welcomes this year, by the grace of God, 111 young people who, with great enthusiasm have left everything to follow Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd. They come from Callao and other ecclesiastical jurisdictions: the Archdioceses of Piura and Arequipa and the Dioceses of Carabayllo and Huacho; the bishops send them to our seminary, so that we can prepare the future priests.
Our seminarians come from poor families which can not participate financially in the costs of their education. We priests of the team of instructors understand that when God entrusted us with the preparation of future priests, He entrusted them to us entirely; and this mission would be impossible without the aid which the Lord gives us through generous individuals and institutions.
That is why, knowing your spirit of cooperation, I allow myself to ask you for a free subscription to your magazine which is a wonderful means of education for our seminarians who find themselves on the path to the priesthood.
With the certainty that the Lord will bless you for the work of evangelization that you carry out, I greet you and entrust you to Our Lady, the Virgin of Mount Carmel, the patron saint of Callao.
With affection in Christ,
Father Carlos Esparza Gómez, Rector
Lahore, Pakistan
A letter from Pakistan
Lahore, 10 March 2011
Dear Giulio Andreotti,
Best wishes from Saint Francis Xavier Seminary. With the fortune of prayers and of a boundless gratefulness, I am pleased to thank you on behalf of the students and the rector for sending copies of the magazine 30Days and for your attention and concern in our regard also.
In addition, all the students are keenly devoted to this magazine which facilitates us to be strong in our faith and makes us aware of the recent issues confronted by the Church.
Be assured that you will remain constantly in our prayers and supplications. May God bless and preserve you in His presence. And may your “network” of evangelization preserve God’s joy in the hardships of the world.
Most affectionately in Jesus and Mary,
Waqas Sadiq

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