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from issue no. 04/05 - 2011



Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico


We would like to receive Quien reza se salva


Rosarito, 24 February 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

May the Most Blessed Sacrament be praised!

Please receive our gratitude for your great charity in sending us the beautiful magazine 30Días, which greatly nourishes our spiritual life since it informs us about and makes us feel the united Church. We read it with great interest and love. We would love to receive some copies of the booklet that is so useful, Quien reza se salva, to give to some very needy people.

May our Blessed Mother of Guadalupe always carry you in her bosom as a beloved son and fill all your family and staff with blessings.

Receive a warm greeting from our Reverend Mother Superior and the community.


Sister Rosa María Amezcua, OAP


Rosarito, 27 April 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

May the Most Blessed Sacrament be praised!

In the fullness of Easter joy, we wish you and your illustrious family a Happy Easter of Resurrection.

Many thanks, Mr Andreotti, for sending us the booklets Quien reza se salva. Our Reverend Mother Superior and the community thank you for your great kindness and generosity. We are certain that these books will do much good to our brothers most in need of instruction.

The books arrived at the gate of our convent from Italy! How wonderful! It is not easy, because we are on a small hill surrounded by cliffs, but we have a beautiful view of the sky and sea and many songbirds that invite us to praise our God, the Blessed Sacrament.

What a pleasure it was for us, watching the video of the celebration, to see that you attended the beatification of our founder Mother María Magdalena de la Encarnación, which took place in Saint John Lateran on 3 May 2008. Thank you for your presence.

We remember you always gratefully and in union of prayer. May God continue to bless you and give you strength in all your apostolates.


Sister Rosa María Amezcua, OAP


P.S. Excuse the delay, due to Holy Lent.




São Miguel, Azores, Portugal


Twenty copies of Quem reza se salva


São Miguel, 21 March 2011


Dear Mr. Andreotti,

In the consoling presence of the Holy Spirit, we greet you cordially, wishing you every good in the Lord.

Very gratefully, we wish to thank you for sending us your exceptional magazine 30Dias.

Indeed, it is a magazine relevant and unique for its content that keeps us abreast of important events in the life of the Church and the world. All good! May the Divine Holy Spirit always be of assistance.

We ask the favor of sending us twenty copies of the booklet Quem reza se salva. Thank you from now.

We express the best wishes for a holy Lent and holy and joyous Easter feastdays, with fertile blessings of the Risen Christ.

Let us pray for one another.

Always united for the same Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus.


Sister Maria Verónica, OSC, and the Poor Clare Sisters




Las Cumbres, Panama


Chi prega si salva for the Chinese community in Panama


Las Cumbres, 3 April 2011


Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,

Please receive our greetings and thanks for all the work of evangelization that you are doing through this medium.

From Panama, we would like to ask you for one hundred copies of Quien reza se salva, in Spanish, for our Second Day of Vocations, which we will hold on the days of 13, 14 and 15 May.

We also make a special request to send us two hundred copies of Quien reza se salva in Chinese. We are in contact with Father Pablo Liu, SDV, who was requested by our archbishop from China, to take care of the Chinese community in Panama. He has been doing this job for about two years in our diocese. He tells us he is going to the Chinese-Panamanian school where there are many Chinese children and would like to give them the booklet.

You can send them to our address and we will get them to him, because his house is very close to ours.

We thank you most sincerely and pray for you all. We ask the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to grant you many blessings with her Secret Visit.

May God reward you.


Sister Margarita María, VSM


Las Cumbres, 12 April 2011


Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,

We are very grateful for the booklets Quien reza se salva that we received yesterday morning.

You should have seen the joy of Father Pablo Liu in front of the bookles in his own language! He began to read them and said to me: “This is an introduction by Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian”. I believe his joy will increase when he starts to distribute them among the Chinese living in Panama, and especially among the Chinese-Panamanian school children.

May Our Lord continue to strengthen you for the excellent work you do distributing this book and the magazine 30Días which is very interesting.

We ask our holy founder Francis de Sales to grant you abundant blessings in this apostolate.


Sister Margarita María, VSM






Thank you for the meditation on Holy Easter


Ravenna, 14 April 2011


“The Lord is risen, as he predicted, let us all rejoice and be glad, because He reigns forever. Alleluia”.


Dear Senator Andreotti,

We would like to extend our fraternal wishes to you for a Holy Easter full of peace and love, and to thank you so much for the book that has just arrived, Il Figlio da se stesso non può fare nulla [The Son cannot do anything on his own]”. This will also be a useful tool whereby to live more intensely these few days that separate us from the great day of the Resurrection of the Lord. We assure you of our prayers that the Lord be your guide, comfort and fill you with His gifts.

With much gratitude for the good you do,


Poor Clare Capuchin Sisters




Haifa, Israel


Request for help to Little Way (non-profit organization)


Haifa, 20 April 2011


We are very grateful for the sending of 30Giorni in Italian and French.

It is a breath of life of the Church and the world that reaches us to make it the subject of prayer. Our eye fell on the initiative Little Way (the non-profit organization).

In these months in which St Theresa is a pilgrim in the Holy Land we ask her to inspire in you a gift for us.

We pray that many will offer, so that your charity may reach so much poverty.

We wish you a Happy Easter, full of light, of conversion, of active faith.

In this Lenten season we would like to indicate a compelling need that has arisen unexpectedly.

The floor of our big kitchen (about one hundred square meters) has suddenly raised up in various places, because of water seepage during the seventy-five years since the construction of the convent.

After consultations and pauses we have decided to completely redo the floor, because a partial renovation was likely to be useless, even if less expensive.

The expense amounts to more than five thousand euros which is why we come to ask for a contribution, with a lot of confidence.

Thank you for your attention and we assure our prayers for the intentions of the benefactors.


Sister Angela of the Eucharist and community


Haifa, 25 May 2011


Infinite thanks to the Little Way non-profit organization!

Yesterday, 24 May, the money to restructure the pavement of our kitchen arrived.

Every heavenly blessing for all of your apostolate.


Sister Angela of the Eucharist




Yangyang, South Korea


The meditation on Holy Easter seems anointed with grace


Yangyang, 28 April 2011


Dear Director Andreotti and all the friends of 30Days,

With heartfelt greetings of peace I wish you abundant blessings of the Risen Lord Jesus during this Easter season! Thank you, once again, for continuing to send to our community your wonderful gift subscription of 30 Days in the Church and in the World. May the Lord bless you all for this work of true evangelization and the spread of such inspiring articles and important information throughout the world.

The address for our subscription was corrected, so now we are receiving the two magazines, one of which we can share with one of the priests or missionaries who offer Mass for us who will profit greatly from the articles. We also thank you for sending us 10 copies of the supplement "Who Prays is Saved" in Chinese, which we plan to give to Korean missionaries we know who are working in China. Also, Fr. Francis Mun Ju Lee, the director of the St. Joseph Clinic for the poor and destitute in Seoul, who also has had an apostolate in Vietnam, received the gift subscription which I requested for him, and he is most grateful. May your work continue to be blessed with the abundnace of grace and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Thankfully, yours in Christ,


Sister Mary Diane Ackerman, OSC


P.S. In the latest issue of 2011 n. 1/2, the Easter supplement of the meditation by Don Giacomo Tantardini was also received with the deepest gratitude. The meditation is true spiritual nourishment for the soul, which seems anointed with grace! Thank you so much for this treasure. This is a big request, but would it be possible to send us 5 copies of this supplement in English and 2 copies in Italian? If it is possible, for your convenience, our address is attached.

Thanks again!


Yangyang, 11 May 2011


Dear 30Giorni Friends,

I can't express my deep gratitude to you for sending so promptly my request for the 5 copies in English and 2 copies in Italian of the latest supplement meditation by Don Giacomo Tantardini, "The Son cannot do anything on his own". This beautiful meditation is something to ponder slowly and to immerse oneself deeply in prayer; I wanted so much to be able to send the supplement to some priests and people who would appreciate and benefit from it deeply.

I am so grateful for the gift of receiving 30Days, and look forward to it each month. I have shared some of the articles and information with my Korean sisters and with others – lately the article about the humble Capuchin Franciscan friar, Fr. Leopoldo Mandic, who spent most of his days in the confessional. We did not know much about him, and tomorrow, May 12th, we are celebrating his memorial; knowing him better makes our memorial so much more meaningful! Again, thank you so much! I ask you to please convey my special gratitude to Don Giacomo, whose lectures and meditations touch my heart and soul deeply and help me to trust more in the wonderful grace and love of our merciful God! Wishing dear Director Giulio Andreotti and all of you the love and peace of our Risen Lord, I remain,

Sincerely in Christ Jesus


Sister Mary Diane Ackerman, OSC




Mission, British Columbia, Canada


The meditation on Holy Easter helps to enter this great mystery of our faith


Mission, 1 May 2011


Dear Mr. Andreotti,

The Lord is truly risen, Alleluia! In this joyful season of Easter we want to thank you for the gift of your magazine 30Days. We do appreciate it very much.

The supplement “Meditation on Holy Easter” helps to enter this great mystery of our faith.

We ask the Risen Lord to continue to inspire you to share the “Good News”.

With devout gratitude and prayer,


Sister Marie-Céline Campeau, OSC




Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico


30Giorni keeps us in communion with the whole Church


Saltillo, 4 May 2011


Esteemed Senator Giulio Andreotti,

We wish to thank you with immense gratitude for the monthly magazine 30Giorni that this year comes to us even in far off Mexico, where by the providence of God we have founded a new community of Minim Sisters of St Francis of Paola.

Thanks to your generosity and that of the entire editorial staff, we are receiving free this valuable information tool that, for us cloistered, is of vital importance, because it keeps us in communion with the whole Church and the world today.

In fact, we often draw motivation and incentives from it to offer our lives to God with more enthusiasm, as a sacrifice of sweet fragrance, for the most urgent needs of the Church and the world, according to our charism as prayers and penitents.

Aware of the great gift we receive, we would also like that our brothers, the brothers of the Order of Minims in our city of Saltillo, Mexico, could benefit from it, since they already greatly appreciate your magazine, admiring the depth of its contents and the objectivity of the information.

They too came from Italy to establish their own community in Mexico to witness to the charism of charity, of conversion and reconciliation of our founder St Francis of Paola, by serving the poorest and neediest people of the place.

This is why they so desire to have at their disposal the magazine 30Giorni in Italian, as an aid to secure information and constant updating.

Thanking you in advance for your sensitivity and understanding, I assure you the prayers of my entire community.

With gratitude and esteem, in Christ,


Mother Maria Margherita Bichi, responsible for the community of Saltillo




Bolinao, Philippines


We are grateful to you for the meditation on Holy Easter


Bolinao, 4 May 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti and staff of30Giorni,

We are sending you our prayerful greetings this Easter season and our gratitude for the continuous subscription of 30Giorni... and for the special copy with the Meditation on Holy Easter – "The Son cannot do anything on his own" by Don Giacomo Tantardini. It would surely be nice material for spiritual reading this season.

May God reward all of you for your generosity in spreading the work of the Church. Rest assured of our prayers for the success of your ministry. God bless.

Happy Easter! Alleluia!


The Poor Clares


P.S. We are also happy to inform you that our Order of St Clare celebrated the eight hundredth year of its foundation. The celebrations started last Palm Sunday (17 April 2011) and will finish next year on the Feast of Holy Mother St Clare (11 August 2012). We will keep you in our prayers during this jubilee year. You also pray for us. Thanks.




Ibarra, Ecuador


The Meditation on Holy Easter for our monthly retreat


Ibarra, 4 May 2011


Praised be Jesus Risen!

Mr Director Giulio Andreotti,

May the Risen Jesus, who lives and walks near us, grant you in plenty the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for sending the magazine 30Días. We read it with interest because it helps us to pray with greater fervor for the Church and the whole world.

We are also grateful for the book “El Hijo no puede hacer nada por su cuenta”, very useful for our monthly retreat. The Lord will reward you.

We pray for your intentions and, in this month of May, we recommend you to the Blessed Virgin, that she may grant you health, love and joy in the Lord.



The community of Discalced Carmelite nuns




Washington, D.C., United States


A copy in Italian of the meditation on Holy Easter


Washington, 4 May 2011


Dear sirs,

I am writing to request a copy in Italian of your publication in English entitled “The Son cannot do anything on his own“, by Don Giacomo Tantardini. If you could send it to us, we would be grateful.

Thank you! Happy Easter!

In the Risen Christ,


Sister Mary Roberta Viano




Duncan, British Columbia, Canada


“The Son cannot do anything on his own” is very useful


Duncan, 12 May 2011


Dear Editorial Staff of 30Days,

You have been generously sending your 30Days magazine to our Monastery for several years and we are extremely grateful.

The recent issue had a supplement “The Son cannot do anything on his own” which we are finding to be particularly helpful. We would like to order 10 copies of this supplement - would you let us know what the cost would be.

Thank you and God bless you for your ministry.


Sister Wylie Aaron

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