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from issue no. 04/05 - 2011



Iomerê, Santa Catarina, Brazil


30Giorni simply “excellent”


Iomerê, 28 March 2011


Dear Sirs,

We regularly receive the excellent magazine 30Giorni in Portuguese. Simply “excellent”!

God bless you always for the great good you do.

We request your good prayers, we badly need them. Don’t forget us.



Alberto Pigatto




Yangon, Myanmar (from Lampang, Thailand)


For our Catholic major seminary of Saint Joseph, in Yangon, Myanmar


Lampang, 22 April 2011


Dear Editor,

Greetings you from Lampang, Chiang Mai.

I am Fr Clement Angelo from Myanmar. I am here for a short stay with PIME fathers who are engaging with the hill tribes people.

During my very limited stay here I came across your journal that's titled 30Days, I personally felt it's interesting and worth reading after going through it.

If possible, out of your generosity, I would like to have one copy for my personal use and another copy for our St Joseph's Catholic Major Seminary, Yangon.

I have been carrying out my ministry of teaching in the Major Seminary. I feel it might a good inspiration for the major seminarians to come to know the religious affairs of the world.

Happy Easter!


Father Clement




Lomé, Togo


Qui prie sauve son âme for ninety catechumens


Lomé, 2 May 2011


Praised be Jesus Christ!

I am a seminarian from Togo. I really liked the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme. During the next summer holidays in July, my parish will hold a camp for the catechumens (about ninety). My pastor has asked me to organize and direct this children’s camp. I would ask you, as an aid to the recitation of prayers in those days, that the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme be made available to the catechumens who will participate. It would also be a holy and beautiful memento that these children could carry with them once the camp ends, and that they could use for their personal prayer.

Hoping for a favorable response, receive the assurance of my prayers, and the expression of my gratitude.

In union of prayer.



Romain Semenou

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