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from issue no. 06 - 2011



Langeac, France


I appreciate 30Jours for the articles and photos


Langeac, 16 March 2011


Mr Senator,

I happened to come upon the magazine 30Jours and I greatly appreciate it: not only the articles, very interesting and very deep, but also the photos, that reproduce such beautiful works of art from your inexhaustible Italian artistic heritage! Because of this I allow myself to write and ask you to have the kindness to send me No. 12 of 2010 (and also some numbers from previous years, if possible).

I thank you deeply from now, I wish you a holy Lent and a joyous celebration of Easter.


Sister Chantal Marie de Jésus




Salvador da Bahia, Bahia, Brazil


Quem reza se salva for the First Communion children


Salvador da Bahia, 29 March 2011


My name is Brother Anselm, OSB, and I am a monk of the Archabbey of São Bento da Bahia, Brazil. We subscribe to the magazine 30Dias and always read it because it contains valuable texts that are of personal enrichment to each monk of the monastic community.

In the monastery I carry out work of catechesis for First Communion with fifty-five children and am writing this letter to ask, if possible, to send some copies of the book Quem reza se salva which will be an excellent support in the encounter and personal experience of each of them with Jesus.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

In Christ,


Father Anselm, OSB






Remembering you and your collaborators in prayer


Rome, 14 May 2011


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,

We are writing to express our deep gratitude for the high quality magazine 30Giorni directed by you, that we continue to receive with much spiritual and cultural profit.

We express our heartfelt gratitude remembering you and your staff in prayer, that you may have the light and strength necessary to carry on your valuable service in defense of the truth.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom and Mother of the Church, bless and intensify the great good you are doing in this particular historical moment.

Our heartfelt thanks and warmest wishes in the Risen Jesus.

On behalf of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate,


Sister Anna Rosa Turco, Superior General




Modica, Ragusa


94 years, lived as a Capuchin, missionary, priest, bishop


Modica, 19 May 2011


Dear Director,

After fifty-three years of mission, thirty-two of them as a bishop, I have returned home and I am receiving your magazine 30Giorni nella Chiesa e nel mondo.

I accompany your work, truly evangelical, I read and reread the magazine, grateful to you for receiving it and admiring your authentic missionary life. I am in the convent of the Capuchins in Modica, where I appreciate my old age after a long life of 94 years, lived as a Capuchin, missionary, priest, bishop.

I thank the editorial staff of 30Giorni,


Monsignor Giorgio Scarso, Bishop Emeritus, Capuchin




Durango, Durango, Mexico


May Our Lord bless your work and reward you a hundredfold


Durango, 19 May 2011


Dear Mr Director,

We address you to thank you for sending the magazine 30Días. Reading it was very helpful to us and we ask the Lord that you may continue doing the good of the Church for the glory of God and the extension of His Kingdom.

We are Sacramentarian Poor Clare Capuchins of the Convent of San José, Durango, Mexico. We will keep you and the entire team of the editorial staff always present in our prayers. May Our Lord bless your work and reward you a hundredfold. Many thanks. We hope to continue receiving your magazine.



The Sacramentarian Poor Clare Capuchin Sisters




Manatí, Puerto Rico


The meditation on Holy Easter has done us good


Manatí, 25 May 2011


Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,

It is a pleasure to write to you to express our gratitude for your faithfulness in sending us the magazine 30Días. Thank you because the reading of the magazine, so interesting, is very useful to us.

In these days of Easter Resurrection, as a supplement to the magazine, you sent us a brochure with a meditation on Easter, “El Hijo non puede hacer nada por su cuenta” (Jn 5, 19) by Don Giacomo Tantardini. We were fascinated by the depth of its ideas and the way they are expressed. It was the subject of a beautiful and profound reflection in our community meetings and I wanted to tell youthis, so that he may know the good that these spiritual writings do to all of us who receive them due to your goodness.

Carry on with the help of God and count on our prayers so that you may continue to spread what may help many people spiritually. Every day we bring before the Lord you, Mr Giulio, your family and collaborators so that He may bless you abundantly.

Thank you on behalf of this whole community of Dominican contemplative sisters.


Sister María del Amor, OP




Tuguegarao City, Philippines


A “journey” through the world


Tuguegarao City, 23 May 2011


Dear Director Andreotti,

May God give you peace and every blessing!

Our journey with you and our brothers and sisters around the globe has been our ever-deepening experience of gratitude for the gift of faith and our contemplative vocation.

Thanks for enabling us to touch the faces of our brethern across generations and cultures in the moving words and photographs of your magazine articles.

It has been our joy to lift up in prayer the concerns of Mother Church and of all humanity which you bring to our awareness through the different contributors of 30Days.

For the gift that every issue of your magazine is to us, we offer you the gift of our hearts, open and waiting before God constantly. Please feel free to communicate to us any particular intentions of your publication and publishers, your staff and your kind self.

God bless you!


Sister Mary Charlemaine A. Asuncíon, OSC, Mother Abbess




San Francisco, California, United States


From California


San Francisco, 23 May 2011


Peace in Christ!

Dear Senator Andreotti,

May we request a copy 30Giorni in Spanish? We have many sisters in Spanish speaking countries.

We are in constant admiration of your magazine and the many years you have dedicated to its production.

Prayerfully in Our Risen Lord,


Mother Rosa Maria del Carmelo, OCD




Manila, Philippines


Who prays is saved for the children’s catechism


Manila, 27 May 2011



We have been receiving your magazine for the past years and it gives us an enormous impact on our spiritual journey about the concerns of the world, that your magazine presents us with.

We are Dominican contemplatives from Manila and our convent was founded in 1979. As part of our apostolate, our Dominican laity has been teaching Catechism to children for some time now: in this regard would it be possible to request at least fifty copies of the booklet Who prays is saved? We know that this might be too much to ask, because we are asking them for free, but consider this as a help to our community, friends and benefactors. We will also be distributing the book to our fellow Dominican laity for inspiration. Our heartfelt gratitude for your constant support to us contemplatives.

Rest assured of our enduring prayers for your apostolate.

Very truly yours,


Sister María Dominica Librarian




Caranqui, Ecuador


From our Dominican cloister, we accompany you with our prayers


Caranqui, 28 May 2011


Mr Director,

Please receive our affectionate and filial greeting with the prayers of the community of religious sisters of the Convent of the Santísimo Rosario in Caranqui.

I am writing to thank you most sincerely for the magazine, useful and interesting, that you send us regularly. It’s good to read it and know the reality of the Church and the world today; it is an instrument for evangelization and mission for all those who receive it.

In our community, the magazine is very well received and that’s why I write: to thank and congratulate you for your valuable mission that, through it, is becoming an effective tool for the new evangelization. We, from our Dominican cloister, accompany you with our prayers, so that you may continue to move onwards.

We greet you asking you to extend our greetings to the whole team of the magazine 30Días. God bless you all. Fraternally,


Sister María Natividad Espín, OP, Prioress, and community




Macapá, Amapá, Brazil


Thank you for the beautiful meditation on Holy Easter


Macapá, 29 May 2011


Dear Senator Andreotti, our respect and our desire for peace and good to you!

We are contemplative Capuchin Poor Clare nuns. Our monastery is located in a rural area, eight miles from Macapá, the capital of the State of Amapá, Brazil.

We would like to thank you not only for the magazine, which combines aesthetic qualities with interesting news and with its intelligent style the deep inspirations of faith, but also for the beautiful meditation of Don Giacomo Tantardini.

We send a really big, fervent “thank you”!


Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters




Innsbruck, Austria


From a convent in the Tyrol at the foot of the Alps


Innsbruck, 29 May 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

I have long wanted to write to thank you, on behalf of myself and all my fellow sisters of the community, for the much-appreciated magazine that you have been regularly sending us for many years. I know that many of our convents of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration also enjoy the privilege of receiving it free, so I can only say: May God reward you and, as we say here, “Vergelt’s Gott!”.

I am an Adoration Chilean nun, even though I belong to this convent in the Tyrol, at the foot of the Alps, in this beautiful city. Your magazine teaches and informs us about issues chosen with care, that broaden the horizon of our prayer for the Church and the world and that, for us cloistered religious, are not always accessible. We enjoy reading the interesting articles on the Universal Church and contemplating the beautiful images of icons and ancient paintings reproduced in this blessed magazine. What a joy to hear of the Roman girl, in love with Jesus in the Eucharist, Antonietta Meo, who recited a prayer very similar to what we nuns say, every time the bell rings to change the turns of worship. Now she’s my spiritual namesake!

Three years ago, Mother María Magdalena of the Incarnation was beatified in Rome, the founder of our Order. Not being able to personally attend the ceremony, watching the video a few months later, I recognized someone I know: you! Or am I wrong? However, I was so happy that you participated in the ceremony of beatification. You are an important person for our community.

Dear sir, forgive me if I ask one more thing: could you send us another copy of the magazine in Spanish? It’s my mother tongue and there are theological texts and others that I would like to understand better. Moreover, I could share the magazine with some Latin American priests who are doing their doctorates in Innsbruck, at the University of the Jesuits.

I, my superior, my ten Austrian fellow sisters and our German postulant pray for you and your entire staff. May God grant the universal benefactor of the contemplative life great health and many years of life to come.

With consideration,


Sister María Antonieta de la Cruz Victoriosa, AP




Lima, Peru


From a Carmel in Lima


Lima, 3 June 2011


Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,

From this Carmel in Lima, Peru, we send our most affectionate and fraternal greetings and we want to thank you so much for the free subscription to the magazine 30Días en la Iglesia y en el mundo that you have so generously been sending us, always punctually, already for such a long time. We want to send you our gratitude for all the good you do, keeping us informed about the Church and what happens around it. It is a very valid and very useful instrument, and brings us nearer to the Church and our brothers in the world.

May the Good Lord bless you and your staff for the work you carry on, for your great generosity and kindness, with abundant graces and blessings. Count on our prayers and may our Mother the Virgin of the Carmel protect you in her Immaculate Heart.

Grateful and united in the prayer of the Carmel,


Mother Ana del Niño Jesús, Prioress, and community




Fatima, Portugal


Who prays is saved for the pilgrims of Fatima


Fatima, 6 June 2011


Dear Editorial Staff,

Thank you for sending 30Days to us so regularly. We are grateful.

As it is now the pilgrimage season here in Fatima, please could we request fifty copies of Who prays is saved? It would add to our little apostolate here with Fatima literature, small leaflets and booklets. We know the importance of stressing the value of simple prayers – those that we were all taught in childhood.

Should fifty be too costly, please let us know and we will make up the difference.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely ,


Sister Mary Lawler




Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


A novena to the Sacred Heart for 30Giorni


Philadelphia, 24 June 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

For some time we have been wanting to thank you for sending us gratis your beautiful and inspiring magazine 30Giorni. May God richly bless and reward you and your entire staff for this valuable spiritual gift.

We are especially grateful for the excellent article by Giovanni Ricciardi, “Do not fear anything ...” on the Sacred Heart and St Margaret Mary with authentic pictures of the Visitation habit.

At the moment we are hosting a novena of Masses in honor of the Sacred Heart and will remember all at 30Giorni in that novena, asking the Sacred Heart to pour His choicest blessings upon you.

God be praised!


Sister Frances de Sales for Mother Marie Antoinette Walker, VHM




St Gallen, Switzerland


Fifty copies of Chi prega si salva in German


St Gallen, 16 June 2011


Dear Sirs,

We use a high-sounding tone as befits contact with the excellent30Giorni.

Please once again accept our heartfelt “God bless you!” for the beautiful magazine 30Giorni which, as contemplative community, month after month, we are privileged to receive and that, as a reflection of the universal Church, is always very well regarded and read from ‘a’ to ‘z’.

But now however we are here once again to contact you for a “business matter” and would like to formally order fifty copies of the booklet of basic prayers in German. We will offer it to those who come to visit us for our Divine Liturgy. Thank you very much!

Along with a respectful special greeting for Mr Senator Giulio Andreotti, I also greet you, worthy gentlemen of the editorial staff,


Sister M. Gertrud Harder




Cognac, France


“Le Fils ne peut rien faire de lui-même”


Cognac, 4 July 2011


Mr Giulio Andreotti,

Thank you very much for the regular and free sending of the magazine 30Giorni. We greatly appreciate it.

We would be very happy to receive six copies of “Le Fils ne peut rien faire de lui-même”, the Easter meditation by Don Giacomo Tantardini.

Of course, we will pay the compensation for shipping costs.

In great union in prayer, with all our gratitude.


Sister Marie-Odile, Treasurer

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