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from issue no. 06 - 2011


Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

Thanks for the supplements rich in spiritual and theological content

Recife, 31 May 2011


Dear Mr Director,
In greeting you, we wish to thank you for the regular and punctual delivery of the magazine 30Dias to which you devote your efforts as director, making it an excellent publication, a reference point for all those who have the pleasure of receiving it, often with supplements rich in spiritual and theological content, as the meditation on Holy Easter by Don Giacomo Tantardini.
Our gratitude and appreciation also goes to all those who generously make it possible that many people can receive it free. It is a sign of communion and esteem for us who receive from God the mission of pastors of the Church of the Lord.
To avoid hitches, I send the new address of our metropolitan curia.

Monsignor Antônio Fernando Saburido, OSB Metropolitan Archbishop of Olinda and Recife



Chinese children in prayer <BR>[© Reuters/Contrasto]

Chinese children in prayer
[© Reuters/Contrasto]

Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Chi prega si salva distributed throughout China


Shanghai, 15 July 2011

Dear Gianni Valente,
warm greetings from Shanghai!
I’m sorry to write you a letter so late about the printing of the booklet Chi prega si salva in Chinese. We agreed, as per your suggestion, that you would have sponsored the entire cost of the publication and distribution of the book. In fact, in May 2010, we printed twenty thousand copies of the booklet distributing it throughout China. Each booklet costs 5 yuan (55 cents). We have decided to print an additional twenty thousand copies. But we need the money that you promised.

Don Anthony Chen Director of the Guangqi Research Centre and press of Shanghai Diocese

Rome, 22 July 2011

Dear Fr Anthony Chen
On behalf of the Director of 30Giorni, Senator Giulio Andreotti, we confirm that we are very happy to be able to contribute to the printing and distributing of the small book of prayers Chi prega si salva in Chinese. On Monday 25 July we will send our contribution (the banking process will require a few days) as a sign of gratitude and communion.
On behalf of the editorial staff of 30Giorni,

Roberto Rotondo managing director



Montréal, Québec, Canada

30Giorni: a work of education of the intelligence and of the faith

Montréal, 10 May 2011

Dear Mr Andreotti,
For some years I have been receiving your splendid magazine 30Giorni. I am always amazed both by the quality of the information and the beautiful graphical presentation that the magazine directed by you offers us.
You keep us in touch with the main events of the universal Church through the various articles on spirituality, Christian art, liturgy and with the Nova et Vetera articles.
I can only congratulate you and offer my encouragement that you continue to publish this magazine that, without any doubt, produces great spiritual fruits in the Church.
This is to thank you warmly for all the numbers received and to encourage you to continue this work of education of the intelligence and of the faith in the Church.

Jacques D’Arcy, PSS, Provincial Superior

Paris, France

Request for Qui prie sauve son âme

Paris, 18 May 2011

Mr Director,
I am an enthusiastic reader of 30Giorni. I applaud all the work you do in keeping us up to date with news about the Church and the world.
Please be kind enough to send me four copies of the booklet in French Qui prie sauve son âme.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I greet you warmly.

Christine Mavoungou



‘Good press’ for the hospital in Asti

Asti, 17 June 2011

I am a priest of the diocese of Asti, for about ten years I have been chaplain at the hospital in my city. I decided to write motivated by the desire to provide the approximately five hundred hospital patients and their families a little ‘good press’. Thanks be to God the hospital chapel is situated at a point of passage and is much frequented. For some time I have set up a display rack in which those who enter can find (free) magazines and holy pictures. The influx of people is such that the magazines disappear quickly (into the rooms of the sick) and the display rack is often empty. The budget of the chapel does not allow me to make subscriptions and because of this I thought I’d ask for your cooperation. Any magazine, old issues also, would be appreciated and maybe this good work can also become a way of promoting your publications to a very diverse audience and in an existential condition that makes it very open to the Christian message.
I await a response from you and wish you all good in the Lord,

Don Claudio Sganga

Asti, 22 June 2011

Yesterday I received the material gratis. Thanks again for your generosity and speed!

Don Claudio Sganga


Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Whoever translates for the English edition does an excellent job

Dearborn, 22 June 2011

Dear Director,
I want to compliment you for the three articles in response to Pope Benedict's second part of his book Jesus of Nazareth in the No. 3, 2011, issue of your magazine. These are the articles: "A look at the Jesus of the Gospels and a hearing of His words", by Cardinal Georges Cottier, O.P., "Faithful to the declaration Nostra aetate", by Riccardo Di Segni, and "The dividing line runs between trust and skepticism", by Rainer Riesner. By a Catholic, a Jew and a Protestant respectively, the articles give three balanced but different perspectives on our Pope's thoughts, and all of them affirm what he says. I found no other magazine on this far side of the Atlantic Ocean with an equally balanced analysis of his book. Keep up this fine journalism.
I have been reading the English edition of your magazine for more than a year now, and I must tell you that the English in it is excellent. I assume most of your articles are originally in Italian, so it is evident that your translator into English is doing a superb job!

Father Thomas Heier, CMM, managing director

Buenos Aires, Argentina

30Giorni, Chi prega si salva and Credo del popolo di Dio in Argentina

Buenos Aires, 9 June 2011

Dear Sir,
I am a priest of the diocesan clergy and chaplain of the Catholic University of Argentina. I am writing to ask you for a free subscription to the Spanish edition of your prestigious magazine. It would be very useful for the instruction of many people I meet in my pastoral work, particularly married couples and young people. The reason for my request is that I absolutely could not pay for a subscription.
I also request some copies of the booklet Chi prega si salva and Paul VI’s Credo del popolo di Dio.
Asking God that my request may be granted, I greet you with cordial esteem in the Lord.

Don Omar Horacio Lorente

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