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from issue no. 07/08 - 2011


Invitation to prayer

The editorial office of 30Giorni invites all, and in particular the consecrated persons of the cloistered convents, to pray for Don Giacomo Tantardini. For some months he has been undergoing treatment for a lung tumour. May the Lord grant us to pray with trust for the miracle of a cure. We ask the priests who appreciate and cherish 30Giorni to celebrate Holy Mass for this intention. We ask of parents the charity of encouraging their children to pray.


Piedimonte Matese, Caserta


We consider 30Giorni highly educational


Piedimonte Matese, 5 July 2011


Dear Senator,

We are writing to you once again to extend our heartfelt thanks for sending the magazine 30Giorni, which we consider highly educational in cultural and spiritual terms.

A particular appreciation goes to the articles on Patristics, the Magisterium and the word of the Holy Father.

Thank you for your munificence and generosity shown to many monasteries around the world, which are allowed continuous updating not limited to current events, ensuring, as we said, that ‘permanent learning’ that should characterize the life of us consecrated persons.

May the Lord make fruitful the apostolic work accomplished through the magazine and your service to the truth so difficult in these times of confusion and of the triumph of deceit.

We combine our thanks to the promise of our community prayer for your intentions and those of your collaborators.



The Mother Prioress Saveria Marra and Community






Thanks for the CD with the Gregorian Chants


Rome, 5 July 2011


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,

It seems that in Italy receiving mail is becoming a luxury!

In the community we receive with gratitude your educational and informative magazine.

The sisters, especially the youngest, await it and, if it’s late, due to postal problems, they ask, “30Giorni? Is it not going to come?”. Then there it is sticking out from an entire week’s stack of newspapers and magazines!

Issue no. 4/5 had a CD of Gregorian Chants as a supplement. Thank you!

Gregorian Chant truly challenges the times. It is considered the prayer of the Church par excellence, like the Book of Psalms. When we sing, these sacred melodies recall the smell of incense rising up to God: ‘Dirigatur, Domine, oratio mea, sicut incensum in conspectu tuo’.

In liturgical prayer we try to keep it ‘in vogue’, even though we have become a small flock, but prayerful and faithful by the grace of God

We again express our gratitude. May God reward you for what you succeed in accomplishing for the glory and honor of the whole Church.

In communion of prayer and faith,


Mother Ildefonsa Paluzzi, OSB, and sisters




Jouques, France


Les chants de la Tradition for our friends in Benin


Jouques, 18 July 2011


Dear Sir,

We are fifty-seven French Benedictine nuns, and receive with great interest your so exciting magazine. 30Giorni puts us in the heart of the Church and gives us the news that we can not usually receive. Thanks to it we discovered, in the last issue, the rich personality of the new prefect of the Congregation for the Religious.

We also received in gift the booklet and the CD Les Chants de la Tradition and we thank you sincerely.

For us, who still have Gregorian Chant in our abbey, this was a great pleasure.

We immediately thought of our foundation in Africa, in Benin, where there are very many priest friends of our community who want to sing Gregorian chants. Could you, in your goodness, give us about twenty of these CDs and booklets that we could then give them?

I’m confident of your generous response, and our Mother Abbess gives me the responsibility of assuring you of our intense prayer for all your intentions and in particular for the success of the elevated mission for the Church through your magazine.


Sister Monique, OSB




Pietà, Malta


Thanks for Who prays is saved and the CD of Gregorian Chants


Pietà, 21 July 2011


Dear Senator Andreotti,

I wish to thank you for sending to us, the Augustinian fathers of Saint Thomas of Villanova Priory, the magazine 30Giorni. Thanks also for the booklet Who prays is saved and your last gift on Gregorian chant. It was a wonderful idea to revive Gregorian chant, as in some places it has totally disappeared. We here in Malta still use the Missa de Angelis and other Marian songs – especially during our annual retreat, and on Wednesday, when we sing, after Compline, the Marian chants for the time of the year – in addition to the Veni Creator and many others that you were kind enough to copy on your CD.

I wish to ask if you intend to publish the booklet Who prays is saved in Maltese. We can manage in other languages, but if you wish I will translate it free of charge. I translated the book Augustine day by day by Fr John Rotell (now dead), and it can be read online on our Maltese Augustinian website on internet.

Awaiting your response, I thank you for your precious work. God bless you.

I would also like to ask you, if possible, to send a copy of 30Giorni for the Catholic Doctrine Society, founded by St George Preca. It is a Catholic association that prepares children for first holy communion and confirmation. I think it would be of great help for them.

Thank you. Yours in Christ,


Father Paul Aquilina, OSA, Prior




Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil


We thank you also for the CD with the liturgical chants


Piracicaba, 22 July 2011


Dear Mr. Andreotti,

We are Conceptionist sisters of the Order of the Immaculate Conception. Thank you deeply for your kindness in sending this precious magazine, and also for the CD with the liturgical chants!

May God bless your work for the Holy Church, also carried out by writing superb articles on the holy Church and the world!

The world today needs good readings to know the love of God and all the work of the Holy Church. We pray a lot for your intentions, and thank you infinitely for your generosity and kindness. May God reward you with abundant graces and blessings for your work and your family.

In friendship and gratitude, for the community,


Mother Maria Celina, OIC




Bocaue, Philippines


Who prays is saved to share with our friends


Bocaue, 22 July 2011


Dear Director,

We, the Dominican nuns of Queen of Angels Monastery in the Philippines, were very grateful for your kind generosity in sending us the magazine 30Days. Every time we receive it, the articles are read in the refectory. Thank you so much.

We are also interested in receiving some copies of your booklet Who prays is saved, to give to each of our sisters and to share with others too. They would certainly be a very informative way of letting people know the true meaning of prayer and its importance in our lives.

It would be a blessing if you could donate at least fifty copies to the Queen of Angels Monastery, so that we could share them with our friends, benefactors and the faithful who come to visit the chapel of adoration every day for their guidance and information so that they understand that prayers are important not only for their lives, but also those of others, and thus save their souls from hell.

May the love for prayer be spread all the more. Amen!

Once again thank you so much for subscribing us to the 30Days magazine and thank you in advance for copies of Who prays is saved.

Remembering you and your mission in our prayers.


The Dominican nuns, Bocaue




Palos Park, Illinois, USA


Thank you for 30Days and for all the gifts you give us


Palos Park, 24 July 2011


Dear Director Andreotti,

It seems time that we thank you once again for the gift sent to us each month of your publication 30Days, with so many outstanding articles and pictures. We loved your tribute in the last issue to Blessed Pope John Paul II and also to Pope Paul VI, pronouncing his Creed of the People of God. We pray that his cause, as well as that of the venerated Pope Pius XII, will go forward in the near future. And we are not forgetting the beloved Pope John Paul I and the inspiring articles you have published about him.

We thank you too for the added gifts which have come with the monthly magazine, the recently received Meditation on Holy Easter which we read together in the community during our week of retreat and found very inspiring. Now, with this issue the beautiful republication of the booklet Iubilate Deo along with the chants of the enclosed CD. We do indeed treasure and continue to sing many of the chants, hymns, Mass propers and ordinaries.

We likewise enjoy the many beautiful scenes and art works, especially from the monasteries, likewise the lovely Marian shrines featured in this month’s edition. We will remember your intentions to our Mother St Clare in our solemn novena in this 800th anniversary year.

Gratefully, in our Mother St Clare,


Mother M. Teresita, PCC, Abbess, and Community




Bacolod City, Philippines


Who prays is saved for the children of the slums


Bacolod City, 25 July 2011


Dear Mr. Andreotti,

Greetings in Christ!

We are glad and thankful to you, dear Sir, and to your hardworking staff for the great service you give to our Church. We have been a recipient of your benevolent charity for five years now, if I’m not mistaken; and we cherish each issue, grateful for your effort to bring out as best you could the works that our Church is doing for the good of all. Your magazine with its good articles is a beacon that shines brightly, never despairing, but always in hope that there is still goodness to be found in these dark and confusing times.

The reason why we wrote to you Sir, is not only to express our gratitude, but also to humbly knock at the door of your hearts, that if we can avail some free copies of the wonderful booklet of prayers Who prays is saved. Each year, during the whole month of May, we provide simple catechism lessons to the poor children living in the slums very near our monastery. Our purpose is to offer them at least the basics of our faith, or just how to make the sign of the cross properly, especially to the younger ones. We thought that it would be of great help if they can likewise memorize the basic prayers in English. We do not have, however, the monetary resources to go with our plans. If we can have have one hundred copies of these booklets, it would be a tremendous help to us and to the one who teaches them.

Mr Director, we know that this will only be possible with your kind consideration and abundant generosity. We can only offer you our continued prayers before the Blessed Sacrament and our endless gratitude.

With grateful hearts, we thank you.


Sr Mary E. Catalonia, OAR, for Sr Lourdes Eizaguirre, OAR, Prioress




Cochin, Kerala, India


Thanks for The Chants of Tradition


Cochin, 27 July 2011


Dear Mr. Andreotti and friends of 30Giorni,

How grateful we are for the CD and the booklet The Chants of Tradition!

Your magnanimous gratuitousness is stupendous! What a colourful picturesque magazine with good quality paper! And booklets now and then, all free from such a very large heart!

What thanks can we render you for all you have done for us? We’ll shoot arrows of love to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus to let His graces continue to shower on you and on the editorial team so that the good you have begun may have a beautiful continuity to touch souls and spur them them to holiness until the crown of sanctity is won.

May Our munificent Lord reward you abundantly in time and in eternity!


Sister Mary Denise Nazareth and the Community of Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration




Andover, Massachusetts, USA


Thanks from the USA for The Chants of Tradition


Andover, 1 August 2011


Dear Mr. Andreotti,

Words are inexpressive of our gratitude to you for sending us, gratis, your exceptionally fine magazine 30Giorni, and this month The Chants of Tradition with accompanying CD. May our loving God richly bless your goodness and generosity. How you enrich us all!

We ask our dear Blessed Mother Clare to unite her powerful prayer with ours for your needs and intentions and of all those you love. Do bless us with your good prayer.

With prayerful and thankful hearts for all your goodness to us,


Your Poor Clare Sisters of Andover




Bello, Antioquia, Colombia


Thirty-seven nuns who pray day and night before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament


Bello, 2 August 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

Please receive our cordial Franciscan greeting of peace and well-being, in God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ Who with the fulfilled promise of the Holy Spirit fills our lives with peace and joy, confidence and hope.

A priest near the community gave us some numbers of the magazine 30Giorni; we recognize that it is a valuable spiritual tool that updates us on the Church and other interesting topics, so that it may bring us closer to the mystery of Christ, visible in our neediest brothers and sisters.

With this letter, we wish to ask you to send us more often and gratis copies of this wonderful magazine and, if possible, a copy of Quien reza se salva. It is an excellent opportunity to grow in the spiritual life. We will recompense you with our constant prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, so that in all your projects you will always have the light of these thirty-seven nuns who day and night pray for you and your closest collaborators.

We would be grateful to you if you favorably welcome this petition that we present through the intercession of our seraphic parents, St Francis and St Clare, the Poor ones of Assisi, who from on high will dispense abundant graces and blessings on your life.

May God bless and increase the spirit of fraternity and solidarity with so many people who benefit from this spiritual material.

In Jesus and Mary,


The Abbess Sister Margarita María del Sagrado Corazón, OSC, and Community




Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India


30Days keeps us informed to vitalize our prayer


Eluru, 4 August 2011


Dear Senator Andreotti,

My Sisters join me in thanking you most heartily for the precious gift of your magazine 30Days that you have been regularly sending us for the past few years which keeps us abreast of what is happening in the outside world to vitalize our prayers and widen our hearts to the suffering of our brothers and our sisters. Thank you too for the CD and the booklet with the simple Gregorian Chants which we are extremely happy to have. Be assured of our prayers for you and for your work, and for all your collaborators.

Your Sister in our Eucharistic Lord,


Sr Maria Teresita




North Guilford, Connecticut, USA


The health and peace of Christ from the USA


North Guilford, 21 August 2011


Dear Senator Andreotti,

Health and peace of Christ!

Thank you for your gift of 30Days which I find a fine journal for its view of the Church and the world.

Now, a request.

Is it possible to send a copy of Don Giacomo Tantardini’s meditation The Son cannot do anything on his own?

Thank you and God bless you!


Sister Susan Early, OP




Santorini, Greece


Chi prega si salva is a jewel for our time


Santorini, 26 August 2011


I would be grateful if you could send me twenty copies in Spanish, and one copy in Italian, Portuguese, French, English and German of the booklet Chi prega si salva: it is a jewel for our time. The Lord already blesses you for this work. Many thanks.

May the Lord continue to make your work fruitful.


Sister María de la Iglesia, OP




Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India


30Days keeps us in communion with the whole Church


Vijayawada, 27 August 2011


Dear Mr. Andreotti,

Loving and prayerful greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Very graciously I wish to thank you for sending us your exceptional magazine 30Days so generously and faithfully for so many years. May the good Lord bless you and reward you ever more abundantly.

We do appreciate this beautiful magazine which comes with much important and relevant information, which is very interesting, inspiring and useful for us, as we are cloistered nuns, who do not get much good news from the outside world. 30Days keeps us in communion with the whole Church and world of today. We are inspired and motivated to offer our lives to God with more enthusiasm, as a sacrifice of sweet fragrance for the most urgent needs of the Church and the world, according to our charism.

We are very grateful also for the supplements you send us from time to time. We appreciate especially The Chants of Tradition with the CD. Our young sisters are enchanted to listen to the Latin Gregorian chant for the first time. We would like to receive the supplement Meditation on Holy Easter.

Please be assured of our continued prayers for all your intentions and fruitful apostolate. May all your good works continue to be blessed with the abundance of grace and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

May our Blessed Mother of Carmel bless and guide you.

With renewed thanks and appreciation for all you do, I remain,

Yours lovingly in Christ,


Sr Emmanuel of Saint Joseph and Community

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