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from issue no. 07/08 - 2011


Karachi, Pakistan

Thank you for your loyalty to the Church


Karachi, 25 July 2011

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
Thank you for sending 30Giorni/30Days regularly. Besides the booklet Who prays is saved, now I must acknowledge with thanks The Chants of Tradition. It is so thoughtful of you and your team. Thank you for all your work for so many, particularly in the missions. Thank you for your loyalty to the Church. May God bless you and your co-workers in your labour of love.
Please pray for our Church in Pakistan.
With every good wish and blessing,
Yours sincerely in Christ,


Evarist Pinto, Archbishop of Karachi



Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

I have always read 30Giorni with great pleasure for the doctrinal articles and interviews

Kuching, 20 July 2011

Dear Director,
I have regularly received a complementary copy of your magazine for years. I thank you from my heart. I have truly enjoyed reading it, especially in its doctrinal articles and interviews. I also thank you for occasionally including some booklets, like the latest one of The Chants of Tradition. I will offer prayer for you and your staff, and for the continuation of this magazine. I will be grateful if you continue to send it.
I retired from my office in 2003, but I remain active in my priestly ministry by offering help to parishes and to people. I thank the Lord for giving me reasonably good health and helping me keep my priestly spirit.
With best wishes. Yours gratefully in the Lord,

Msgr. Peter Chung Hoan Ting Archbishop Emeritus of Kuching

San Angelo, Texas, USA

Thank you so much for the CD and booklet of Gregorian Chants

San Angelo, 28 July 2011

Dear kind friends,
I sincerely thank you for the CD and the fine little booklet of Gregorian Chants. I appreciate this special gift very much. I am enclosing here a donation to express my gratitude.
God’s peace.
Sincerely in Christ and Mary,

Michael D. Pfeifer, OMI, Bishop of San Angelo

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