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from issue no. 09 - 2011



Trier, Germany


For several years now we have been receiving the beautiful magazine 30Tage


Trier, 1 June 2011


Dear Mr Director Andreotti,

For several years now we have been receiving the beautiful magazine 30Tage that you send us free. We are very grateful to you for it. We like the graphics layout which is in great taste and the highly valuable content, authentically Catholic. Gladly we will include you and your intentions in our prayers.

We are the Capuchin Poor Clares of Trier, Germany.

With our best regards and highest esteem,


Sisters of St Clare




Chabeuil, France


Thanks from France


Chabeuil, 16 July 2011


Mr Director,

The latest issue of your magazine was accompanied by a CD, Les Chants de la Tradition. Gregorian chant has no need of praise, it is praise, but we thank you wholeheartedly for this little gift.

Thanks also for the quality of the articles and the graphic presentation, which is beautiful.

We pray the Lord to bless your apostolate, because this is your work, for the glory of God and of service to the Church, our mother.

Please receive, Mr Director, with all your collaborators, our devoted greetings,


Cooperation Sisters of Chabeuil




Madrid, Spain


The book Meditación sobre la santa Pascua is precious and instructive


Madrid, 18 July 2011


Mr Giulio Andreotti,

Please receive our most sincere gratitude for sending the beautiful, interesting, instructive and profound magazine 30Días, which makes us resonate and live with greater intensity the life of the Church, its needs and those of the world. We read it in the community and it makes us feel more Church and more sisters with all other men.

Thank you also for the book Meditación sobre la santa Pascua, precious and instructive. Thank you!

May the Lord reward you as you deserve: we pray for this.


The Community of the Hieronymite Sisters




Athens, Greece


30Giorni in Greece


Athens, 18 July 2011



We thank you for the magazine 30Giorni that we receive here in Greece and which we read with great interest but with difficulty because of the language. We ask you, therefore, to send it to us in French so that all the nuns can read it.

Thank you very much for your dedication,


Sister Marie-Pierre




Mutilva, Spain


We read with interest the articles on the Fathers of the Church, among whom St Augustine


Mutilva, 21 July 2011


Mr Director,

Please accept these expressions of thanks for the magazine 30Días that we have been receiving for some years. It is a beautiful and informative magazine, we read it with great interest, especially the articles on the Fathers of the Church, among whom St Augustine. Thank you.

With all affection and thanksgiving, we offer you our prayers


Augustinian Nuns




Borja, Spain


The CD makes us taste the magic of Gregorian music


Borja, 25 July 2011


Mr Director,

Once again we have received your magazine 30Días, and we must thank you for your gentle care in sending it. We liked the CD of chants included with this number: they are very useful and appropriate. It is good to remember the old antiphons and return to enjoy the charm and solemnity of Gregorian music. For all this, thank you, thank you very much.

As you see, we are contemplative nuns and there is very useful information about the Church and the world that we receive through your articles. The clarity and precision of exposure make us live more from closeup the problems that continually arise so as to present them to our Lord in prayer.

We always remember you in our prayers and ask the Lord to continue to give you strength and bless your apostolic work.

Fraternal greetings from the whole Community that thank you for your generosity,


Sister Adoración Diez, OIC




La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain


Our convent celebrates its four hundredth anniversary


La Laguna, 29 July 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

For some time I have wanted to write and send my thanks for the magazine 30Días that arrives always with great punctuality. Its content is very useful for all the fellow sisters and also keeps us abreast of all the problems of the world and the Church.

‘We have neither gold nor silver ...’ but what we have we give. Always count on our prayers so that God, rich in mercy, may make all the projects you have in mind flourish.

I take this opportunity to have you share in the event that my Community is celebrating: four centuries of the founding of this convent of St Catherine of Siena. A saint who says a lot to you and all the Italians.

I greet you cordially and I renew my deep thanks and that of my community to you.


Sister María Cleofé López Lantigua




Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


30Giorni enlarges our hearts


Ho Chi Minh City, 29 July 2011


Dear Mr Director

and all you collaborators of 30Giorni,

We express our greetings and our thanks to you for having sent 30Giorni to our distant and isolated Notre Dame Carmel for many years.

We especially liked the article Vita consacrata [Consecrated Life], in issue No. 4/5 of 2011.

Thanks to your generosity and that of your entire staff, the issues of 30Giorni keep us abreast of world events, help us to expand our horizons and enlarge our hearts and stimulate our enthusiasm in our vocation of prayerful people and penitents.

Once again, heartfelt thanks. Thanks also for the Gregorian chants.

We assure you of the prayers of the whole Community.


Carmelite Nuns of Notre Dame Convent




Burgos, Spain


Gregorian chant was made in monasteries


Burgos, 31 July 2011


Dear friends of 30Días, we continue to receive the magazine each month and it is our duty to thank you for this great gift that this month, with the CD of Gregorian chants, was double. Thanks very much, because we love this chant a lot, which helps us in our contemplative vocation.

For a long time, in our convent, we have been singing these beautiful and appropriate songs, because, as one of our chant teachers said, ‘Gregorian chant was made in the monasteries and for the monasteries’. So, this booklet you've published with selected and more popular pieces, is very useful for us to continue to sing them and disseminate them among the people who come to our celebrations.

May God reward you for everything. Keep up the wonderful work you do with your publication.

With much gratitude and prayer for you all,


The Poor Clares of Castrojeriz




Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Our prayer among the vicissitudes of the history of Brazil


Rio de Janeiro, 3 August 2011


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,

pax Christi!

We wish, with this message, to thank you for the monthly sending of the magazine 30Giorni that introduces us the most important events of the Church and the world, motivating us in our contemplative vocation of unceasing prayer.

We are the community of Carmelite nuns of the Santa Teresa convent in Rio de Janeiro, the first convent of Discalced Carmelite nuns founded in Brazil in 1750 by the young woman of our city, Jacinta Rodrigues Aires.

Through all the vicissitudes of the history of Brazil and of the Church, our convent never allowed that the flame of prayer and constant praise be extinguished, and in this continuous prayer, all your intentions and those of this well-deserving magazine are perennially included.

With our prayerful and fraternal gratitude for all your intentions,


Your Carmelite Sistersof the Santa Teresa Convent




Calabazanos, Spain


Gregorian chant is a good way to transmit the faith


Calabazanos, 4 August 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

peace and good.

We thank you for sending the splendid CD of Gregorian chants as well as for the magazine 30Días with the current events of the Church and the world. In our community we preserve Gregorian chant because we believe that it is a good way to transmit the faith as the Holy Church has always done.

We join with all those who pray for the Pope, in particular the young people who will soon participate in the meeting with His Holiness Benedict XVI in Madrid, so that those days, which we entrust as of now to the Virgin Mary, our Mother, may be for all days of spiritual renewal.

We ask the Lord to continue to bless your work and that of all your collaborators.

Thank you very much for your magazine.

In union of prayer,


Sister María Clara de SF, OSC, and the Poor Clare Sisters of Calabazanos




Naga City, Philippines


30Giorni helps us to understand the Church


Naga City, 4 August 2011


Dear Director Andreotti,

Deo Gratias!

We appreciate so much The Chants of Tradition which you sent us

with the latest issue of your great magazine! You don’t know how eagerly we wish to study the Gregorian Chants for our Liturgy. It is heaven-sent! We also marvel at your generosity in freely sharing with us month after month this wonderful magazine which is a treasured reading for us in Carmel. It opens to us varied windows onto the many areas of the Church, active and alive, some persecuted and having great difficulty, some thriving and prospering, all under God’s direction in wisdom. Each issue is a wealth of good reading to feed our interest and concern for the Church, always leading us to pray even more for those areas where our brothers and sisters are in greatest need for enlightenment, evangelization and religious freedom, enlightening us on the play of so many factors which the Catholic Church has to deal with sometimes in harmony, sometimes in fragile conditions, sometimes in complex, arduous settings. Your beautiful magazine also makes us appreciate the faith that we have been gifted in our country and how precious it is that people in other lands die for it but which we are in danger of taking for granted in many ways. Your dear magazine also makes us appreciate so much the teachings of the Magisterium, the writings of Pope Benedict XVI, the Eastern Churches, explanation of parts of the Scriptures, symbols in religious art which are so full of wise insights into our faith and the human mind and heart.

Thank you from the depths of our hearts for constantly sending us a copy every month. It never fails to make us stand in awe at the greatness, the splendor and strength of our Church and the good God who sustains it.

You and your staff are great evangelizers and communicators.

We pray for the continued fruitfulness of your magazine and all projects you handle.


The Carmelite Nuns of Carmel of the Immaculate Heart




Bolinao, Philippines


We pray that many may appreciate the beauty of the chants of Tradition


Bolinao, 15 August 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti and 30Giorni staff,

pax et Bonum!

This is to extend our gratitude for the booklet and CD of The Chants of Tradition, a very beautiful gift to our community as we are singing some of these Latin songs.

You are indeed doing a very great work in the Church in preserving its traditions. We hope and pray that many will appreciate the beauty of the traditional chants of the Church.

Rest assured of our continuous prayers for the success of your ministry.

God bless and bestow on you ever more energy.

In Saints Francis and Clare,


The Bolinao Poor Clares




La Vega, Dominican Republic


Thank you for Quien reza se salva


La Vega, 23 August 2011


Mr Andreotti,

esteemed in Jesus Christ,

may the grace, peace and love of God our Father and the protection of the Most Blessed Virgin our Mother be always with you and those who work with the publication of 30Días.

I am writing to thank you sincerely for the important work of evangelization and information created with much love and dedication by you, and for the delicacy you show towards us by sending the magazine 30Días, which we receive with great pleasure; we thank you in particular for the booklet with the CD, with musical compositions in Latin, and for the fifteen copies of Quien reza se salva that we received recently. May the Lord and the Most Blessed Virgin, our Mother, reward you as only they can do.

We have the pleasure to inform you that on 21 November next, God willing, we will celebrate the ‘golden anniversary’ of our fellow sister María de los Ángeles Márquez. On the occasion of this ceremony, in our convent we will meet the relatives of our fellow sister, from various countries, including many children, some of whom speak only English. For this reason, we request of your generosity, if possible, fifteen copies of the booklet Quien reza se salva in English, to give it as a souvenir, in the hope that it is useful to their young hearts.

Renewing once more our gratitude and assuring you of our continued remembrance in prayer, cordially in Jesus and Mary,


The Prioress Sister María Cecilia Morini, OC, and Community

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