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from issue no. 09 - 2011


Gagnoa, Ivory Coast

Qui prie sauve son âme for catechumens and students


Gagnoa, 24 August 2011

Mr Director of 30Jours,
Thank you for the issues of your magazine of information on the life of the Church which you regularly send us.
It’s already been some years that I have been expressing my gratitude for the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme, which was much appreciated by our faithful. This year it will be included in the training of our catechumens and in the Catholic schools.
I just received two other books, the first entitled Les chants de la Tradition, and the second ‘Le Fils ne peut rien faire de lui-même’ ( Jn 5, 19). Méditation sur Pâques.
May I ask you to send other copies of these books for our priests and our faithful, if they are still available?
Thanking you very much for your generosity, we assure you, Mr Director, of our prayers so that 30Jours may live.

Joseph Aké, Archbishop Metropolitan of Gagnoa



Benedict XVI with some Chinese faithful in Saint Peter’s Square, 5 May 2005

Benedict XVI with some Chinese faithful in Saint Peter’s Square, 5 May 2005

Shanghai, Popular Republic of China

From Shanghai prayers for 30Giorni


We were asked for some copies of 30Giorni in English for the priests in Shanghai by the Press Office of the Underground Church in Shanghai, on behalf of Bishop Joseph Fan Zhong-Liang. We publish the e-mail of 8 September.

Shanghai, 8 September 2011

We want to thank you for the free sending of copies of the English version of 30Giorni and we ask the courtesy to send us some copies of the CD of Gregorian chants and also the meditation on Holy Easter.
In our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for you and for all the collaborators of 30Giorni in our daily mass.

Press office of the Underground Church of Shanghai




Goya, Argentina


Thank you for the meditation on Holy Easter, beautiful and useful


Goya, 25 August 2011


Mr Director,

Thank you for the regular and free sending of the magazine 30Giorni nella Chiesa e nel mondo directed by you.

With this, I wish to ask you to send, also free, considering the humble conditions of our diocese, some copies of the supplement to No. 1/2 of 2011 of 30Giorni entitled ‘El Hijo no puede hacer nada por su cuenta’ ( Jn 5, 19), the meditation on Holy Easter by Don Giacomo Tantardini.

It is good that other brothers may draw benefit from it, since it is a beautiful and useful meditation.

I bless and encourage you.


Ricardo Faifer, Bishop of Goya




El Alto, Bolivia


The chants of Tradition for the seminarians


El Alto, 21 August 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

Please receive a cordial greeting full of the blessings of God Our Father, from this diocese of El Alto, Bolivia.

Thank you for your kindness in sending me 30Días magazine regularly, which helps me to deepen my love for the universal Church and stimulates me to unity and communion with it.

It also helps me to broaden my ecclesial horizons and learn about the life of the particular Churches and the events involving the Holy See. In particular, thanks for the CD with the chants from Tradition that will undoubtedly help the seminarians in the ‘Jesús Maestro’ diocesan seminary which has just celebrated, with great gratitude to God, the seventeenth anniversary of its foundation.

Congratulations on the graphics of the magazine, which makes it easy to read.

In renewing my greetings, I assure you of fraternal remembrance in prayer.


Jesús Juárez Párraga, SDB, Bishop of El Alto




Montréal, Québec, Canada


Chi prega si salva for a parish of Montréal


Montréal, 12 September 2011


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,

Health and peace in the Lord Jesus, ever present among his people.

We are grateful to the dear magazine 30Giorni. Thank you for the good that you bring to our spiritual growth. Our prayer, so small and poor, will be offered to the Lord for you and your mission in favor of the people we help.

In the parish I carry out an aid preparation program for the sacraments for youths and adults and am writing to ask if it is possible to receive thirty copies in English and Italian of Chi prega si salva for the elderly who participate in daily Eucharistic adoration.

I sincerely thank you and your staff faithful in their apostolate.

May Our Lady keep you all close under her motherly wings.



Giuseppe Spinato




Lima, Peru


I wait for 30Giorni to arrive


Lima, 12 September 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

I am Monsignor Dante Frasnelli Tarter, bishop emeritus of the Diocese of Huari, in the Andes region of Peru. Ten years ago I delivered the diocese over to my successor, after carrying out for 34 years my humble service as pastor of that jurisdiction. Now I am in Lima with some friends and acquaintances, due to some obligations of a private and personal nature.

I received your magazine up until last April. Then, as every month, I awaited the next issues later, but so far I have not been lucky enough to receive them. Every time the magazine arrived, I read very carefully the news about the Church and also the rest: the articles are of great depth, they demonstrate knowledge of issues and foster the growth of religious culture; they were useful for my spiritual life.

I ask to continue to benefit from your fraternal and appreciated gesture through the magazine, given that because of my age I am not used to using the internet nor do I want to, but I’m interested in the written press.

With my prayers and blessings for you and all those who contribute to the publication of the magazine, I greet you hoping for a positive response to my request.


Dante Frasnelli Tarter, Bishop Emeritus of Huari




Sincelejo, Colombia


A copy of the CD for every priest


Sincelejo, 26 September 2011


Dear friends of the magazine 30Días,

my cordial greetings.

With the magazine this month, I received the booklet and the CD of Gregorian chants. Thank you. I will give a copy of both to every priest, at the next meeting of the clergy.

Thanks for the good you do for us. May the Lord bless you.



Nel Beltrán Santamaría, Bishop of Sincelejo

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