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from issue no. 11 - 2011


Invitation to prayer

The editorial office of 30Days invites all, and in particular the consecrated persons of the cloistered convents and monasteries, to pray for Don Giacomo Tantardini. For some months he has been undergoing treatment for a lung tumour. May the Lord grant us to pray with trust for the miracle of a cure. We ask the priests who appreciate and cherish 30Days to celebrate Holy Mass for this intention. We ask of parents the charity of encouraging their children to pray.



I pray for you: I can not commit myself in any other way


Florencio Varela, 30 August 2011


With all my appreciation,

to the Little Way Charity Association.

I am the father of a nun who lives in a convent of Poor Clares. I am 76 years old and my daughter almost 45, twenty-five of which spent in the cloister. I am interested in the monuments and works of art of the Church in the world and always appreciate the work of the magazine 30Giorni. But I do not have the means to subscribe to it. I ask the charity to send it to me free. I pray for the mission you carry out, I can not commit myself in any other way. If it is not asking too much, I would also like to receive twenty free copies of Quien reza se salva to give to people who need them.

I am immensely grateful.


Maximo Lezcano






Three hundred copies of Who prays is saved


Malaybalay City, 28 September 2011


Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,

Praised be to Our Jesus Christ!

We thank you ever so much for your generosity and kindness for sending us a free copy of your magazine 30Days with every issue. May God reward you abundantly for your good work with all the graces and blessings you need to carry out your mission.

Please, may I respectfully request a favor from you. May I humbly ask for a gift of at least three hundred free copies of the booklet Who prays is saved, in the English edition. These will be given to the people on the occasion of my Silver Jubilee of Religious profession, 6 December 2011.

Our constant prayers for you and your family, for your editorial staff and the members of the other offices. May the grace of God always accompany you.

Most hopeful for your favorable response. Respectfully yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


Sister Mary Catherine, OCD






Immense gratitude for the CD of Gregorian chants


Umuoji (Anambra), 5 October 2011


Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,

We wish to express our immense gratitude to you for the disc on Gregorian chants that you sent us as well as the copies of the magazine 30Days in the Church and in the world which we receive from you from time to time. May the Almighty God reward you for your generosity and for this esteemed work of evangelization that you accomplish through this magazine.

Sincerely yours in Christ,


The Abbess, Mother Margaret Mary Ngobidi, OSB






Thanks from Nicaragua


San Jorge, 8 October 2011


May the peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

Thank you sincerely for the generous gesture of sending the magazines for us sisters and for our pastor Sergio.

We wish for you and ask God that this magazine may arrive everywhere and continue to do good. For us who are far away, it brings us close to the Church of Rome, and makes us feel united with all the brothers in faith and prayer.

Keep on doing such good!

Thank you!


Sisters of Our Lady of Refuge in Mount Calvary






In 2012 we will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of our Carmel


Ozamiz City, 10 October 2011


Dear Senator,

Praised be Jesus and Mary, and blessings to you and yours!

Thank you very much once again for the English 30Days you have so generously been sending us for some years now.

This time may we ask you for your prayer booklet: Who Prays Is Saved.

Come October 3, 2012, we will be celebrating, thanking the Lord for the golden jubilee of our Carmel’s foundation.

We thought your booklet on prayers would just be the ideal ‘give away’ for the people who will be here for this celebration. You see, Ozamiz, Misamis Occidental, where our Carmel is, was for a long time a mission; the religion for many was ‘Aglipayan’, the religion created by a bishop during the Philippine revolution against the Spaniards. Ozamiz for many years was evangelized by missionaries. Our Carmel was founded in 1962 from Bacolod Carmel, in the province of Negros Occidental, through Bishop Patrick Cronin, a Columban.

As we are planning to invite the Bishops who are grouped in Dopim – the dioceses of Dipolog, Ozamiz, Pagadian, Iligan, Marawi, we hope that on 3 October 2012 we will have quite a gathering. Will it be too much for us to ask you for 2000 copies in English of Who Prays Is Saved? We are also thinking if it is possible to translate the prayer booklet into Cebuano as many of our people here do not grasp English enough.

For many years we have built our Chapel and monastery little by little according to our means. We have built it mostly with what was supposed to be the most durable, yet cheapest, materials available: asbestos. Unfortunately after about 45 years many of us were getting sick, and the doctors thought it was because of the asbestos of our building; but we had no means to rebuild our house. We stormed heaven asking our Lord to help us rebuild His Mother’s House, Our Mother of Carmel. Two years ago, a member of a family of a Builders & Construction Company seeing our house, rebuilt for us our dormitory (1 phase) and then: refectory, kitchen, community room/library, and the Infirmary. We were 26 Sisters, but last August 10 one of our Sisters died (of cancer) (our Mother Foundress died last 2004). Also at this time our Mother Prioress is battling with cancer and having chemotherapy in Manila. There are still some parts of the monastery and chapel that need to be built or repaired but the main parts are now standing, built of good materials that can resist the white ants that are the scourge of the wooden parts of our building.

May we hope for a further favor from you, dear Senator; we need a fitting bell to call us to prayer, and ring the Angelus, call the people, too, for Mass. May we ask you to help us have a proper bell for our monastery from any of the companies/foundries who advertize in 30Days? In our poverty, we are so bold to ask you all these favors, dear Senator, as we see your great love for the Lord and His Mother and all you do for monasteries, convents and all people who are consecrated to the Lord. And we praise and thank the Lord for all you do for the Church.

We thank you very deeply for whatever you can do to help us, looking to the Lord to be Himself our best ‘thank you’, to you.

Assuring you of our loving prayer, for you, your loved ones, your staff at 30Days. You are very much in our love and prayer.

In Jesus and Mary,


your Sisters of the Carmel of Ozamiz. On behalf of the Reverend Mother and the community, Sister Mary Therese, OCD






Los Cantos de la Tradición for the seminarians


Santo Tomé, 13 October 2011


Mr Director,

I am the rector of the San Josédiocesan seminary of the Diocese of Santo Tomé, in Argentina.

I have received, along with the magazine, the Los Cantos de la Tradición supplement. I thought it was a publication of great richness because of its content that helps to keep alive our Tradition. I thank you because listening to the CD brought me back the memory of my years in the seminary.

I am writing for information about the availability and cost of the supplement. And to know if there is some way of buying it directly here, in Argentina. I would like to give a copy to each of the ten seminarians of our diocese. As soon as you can, please let me know the price of the supplement, so that I can decide whether to buy it for our students.

Yours sincerely,


Father Juan Carlos Fernández-Benítez






Five hundred copies of Quien reza se salva for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe


Saltillo (Coahuila), 16 October 2011


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,

I want to thank you personally with immense gratitude for the magazine 30Giorni that for some months now you have sent monthly to our Mexican mission where, as the friars of the Order of Minims, we witness the charism of charity, of conversion and reconciliation of our founder, St Francis Paola, in the service of the neediest and poorest people of the place.

Thanks to the generosity of you and your entire editorial staff, we are receiving free this valuable source of information that for us religious is of vital importance, because it keeps us in communion with the whole Church and the world today, and is a safe source of update.

Now I would like to present to your religious sensibilities my desire to have five hundred booklets of Quien reza se salva to offer them to families during my next visit in preparation for the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which falls on 12 December.

It seems to me a particularly useful publication for my people, most of whom are humble and simple, because it contains everything you really need to know and use to live an authentic and profound Christian life.

Thanking you in advance for the great gift that I am certain of receiving, I assure the prayers of my religious community and all my people.

With gratitude and esteem, in Christ,


Father Omar Javier Solís Rosales, OM, Superior of the community of Minim friars






30Tage keeps us united to the heart of our Catholic reality


Jakobsbad, 18 October 2011


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,

Here in the convent of the Capuchin nuns of the Passion of Christ we have received for some time now your magazine 30Tage, which is so well done and interesting.

It keeps us united to the heart of our Catholic reality and offers us a broad vision on the thinking of our Church.

We wish to thank you for this kindness of yours: it always brings to us also a little joy for the whole Church.

Reassuring you of the fact that our community remembers in prayer your work and that of your collaborators and journalists, I extend with gratitude most heartfelt greetings,


Mother Superior Sister Mirjam Huber and community





Quien reza se salva for the children and the Cuban farm workers


Havana, 19 October 2011


Mr. Giulio Andreotti,

Dear brother in Christ, peace and health!

Issue 4/5 of your magazine 30Días came into our hands and we shared fully its criteria and concerns: your magazine is a deep and wonderful catechesis.

We are Catholic missionary farm workers, we belong to a branch of the Congregation of the Mission of St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac and work in isolated and country communities, in our beloved Cuba. We also take care of some tetraplegic children and their families, proclaiming the Word of God and sharing with them whatever we can. We have seen in your magazine the prayer booklet Quien reza se salva and I am writing to ask for a few copies, as our farm workers are very fond of praying. Some simple catechisms and some rosaries would also be useful to us.

Who knows whether there is a generous person who would wish to help these children. We firmly believe in the communion of saints. Along with our requests and our gratitude, we assure you of our simple and humble prayers.

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph protect and bless you.



Sergio LeónMendiboure






I appreciate 30Giorni and thank you most sincerely


Neuquén, 21 October 2011


Dear Director,

I am Monsignor Virginio Domingo Bressanelli, SCI, bishop in Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina. Every month I receive the magazine 30Giorni, which I appreciate and most sincerely thank you for because it allows me to have at hand current issues and thorough Christian analysis, in addition to the wide theological, spiritual, historical and cultural horizon that many articles propose.

I get this magazine in Italian. I would like to receive it in Spanish, as when I was bishop of the Diocese of Comodoro Rivadavia. Receiving it in Spanish will be of benefit to other people who will thus be able to approach reading it with greater ease and better understanding.

I thank you and greet you cordially, and I assure you a living memory in prayer.

In Christ and Mary,


Monsignor Virginio D. Bressanelli, Bishop of Neuquén






Thank you for the wonderful reportage from Turkey


Dublin, 24 October 2011


Christ’s peace!

Dear Signor Andreotti,

We gratefully receive 30Days every month and we really enjoy your articles and the beautiful pictures. We want to thank you very specially for issue No. 6 of 2011. The interview with Cardinal Wuerl on the manner of evangelizing in his diocese of Washington, U.S.A., and articles on the history of the African-American Catholics and the development of the Latin American Church were outstanding, and the profile of Father Jules Lebreton most timely. But it was the splendid reportage from Turkey that moved our prioress to encourage me to write to you. I was delighted to see a photo of the Church of St Anthony of Padua, where I was baptized on 7 March 1926 by Father René Alexandre, CM, having been born in the then Constantinople, in January of that year.

Later, I entered Carmel in England, spent forty years in a Welsh Carmel, and finally twenty in Carmel near Johannesburg, South Africa, and am now in Dublin.

I would be grateful if you could spare for us a copy of that photo of St Anthony’s Church published in 30Days and any other photos you may have of the same church.

With sincere thanks for your kindness in supplying 30Days to so many, and wishing you God’s blessings.

Yours in Christ,


Sister Anne






30Giorni helps seminarians to love the Church


Camaná, 26 October 2011


Mr Director,

Please receive a cordial greeting from the father educators and seminarians of Nuestra Señora de Quilca Camaná Seminary, with the hope that God will protect you in the fulfillment of your daily activities.

I am writing to express my deepest thanks for sending us the monthly magazine 30Giorni, which is of great help and is a source of information for the young people who are trained in our seminary, and also for us priests who live here with them.

Each issue of the magazine 30Giorni is an impetus to the unity and universality of the Church, that promotes in our seminarians an attachment to it and a deeper knowledge of it, making them love it with an ever greater love.

Thanking you for your great support and consideration, I greet you, assuring you that we hold you in high regard and remember you in our prayers and daily Mass that we celebrate here in our seminary. May God continue to bless and bestow abundant blessings upon all those who work with you.


The vice-rector, Father Percy Saavedra Ramírez

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