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Invitation to prayer

The editorial office of 30Days invites all, and in particular the consecrated persons of the cloistered convents and monasteries, to pray for Don Giacomo Tantardini. For some months he has been undergoing treatment for a lung tumour. May the Lord grant us to pray with trust for the miracle of a cure. We ask the priests who appreciate and cherish 30Days to celebrate Holy Mass for this intention. We ask of parents the charity of encouraging their children to pray.




30Giorni is simply fantastic


Pinhais, Paraná, 21 November 2011


Dear friends, peace and prosperity to all.

With great joy I received from my friend, Father Ramiro Pastore, of the Camillians, a copy of the magazine 30Giorni. Simply fantastic. I am a teacher of our Archdiocese of Curitiba and also sing in a choir of Italian music in our city, the Italian Choir of Paraná. I would like instructions on how to receive your magazine and some supplements to back issues: the CD of Gregorian chant, Chi prega si salva, the booklet of Don Giacomo Tantardini: Il Figlio da se stesso non può fare nulla.

Certainly for me and my students they will be a rich source of assistance for the growth of our knowledge and our faith.

If possible, I would like the Italian edition of 30Giorni, because I’m originally from Trentino and speak our language well enough.



Luiz Antonio Lenzi


Pinhais, Paraná, 12 December 2011


Health and peace to all!

This weekend I received the CDs and the magazines that I had requested. God only knows how happy I was to receive these treasures. Thank you so much!

I renew my desire to benefit from a subscription to your magazine 30Giorni, in Italian, to enjoy a little of the Italian language and culture.

May God bless you! Always!

I wish for you a Nativity of the Lord filled with joys and successes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Luiz Antonio Lenzi






I work as a missionary among the disabled


Borogurgola, 24 November 2011



Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,

I am Sr. Noel M.J. Kim MSK (Missionary Sisters of Korea) and live in Bangladesh.

I’ve been working here as a missionary for the disabled.

I’d like to request to have your wonderful magazine 30Days.

I saw it written in Italian for the first time in the PIME Fathers’ community, but today I read it in the English edition.

It’s very useful not only for my poor English but also for the members of my community and the disabled center.

Hopefully, I’m awaiting the pleasure of your reply.

With the best regards and prayers,


Sister Noel Kim, MSK






From China


Nanning, 26 November 2011



You sent us the magazine 30Giorni which we have received. Thank you! I’m a priest of the Nanning Sacred Heart church.

God bless you,


Father Tan Jingtuan






30Jours is a fundamental training tool


N’Djamena, 23 October 2011


Mr Senator,

My name is Benjamin Y. Bamani. I am a student of the third year of theology in the major seminary of Saint Luc of Bakara, near the capital of Chad, N’Djamena. I discovered your splendid magazine 30Jours when I entered the Propaedeutic year in the major seminary of Saint Mbaga Tuzindé of Sarh (a town in southern Chad) thanks to the Archbishop Emeritus of N’Djamena, Monsignor Charles Vandame, who was my spiritual director in all the years of the study of philosophy. I very much appreciate the magazine which I always read with great pleasure. In fact, not only does it have an elegant format, which makes it pleasant reading, but it also has an important content of great richness and variety of topics treated. For me, it has become I would say a fundamental training tool, to the extent that it helps me to be open to the Church and the world, to understand the events of the Church outside Africa, especially in the Middle East and China, and to know from close up about personalities that make the life of this Church.

Since I discovered the magazine, I no longer wanted to do without it. So, having entered Theology, I continued to request each issue from Monsignor Vandame who, indeed, passed them on to me very willingly. But now more than seven hundred kilometers separate us (he, in fact, is a formational instructor in the major seminary of Sarh and I’m in the Theology School of N’Djamena) and communication difficulties are such that I only get the magazine after a few months. For this reason, also following the advice of Monsignor Vandame, I have taken the liberty of writing to ask you to become part of the list of beneficiaries of the free subscription, not having the financial possibility to pay for it.

If not possible, I will be grateful for your participation in my priestly formation through the magazine.

With my best wishes for the New Year, I offer you, Mr Senator, the expression of my cordial greetings.


Benjamin Y. Bamani






My prayers so that 30Jours may continue


Gagnoa, 27 October 2011


Mr Director,

I just received the material requested in my letter of 24 August 2011. I express my deep gratitude and that of all the clergy of the Archdiocese of Gagnoa.

Thanking you for your generosity, I assure you, Mr Director, of my prayers so that 30Jours may continue. May the Lord continue to inspire you for the good of the Church.


Monsignor Joseph Aké, Archbishop of Gagnoa






The visit to Cuba of our beloved Pope Benedict XVI


Santa Clara, 17 November 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

I address you with deep humility and respect. I am a Cuban who trusts wholeheartedly in our Lord Jesus Christ and it is on the basis of faith and charity that I implore you on my knees, and I am not ashamed of it, to send me, if possible, the booklet Quien reza se salva and if it is not asking too much, the CD of Gregorian chants that I had the opportunity to hear only some pieces of, and once only, through Radio católica mundial. I think it’s a music that unites us and prepares us with greater inner willingness to pray.

I tell you all this because I am part of a small group of people of Buen Viaje church, a diocesan sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary with the title of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. Next year there will be a jubilee for the rediscovery of her image that took place four hundred years ago, and also the announced visit of our beloved Pope Benedict XVI. God allows all this because the people of Cuba have a great need of it and even more our Holy Mother Church.

Since the sanctuary is united to the bishopric, I had by chance the opportunity to see in issue number 6 of 2011 references to the booklet and CD of Gregorian music in the many letters of thanks you received from different parts of the world.

If you could fulfill my humble request, I would use the same method that I followed already on previous occasions, for instance when I received a precious rosary from the convent of St Rita of Cascia, I sent them a dollar as thanks. Later, they replied to me thanking me for what I had given.

I don’t want to trouble you anymore. I offer you my prayers. If you can send me what I ask, I will send a small sum. If you can not it doesn’t matter. We remain united in Christ Jesus. May God help and accompany you always in this work that is so beautiful, and always accompany your staff.

In the peace of Jesus and Mary,


Gerardo Paz Vergara






We entrust your intentions to God’s heart, especially for Don Giacomo Tantardini


Požega, 30 November 2011


Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,

We are a small community of Poor Clares of Požega, Croatia, and write to you once again to express our gratitude for what you do for the Church and the cloistered nuns through the magazine 30Days.

Thank you very much for never having ceased to send us your wonderful magazine!

Thanks to your goodness we are made aware of the most important events in the Church and so we can feel really united to the whole world and pray with greater fervor.

We entrust your intentions to God’s heart, especially for Don Giacomo Tantardini.

In this Jubilee Year of St Clare, we ask with our prayers abundant blessings for you and your collaborators.

We wish you a holy Christmas!



Your Poor Clares






Everything is useful to us because we bring it in prayer to Jesus in the Sacrament


San Francisco, California, 30 November 2011


Praised be Jesus Christ!

Dear Mr Director,

Only a few lines to say hello and thank you deeply for sending to our convent the magazine 30Giorni in English and, recently, also in Spanish. May God reward you!

In this way, we all benefit because some know English better, others Spanish. At the same time I wish to congratulate you and all your collaborators for the publication of this so Catholic magazine that informs us of important events in the world. Everything is useful to us because we take it in prayer to Jesus in the Sacrament, so that He “to whom all power was given in heaven and on earth”, will come in his mercy to help with many needs of the Church and humanity.

I enclose our Christmas card for you, your family and collaborators. And because you are a prayerful soul, I ask you to help me give thanks to God for my fifty years of religious profession as a Discalced Carmelite in this Convent of Christ the King, an anniversary that I celebrated on 15 October this year, the Solemnity of Our Blessed Mother Theresa of Jesus. I enclose a memorial holy picture of this day.

Assuring you of our remembrance before the tabernacle, I greet you, entrusting you to the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


The Prioress, Mother Rosa María del Carmelo, OCD






30Dias: love for the Church and for the Pope


Cuamba, 1 December 2011


Mr Senator Andreotti,

I allow myself to say that it would be a joy to be able to benefit from the complimentary magazine 30Dias in Portuguese, which is the official language here, so that I could also give it to other people to read.

We are a community of four Consoled missionaries in this mission of Cuamba-Mitucué, in the vast diocese of Lichinga (one hundred and thirty thousand square kilometers).

We are two thousand kilometers from the capital Maputo and seven hundred kilometers from the sea. We assist one hundred and sixty-five communities, aided by youth leaders.

In other countries where I worked, sent by superiors, I became familiar with the Italian edition of 30Giorni, one of the best magazines I have read.

Mr Senator Andreotti, for many years I have followed your brilliant political career and now I do not want to offend your modesty, but let me tell you that there are so many people happy to see you and read you and that you ‘are with us’ in the magazine, alive, enthusiastic, full of experience, communicative, with a youthfulness ‘that never sets’.

30Dias is an up-to-date magazine, bright, of high aesthetic quality, with a focus on the essential, with well chosen articles, clear ideas, smooth and pleasant reading, love for the Church, for the Pope, precious memories. A magazine of values...

Please accept my esteem with best wishes for a Holy Christmas!

With great appreciation, yours,


Father José Salgueiro da Costa






30Days is a spiritual treasure


Ragama, 3 December 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti and collaborators,

May the peace and grace of the Infant God be with you!

We send our warm sincere thanks for sending us your magazine 30Days. It is a spiritual treasure.

We are grateful for the inspiration and insights that we draw from it.

The Mother Abbess and the community join together in wishing you a happy and holy Christmas.

You will be especially remembered on Christmas Night, when we will keep watch before the Blessed Sacrament.

Be assured of our prayers for a still greater success of your service in spreading the Good News of the Gospel to all corners of the world.

As we celebrate the birthday of our Lord, the King of Peace, may God bless you abundantly with joys that will increase. And through the months to follow, may you find He’s always near to guard you with His tender love and to guide you throughout the year.

Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

With assurance of our prayers,


Sister Jeanne Marie and Community






We always await and read 30Giorni with interest


Bangui, 3 December 2011


Dear Senator Andreotti,

I receive 30Giorni as Holy Christmas approaches while I’m sending good wishes to friends and benefactors. Among them there are also you and your staff of 30Giorni. It really is with sincere gratitude that I and my fellow brothers, who await and always read your magazine with interest, send our best wishes of gratitude.

Thank you, Mr Senator: may Jesus in the New Year bring many gifts of life and peace.

I want to ask a big favor. Could you make us the gift of fifty booklets of Qui prie sauve son âme? Thus far I have been an ‘office’ missionary in Bangui, but next year, aged 75, I will return to be a missionary in the villages of Boganagone and I would like to engage intensely in the training of catechists, have been for several months without a priest. It would be a really nice gift and also helpful if I could give them this booklet. There are twenty-four villages, but we also have a catechist helper come.

Thanks and all best wishes.


Father Gianantonio Berti, MCCJ






We want to thank you sincerely for the magazine that arrives punctually and that is so appreciated by us


Piatra Neamt, 3 December 2011


Dear editorial staff of 30Giorni.

We are the Benedictine nuns of the Mater Unitatis Convent of Piatra Neamt. We want to thank you for the magazine that arrives punctually and that is so appreciated by us. It keeps us in touch with the ecclesial world and with the other realities of our time. It is a real and concrete help in our cloistered life because it gives us many reasons to renew our commitment to prayer for all the brothers who are struggling or suffering in the world for various reasons and causes. This is our apostolate and our way of being in the world even if we are not of the world, as Jesus says.

With our best wishes for a continuing good Advent and a Happy Christmas, we entrust you to God in our prayers and we ask Him to bless your work.


The Benedictine nuns of Piatra Neamt



The youth of the Sainte-Marie Catholic school in Libreville, Gabon

The youth of the Sainte-Marie Catholic school in Libreville, Gabon




30Jours nourishes our faith


Libreville, 4 December 2011


Mr Director of 30Jours,

I am Sister Sonia, of the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd, present in Libreville for the pastoral mission. I am Brazilian and I work in the Catholic school of Sainte-Marie.

For this reason I humbly ask you to send us this valuable magazine. How can we not thank you? It would be a grave sin. Last Wednesday I received issue number 7/8 of 2011. It is a time of enrichment for me, and also for those of the school: in fact, I make copies and give them to teachers and some pupils. The magazine nourishes our faith as many seeds in a garden do. Thank you for this gift. Thanks to it we are united to the universal Church and know how to feed our faith with truly profound articles, some of which make us rediscover the life of the pastors of the Church, like that on St Charles Borromeo. What richness! Thank you so very much!

We wish you as of now happy Christmas holidays,


Sister Sonia, SIBP


Libreville, 5 December 2011


Thank you for your endless patience in sending us the prayer booklets: here I distribute them to the students of the Sainte-Marie school, a Catholic school in Libreville, as I did with the catechists of Lastourville. All the material for evangelization is in the hands of the people of God to pray and be more committed before the Lord.

Thank you very much,


Sister Sonia, SIBP






Appreciation for the comfort that the meditation “Le Fils ne peut rien faire de lui-même” gave me


Gagnoa, 7 December 2011


I greet you, Mr Director of 30Jours dans l’Èglise et dans le monde. I have received from our Archbishop Monsignor Joseph Aké, the Easter meditation of Don Giacomo Tantardini, entitled “Le Fils ne peut rien faire de lui-même”. After reading it, I think it is important to send this note of appreciation for the comfort that this meditation gave me.

I drew a really great lesson in humility from it. Although He was God, the Son does not attribute to Himself the works he accomplished, but attributes them to the Father. Thus, we can say in our turn: we do not do anything by ourselves, except what the Son does in us and through us, for our salvation, at least for the good works that we are enabled to do.

Another interesting point is that we are happy because we are loved. The more we are loved, the more we are happy. I understood that it is God’s love for us that enables us to accomplish great works for Him. It is a meditation to be read and reread.


Father Alain K. Kouadio







San Cristobal, 7 December 2011


Dear Director,

I hereby express to you and the entire editorial staff of your prestigious magazine my wishes for Christmas and New Year.

I would also like to thank you for the magazine that I receive each month and that constitutes the only relationship with the world in which we live. Thank you.

Respectfully, yours,


Gustavo del Rosario Fernández Carrillo






I received from the Little Way the sum of 1,500 euros for the orphan girls of Monkey Bay, Malawi


Bergamo, 7 December 2011


Dear friends of the Little Way,

This to tell you that on 5 December 2011 I received the sum of 1,500 euros for the orphan girls of Monkey Bay, Malawi. This gesture has the flavor of your great love for those in need. Thank you so much and I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.

With appreciation,


Sister Margherita Ravelli






We pray for Don Giacomo Tantardini, for whom we also celebrated the Eucharist


Rome, 15 December 2011



I’m here to ask again the little booklet of prayers Chi prega si salva in English.

The books you sent us were ‘snapped up’, meaning they were most appreciated, so much so that other copies have been requested. We do not ask for a specific number of copies, but those that you could send will be gratefully accepted.

I must bring these copies with me on January 9, when I leave for Kenya, where our foundation goes on even if slowly; however this is a work in the hands of God and the Queen of the Angels to whom we dedicated the new house: with them in charge, everything will be just fine. We believe it!

We pray for Don Giacomo Tantardini, for whom we also celebrated the Eucharist. Jesus grant him what is good for everyone.

Thank you in advance and we take this opportunity to send you our good wishes for serene Christmas holidays in the company of the angels whom we meet daily on our walks.


Mother Ildefonsa, OSB, and Sisters






We bear in silence the joys and the sufferings of the Church and the whole world


Buôn Ma Thuôt, 15 December 2011


Mr Director, dear brother in Jesus Christ,

First, we greet you and your staff. We wish you a merry Christmas, holy and peaceful, and a happy new year 2012.

We are the small community of the Châu Sôn Carmel of Buôn Ma Thuôt. We could not subscribe to a magazine of such high quality... but you send it to us free. We are very struck by your generosity. Thank you infinitely, because you think of us contemplatives who want to bear in silence the love, joys and sufferings of the Church and the whole world.

May the Child Jesus fill you with wisdom and love.

I sincerely thank you on behalf of the small community,


Sister Marie-Fatima, OC






Preserving and sharing with simplicity the Byzantine spirituality


Votorantim, São Paulo, 15 December 2011


Dear Director,

30Dias is a gift from God for all of us and contributes to the formation of our religious brothers and sisters. Our institution of the Merciful Children of the Cross was founded canonically as an eparchial monastery with the blessing of our Greek-Melkite Catholic Archbishop for all of Brazil, His Excellency Farès D. Maakaroun (Member of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops), and in communion with our Greek-Melkite Catholic Patriarchate in Damascus (Syria).

The two monastic communities (male and female) bloom with vocations, preserving and sharing with simplicity the broad-based Byzantine spirituality (East-West), but with a missionary spirit, being inserted in the various mission areas. Our charism is not a proselytizing imposition but a gift of the Holy Trinity in the heart of the One, Holy and Apostolic Church.

This foundation, subject to various needs, is still walking in ‘birth pangs’ but with the help of God’s people we resist and persist in the living rock and leader who is Jesus. To him the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Pray for us and all our vocations. To your editorial staff and to the dear readers our brotherly embrace and prayers.

United in the Most Holy Trinity,


The founder, Reverend Archimandrite Theodore, FMC






We pray for Don Giacomo, for his miraculous healing


Calapan City, 15 December 2011


Dear Senator Andreotti,

Greetings in the Lord!

Your beautiful magazine 30Days is very attractive to read because, in addition to the excellent articles, the pictures illustrate the happenings clearly and very reflectively. Personally I’ve used it for one of my lectio divina.

On behalf of the community, I express gratitude for your faithfulness in sending it to us. I would like to ask you a favor, if possible, to send us the CD with the liturgical chants.

Our young people are also interested. For me and also for others, who learn from the chant of the liturgy, it is another reason of enthusiasm to participate in our monastic life, not only for ourselves but also for those who often come to pray with us.

Thanks so much in advance.

With best wishes for a Holy Christmas and a Happy New Year and a happy Valentine’s Day.

With grateful heart,


Sister Perpetua, OSB


P. S. We pray for Don Giacomo, for his miraculous healing. We offer Holy Mass in our chapel.






You know the serious crisis that Syria in particular is going through


Damascus, 15 December 2011


Mr Andreotti,

Coming near to Christmas I wish you and all your 30Giorni staff a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012.

I take the liberty to send you the article attached to this on the theology of the apostolate of the laity, and please, if you deem it appropriate I ask you to include it in your magazine of renowned international reputation and so interesting. You know the serious crisis that the Middle East and especially Syria is going through. There is urgency to provoke thought, action and the prayers of the Christians of East and West and the international community.

A big thank you in advance,


Monsignor Joseph Arnaoutian, Armenian Catholic Bishop of Damascus


Damascus, 14 January 2012


Mr Senator Giulio Andreotti,

On the occasion of your happy ninety-third birthday, I express my sincere congratulations and my heartfelt wishes for long life, happiness and fruitful apostolate in the publication of your magazine 30Giorni which is so beneficial. Congratulations and thanks.


Monsignor Joseph Arnaoutian, Armenian Catholic Bishop of Damascus






The meditation “El Hijo no puede hacer nada por su cuenta” is splendid!


Getxo, 15 December 2011


Dear Mr Andreotti,

Thank you. We receive your magazine and we feel part of a large family in sharing so many items of interesting news with so many brothers and sisters around the world.

The meditation “El Hijo no puede hacer nada por su cuenta” is splendid!

In the latest issue of 30Días there was talk of a booklet and a CD of Gregorian chants: could you send them to us?

Thank you for your generosity and count on our prayers for everything. In a special way for Don Giacomo Tantardini.

May the Child who was born in Bethlehem smile on you this Nativity.


The Carmelite nuns of Getxo






Thanks from a bishop


Oberá, 18 December 2011


Dear Director,

With my cordial Christmas greeting, I thank you again for sending 30Días that arrives monthly in the curia of this new diocese of Oberá, in the province of Misiones, Argentina.

With my pastoral blessing,


Monsignor Damián Santiago Bitar, Bishop of Oberá






The seminarians learn the chants of Tradition


Makeni, 18 December 2011


Dear Editor,

May the peace and joy of the baby Jesus Christ to be born to us be with you.

I wish to continually thank you for the very inspiring and invaluable 30Days magazine that you regularly send me. A few weeks ago, I visited our seminary (the seminary I attended) in Regent, Freetown Sierra Leone and shared with the seminarians the 30Days magazine which also had enclosed “The Chants of Tradition” booklet and CD. The choir especially was thankful and have begun learning the hymns.

I am enclosing photographs of three of them learning the hymns.

On their behalf, I am also emailing you a letter of gratitude also requesting that they too would like in the future to receive the 30Days magazine.

May God bless all your services to humanity.

In Christ,


Rev. Father Henry Magbity






My thanks for sending 30Days


Datong, 20 December 2011


Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,

Christmas is coming and first of all I express my congratulation to you and your friends in the office of 30Days: may the Infant Jesus grant you and your friends rich graces, and bring his peace and happiness to you all.

I give you and you all my thanks for sending 30Days to Datong diocese. 30Days is an important magazine to us, because it has a lot of news about the Catholic Church in this world, and historical knowledge about the Church. I must say again ‘thank you very much’!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yours faithfully,


Fr. Paul Liu






Thanks for the regular sending of the magazine


Ruy Barbosa, Bahia, 28 December 2011


Dear brothers and sisters of the magazine 30Dias na Igreja e no mundo, many thanks for the regular sending of the magazine.

I express my heartfelt wishes. Jesus, the Savior, was born in Bethlehem.

The celebration of the Birth of the Lord renews our hope and commits us in regard to the poor and needy, in the defense and promotion of life.

We welcome Him with joy, the giver of grace and encouragement of new life, for whom all hearts long! We want to be a sign in our families and communities.

A Holy Christmas and a New Year full of blessings, also for all those entrusted to you.

A fraternal embrace, in Christ always,


Monsignor André De Witte, Bishop of Ruy Barbosa






30Jours widens our prayer to the whole Church


Craon, 6 January 2012


Mr Director,

The period of good wishes is a favorable moment to thank you for the regular sending of your magazine 30Jours with the various supplements. We receive it always with joy because it widens our prayer to the whole Church.

For all this, may the Lord bless you with your collaborators in the eyes of his sweet Mother.

For the Mother Prioress,


Sister Marie-Hélène, OSB


With our prayers for Don Giacomo Tantardini.






Particularly welcome was the meditation on Christmas: The humanity of Christ is our happiness


Bologna, 6 January 2012


Reverend Don Giacomo Tantardini,

We are a small cloistered community, dedicated to solemn perpetual Eucharistic adoration for the Church, and especially for priests.

We read with great pleasure your meditations that, from time to time, 30Giorni offers us. Particularly welcome was that on Christmas, which you gave in Fidenza on 20 December 2006 and which has now been published.

Indeed The humanity of Christ is our happiness. Truly “Christmas is Paradise”.

We take the liberty of adding: truly the Eucharist is Paradise.

We who spend many hours of day and night before that Host: Christmas that continues, Easter which is continually realized, we really have to say that there is Paradise, even if now we can meet Jesus in faith alone, which however gives us the absolute certainty of His Presence.

Thank you, O priests, that you give us the Eucharist!

Together with all the brothers and sisters of 30Giorni we are praying that you get better quickly and well, certain that for the good Lord ‘nothing is impossible’.

We include the intercession of our founding mother Maria Costanza Zauli, and would like to send you two of her books as a gift hoping that they will be welcome to you.

Always in communion in Christ,


Most devout Handmaid Adorers of the Most Blessed Sacrament






Thanks for Don Giacomo Tantardini’s beautiful meditation on Christmas


Eyres-Moncube, 7 January 2012


Mr Director,

Thanks for sending your magazine 30Jours, a lovely reflection of the life of the Church that comes to join us in our convent.

Thanks especially for Don Giacomo Tantardini’s beautiful meditation on the Nativity. I’d like to have others know this marvelous text and offer it to people who come to the Abbey. May I ask you to send me, if possible, other copies?

With all my gratitude,


The Prioress, Sister Françoise Marie

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