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We have received Quien reza se salva for the poor communities that we visit


Havana, 8 January 2012


Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,

Peace and health!

I am writing this letter to thank you with all my heart for your concern for us and, especially, for the poor communities that we deal with and visit. We received promptly and in good condition the two packages containing the booklets Quien reza se salva.

Yesterday, 7 January, we began the Marian Jubilee Year for the 400th anniversary of the recovery from the sea of the blessed statue of the Virgin of Caridad del Cobre and on 26 March we will have the visit of Pope Benedict XVI for two days.

We do not want to trouble you, but when you can send us some help, please know that it is very welcome and we need it. Without money to pay but with a grateful heart in Christ, we renew our thanks.

I offer my house when you want to come.

Thanks and blessings,


Sergio León Mendiboure






Many thanks for the gift of Who prays is saved


Ozamiz City, 9 January 2012


Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

Dear Senator Andreotti,

Praised be Jesus Christ and Mary, our Blessed Mother!

A Happy grace-filled New Year to you, your family and your staff at 30Days!

Thank you very much for the gift of Who prays is saved which we asked you for our give-aways on the coming Golden Jubilee of our Carmel’s foundation on 3 October this year. We received the eighteen well-packed intact boxes just a few days before Christmas. Thank you so much for your loving and prompt response to our request. Truly we felt deeply moved that they arrived like a special gift of love for us this Christmas.

Now that time, especially we here, in Mindanao, are all grieving and scrambling to help with old clothes and all forms of solidarity with our people, victims of the terrible typhoon which hit part of our country. Some communities were completely swept away by the sudden arrival of the strong, swift flooding waters that in some areas reached the height of thirty feet and with such a speed that people were caught unable to help themselves and were simply swept away and drowned. Until now we are not eating fish because of the so many corpses that are spread unrecovered in our sea.

May the Lord return to you, your love, kindness, generosity and goodness, a thousand-fold in blessings. You and your work in and for the Church have become so much, in our love and prayers.

In our first letter I mentioned that we hope to have Who prays is saved translated into Cebuano (Bisayan) for some of our people who are more at home praying in our dialect. You will not mind if we have this translated, would you? But we are really not sure that the project can go through however, because until now we have no one to sponsor the publication. Anyway, we leave everything in God’s loving hands.

May God bless you, your family and your staff at 30Days, dear Senator Andreotti. Thank you once more for all you have done for us. Concerning our church bell, an engineer friend assures us that we can have a good-enough monastery-bell cast for our convent here in the Philippines. We will let you know further on this.

Blessings from the Lord and our Blessed Mother of Carmel.

For our Reverend Mother and Community,


Sister Mary Therese, OCD






30Giorni for our sisters in Benin and the Ivory Coast


Montréal, Québec, 10 January 2012


Mr Director,

With these few lines we want to thank you sincerely for your loyalty in sending us the beautiful magazine 30Giorni nella Chiesa e nel mondo that brings us up to date with the extension, commitments and current doings of the Church throughout the world.

We are an exclusively missionary Congregation, operating in different countries alongside the poorest; so you can understand, then, how interested we are in your magazine. We want our sisters who are in Benin and the Ivory Coast to benefit from the news of your beautiful publication. Please, could you kindly send it to them, as you do with us, every month? If the answer is positive, we can send you their postal address.

We take this opportunity to wish you a year of happiness and peace. May the Lord guide you always. Once again, thank you for your gesture of generosity.

In union of prayer,


The Superior General Sister Claudette Morin, MCR






May the Lord bless your efforts ‘in the Church and in the world’


Ponta Grossa, Paraná, 11 January 2012


Dear 30Giorni editorial office,

For years our mission has been receiving 30Giorni, in the Portuguese edition and, along with my religious community, I come to express the deepest gratitude.

I personally have been in Brazil for thirty-seven years, involved with the Piamartina religious community in the reception and human, Christian and professional formation, of children, adolescents and young people from the poorer classes, orphans and those with disastrous family situations, often indeed tragic.

While I thank you for the gift of the magazine, that we receive regularly, I would ask you to update our address.

Thanks for your kind attention.

With the best wishes for good continuance in the new year just begun, I cordially greet you asking the Lord to bless your efforts ‘in the Church and in the world’.

With great esteem,


Father Livio Bosetti






Who prays is saved is a true blessing for the sick


Gulu, 16 January 2012


Dear Senator Andreotti,

I wish to inform you with this letter that I have received fifty copies of the small booklets Who prays is saved, which I consider a great gift.

I can not describe the great joy for the opportunity to make very many patients admitted to our hospital happy, who often ask for magazines, newspapers, books on religious subjects to fill the time that never passes.

Many of them are educated people, committed Christians who know how to attract, convince, convey the true meaning of prayer. I also think Who prays is saved is a real blessing, brought through your charity. Please accept my sincere and necessary thanks, which is actually very little, but I promise you my prayers and those of the beneficiaries.

With sincere affection and great gratitude, I renew my sincere and dutiful thanks and good wishes for the year 2012.


Sister Romilde Spinato



P. S. I forgot to thank you for the wonderful magazines 30Giorni in Italian and English that arrive punctually. May the Lord reward you greatly!






Thank you for Quem reza se salva that we distributed to the poor


Kuito, Bié, 16 January 2012


Esteemed in the Lord

Mr Giulio Andreotti, receive our cordial greetings in the Lord. We wish health and serenity to you, to all your collaborators and your family, hoping that the new year 2012, has brought the joy and blessing of God our Lord.

Our community, by the grace of God our provident Father, began the new year with renewed enthusiasm, entrusted to His mercy, for future days. We spent the Christmas days with great communitarian joy, because of the presence of God with us. We asked Him to give us the grace of fidelity and always to remain in His love.

We write only to thank you for accepting our request for the booklets Quem reza se salva, of which we have received 84 copies that we have already distributed to the poor of our neighborhood and the parish of São José.

Thank you for your hard work and commitment to spreading the doctrine of our faith in an accessible way to the simple people of the People of God; we pray so that you may never lack the strength and love in your dedication to such a beautiful mission in the Vineyard of the Lord that is the Holy Church.

I assure you of our constant remembrance in prayer.

Always united in prayer,


Sister Maria Reis do Espírito Santo






I wish that 30Giorni may always receive God’s graces


Amparo, Sao Paulo, 20 January 2012


Dear Director Andreotti,

I wish you much peace. It was a great joy for me to receive the magazine 30Giorni nella Chiesa e nel mondo punctually, because thus I had the opportunity to follow closely the path of our Church in the different parts of the world.

I hope that this means of communication may always receive God’s graces to continue carrying out the will of the Lord in the field of evangelization, helping the brothers to follow the way shown by God

Now, as emeritus, I was asked to accompany the pastoral health ministry in the Regional Sul 1, and it was a very positive thing for me to continue to help in what I can, despite my age.

I hope you spent a happy Christmas and that 2012 may be a year of prosperity.


Monsignor Francisco José Zugliani, Bishop Emeritus of Amparo






The humanity of Christ is our happiness is a splendid gift


Eyres-Moncube, 20 January 2012


Dear Sir,

A big thanks for the two parcels each containing a number of copies of the meditation The humanity of Christ is our happiness.

It is a wonderful gift which we, in turn, can give to priests and lay people around us.

We assure you of our grateful prayers.


The Abbess Sister Françoise Marie






Thanks for 30Días


Guadalajara, Jalísco, 22 January 2012


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti and collaborators of 30Días,

We cordially greet all of you wishing you peace and joy in Christ, our Highest Good.

With this, we want to thank you for the charity of sending us free the magazine and supplements that arrive on time. Through your wonderful professional and Christian work you spread the Gospel of Christ which surprisingly illuminates the world and modern man and makes us aware of our condition of being salt and light for the world.

In this novena for the celebration of St Francis de Sales, our founder and patron saint of journalists, we send you our congratulations and, in our contemplative vocation, we pray for you in a special way, so that you may grow in zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. We ask you to pray for peace and justice in our country.

Very fraternally on behalf of the Superior.


Reverend Mother María Esther Vallejo






We assure our prayers for Don Giacomo Tantardini


Pescara, 22 January 2012


Dear Senator,

We are very grateful for the magazine 30Giorni that you forward to us punctually every month. We find it very interesting and also stimulating in all respects.

Thank you also for the booklet that was lately included, L’umanità di Cristo è la nostra felicità, a meditation by Don Giacomo Tantardini for whom we assure our prayer that the Lord will grant him a complete recovery from his illness.

Finally we would like to ask you a gift of the CD of I canti della Tradizione because we did not receive it.

Remembering you in our prayers, we thank you heartily for all the good you wish us.


Sister Maria Geltrude of the Immaculate, OCD


Pescara, 3 February 2012


Dear Senator,

Thank you sincerely for letting us have, so quickly, the booklet along with the CD, I canti della Tradizione. All will serve to enable us to always improve our praise to God, according to the guidelines of the Church.

Be assured that you will always be present in our daily prayer, so that the Lord will grant you a long time to work in His vineyard, and for the good of many monasteries.

With gratitude we send our most respectful greetings.


Sister Maria Geltrude of the Immaculate, OCD






“You can not follow Christ, if He Himself does not attract you”


Concepción, 23 January 2012


Dear friends of 30Giorni,

In greeting you I wish to thank you for sending a free copy of the magazine all this year that is ending. Thanks to the spiritual reading and the clear articles in the magazine, I was able to know the Christianity faithful to the Tradition of the Church. During these formative years in the seminary, I was able to experience the words of St Ambrose: “You can not follow Christ, if He Himself does not attract you / non potes sequi Christum, nisi ipse te attrahat”.

Thank you for your generosity and remembrance of the Lord in the world. I pray the Lord for you and Don Giacomo in whom Christ shines and allows us to recognize Him in those who let themselves be irradiated by His beauty.

In Christ and the Virgin Mary,


Jorge Inaldi Heredia Lagos, seminarian


P. S. Dear friends, I would like to ask a great favor: to send me, if possible, copies of Quien reza se salva, in order to donate them to a group of young people preparing for confirmation and with whom I’ll make a retreat (if possible 70 copies). I await an answer.






I request the meditation by Don Giacomo Tantardini on Holy Easter


Sincelejo, 24 January 2012


Dear Mr. Andreotti,

A cordial greeting for the new year in the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of peace, hope and human salvation.

I had the opportunity to get to know you personally when I was a student at the Pio Latino College in Rome. Indeed, I was sometimes invited to the Christian Democrat Congress that took place there. It was an important opportunity to build relationships with this ‘charismatic’ viewpoint precisely in its own day, to be an effective presence in the political world for the common good.

I think the experience of Christian Democracy missed the opportunity of both learning and being inspired by new models of Christian participation in order to affect the world of ‘temporal’ realities.

I regularly receive the magazine 30Días and I follow its thought, assimilate its points of view and immediately pass it on to others so that they can profit from it. I hope to receive it always.

Recently I got number 6 of 2011, from which I learned about a meditation by Don Giacomo Tantardini on Holy Easter. I wonder how I can get it, since I have seen very positive comments and, indeed, have known the author for some time.

Excuse me for addressing this request to you but I wanted to take this opportunity to greet you personally.

May the Lord bless us all,


Nel Beltrán Santamaría, Bishop of Sincelejo






Joy for the gift of Qui prie sauve son âme


Bangui, 27 January 2012


Dear Senator Andreotti,

I just received fifty copies of Qui prie sauve son âme and I wish I could express the joy I felt in receiving this beautiful gift, that reached me with even greater welcome, in as much as I was surprised by the promptness of the favorable response.

Thank you, Senator. May you feel in yourself as much joy as I myself have felt, and how much the catechists of the territory entrusted to me will feel when, coming for the formation session, they will have this beautiful and useful book placed in their hands. And may this joy accompany you and your collaborators throughout all of this new year.

I take this opportunity also to thank you again for the magazine 30Jours that we always read with interest, I and my brothers of the community, as well as the missionaries in passage. Just today a colleague showed me a number of 30Jours of five years ago, certainly lost in some post office, and in it an article which he extolled.

Thanks again for all the good you do to us and to many like us.

The Lord blesses you certainly and I pray Him to give you many abundant graces.


Father Gianantonio Berti, MCCI





I would like to receive 30Giorni at my hermitage on Mount Athos


Mount Athos, 30 January 2012


Mr Giulio Andreotti, Director,

I became acquainted with 30Giorni (in English) at the Orthodox archbishopric of Athens, where I was a hieromonk. I now am at Mount Athos, where I live alone in a hermitage near the monastery of Karakallou. Could you let me know the different possibilities of receiving 30Giorni? I would like to subscribe to the edition in French, but I also read Italian.

Thank you for the information. Assuring you of my fraternal prayer before the icon of Christ our friend Savior.

With respect, may He be our joy!


Father Iakovos






Quien reza se salva will be a great help for poor people


Casares, 6 February 2012


Dear friends,

We received the 500 copies of Quien reza se salva that you generously sent us. They arrived in a few days. Thank you immensely. They will be of great help to the people here, who have no economic means, children and adults. We pray for you and your work. Remember us before the Lord.


Father Balbino Rodríguez Lorenzana






Let us pray so that priests be holy according to the Heart of Jesus


Pula, 8 February 2012


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,

I am grateful for your renowned magazine 30Giorni that you have sent me for years, most recently in Italian, which I understand better than German.

I too admire and read the magazine full of information, articles and studies in theology, church and pastoral history, from various parts of the world. I am grateful and I celebrated Mass for the miraculous healing of Don Giacomo Tantardini, if it is the will of the Lord to preserve him still in this world.

Since I was involved in pastoral work in Europe, Latin America and China as a fidei donum missionary, I request you to send me a copy of the booklet in Italian Chi prega si salva, and two copies in Chinese. I was in China for eight years as spiritual director in a Redemptoris Mater seminary for the Chinese people.

I also founded a similar seminary in Pula that has over fifteen years contributed fifty-two priests and three deacons. It is one of the fruits of the neocatechumenal way. I am glad that recently similar seminaries have been founded in Trieste and Sarajevo.

In Istria we started from scratch. In the minor seminary in Pazin, where I was spiritual director there were three hundred seminarians: at the end just one, whose only companion was the guard dog.

We pray for these and all the seminarians and priests around the world, so that they may be holy priests according to the Heart of Jesus

May God bless you and your collaborators in the work of evangelization all over the world.

With compliments, my blessing.


Antonio Bogeti, Bishop Emeritus of Porec and Pula






The humanity of Christ is our happiness


Costigliole d’Asti, 11 February 2012


Dear Senator Andreotti,

Ad multos annos! With this wish-prayer that is actualized in the course of the day for you and your renowned staff, while we thank you for the magazine 30Giorni, it still seems only right to express a range of emotions ranging from deep appreciation for the wise and perceptive skill with which you direct it, to the cordial and sincere admiration for the high measure of your moral and spiritual character that we catch a glimpse of and breathe in the editorial et in reliquis...

It’s a real joy to have in one’s hands so prestigious a magazine: distinct typographical presentation, beautiful photographic collection and articles of high content for formation, information, culture and comprehensive incentives to expand knowledge of the mystery of the Church and of our poor world that is still thirsting for God...

A real ‘organ’ now that it is embellished by the Gregorian notes which we use weekly for the liturgy of the Eucharist and that of the canonical hours on feasts and solemnities! Thanks for the gift, and thanks, if I may still dare insist, that this ‘preciousness’ may have primacy in the parishes.

But here, now, the reason for this letter: to notify the Reverend Don Giacomo of our spiritual closeness, in this pause of more intense participation in the Passion of the Lord, mindful of the words of St Paul to the Philippians: “We have been given the grace not only to believe in Jesus but also to suffer for Jesus”.

We entrust him to the Virgin Mother, so that she may enfold him in her virginal and motherly love and heal him, to continue his precious priestly mystery-ministry and disseminate, through the gift of the word, the knowledge of Jesus! I read with an inexpressible joy the supplement to number 11 of 2011, the meditation L’umanità di Cristo è la nostra felicità.

Dare I ask for copies, if possible, to donate them and raise the attractiveness of Jesus. Thanks! It’s too beautiful, most beautiful, extraordinary in its exposition, it is a wonderful mysticism of inwardness. One feels a fascination, a certain unction that does not tire us in reading and rereading it. It seems as if the author himself reads those expressions, so great are the sweetness and light that they infuse in the heart. Thank you!

May the Lord grant to Don Giacomo ever more light and spiritual anointing with the health which is much needed. May the Virgin Mary immerse us in the mystery and leave us in the mystery to be seduced by it.

Religious greetings and ‘whirr of wings’ of Gregorian notes...


Sister Maria Virginia Sivolella


Costigliole d’Asti, 19 February 2012


Dear Senator Giulio

It is with great joy and emotion that I thank you for the ‘plentiful and precious’ gift that arrived in such a timely manner on a solemn date for our Congregation: ‘Commemoration of the Passion’ with Holy Mass and Office Proper and, moreover, the anniversary of my baptism!

The most beautiful gratitude will be marked by the celebration of a Holy Mass on the 29th of this month for your intentions and for the healing of the Reverend Don Giacomo.

Sincere greetings like fragrant flowers!

Most devoted,


Sister Maria Virginia Sivolella






A humanidade de Cristo é a nossa felicidade for our community


Betim, Minas Gerais, 1 March 2012


Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,

Praised be Jesus and Most Holy Mary.

I am immensely grateful to you for the kindness with which you regularly send us the 30Dias magazine which is highly valued by the community.

I work a lot with families and we will intensify the work over Christmas because Christmas time is propitious for the family apostolate; for this year 2012 we would like to use as a basic text for our meditations on Christmas the reflection by Don Giacomo Tantardini A humanidade de Cristo é a nossa felicidade, published by 30Dias.

I appeal to you, Mr Andreotti, to ask if you can, to send us fifty copies of this booklet for our work this year, 2012, having the hope that you will satisfy our request.

Awaiting a positive response, I send my priestly blessing, to be extended to all collaborators of 30Dias.

Count on my prayers always.

With my greetings,


Father Leutenberg Sousa Neto

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