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from issue no. 05 - 2012


Who prays is saved

“Whoever confesses well becomes holy”. “Well”, that is in accordance with what the Church requires to make a good confession. This insight accompanied Don Giacomo Tantardini in the last years of his life. He often repeated that phrase: to friends, in homilies. An intuition, he explained, that flourished after the death of Don Luigi Giussani, as a small grace received. But that had its foundation in the attention that Don Giacomo always paid to the sacrament of confession. From the early ’eighties, as an aid to his apostolate among young people and adults, he had a small booklet printed, The sacrament of confession. To this booklet, in 2001, he wanted to add the simplest prayers of the Christian life. Thus was born Chi prega si salva [Who prays is saved], translated into several languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese) and didtributed around the world. In 2005, this small booklet of prayers had the privilege of receiving the preface of the then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI. Chi prega si salva, repeated Don Giacomo, is the dearest, most beautiful, most important thing that 30Giorni ever did.



Quien reza se salva and 30Días are magnificent for a mission land


Havana, 1 March 2012


To the Piccola Via Charitable Association.

Dear Brothers,

Peace and health!

I write from my beloved Cuba, a mission country, to thank you for the catechism [Quien reza se salva]; 30Días is also one of your splendid gifts. Both the catechism and the magazine 30Días have a high level of Catholic teaching and information; they are wonderful for a mission land, particularly in rural communities like those in which we work.

We also have a project – to which we gave the name of the Cuban Blessed José Olallo Valdés – through which we bring aid to families with disabled children, quadriplegics, or suffering from serious diseases. No one takes care of these families. They are twelve in all, for which I ask only your mercy, together with that of Jesus; we need above all cleaning materials and powdered milk.

Many times I have invited Mr Giulio Andreotti and his collaborators here to Cuba. I invite you too. In Cuba, the Italians are much loved and many priests also work here.

Thanks for everything,


Sergio León Mendiboure, missionary






One hundred copies of Quien reza se salva for my ‘little sheep’


Cotija, Michoacán de Ocampo, 9 March 2012


Praised be the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Esteemed Piccola Via Charitable Association,

I greet you cordially wishing that the Peace of Christ may inundate your apostolate and each member of the Association.

First of all, congratulations for your fine magazine 30Giorni that does so much good to souls. All its topics strengthen us in faith, and there are many contemplative souls to which it does great good. I will ask that your apostolate be blessed.

I thought a lot about what I’m going to say and have always been uncertain whether to do so. I request that you grant me the charity of sending me one hundred copies of Quien reza se salva, but I’m poor, I have no money. But, in the words of our Blessed Mother founder, “I have a very rich Spouse...”. Trusting in Him and in His divine providence, I ask them for free. “He Who is very rich, will reward you as only He can “. Tell Jesus that His spouse wants these books because she has many little sheep who do not know how to pray or make an examination of conscience for confession.

I can only offer you my poor prayers before the Blessed Sacrament day and night.

May Our Blessed Mother founder María Magdalena de la Encarnación intercede for the Association.

May God reward you! Count on my prayers.


Sister María Iolanda de Jesús, perpetual adorer of the Most Holy Sacrament






Who prays is saved as a gift for the faithful


Laoag City, 13 March 2012


Dear Senator Andreotti,

Peace and good!

We would like once again to express our gratitude for the kindness and generosity shown to us by sending regular free copies of 30Days. Your magazine, so rich in information, has long been a constant source of information for us on the Church and the outside world, and for this wonderful gift we are truly grateful to you. We are now coming to the climax of the celebrations for the eight hundred years of the founding of the Order of Saint Clare and we are pleased to inform you that, even as we write, the relics of our mother, Saint Clare, are here in the Philippines, brought by the Ambassador of the Philippines to the Holy See, and are making the rounds of various communities of Poor Clares of the archipelago. In this regard, we humbly ask you and your employees for some free copies of Who prays is saved. We thought it would be a wonderful gift to the faithful who on 11 August 2012 will join us for the celebrations on the feast of our Mother. We would like to ask you for least five hundred copies, but if you can not, we will be happy with what you can send us. Thank you so much and may the Lord continue to bless you and all your intentions, while we will continue to pray for the success of your mission.

With all respect, yours,


Sister María Lilia Javier, CCS, and Community


Laoag City, 25 April 2012


Dear Mr Senator,

Peace and all good!

We would like once again to express our gratitude for your kindness and generosity towards us and for the prompt response to our request for free copies of Who prays is saved. Thanks so much for having so diligently fulfilled our wish. May the Lord, unsurpassable in generosity, reward you for your efforts. For our part we promise to remember all your intentions in our prayers, especially when we are kneeling before the Most Blessed Sacrament.

May God bless us all.

Respectfully yours,


for Sister María Lilia Javier, CCS, and Community Sister Ana María de San José






Qui prie sauve son âme for children and families


Boma, 19 March 2012


Mr Director,

Thank you because I received the rosaries: they are really needed for children. But we still need some Qui prie sauve son âme booklets, in great demand by the children and Christian families in our parish and diocese.

Thanks for all you have done so far. May God bless you!


Roger Phanzu-Kumbu






Quem reza se salva to distribute to the youth


Canchungo, 27 March 2012


Dear 30Giorni,

I have only now received some back issues because of my change of address.

For the same reason, I have not even received the CD of Gregorian chants. And to think that I still keep the Liber usualis bought in the ’fifties when I was in the minor seminary!

Also, I will make a proposal: to send me the Portuguese edition of 30Dias, so that it can also serve my brothers. Here in Guinea-Bissau Portuguese is the official language in fact, even if they speak kriol. I would recommend this for all the copies sent to Guinea-Bissau, although, of course, this proposal is not my responsibility.

I would also like some copies of Quem reza se salva sent to me, also in Portuguese, which I will distribute to those who may be inclined to vocation or some good young people. For this I send you one hundred euros.

Please excuse the inconvenience.


Father Rino Furlato, OFM






The faithful continue to ask for Quien reza se salva


Santa Fe, 23 April 2012


Dear Brothers,

My name is Arcelio Castro and I have been working for nine months in the parish of St Peter the Apostle in Santa Fe, in the north of the Veraguas region, in Panama.

I would first of all like to thank sincerely all those who worked on the preparation of the booklet Quien reza se salva, in particular the director and editor Giulio Andreotti and Roberto Rotondo. I received, some months ago, five hundred copies through the Monastery de la Visitación in Panama City: they have already been distributed, one for each family, and were very well received, even by those who had moved away from religious practice. Many have asked to borrow them to be able to read them at home, calmly.

The faithful continue to ask for the booklet. I write for this reason, that is to make the request of another five hundred copies. If you can, you can send them to the same address, namely the Monastery de la Visitacion of Panama. If you need a contribution, I ask you to inform us. For our part we continue to ask those who have benefited from the booklets for prayers for donors, and I myself offer some masses.

God bless you abundantly for the support of our parish.



Father Arcelio Castro






We receive with immense gratitude Quien reza se salva and the other publications


Coscomatepec, Veracruz, 25 April 2012


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,

Praised be the Most Blessed Sacrament!

Please receive a fraternal greeting in the Risen Jesus: we hope from the heart that He bless you abundantly and reward your generosity to our monastic community.

We are the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Convent of Saint John the Baptist in Coscomatepec. Our mission is to witness the presence of our Lord Jesus in the Eucharist, prostrate at His feet day and night, offering our continued prayer and worship for all of mankind. Because of this, we turn to you with great gratitude, receiving from your great generosity the magazine 30Días, the booklet Quien reza se salva, “El Hijo no puede hacer nada por su cuenta” and the Los cantos de la Tradición. Not being in a condition to pay the good you do us, we ask God in our prayers and we place in the hands of Our Lady of Guadalupe your needs and those of all the people who cooperate in the publication of this enriching material that informs us and forms us for our spiritual life. The last time we received the magazine was in December last year, the most recent numbers have not yet arrived; we hope to continue to receive the magazine monthly and other publications you direct.

Certain that Jesus Eucharist will be your reward, and that of your loved ones and associates, we greet you.

Most affectionately in Christ,


Mother Esperanza del Corazón de Jesús and Community






I would like to give Quien reza se salva to the catechists


San Vicente, 1 May 2012


Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,

I am a diocesan priest of the Apostolic Vicariate of San Vicente – Puerto Leguízamo, a vast region (ninety-six thousand square kilometers) of the Colombian Amazon; my job for over ten years, is as vicar of pastoral care and person responsible for the areas of Catechesis, Biblical Promotion and the Pontifical Missionary Works. We are few and have more than one job. I turn to you to ask you kindly to send us a good number of copies of the book Quien reza se salva because I would like to give the catechists and promoters of the word a good tool like this for them to continue in their ministry of catechesis.

This is a local church with many needs and many challenges, since clashes between soldiers of the national army, guerrillas of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), drug traffickers and paramilitary groups often occur, which create continuous apprehension in our population and communities. The choice to operate for the poor and our missionary vocation ask us to be with our people always and to be a prophetic voice to denounce abuses and irregularities that from every side violate human rights and international humanitarian law. We are a credible Church and well accepted by our members. The challenges are many, but faith and hope in the Risen Lord comfort us and encourage us to continue in the mission entrusted to us. Thank you so much for the attention that you may give to this.


Father Ricardo Tovar Sánchez






Qui prie sauve son âme, simple and practical tool for prayer


Hazmieh, 11 May 2012


Dear Director,

May the peace of the Lord be always with you!

Thank you for the magazine 30Jours that always arrives to me. I read a lot about the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme which has done so much good to all the people who have benefited from it. Therefore, with this, I ask, if possible, to send us a hundred copies, since many of our young people (prayer groups) would like to use this tool as a simple and practical way to prayer.

May the good Lord continue to keep you in good health and to bless your mission in the Church.


Father Makhoul Farha, OCD, Provincial Superior of the Carmelites in Lebanon






Qui prie sauve son âme helps to pray well


Parakou, 29 May 2012


Mr Director,

I am writing to thank you for sending 30Jours, a very well documented magazine and with very fine graphics. But that is not all. Some years ago we asked for some copies of the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme. All copies were distributed in a very short time for the spiritual good of those who benefited from them. Now many are asking for these booklets that help them to pray well. This would also avoid them finding refuge in sects, very numerous in Benin.

If you could then renew your generous gesture, we would be deeply grateful to you. Thanks in advance from all persons who, thanks to you, come near to God.



Mother Bibiane Igbaro

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