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Giulio Andreotti
The statesman Giulio Andreotti needs no presentations. During his tenure, which began in 1993 (the monthly was founded in 1981), 30Days took on a truly international scope. Many are the distinguished figures that agreed to interviews or sent their contributions to the magazine, like the president of the Palestinian National Authority Abu Mazen, or the former President of Israel Shimon Peres. But above all many churchmen: cardinals (among these Joseph Ratzinger and Jorge Mario Bergoglio), bishops, priests, missionaries, laymen, religious. Therefore we would like to remember the director of the magazine precisely through the letters that arrived from the world over, addressed to “illustrious director”, which expressed gratitude for the contents of the magazione and for its supplements, in particular the prayer booklet Who prays is saved and don Giacomo Tantardini’s meditations. Over the years thousands arrived, some were published, others weren’t (due to a lack of space). These letters are worth much more than many biographies; we propose them once again on the home page. At don Giacomo’s death Andreotti resigned from 30Days, saying how for him that grief was the end of a unique editorial adventure.

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