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Comparison of the two documents: the instructions sent by the Vatican

The instructions sent by the Vatican

Le problème des enfants juifs accueillis par des œuvres catholiques durant la guerre

Réponse donnée par le Saint-Office et communiquée par S. Em. Mgr Tardini à la Nonciature Apostolique de Paris par Lettre du 28 septembre 1946
[Heading in French of the original, ed]

«The Most Eminent Fathers decided that the request of the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem should not be replied to, if that were possible. In any case, if something has to be said in its regard, this must be done orally, given the danger of the abuse, or of distortion that could be made of any such writing in this regard coming from the Holy See. If necessary, it should be said that the Church must make its own inquiries and its own checks to discern case by case, it being evident that the children who were baptized could not be entrusted to institutions which cannot guarantee their Christian education».

«For that matter, even those children who were not baptized and who no longer have relatives, having been entrusted to the Church, which took them into care, cannot now, until they are capable of deciding for themselves, be abandoned by the Church or handed over to those who have no right to them. It would be another thing if the children were requested by relatives».

«The decision of the Most Eminent Fathers and the criteria, now set out were referred to the Holy Father in the audience of 28 March ult. and His Holiness deigned to grant His august approval».

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