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A new Being blossomed in that place

To TG2 on 24 DECEMBER 2004

di Don Luigi Giussani

30Days Christmas card for Christmas 2005

30Days Christmas card for Christmas 2005

For Christmas, the news feature “Copertina” of TG2 hosted an interview with Don Luigi Giussani on 24 December, in which the Milan priest said : «a new Being is coming into the world, the world of the true God. In the whole profile of the world, a new Being blossomed in that place. Everything comes from Him, but here the novelty of a life predominates… Here it is the inkling of something new that warms the heart, and tends to make everything concrete. And that is why it arouses great devotion. As divine grace, at the appointed time, the Son of God became a child in human history, he took upon Himself the rules and the formulae of an existence. In the recollection and in memory of that Fact, the witness of the Son of God emerges more and more powerful, and the impotence of evil becomes the figure dominating the whole of history. And the people of Yahweh rises up to invest the world. Thus, for every day in life, the Christian people will have in its hands the gamble of God’s power in time , and Our Lady’s prayer that is to be realized in every situation».

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