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Profound sadness

Karol Wojtyla, born in Wadowice on18 May1920 , died in Rome on 2 April 2005, was the 264th Pope

Karol Wojtyla, born in Wadowice on18 May1920 , died in Rome on 2 April 2005, was the 264th Pope

The end of the Holy Father John Paul II’s earthly life, after days of agony shared in with exceptional intensity, fills us with profound sadness.
Perhaps it was in the designs of Providence that a Pope who came from the Church of silence could, in a pontificate of exceptional duration, speak – strongly and ubiquitously – to a world in many ways distracted and often prey to the idols of an uninspired modernity without rules. There was a mistaken view that saw him in opposition to his predecessors, whereas in all his documents and personal speeches he always placed the emphasis on the continuity of the Magisterium. Certainly his acts of historical revision and of opening to the outside were not few. But the invitation to wish well to the Pope was his. He particularly appreciated the faithful remembrance that our magazine offered on the anniversaries of the very short-lived Pope John Paul I.
We shall come back soon to speaking about John Paul II, but now we publish some pages from the diary of our director, dated 6 August 1979, the first anniversary of the passing of Paul VI. And we likewise want to re-read together the speech that the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, during his official visit to the Vatican on 19 October 1999, addressed to John Paul II. It was no accident in these past days it was the same President who gave profound expression to the grief of the whole of Italy.
John Paul II, by beatifying Pius IX after many decades of hesitation and trepidation, truly closed the long period of conflicts between Church and State in a definitive manner. And coming in person to pay homage to the Italian Parliament he made a further contribution to this pacification of spirits. May he assist us now from Paradise.


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