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from issue no. 05 - 2005

From China I give thanks to the Holy Spirit

The greeting of Anthony Li Du’an, Bishop of Xi’an diocese, to Pope Benedict XVI

by Anthony Li Du’an

Anthony Li Du’an

Anthony Li Du’an

I am very happy that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope, and chose the name Benedict XVI. I give thanks to the Holy Spirit who guided all the cardinals in the choice of a new pastor for His Church.
Vatican Council II, as an internal reform of the Church, opened a new season in the life of the Catholic Church. Following the faith transmitted by the apostles, as was re-proposed by Vatican Council II, the Church walks in modernity, in the new century, confronting in fitting way the changes taking place in society. In the past forty years, from 1965 to 2005, the Church has truly put into practice the spirit of the Council. In the relation with other Christian Churches, with non-Christians and with atheists, it has performed a marvelous job. And the same in its defense of justice and peace, as well as the problems of the poor and the emarginated, and all the other problems that have to do with life and the survival of mankind. All of this it has done with the intention of making the witness to the Gospel transparent to humanity. The way in which the Church underwent the sickness and death of John Paul II, his funeral, the Conclave and the election of the new Pope, before the eyes of the whole world, was a great sign of all of this.
When he was a bishop, Karol Wojtyla had actively participated in Vatican Council II. And as Pope he followed the spirit of the Council. The new Pope also, in his capacity as respected theologian, took part in the distinguished work of the experts of Vatican Council II. Then, having become a cardinal and Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he made his contribution to the magisterium of his predecessor the Pope. I believe that the new Pope was for years the closest consultant and collaborator of John Paul II. Because of his work, he naturally met the late Pope infinite numbers of times and will have offered much advice and many ideas. In the words and works of the new Pope we can find the mark of the late Pope; in the same way, in the words and works of the late Pope one could find the signs and traces of the collaboration offered him by the new Pope.
I pray from my heart that the Lord will bless the Church and the new Pope. I hope that under his guidance the spirit of the Gospel of Christ will be more manifest, and that justice, charity and peace may be granted to humanity and the entire world.

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