from issue no.05 - 2005

A correction on communion to re-married divorcees

Cardinal Julián Herranz

Cardinal Julián Herranz


A correction
on communion
to re-married divorcees

Honorable Senator,
in the 1-2, January-February issue of 30Days of which you are editor, the “outcuts” feature (p. 48), in the item “Church2”, reported, taking it from an article in la Repubblica, one of my answers to two different questions asked me on the Eucharistic Communion and re-married divorcees, on the occasion of the presentation of the Instruction Dignitatis connubii in the Vatican press room.
The information taken from La Repubblica reported by 30Days turns out to be incomplete and, for that reason, may lead into error. To the question about the priest’s refusal of communion in some cases, I answered that: «Re-married divorcees are not excommunicated, they are fully entitled members of the Church. Receiving communion or not is also linked to the public scandal that their situation may stir up within a specific Christian community. If there is no such scandal, these Christians can receive communion». Understood was the proviso that the situation of serious sin have been changed, since a state of grace is required for everybody in order to receive the Eucharist.
This last qualification – made by me in answering a previous question – was dropped. I would, therefore, be grateful to you for printing this clarification, so as to avoid generating confusion in people’s minds on a matter of extreme delicacy.
The thinking of the Church on the issue was set out in detail in the declaration that the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts published on 24 June 2000 (cf. L’Osservatore Romano, 7 July 2000).
Thanking you warmly for your courtesy, with cordial respect for you, Honorable Senator, I confirm myself your most devoted

Cardinal Herranz
Vatican City, 9 March 2005

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