from issue no.12 - 2005

Letters from the convents

Carmelites of the convent of Saint Joseph aufkirchen on lake starnbergen
Berg, Germany

May God reward you

Feast of the Holy Rosary, 18 July 2005

Dear Editor Andreotti, we have already received the monthly magazine 30Days in gift subscription three times and it was not possible to thank you before this in the name of our prioress, Sister M. Hedwig, with a deeply felt “May God reward you”. Because of a problem with sight and a subsequent eye operation, I couldn’t write before this.
Your gift brings us great happiness. Everything that has to do with the Pope, the Church of Rome and the entire world interests us Carmelites. We happily accept your request of support with prayers. You will have found enclosed the booklet published on the occasion of the centenary of the foundation of our convent here in Starnberger. On the card you will see the cloister wall, two meters high, that defines and protects the area of our withdrawn life and what we aspire to. We follow the dispositions of the Pope and the cloister for a contemplative life, in the spirit of Saint Teresa of Avila. In wishing you and your collaborators divine blessings, I send you a greeting full of gratitude. Yours,
Sister Maria Alberta de Spiritu Sancto

With gratitude, Sister M. Hedwig

Matino, Lecce

These small and humble cenacles of silence and peace

Matino, Friday 30 September 2005

Dearest brother in Jesus, Giulio Andreotti,
We received with pleasure your magazine 30Days, which we didn’t know of, but which we now read with great interest. We are grateful to you for having thought of us and, especially, we thank you for the esteem in which you hold us.
If the world knew how much love was borne in the heart by the men and women that God has called to a life of total giving in contemplation, to be the “Moses” who combat for him with prayer on the mountain, a different kind of attention would envelop these small and humble cenacles of silence and prayer.
We are happy and at the same time fearful in living out our role in the mystery of the economy of the Mystical Body of Christ, because we feel that life is not enough for us to understand all the grandeur and beauty. May your prayer and that of your friends help us to reach completion, so that God’s plan for the world today be realized.
With regard to your request for collaboration in the making known of our specific charisma, we are ready to cooperate and, because we are sure that this initiative of yours will be taken up in many quarters, we await that you determine how and when we should be involved. In any case, we take the liberty of sending you the book containing, briefly, the history of our convent, which, as you will see, if you have the patience to read it, has a fairly recent and modest origin. It grows and develops from the ancient faith of a humble and sober people, but strongly aware of its Christian roots. A faith and an awareness that continue to accompany with love this small and modest Carmelite convent in the lower region of Salento, seeking in it answers that the world evades, but which the heart of man, made for eternal horizons, will continue to seek feverishly.
Perhaps because of this also, priests and lay people have asked us to put something of our experience and our spirituality in writing and so, even if very timorously, we are producing a monthly leaflet in A4 format, with absolutely inadequate technical means and with the help of some friends who believe in the value of the enterprise, who make the photocopies for us. We are already up to a thousand copies.
Thanking you once again for your precious attention, we send deferential respects to you and your collaborators, reserving for all of them a particular place in our prayers of intercession.
Most devoutly in the Lord,

Sister Maria Giusepppina Impiombato Andreani
and fellow Discalced Carmelite sisters


Our recognition of the good that works in the Church and the world

Padua, Thursday 13 October 2005

Dear Senator, may the perfume of our recognition for the great good that you perform in the Church and the world reach you, also through the flowers in our garden.
We have always followed with interest and constant prayers your life made pious: a Christian testimony in the trial accepted with serenity by you. That then radiated a luminous example of genuine faith. Thank you from the heart for having directed your thought also to cloistered nuns.
Thank you also for the welcome monthly magazine 30Days that you send us, and for the lovely little booklet Who prays is saved, along with your wonderful letter of presentation. How it served to unite our souls even more closely in the praise of God!
Most Illustrious Senator, may Jesus and Mary tell you what our spirit cannot express in words.
With devout respect,

Mother and sisters, May God be praised!

PS: We permit ourselves to offer you two pictures painted by our dear sisters. Jesus with the angel, painted by a Visitationist sister, and Merciful Jesus with Pope John Paul II, by a Poor Clare sister.

Faenza, Ravenna

Your gesture touched us

Faenza, Friday 14 October 2005

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Your kind and generous gesture in sending us 30Days – greatly welcomed – touched us, and even more your appreciation for our life of silence and prayer, values unacknowledged today.
We are truly grateful to you, and your gift will be for us an even more felt and lively commitment for the entire world and our benefactors. We send you deferential respects and cordial greetings.
Most devoutly,

sister Maria Zama O.S.B.C. and fellow sisters

Isola San Giulio, Novara

Thank you for the June editorial
Europe, forward step by little step

Isola San Giulio, Tuesday 18 October 2005

Dear Senator,
I reply to say “thank you”, in the name of all my monastic community, for the gift of the magazine 30Days, a sure instrument of information and human and Christian formation. We thank you particularly for your June editorial: Europe, forward step by little step.
We pray very much that these “little steps” be constant and may lead to the desired goal. When we are far from the ideal of the three founding fathers of a united Europe! They watch us from Heaven and intercede with God along with the patrons of Europe: Benedict, Cyril, Methodius, Catherine, Brigid, Edith.
All these saints and others as well… imbue us with great confidence, because they assure us that Christ is with us, always!
In Him affectionately,

Mother Anna Maria Canopi O.S.B. and community

Fermo, Ascoli Piceno

The Poor Clares of Fermo are five hundred years old

Fermo, Saturday 22 October 2005

Most Illustrious Senator, some time ago we received your welcome letter whereby you told us about the sending of the gift subscription of the magazine 30Days in the Church and in the World.
As you said, the magazines are reaching us regularly and we have also received the precious booklet Who prays is saved.
We greatly appreciate the multiplicity and profundity of the subjects dealt with and the particular attention reserved to the various forms of cloistered life. Our community of Poor Clares is made up of eleven sisters and in this very year the 500th anniversary of the foundation of our convent of Saint Clare in Fermo occurs, of which we enclose a pamphlet produced for this occasion.
I thank you truly from my heart and we assure you of a particular recollection in our prayers,
For the community of the Poor Clares,

Sister Maria Ludovico Donati O.S.C., Abbess

Grandate, Como

Prayer unites you “in the front line” and us in the silence of the convent

Grandate, Monday 24 October 2005

May the peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.
We wish to express our gratitude to you for the kind gift of the magazine directed by you. It was a surprise for us, as welcome as it was unexpected.
We have nothing to offer in return except prayer, which unites in the Lord you who are active “in the front line” and us, in the silence of our convent.
Only from this perspective can your gesture of having the magazine sent free to us nuns, an initiative that has no return in terms of public image, become a good investment!
On this occasion I wish to share with you the joy on the fiftieth anniversary of my monastic profession and to give thanks with you to the Lord for the fidelity of his love.
Thank you, Senator Andreotti. May the Lord bring to fulfillment, should it be his will, every good work of yours.
A deferential greeting to you and all the collaborators of 30Days.
With great esteem and gratitude,

Mother Cecilia Greco O.S.B., Prioress, and community

Ostuni, Brindisi

We pray for all brothers and for those who don’t feel the need of God

Ostuni, Thursday 27 October 2005

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
The whole monastic community wishes to thank you truly from the heart for the great gift of the magazine 30Days that you decided to make to our convent. We all read it with interest. This is another reason for us to pray for your commitment to live Christianly and for your effort to do good to all as a sign of your living and concrete faith, as far as taking to heart all of the problematics of society and the world in general.
We, Carmelite nuns, assure you of our prayer and daily sacrifices so that the Lord may accompany you in your work, but especially that he make you ever more sensitive to the many needs not only of the society that surrounds you, but also of us cloistered ones who live out of the world, but also in the world, rather in the middle of the world with silent and constant prayer, but full of love so that every brother may feel loved by God, and also for those who don’t feel the need for God.
Perhaps we ask too much: should you find yourself in these parts, please remember us, it would be a joy to know you personally.
Greeting you cordially, we entrust you to the Virgin Mother Mary and the beauty of Carmel that she may watch over you and your family always and preserve you from all evil. We are close to you with our prayers.

Sister M. Daniela of the Most Holy Trinity, Prioress,
and the Carmelite nuns of Ostuni


To the Editor of 30Days

Florianopolis, 18 November 2005

Dear Sir,
I read to my surprise, on p. 13 of the 30Days/30Dias, Year XXIII, no. 9, September 2005, in the advertisement for “Divina – particles and hosts for Eucharistic celebration”, the following words (bottom, right): particles without gluten for the communion of celiacs.
Now, according to a Letter of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to all the presidents of Bishops’ Conferences (18 May 1995/ Prot. no. 89/78) «on the use of the bread with a small quantity of gluten and of must as Eucharistic material», one of the conditions for the validity of the material is that «the special hosts “quibus glutinum ablatum est” are invalid material». One can, yes, with the opportune permission of ordinaries, for celiac priests and laity, «use bread with a small quantity of gluten».
Hence: hosts can have «a small quantity of gluten», they cannot be, as the advertisement for hosts in 30Days/30Dias, «without gluten».
Yours sincerely,

Dom Murilo S.R. Krieger, scj
Archbishop of Florianopolis

Borgosatollo (Bs), 7 December 2005

We read with pleasure your kind letter of 18 November 2005 and we thank both His Excellency Murilo Krieger and 30Days – for the opportunity granted us of clarifying what was mistakenly set out in our advertisement.
We would like first of all to ask pardon for the mistaken indication «particles without gluten for the communion of celiacs», carried by the magazine, we shall take care to modify the text of the advertisement to «particles for the communion of celiacs made with starch of Cerestar wheat».
We assure you that our work as producers of hosts and particles is done in absolute respect of the dispositions laid down by the ecclesiastical authorities and we are well aware that bread produced without gluten is material invalid for consecration.
On this point we would like to make clear that in the hosts and particles we produce there is a small quantity of gluten owing to the use of Cerestar wheat starch, as prescribed in the official note of the Italian Bishops’ Conference given out by the National Liturgical Office dated 18 October 2001 regarding the communion of celiac sufferers. This procedure enables the presence of a quantity of gluten sufficient to obtain panification and hence make the host material valid for the sacrament of the Eucharist.
This procedure is likewise in respect of what is established by the Codex alimentarius, the international body that sets down the parameters of tolerability of gluten equal to 200 mg for every kg of wheat starch. The analyses performed show that the hosts and particles we produce are below that limit and therefore do not jeopardize the health of celiac sufferers.
We thank you again and remain,
yours sincerely

Alberto Betteni,
Managing Director Sicom company
(producer of religious articles trademarked “Divina”)

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