from issue no.01/02 - 2006

The Director's mailbox

Letters from the convents

Relevance and fidelity to the magisterium

Brasilia, Saturday 4 February 2006

Senator Giulio Andreotti
Director of the magazine 30Days

Dear Sir,
I express my profound gratitude and enormous appreciation for the gesture of generosity toward the Sisters of the contemplative convents of our great Brazil; may the Lord reward you always and grant you the opportunity of being once amongst us.
Many of the Sisters have already begun to receive the magazine thus demonstrating its great relevance and the seeking of continuous fidelity to the magisterium of the Church, as well as its beauty.
I hope that your work will always bear fruit and that you always succeed in showing, as a son of the Church, your love for it, embracing the crosses that present themselves to you with steadfastness and hoping in the justice of the Lord that is never mistaken.
With admiration,

Hugo da Silva O.S.B.
of the Conventual Priory of the Holy Cross, Brazil

São João da Boa Vista, Brazil

It must all be read, from beginning to end, because its theological content is wholesome

São João da Boa Vista, Friday 13 January 2006

Dear Mister Giulio Andreotti,
The peace of Christ!
We wish to thank you from our hearts for the free subscription to the marvelous magazine 30Days in the Church and in the World that we greatly appreciated.
Your goodness touched us, in particular, your great heart, the esteem and affection, being mindful of these far-off religious in this immense Brazil.
We have already had the joy of receiving the first number of the magazine. Marvellous! It must all be read, from beginning to end, because its theological content is wholesome, in total union and obedience to the magisterium of our dear Pope Benedict XVI.
May Jesus reward you with abundant graces, for your person, your family and your great and marvelous work.
In the love of Jesus, the immense gratitude and prayers of the Carmelite sisters.
For the community,

Sister Maria Elisabeth da Trindade

São João del-Rei, Minas Gerais, Brazil

A dynamic approach distinguishes this magazine from those we know

São João del-Rei, Friday 13 January 2006

Ave Maria Purissima.
Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti, it is with great enthusiasm that we wish, through this letter, to compliment you for the beautiful edition of the magazine 30Days in the Church and in the World. It was much appreciated by our Conceptionist community.
A dynamic approach distinguishes this magazine from those we know. Rarely do people try to assess the value of life inside a cloister and the responsibility we have received in this following of the Lord Jesus Christ. So we are grateful for the commitment and interest.
We confirm our incessant prayer for the success, the circulation, the participation and the works that certainly will enrich our daily life with instruction and information.
With best regards from the Sisters of the “São João” convent.

Sister Maria Amalia da Eucaristia

Alameda Santa Carolina, Bairro Novo Horizonte, Brazil

We are truly happy to know that there are people who understand the primacy of God

Bairro Novo Horizonte, Saturday 14 January 2006

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
In the name of the Sacred Family Federation of the Poor Clares of Brazil, I thank you for the subscription in our favor.
We are truly happy to know that there are people who understand the primacy of God when we are surrounded by so many illusions that the world offers with new and enticing frivolities.
We are happy because the name of God resounds in the hearts of people. We also believe in his work of evangelization through the press and the communications’ media. We know how much the necessity of evangelizing our globalized world has increased, assailed frenetically by all that is fleeting, without the time to breathe.
But all of this must be for us Christians an invitation to cast the nets of the eternal word, that remains in the heart of man, awaiting the moment to sprout.
To all the collaborators of the magazine 30Days the certainty of our prayers.
Cordially in Jesus Christ,

Mother Marlene Inácia de Jesus Hóstia
Mother President of the Poor Clares Sacred Family
Federation of Brazil

Barbacena, Mato Grasso, Brazil

Now we have a source of information worthy of trust and intelligent

Barbacena, Saturday 14 January 2006

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Blessed be God!
We thank you with great joy for the magnificent gift of the subscription to 30Days.
Now with this excellent magazine, we have a source of information worthy of trust and intelligent, that will contribute to rendering our apostolate of intercession with the Lord more fervent, praying for the problems of the Church and the world.
Be assured of our prayers and gratitude.
May the Most Holy Trinity bless you always.

The sisters of the Visitation of Barbacena

Guaratinguetá, San Paolo, Brazil

We thank you heartfully
for the catechesis of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to the children

Guaratinguetá, Monday 16 January 2006

Dear Mister Giulio Andreotti,
Hail Mary Most Pure!
«As the sun that emerges on the horizon, Jesus, from his birth, bestows his light and his benefits on every man with the same generosity, as to the whole universe. He “has loved me and given himself for me” (Gal. 2,20). Each one of us can use the same language to exclaim: yes, Jesus, divine infant, you belong to me as if I were the only creature on the earth; I can take you in my arms and press you to my heart, penetrate, through faith, even into your Sacred Heart, as into one of my possessions and from there draw, through prayer, strength in my battles, peace in my tribulations, consolations and the courage of winning over myself to be faithful to your love». (p. Luís Bronchain, C.SS.R.).
In Jesus Christ we can find all that we aspire to. Peace, love and joy. We thank you heartfully for the Catechism (Catechesis of the Holy Father Benedict XVI to the children) and also for the subscription to the wonderful magazine 30Days. May Jesus Christ reward you for your concern for the contemplative nuns and for your generosity. You can always count on our prayers for your intentions, for those of your family and all your co-workers. May 2006 be full of blessings, of hope and of fine achievements for all. May Our Immaculate Mother bless and protect you.
For the community,

Sister Maria Consolata de Jesus,

Claro, Canton Ticino, Switzerland

The Lord will know how to circulate grace in the most fruitful way

Claro, Sunday 15 January 2006

Dear Senator Andreotti,
First of all we thank you and your co-workers for also having thought of the convents, admirably uniting “prayer and action” for the Kingdom of God.
We assure you of keeping your intentions alive and to confirm them with the offer of our life, and we thank you for sending your magazine, which we know to be much appreciated.
As far as our direct collaboration we don’t see concrete possibilities for now, but we are certain that the esteem and the awareness and the timely divulgation are already a great support.
So we are close to you in prayer, certain that the Lord will know how to circulate grace in the most fruitful way.
We take the occasion to extend to you and your colleagues our religious greeting and the wish for all true good.

Mother Prioress and community

Gallipoli, Lecce

30Days and the miracle of Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus

Dear Senator Andreotti, most dear brother, may the grace of the Holy Spirit be always in your good soul and in the heart of your dear ones.
Today, 16 January, in a particular coincidence with the anniversary of the miracle that Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus performed in this convent in 1910, the magazine 30Days arrived, for which I feel the need to express sincere thanks on behalf of the whole community, which received it as a precious gift.
It is read with heartfelt gratitude toward who, with good spirit, remembers us cloistered ones, who, even though far from the world, make our own the sad events of so many brothers and sisters.
Our prayer reaches all of humanity: we submit to the Divine Heart of Jesus the tears of so many innocents without a home, food and love, because victims of human barbarity. Our silent supplications wish to arrest with love those murderous hands that shed blood and pain in the world.
We have made our own, presenting it to the good God, your hard trial…in the knowledge that Jesus protects the innocent and saves the good.
Continue to do good, while all of us will not fail to entrust all your wishes to Jesus and the little Saint Teresa who protects our community so much.
Thanking you again, I assure prayers.

Sister Teresa Margherita del Cuore di Gesù and community

Vetralla, Viterbo

We wish to thank you for the great service that the monthly 30Days renders to our life of ecclesial prayer

Vetralla, Wednesday 18 January 2006

Dear Senator,
We wish to thank you for the great service that the monthly 30Days renders to our life of ecclesial prayer: the information is clear, coherent, stimulating. Congratulations! Also the choice to open the magazine with a feature dedicated to the letters from the convents is significant (especially as regards lay readers who are by far more numerous than us) and shows your concern for the “mysterious apostolic fruitfulness” that the Council acknowledged to us and that we try to comply with, with the help of God. In truth, nothing that any brother lives, expects, suffers and enjoys on the stage of this world, so greatly afflicted as well as blessed and paternally loved by the Lord, is alien to us. Thank you, dear Senator, for the generosity of your gesture and for the sharing of the same Christian hope!
We have a dream to confide in you, if it were possible for you to fulfill it…
Some of our sisters are attempting to establish a foundation in the Czech Republic (diocese of Brno); could you also make a gift of 30Days to them? It would be greatly appreciated… it would sweeten a little their nostalgia for Italy and would motivate even more their commitment as “contemplative-missionaries” in that fascinating land, but also so complex and full of challenges. We would be truly grateful to you. Should this be possible for you, the address is the following: Sestry Karmelitky, Reznovice 41, 66491 Ivancice, Ceska Republika.
A thousand thanks again! May the Lord grant you abundance of light rendering the hundredfold promised to those who gratuitously give what they have gratuitously received from the divine goodness. We assure you of our sincere and grateful prayer.
With affection,

Sister Luigia and the Carmelite Sisters of Vetralla


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