from issue no.12 - 2006


The Clarisse of the Yangyang Convent in South Korea

The Clarisse of the Yangyang Convent in South Korea

Gangwon-Do, South Korea

Our hearts are full of deep gratitude for the countless graces that our community has so tangibly experienced

Yangyang, 8 December 2006

Dear Senator Andreotti,
Merry Christmas and heartfelt wishes of peace and joy to you as we come to the end of another year! Our hearts are filled with deep gratitude for the gift of the Father’s love given to us in Jesus our Savior, and for the countless blessings that our community has so tangibly experienced. As I mentioned in my first letter to you, we are a new foundation of Poor Clares in Korea. With joy and thanksgiving we will celebrate our first Christmas together in our lovely new monastery. Each day we meet the Lord in the beauty of the mountains and the nature which surrounds us, and which changes in color and fragrance with each new season. Each day lived in the Lord’s peace and love is such a great gift!
Thank you again, so very much, for the generous gift of the fine magazine 30Days! It is filled with very informative news concerning things for which our prayers are needed. It is excellent, in fact, and very enriching.
As we prepare for this feast of Jesus’ birth, may the Lord bless you with His love. We wish you a joyful Christmas, and many blessings of Jesus’ love during the coming New Year!

The Poor Clare Sisters in Yangyang

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Through the reading of your magazine we are able to learn about what happens in every part of the world and in the Church

Kandy, 27 August 2006

Dear Sir,
May the grace of the Holy Spirit be with you.
Thank you so much for making arrangements to send the magazine 30Days in the Church and in the world to us. Sisters appreciate your kindness and asked me to thank you on their behalf. Already we received the magazine twice. Past years the Bishop of our diocese sent his magazine for us and we shared it with his Lordship.
Thank you very much for the appreciation you show for the contemplative communities. We are glad to know still in this modern society there are people who understand and appreciate our way of life.
By reading the magazine we can get to know what is happening throughout the world and the Church. So we can intensify our prayers and sacrifices for its needs.
Once again I thank you most sincerely and assure our prayers and sacrifices for your apostolate.

Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,

Sister Theresita of the Child Jesus OCD, Prioress

Jaén, Spain

Saint Teresa of Jesus exhorts us to resonate with the necessities of the Church

Jaén, 9 November 2006

Dear Mr. Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Thank you for the dispatch of your interesting magazine 30Dias: three numbers have already arrived that are a marvel for their graphic dress and for the information at world level. The articles, so indicative, about our Holy Father Benedict XVI and about all our Mother Church, enrich us in a special way and we bring them into our community and personal prayer with the Lord. Yet again, thank you, many thanks for your kindness in having such an authentic image of our brothers that suffer in the different parts of the world reach us. Our holy mother Teresa of Jesus exhorts us repeatedly to resonate with the necessities of the Church and of our brothers…
From our convent, situated on the side of the mountain that dominates the whole city, we are able to see the big cross that, at the time of the Reconquest, Saint Ferdinand had placed on the top of the mountain, this sign of the Redemption that we would want to be known throughout the earth and for which our entreaties and sacrifices are directed. Very close to the cross, a medieval castle rises, a fortress that reminds us of the interior castle of our holy mother Teresa of Jesus: both the symbols, the cross and the castle, that invite us to live our daughterhood in Saint Teresa and Saint John.
We raise our entreaties to Most Holy Mary, Queen and Mother of the Carmel, so that she may protect at every moment and present to the Lord all your desires and plans. Most affectionately yours in Jesus,

the Discalced Carmelites

Ruhuwiko, Tanzania

We promise to be always near you in our poor offerings and prayers

Songea, 7 December 2006

Mr. Giulio Andreotti, peace and well-being!
Dear brother in Jesus Christ,
Please accept our greetings from Poor Clare Colletines Ruhuwiko monastery, South Tanzania.
With great surprise we have received the pleasing free offer of your 30Days magazine. We are very sorry this has been delayed. May God reward you here and hereafter.
We promise to be with you in our poor sacrifices and prayers so that God may be glorified in your good works.
Your grateful sisters in Jesus Christ
The Poor Clares Colletines

P.S. Please could you send us one or two copies of the booklet Who prays is saved in English. We have not yet received one.
I wish you a good d Advent and a good preparation for the great feast of the Birth of Our Lord.

Sister Mystica PCC

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our distinctive charism is to stand at the foot of the Cross of our Beloved Jesus

Pittsburgh, 11 December 2006

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
How very kind of you to think of us with your valued gift of 30Days in the Church and in the World! We are truly delighted to be able to participate in the information and formation you provide in this special magazine. I have completed reading this first issue, and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially from the aspect of seeing our Holy Mother Church and our world from different points of view. It was wonderful!
We are not as well known as some of the other large cloistered groups, but we were founded right there in Italy by St. Paul of the Cross, and our first monastery is the Presentation in Tarquinia, from which we were founded in 1910. Our distinctive charism is to stand at the foot of the Cross of our Beloved Jesus, and to pray for all the needs of all the world. We make altar breads, and have a small house of prayer where people may come to pray with us, and spend quiet time with our Lord.
Your kindness to us is very deeply appreciated, and we all look forward to future issues of your publication. May God bless your wonderful work, and each of you who cooperate in producing such a beautiful, cultural and thought provoking magazine. We keep you in our hearts and prayers.
Prayerfully and with deep gratitude,
Your sisters in Christ Crucified and Risen

Sister Paul Marie C.P.
and the Passionist Nuns of Pittsburgh

Saint-Denis, La Réunion

We want to be to familiar with what happens in the Church and in the world, to bring it all to prayer

Saint-Denis, 7 December 2006

Mister Director,
We have received from you for the second time a number of your magazine 30Jours. We apologize for not having communicated that we received the first number and thank you for having continued to send it to us!
Your publication is very interesting and we, who don’t have the time to read everything and who however want to be familiar with what happens in the Church and in the world, to bring it all to prayer, are able to find in 30Jours a rather substantial summary of all the more important things that happened, in the preceding month, in the Church and in the world.
Infinite thanks Mr. Director! We remember you in our prayer with all your collaborators. May the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, always inspire what you must do for the glory of God and the salvation of the world. You will be present in a very special way in our prayer in this eighth centenary of the foundation of the Dominican nuns.
Very cordially, in Jesus, Mary and Dominic.

Sister Marguerite-Marie OP

Nënshat, Albania

The Virgin Mary has given the world the real light, Jesus

Nënshat, 20 December 2006

Dear Mr. Giulio Andreotti!
In the encyclical God is Love Pope Benedict XVI writes, speaking about the Virgin Mary: « […] You have given the world the real light, Jesus, Your Son, Son of God». The light! To give light is the most beautiful and most precious thing, that is to give life to another.
Jesus through Mary came into the world enveloped in darkness at midnight to illuminate hearts, minds, footsteps. Let us follow Him Who is the real light. May God give us His blessing through the intercession of the Fullness of grace, so that we also can be carriers of light for those who live in darkness.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

the Carmelite nuns of Albania
N.B. A thousand thanks for the magazine 30Giorni.

Vila das Aves, Portugal

We wish you a Holy Christmas and a Happy New Year, full of the blessings and graces of the Child Jesus

San José, 9 December 2006

Dear editorial staff of 30Days,
peace and well-being!
We are the Clarisse of the Convent of Vila das Aves and we wish kindly to ask you to send us fifty copies of Quem reza se salva [Who prays is saved], in small format.
We could pay you by means of a bank check or cash on delivery.
We take advantage of the occasion to wish you a Holy Christmas and a Happy New Year, full of the blessings and graces of the Child Jesus.
We thank you sincerely,

the Clarisse nuns


Bishop Pedro Carlos Zilli administers a baptism in Bedanda Sul, in Guinea-Bissau

Bishop Pedro Carlos Zilli administers a baptism in Bedanda Sul, in Guinea-Bissau

Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau

The magazine is a precious gift for me and for the missionaries who work in every corner of this diocese

Bafatá, 13 December 2006

Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,
Thank you for the magazine 30Giorni that I and other missionaries of my diocese receive for some time.
I am Brazilian, a P.I.M.E. missionary, bishop of the new diocese of Bafatá, Guinea-Bissau, constituted in 2001.
Your magazine is for all of us a beautiful opportunity for opening our view on the world and on the Church.
In this Country of West Africa, among the poorest in the world, access to information is still a luxury reserved to few and in any case difficult. The magazine is a precious gift for me and for the missionaries who work in every corner of this diocese.
Thank you again and continue to support us.
I take the opportunity also to offer you my personal good wishes for a Happy Christmas united to my prayer.
With respect and gratitude,

Monsignor Pedro Carlos Zilli

Manaus, Brasile

Your magazine helps me not to forget my country

Manaus, 15 December 2006

Dear Senator,
I receive your magazine 30Giorni with great pleasure and I am very thankful for this.
Your magazine helps me not to forget my country and to update me on the events that take place in Italy, without mentioning all the news and the writings both of spiritual and civic formation, national and worldwide. I don’t indeed know how to thank you, also because for me it would be impossible to pay the subscription. I can assure you of my remembrance to the Lord so that He grants you all the graces of which you have most need.
I take the occasion of the approaching festivity to wish you, along with your collaborators, a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, full of many and holy accomplishments.
Always united in the spirit of Christmas, with much esteem and gratitude,

Tarcisio Lot

Bafoussam, Cameroon

A letter from the Christians of the future parish of Saint John the Baptist of Nefa

Bafoussam, 20 October 2006

We thank you from heart for the dispatch of the magazine, we remember you to the Lord.

Give us a little publicity for the new parish.

« This is the voice of your brothers and sisters in Cameroon. In 2007 the bishop of the diocese of Bafoussam will make our chapel, along with other branches, a parish. It seemed lovely to us, given that it is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, to make ourselves known by all the other parishes. We would like to make friendship with you, share our joys, our difficulties and our dreams. Naturally we wouldn’t be sorry to have some small drop of your love also, under the form of help. We think it would be beautiful to know each other and help each other together to know Jesus Christ better and feel ourselves part of a single family, as we say here among ourselves: “Eglise, famille de Dieu” (Church, family of God). We await your response, but we count greatly on your prayers and on your encouragement. You have so many years of faith and of Christian experience on your shoulders. We, only for some decades. Your comfort and your friendship will give us so much courage to begin this new adventure in the Love of God.
We love you, even if we still don’t know you personally, but you are already in our hearts and in our prayers.
We wish you so much joy in the name of the Christians of the future parish of San John the Baptist of Nefa».

Father Oliviero Ferro

Juiz de Fora, Brazil

I received Quem reza se salva, a beautiful compendium of the more important prayers and teachings of the Church

Juiz de Fora, 10 November 2006

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
I have received the booklet Quem reza se salva [Who prays is saved] and thank you, a beautiful compendium of the more important prayers and teachings of the Church. As many others have already requested, I too would like to receive 40 more copies of this small booklet in Portuguese.
I am an elderly bishop, I am 92 years old and live in a parish of Juiz de Fora, where I still work and a lot. In Brazil priests and bishops must work up until death, doing all the good possible. The grace of God helps us greatly.
Thank you in anticipation, your excellency, servant in Christ.

Father José Eugênio Corrêa

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