from issue no.05 - 2007


Zhytomir, Ukraine

We answer simply to the grace of the call of the Lord

Zhytomir, 21 March 2007

Dear Giulio Andreotti,
The Community of the Benedictine nuns from Zhytomir, in Ukraine, thank you sincerely for your care and the news about the life of the Latin Church in Italy that you send us.
Some news about our Community. Our life really proceeds in the cloister, but it is not a paradox. Thanks to God, we answer simply to the grace of the call of the Lord’s invitation to this life in which we are very happy. Something mysterious and personal is created between the spirit of the person and God, therefore it is difficult to give a correct answer to this question. This grace is a very precious one, a treasure that we are afraid to lose in exchange for something material. The dialogue with Jesus and the constant search for Him in everything, with prayer and study, day and night, are the main activity in the convent. As Saint Benedict says, we are in the Lord’s school. Because of this he instituted the Order, so that we can love the Lord all our life and seek Him in all our daily activities.
We hope that Saint Benedict, our Founder, and Saint Scholastica continue to be our guiding stars thanks to which we will be able to come nearer to the Eternal Sun, Jesus Christ.
With love and prayer,

sister Benedykta Dvorecka OSB

Lilongwe, Malawi

We express our sincere gratitude

Lilongwe, 27 March 2007

Dear Mr. Andreotti
Praised be Jesus and Mary!
We come to express our sincere gratitude for your paternal care and thoughtfulness in sending us the precious gift of the magazine 30Days.
It is very informative because it keeps us in touch with what is happening in the whole world and in Mother Church, so as to present it to the Lord in prayer.
We are also very grateful for the little book Who prays is saved. May the Lord reward you abundantly. Please be assured of our daily prayer for all your intentions.

The Sisters of the Convent of Lilongwe

Hinojo, Argentina

Who prays is saved for our dear imprisoned ones

Hinojo, 29 March 2007

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Your four packages of Quien reza se salva have reached us.
It was a real surprise for us because we expected only a few for our dear imprisoned ones who live next to our monastery. We thank you very much because we will now be able to give them also to the parishioners and to a clinic for the terminally ill. May the Father of all mercy reward you for your generosity and increase in you and your collaborators the joy of charity. We wish you a Happy Easter and all joy in the Resurrected Lord!

Sister Franca

Onil, Spain

Our founder, a great Saint of the Renaissance

Onil, 9 April 2007

Hail Purest Mary.
Mr. Director, Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Dear Sir in Jesus Christ, it pleases us to write these lines thanking you for the kind sending of the review 30Días en la Iglesia y en el mundo. It is very nice and attractive, we read it and it appeals a lot to us, our chaplain and parish priest of the town appreciates it also.
Our Order comes from Italy, founded by Saint Lorenzo Giustiniani in 1404, and reached Spain in 1490. Our founder belonged to the Canons Regular of San Giorgio in Alga (Venice) and is not well known in this age in which we live, but in his time he was a very big pillar of the Church, a great Saint of the Renaissance.
Our charisma is constant prayer for all the apostolic ministries of the Church – ora et labora – prayer and the work for the salvation of the world.
We are deeply grateful for your kindness in our regard, and await with pleasure the next issues of your publication.
God bless your splendid work and all those who collaborate in the realization of your magazine, so beautiful and full of culture, useful for reflection.
God reward you for the Quien reza se salva booklet.
In union of prayers,

Abbess and community

Ostuni (BR), Italy

Help us to restructure our Convent

Ostuni, 27 April 2007

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
The community of the Carmelite nuns of Ostuni turn to you and your collaborators to present you with a difficulty that we cannot face alone: the entire external facade of our Convent needs a total restructuring because it is full of cracks caused by the great humidity present under the foundations of the whole building.
Our engineer has told us that it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible in order to avoid further damages and has informed us of the increase in cost of the work to be carried out. Since with our resources alone it is impossible for us to undertake these works of maintenance, we thought, given also the urgency of the situation, to intervene immediately, having only the part that is damaging the choir area fixed that goes as far as the room containing the hosts. We thought to send you this small letter, so that you can take into consideration this request of ours for help by publishing it on your magazine, in the hope that who comes to know of it can contribute generously in order to help us undertake the works of resurfacing and maintenance of all of the external facade.
The whole Community, as a sign of gratitude for what you succeed in doing for us, assures prayer for you, your collaborators and benefactors who through their goodness and generosity make an effort to help the monastic communities. Be assured that the Lord will bless your every effort, granting you those graces that you have most at heart, and will bless your work so that it is enriched with new members.
In expectation of your answer, we remain in union of prayer and thank the Lord who fills us with His love and grace.
Distinguished regards.

The Carmelite Nuns of Ostuni

Bambui, Cameroon

Who prays is saved, a small booklet, full of prayers and doctrine

Bambui, 4 May 2007

Dear Director,
Greetings and Easter wishes to you. May the risen Christ continue to be your light and strength as you enlighten us in all that is happening in the Church and in the world. May the Lord be ever praised.
We thank you especially for the recent issue of 30Days which we got, in which was enclosed a copy of Who prays is saved, a small booklet full of prayers and doctrine. We treasure it and it is moving from hand to hand.
Once more thank you for remembering us and we try to do the same for you and for your work.
God bless you, Yours in the risen Lord,

the Dominican Sisters

Calbayog City, The Philippines

Our gratitude will always be expressed in prayer

Calbayog City, 11 May 2007

Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,
May the many blessings of Easter fill your heart with the joy of God’s inexhaustible love.
Surely Our Lord delights in blessing special people like you with His best gifts. May he continue to bless and reward you for your untiring efforts in making us aware of what is happening in the Church and the World through the 30Days magazine.
Your kindness and generosity will always be remembered and our gratitude will be expressed continuously in our prayers.
Gratefully in Our Risen Lord,

the Poor Clare Sisters

PS: Thank you also for the booklet Who prays is saved. Since we cannot afford to order from you, we are requesting a benefactor to photocopy it so that we can share it with the people who come to our monastery.
God be praised for all that you are doing.

Spiritual reading /8

As comment on the Creed of the People of God of Pope Paul VI, we publish an excerpt from a document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of 17 May 1979, approved by John Paul II, in which «what the Church teaches in the name of Christ, especially concerning what happens between the death of the Christian and the general resurrection» is spoken of.

«1. The Church believes in the resurrection of the dead.

2. The Church understands this resurrection as referring to the whole person; for the elect it is nothing other than the extension to human beings of the resurrection of Christ itself.

3. The Church affirms that a spiritual element survives and subsists after death, an element endowed with consciousness and will, so that the «human self» subsists. To designate this element, the Church uses the word «soul», the accepted term in the usage of Scripture and Tradition. Although not unaware that this term has various meanings in the Bible, the Church thinks that there is no valid reason for rejecting it; moreover, she considers that the use of some word as a vehicle is absolutely indispensable in order to support the faith of Christians.

4. [...]

5. In accordance with the Scriptures, the Church looks for «the glorious manifestation of our Lord, Jesus Christ» (1Tm 6, 14; Tt 2, 13) believing it to be distinct and deferred with respect to the situation of people immediately after death.

6. In teaching her doctrine about man’s destiny after death, the Church excludes any explanation that would deprive the assumption of the Virgin Mary of its unique meaning, namely the fact that the bodily glorification of the Virgin is an anticipation of the glorification that is the destiny of all the other elect.

7. In fidelity to the New Testament and Tradition, the Church believes in the happiness of the just who will one day be with Christ.

She believes that there will be eternal punishment for the sinner, who will be deprived of the sight of God, and that this punishment will have a repercussion on the whole being of the sinner. She believes in the possibility of a purification for the elect before they see God, a purification altogether different from the punishment of the damned. This is what the Church means when speaking of Hell and Purgatory».

From the Creed of the People of God of Pope Paul VI

We believe in the life eternal

We believe in the life eternal. We believe that the souls of all those who die in the grace of Christ whether they must still be purified in purgatory, or whether from the moment they leave their bodies Jesus takes them to paradise as He did for the Good Thief are the People of God in the eternity beyond death, which will be finally conquered on the day of the Resurrection when these souls will be reunited with their bodies.
We believe that the multitude of those gathered around Jesus and Mary in paradise forms the Church of Heaven where in eternal beatitude they see God as He is, (cf. 1John 3, 2; Denzinger 1000) and where they also, in different degrees, are associated with the holy angels in the divine rule exercised by Christ in glory, interceding for us and helping our weakness by their brotherly care (cf. Lumen Gentium, n.49).
We believe in the communion of all the faithful of Christ, those who are pilgrims on earth, the dead who are attaining their purification, and the blessed in heaven, all together forming one Church; and we believe that in this communion the merciful love of God and His saints is ever listening to our prayers, as Jesus told us: Ask and you will receive (cf. Luke 10, 9-10; John 16, 24). Thus it is with faith and in hope that we look forward to the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.
Blessed be God Thrice Holy.


Rome, Italy

The memory of Cardinal Mindszenty, heroic Hungarian archbishop

Roma, 15 May 2007

Hon. Editor,
I address you in full trust and with much esteem. I am the Rector of the Pontifical Hungarian Institute. On Sunday 6 May on the thirty-second anniversary of the death of the servant of God Cardinal József Mindszenty we held a memorial service for the great heroic Hungarian cardinal in the church of Santo Stefano Rotondo on the Coelian Hill, which had been his titular church. On 11 May 2007 L’Osservatore Romano published the homily given by Cardinal Walter Kasper during the celebration of the Holy Mass. For this reason also I read with great pleasure your article in the last number of 30Days devoted to our Cardinal Archbishop of Esztergom. I want to thank you for your testimony, which I retain of much use, not least because the process of beatification is under way.
Expressing my appreciation for your prestigious article, I profit from the occasion to offer my respects,

monsignor László Nemeth, Rector

Damascus, Syria

A diocese that survives thanks to the help of the Church

Damascus, 21 February 2007

Dear Editor of 30Days
Mr Giulio Andreotti,
I have been following with interest the life of the Church through your excellent magazine for more than twenty-five years. My late-lamented Archbishop, Monsignor Elie Farah (diocese of Cyprus of the Maronites) received it regularly despite the war in Lebanon.
I have been Archbishop of Damascus of the Maronites for two months. The diocese survives thanks to the help of the Church and I hope to receive a free subscription in expectation of better days.

Samir Nassar
Maronite Archbishop of Damascus of the Maronites

Caicó, Brazil

The importance of the magazine 30Dias as instrument of ecclesial community

Caicó, 26 March 2007

Dear Sir,
Wishing to thank you for sending the excellent magazine 30Dias na Igreja e no mundo that so enriches the reading and newspaper room of the diocese of Caicó, I cannot but express my admiration and my respect for you as editor and life senator of the Italian Republic, where I studied and worked at the Curia General of the Order of the Capuchin Friars Minor, following from close up your brilliant work as a politician who has always linked the ideals of democracy and the principles of the Christian faith with balance and harmony.
I take the occasion to express the desire to come to know the book Quem reza se salva, thanking you in advance for the concern you show us.
Recognizing the importance of the magazine 30Dias as instrument of spiritual enrichment and ecclesial community, our wishes for your happiness and joy, peace and health are added to our compliments on its select content.

Manoel Delson Pedreira da Cruz,OFM Cap,
Bishop of Caicó

Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast

My gratitude to the magazine 30Jours

Yamoussoukro, 17 April 2007

Dear Director,
Once again I would like to express my gratitude to those in charge of the magazine 30Jours dans l’Église et dans le monde, which I receive regularly and which I appreciate deeply for its extremely rich content.
I would like to take out subscriptions for the priests, the male and female religious of my diocese, Yamoussoukro. Not having the financial means to support the subscription, I beg you to show me a way of achieving this wish.
Thank you infinitely for everything that you may do for the good of the diocese entrusted to me.

Joseph Ake,
Bishop of Yamoussoukro

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