from issue no.10 - 2007


Pacet - Sindanglaya, Indonesia

We pray every day with Who prays is saved

Pacet-Sindanglaya, 3 September 2007

Dear Mr. Giulio Andreotti,
Thank you very much for your magazine 30Days which we have usually received from you.
We, the Poor Clare Sisters in Pacet-Sindanglaya, in Indonesia, are moreover thankful for the booklet Who prays is saved. We have received it and pray with it every day.
Well, Mr. Giulio, we will pray for you and your staff in each struggle of your jobs. Please also pray for our community.Thank you very much.
Love and prayers,

sister Caecilia, OSC, and the Poor Clares

Magyarszék, Hungary

30Giorni in gift to a Romanian Carmel

Magyarszék, 5 September 2007

Dear Sir,
For some months we receive your beautiful magazine 30Days. We read it with great interest and admire the beautiful graphic dress and above all the objective content of the news. From the readers’ mail we see that many others Carmels receive it. This encourages me to make a request: in the past year we have founded a Carmel in Romania and our sisters there receive only the magazine of the diocese, since we do not have the means to offer them subscriptions to other magazines. Could you have them receive 30Giorni in French every month? It would be a fortune for our sisters to have this opening to a wider ecclesial horizon.
Here is their address: Sarutlan Kàrmelita Növérek, str. Tofalau, 677/A, 547530 Sangeorgiu de Mures, jud. Mures, Romania.
I express all our thanks from now on in the name of our nuns in Romania and also in our name. I assure you of our closeness in prayer.
On behalf of our Prioress, Sister Myriam,

sister Colette-Marie

Redemptoristine Nuns
Liguori, Missouri, Usa

Praying for the Church and for the World

Liguori, 21 September 2007

Dear Mr. Guilio Andreotti,
Thank you so very much for sending us your magazine 30Days. It has given us a much wider and clearer view of our world, today and in the past. It is truly inspiring and helps us to focus our prayers on the needs of the Church and the world, especially the poor, suffering, lonely, abandoned, and those who have no one to pray for them. This magazine also enables us to see how Jesus, our Redeemer, continues to carry out the Redeeming plan of His Father.
Our Order was founded in Italy, in 1731, by Sister Maria Celeste Crostarosa and Saint Alphonsus Liguori, and over the years spread throughout the world. Our convent was founded in 1960 from Canada, and in turn we founded convents in the Philippines and in South Africa.
As Contemplative Nuns, we are called to follow the Redeeming Christ in our life of prayer and sacrifice. Our Redemptorist Fathers and Brothers and their work for the most abandoned have a special place in our prayers.
Thank you again for your generosity. May God bless you abundantly.

Sister Beatrice Meany, ossr

Collecchio (PR), Italy

Grateful for the magazine

Collecchio, 25 September 2007

Dear Mr. Senator Giulio Andreotti,
We, the nuns of the “Romualdinas de Maria” cloister, send you the most cordial greetings.
We sincerely wish to know your magazine in order to participate more fully in the life of our mother Church and of humanity, as well as to get to know the other monastic orders.
Our charism – contemplative cloistered hermits – began only a few years ago in Latin America, in Colombia, according to the spirit of Saint Benedict, Saint Romualdus, Saint Paolo Giustiniani, and, finally, of the founder of our female branch, Father Santiago, who is still living.
The third hermitage opened this year in Venezuela (Saint Cristóbal-Tenega-Pregonero), whereas within a short period we will establish, to our great joy, in Italy the fourth hermitage in Fornovo in Parma.
A few months ago our general vice-superior, Mother Guadalupe, made the “flight” to Italy from her Colombian land, to Collecchio (PR), in order to supervise the work of major restructuring of a farm house that will be transformed into a hermitage of four cells; in the near future she will begin to live in it thus giving life to the first hermitage in Europe, continuing always to trust in the “hundredfold” promised by Jesus to those who “leave... the fields also”.
We thank you sincerely for the great gift that you give us through the sending of your magazine and we dare... to invite you to the inauguration of the hermitage in Fornovo.
We assure you our continuous prayer,

the Community of the “Romualdinas de Maria”

Musambira (Kigali), Rwanda

Who prays is saved itself is greatly appreciated everywhere

Musambira, 21 September 2007

Mr. Director of the magazine 30Jours,
May the risen Lord fill you with His peace and joy. 30Jours arrives to us regularly, thank you. We have greatly appreciated your magazine that presents the news with a particular tone, emphasizing faith above all. We have been very edified seeing that 30Jours is well known in the world of the contemplatives. Therefore we dare to make an appeal to your understanding so that we also can continue to read 30Jours and to carry in our prayer this world of ours that has such need of peace.
We hope that the generosity of benefactors does not lack so that the poor – such as us – can benefit from your beautiful magazine. For love of God, can you also send us some copies of the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme, greatly appreciated everywhere? We will share Qui prie sauve son âme with our postulants and with those who will come to gather themselves in prayer in our convent.
May our daily prayer accompany you in your apostolate. The convent is being constructed little by little, according to the gift of the Providence of God.
In Jesus and Mary, thanks for your understanding and support,

the Poor Clares of Musambira

Madrid, Spain

Chi prega si salva for who haven’t gone to Confession for a long time

Madrid, 1 October 2007

Dear Mr. Director,
We have read in 30Días that you distribute a booklet entitled Quien reza se salva that contains all that helps to make a good confession: I would be interested in having a dozen of these booklets for our workers who say... they have not been to confession since their wedding day and, seeing the trust that we have, it would please me to give it to some of them so that they might find the courage to repeat the confession so necessary for the forgiveness of sins and being able to take communion.
Don’t send too many however, because, as you will understand, we don’t have much space to store them.
We are discalced contemplative Trinitarian nuns and are carrying out restructuring works, the expenses of which are enormous: I ask, therefore, should it be the case that these booklets have to be paid for, not to send them, because it would not be possible for us to do so. Count on our prayers to the Most Holy Trinity.
Sincerely, a greeting from the Mother Prioress.

Sister Maria Teresa Sánchez, TD, secretary

Granada, Spain

Thanks for Chi prega si salva

Granada, 2 October 2007

Dear Mr. Giulio Andreotti,
With pleasing surprise we receive free of charge, already for a year, the magazine directed by you, 30Días.
We have read it with great attention and we cannot but express our satisfaction with the contents, as also with the general formulation of the magazine. The contents offer us the possibility of greatly deepening our cultural understanding together with wide information, certain and varied, on the current problems of Catholicism and today’s world.
We thank you both for the subscription to the magazine and for the sending of the booklet Quien reza se salva. It is necessary that adequate information about the events of the world kindled according to a widespread and certain Catholic formulation should reach the contemplative convents. This is what we find in your review.
We are Dominicans and our motto is “Truth” and your magazine helps us to maintain ourselves on this line of our spirituality.
Please receive, Mr. Director, the sincerest expression of our thanks and, at the same time, the encouragement to preserve in your magazine the same guidelines that currently guide the contents.
In Christ most sincerely,

sister Aurora Roldán, OP

Spiritual reading/12

After having published the canons of the Council of Carthage (year 418) that, in virtue of papal approval, have always been considered as a rule of faith, we begin the publication of the so-called Indiculus.
The Indiculus is a small Catechism of the Church of Rome from the first half of the fifth century that collects all the doctrine regarding grace. The document consists of various interventions of the popes and the canons of particular Councils held in Africa, to which the testimony of the liturgy is joined.
The purpose of the Indiculus, as is obvious from the introduction that we publish on the next page, is to show that the doctrine of the Apostolic See on the necessity of grace is identical to that of Saint Augustine in all the essential points.
The Indiculus turns out to be particularly relevant at this moment when a daily paper, read by committed Catholics and dedicated atheists, can say that «original sin, authentic speculative and spiritual monster, is the cancer that Augustine has left to the West as inheritance».
The words of Pope Montini to his friend Jean Guitton in September 1977 come to mind: «There is great turmoil in the world of the Church at this moment and what is at issue is the faith. It happens now that the obscure phrase of Jesus in the Gospel of Saint Luke recurs to me: “When the Son of Man returns, will He still find faith upon the earth?”. It happens that books are published in which the faith is in withdrawal on important points, that the episcopacies are silent, that these books are not found to be strange. This, according to me, is strange. I sometimes reread the Gospel about the end of time and see that some signs of this end are emerging at this moment. Are we close to the end? This we will never know. It is necessary to remain ever ready, but everything can still last a long time. What strikes me, when I consider the Catholic world, is that sometimes within Catholicism a type of non-Catholic thought seems to predominate, and it can happen that this non-Catholic thought within Catholicism becomes in the future the stronger. But it will never represent the thought of the Church. A small flock must prevail, however small it is».


Small Roman Catechism on grace

Quia nonnulli, qui catholico nomine gloriantur, in damnatis haereticorum sensibus seu pravitate sive imperitia demorantes, piissimis disputatoribus obviare praesumunt, et cum Pelagium atque Caelestium anathematizare non dubitent, magistris tamen nostris, tamquam necessarium modum excesserint, obloquuntur, eaque tantummodo sequi et probare profitentur, quae sacratissima beati Apostoli sedes Petri contra inimicos gratiae Dei per ministerium praesulum suorum sanxit et docuit, necessarium fuit diligenter inquirere, quid rectores Romanae Ecclesiae de haeresi, quae eorum temporibus exorta fuerat, iudicarint, et contra nocentissimos liberi arbitrii defensores quid de gratia Dei sentiendum esse censuerint; ita ut etiam Africanorum conciliorum quasdam sententias iungeremus, quas utique suas fecerunt apostolici antistites, cum probarunt. Ut ergo plenius, qui in aliquo dubitant, instruantur, constitutiones sanctorum Patrum compendioso manifestamus Indiculo, quo, si quis non nimium est contentiosus, agnoscat omnium disputationum connexionem ex hac subditarum auctoritatum brevitate pendere, nullamque sibi contradictionis superesse rationem, si cum catholicis credat et dicat (Denzinger 238).

Because some, who glory in the name of Catholic, linger in the condemned view of heretics whether through perverseness or through ignorance, and presume to oppose the very pious disputers, and, although they do not hesitate to anathematize Pelagius and also Caelestius, nevertheless contradict our teachers, as if they overstepped the necessary limit [in the condemnation], and profess to follow and approve only those [doctrines] which the most sacred See of the Blessed Apostle Peter has sanctioned and taught against the enemies of the grace of God through the office of its leaders, it has become necessary to inquire diligently as to what the rulers of the Roman Church judged concerning the heresy [Pelagianism] which had arisen in their times, and what they decreed should be thought with regard to the grace of God in opposition to the most harmful [heretics] defenders of free will. Thus, too, we have added [to that judgement] certain opinions of the African Councils, which the apostolic high-priests have assuredly made their own when they approved [them]. In order therefore that [those] who doubt in any [matter] may be the more fully instructed, we are making public the definitions of the Holy Fathers in a brief catalogue [the Indiculus], in which, if anyone is not a little contentious, he will recognize that the organic union of all reasonings depends upon this concise [catalogue] of supporting authorities, and no reason for contradiction remains to him, if he believes and affirms with the Catholics what follows.


priests of the sacred heart of jesus MISSIONARIES
Antsirabe, Madagascar

The Lord has never caused His help to lack

Antsirabe, 26 September 2007

Dear Mr. Senator,
I found your magazine 30Giorni, which I was able to read at the Salesian Fathers in Majunga, very interesting and would be very pleased if we also could enjoy use of it. You report on many missionary experiences that truly edified me. I live in the center-south of Madagascar, in Antsirabe, the second city of the country after the capital Tananarive. It is here that we have constructed a university, the Athénée Saint Joseph, for the needs of this region. The country is very poor and the area, mostly agricultural, is situated on a plateau that goes from 1,200 to 1,600 meters. The climate is not the warmest and during the winter (May-July) the cold makes itself felt a great deal. The Athenaeum opened its doors in 2000 (4 October, Saint Francis’s day), the twenty-fifth anniversary of the arrival of the Sacred Heart Fathers as missionaries in Madagascar. Culture remains the only means by which to allow a people to exit from its ignorance and to launch it on the path of development and progress. Thanks also to the help of the Italian Episcopal Conference we have been able to carry out a good part of the construction, even if a lot still remains to be done. The Lord has never caused His help to lack. If it were possible, we would like to receive your review also in French because the hundred and twenty university professors who teach in our Saint Joseph Athenaeum could also benefit from it.
Cordial greetings and union of prayer,

father Peppino Cuomo

Isiro, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Your magazine brings us lovely news about the Church and the Pope

Isiro, 8 September 2007

Dear Senator,
I am truly pleased to have received the magazine 30Jours, of which you are the Director.
I made the subscription to it last year, when I found myself in Italy for a period of rest.
Not only is your magazine typographically beautiful and very well made, but it has the power to bring to Central Africa lovely news of the Church of Rome and the pastoral activity of our Pope. Things that expand our hearts and give us hope.
Recently I have received from the editorial management of 30Jours, the subscriptions office, the invitation to renew the subscription that ends with n. 9/2007.
Unfortunately, from here where I find myself, it is impossible for me to do so. Could I not benefit from the free subscription reserved for missionaries?
If this is possible, I thank you in advance, because I do indeed wish to maintain the tie with your magazine, in French, that I can also have the people of the place read.
Thanks again and cordial greetings.
The Lord bless you,

father Giacomo Biasotto

Dhaka, Bangladesh

30Days for a hundred seminarians

Dhaka, 16 September 2007

Dear Senator,
For some time I have wanted to thank you for the regular sending of the magazine to my address here in Dhaka. I do so now, excusing myself for the delay, and I ask if it is possible to send me, instead of the Italian edition, the one in English, 30Days.
This would allow me to continue to follow your publication personally, but also to put it in the library, at the disposal of the over one hundred seminarians who depend, for their formation, on the seminary in which I reside and work as spiritual director and teacher. All of them understand English.
This is the only major seminary (Philosophy and Theology) in Bangladesh. It serves the six dioceses of the country, whose seminarians reside here, and several religious Congregations who send their students to our school.
The library, looked after for many years by Brother Jacques, from Taizé, is very well-stocked, the only one in Bangladesh for the Christian Churches, and also much used.
Thanks for the kind attention, and good work,

father Franco Cagnasso, PIME

Londrina, Paraná, Brazil

Chi prega si salva for the poor of the favelas

Londrina, 25 September 2007

Dear Mr. Senator Giulio Andreotti,
I am a Xaverian missionary from Parma, and it is forty-four years now that I have worked in this Brazilian land. I want to thank you for your magazine, 30Giorni, that for some time you have sent to me every month.
Currently I find myself in the city of Londrina, in the State of Paraná. A city that lives the reality of the favelas as all the great cities of Brazil. People in spite of the poverty have a great faith that feeds the Christian hope that one day their life will improve. I ask you if you can send me some copies of the small prayer booklet Chi prega si salva that you have published in Portuguese. We do not have the possibility of buying them, so we knock on your generous heart, that it may donate to our poor brothers these booklets of prayer. The amount depends on your generosity. I assure that these our poor brothers will pray for you so that the good God inscribes this generosity in His book of life. For my part I thank you from the bottom of my heart in the name of our poor ones should you accept this request.
I will remember you in the celebration of the Holy Mass.
God bless you,

father Mario Minarti

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