from issue no.12 - 2007



With prayer we live in the Church and the world

Rome, 15 November 2007

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Finally the day has arrived in which we can express to you our most profound gratitude for the most useful magazine 30Giorni.
We thank the good God first of all, Who has granted us, by means of your excellency, to become acquainted with so many events of the Church and the world, of which some of us were not aware.
Therefore it offers us the possibility of ranging freely in the Church and the political world with prayer, until the Lord rewards us with the triumph of the Church, peace and a true human fraternity between all peoples. May the good God long preserve you for the good of all, for the high wisdom that the Lord has donated to you for the good of His creatures.
Once again our most grateful sentiments to you, with the assurance of our perpetual remembrance in the good God.

The Mother and the Community of the Benedictines of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Convent of San Giuseppe

Celaya, Mexico

Chi prega si salva is important for people

Celaya, 8 September 2007

Dear Mr. Giulio Andreotti,
First of all we ask you to excuse us for the delay in thanking you for your consideration in sending us the magazine 30Días. We are very grateful for this effective means of communication at an ecclesial-world-wide level. We appreciate and like the scope of the news that you offer us there. It is very useful for us to renew the motivation to the offering, always more generous, of ourselves for the good of all of humanity; to know the necessities of humanity today and to present them to the Lord Jesus, as the Virgin Mother did, by whom we are inspired, with the confidence that He will intervene in the history of each of His children in order to give it meaning.
We are a contemplative life community of recent foundation, part of the order of the Servants of Mary. We are Servants of Mary nuns and we feel particularly grateful towards your country because the four nuns who introduced the contemplative life according to the style of the Servants of Mary to our land came from Rome. From Rome and other parts of Italy these nuns received (and we today continue to receive) the economic support for the construction of this convent that (thanks to God and the goodness of many) is now finished. We hope now to be soon able to construct a chapel to live our life of worship together with this poor people who possess however the richness of the faith.
May the Lord reward you for your generosity and for your work and that of your collaborators. We entrust everything to Our Lady of Guadalupe.
With care,

sister María Lucía and Sisters, OSM

P.S. Thanks also for the precious Quien reza se salva booklet, that we consider important for people. If it were possible, we would like to have some extra copies. Thanks.

Collecchio (PR), Italy

Best Wishes for a Holy Christmas

Collecchio, Holy Christmas 2007

Dear Senator Andreotti,
We wish to offer you best wishes for the new, Holy Christmas. May the Child Jesus grant you a hundredfold for the work of evangelization that brings us your special magazine 30Giorni.
Continuing to pray for you and the Church, united with our Latin American Sisters,

mother Guadalupe

Santo Tomás, Nicaragua

30Días, a good spiritual bread

Santo Tomás, 27 October 2007

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I hope you are well and have the joy of multiplying the good for the greater glory of God and on behalf of all of us, your brothers and sisters. I thank you because the prayer booklets and the magazine 30Días have reached us. It is for us here, dispersed among the mountains, a good spiritual bread in order to maintain ourselves well within our mother Church and to nourish the love and the communion with the world. The news of this growing community is good enough. It grows in number and I hope also in holiness. Some weeks ago we had the ceremony of the taking of the veil of a new novice, a young twenty-five year old from Juigalpa. You can imagine the festivities of her friends from Juigalpa who came by bus and participated in the mass celebrated by the bishop; afterwards, songs and sacred dances seemed to be endless. How expressive these Latin American people are and especially here in Nicaragua! It is a true joy for our Argentine founding sisters, and at the same time a hope and a growth in the “permanent mission” proclaimed in the meeting of the bishops of Latin America in Brazil. The Holy Spirit is breathing on these countries, poor in economic means, but so rich in faith and trusting dependency on God. I assure you of our prayer for you and all your intentions in favor of the Church and the world. We wish you a good Advent and a Holy Christmas! Always united in the Lord, we greet you with deep fraternal affection,

the Sisters of Santa María de la Paz

Córdoba, Argentina

Thanks for this gift

Córdoba, 14 December 2007

Dear Mr. Director Giulio Andreotti,
With great joy we wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year: may the God Child bring peace and love to all men.
We wish to thank you for the sending of the issues of the magazine 30Días in the Spanish edition. Its contents please us a great deal along with the testimonies of many saints. The articles on the history and the current stage of the Church face us with an objective truth that stimulates us to intensify our prayers.
Thanks for the effort you make. Thanks for this gift. We ask the Lord to continue to bless you so that you may obtain all that you wish.
With all affection,

the Community of the Carmelite Nuns

Haunta (Ayacucho), Perù

With prayer one can go everywhere

Haunta, 11 December 2007

We greet you warmly with copious blessings in Christ and Mary.
Dear Mr. Senator Giulio Andreotti,
We write to you in order to express our gratitude for the sending of the magazine 30Días that arrives to us punctually. The booklet Quien reza se salva has also arrived. It is all very interesting for us and makes us pray for all the people we do not know. In order to pray there is neither time nor distance: with prayer one can go everywhere and arrive at every suffering heart yearning to love and be loved by God. We are very happy, as spouses of Christ, that our mission is to serve the Church with our small sacrifices but with much love for Christ and the entire humanity from this isolated place, in spite of all the difficulties.
In this time of Advent, which is a time of waiting, we prepare for the arrival of the God Child a worthy dwelling where He can live.
We wish all the staff of the magazine 30Días and all the readers Happy Christmas festivities and a prosperous New Year, full of the blessings of the God Child, and we send our affectionate greetings to all the Franciscan Order and the Poor Clares. Blessings.

Mother Clara Elvira del Niño Jesús and Community

Spiritual reading/14

from the Small Roman Catechism
“... as we are victorious with His aid, we shall again be defeated if He does not help us”

from the Gospel according to Luke
“Then he told them a parable about the need to pray continually and never lose heart” (Lk 18, 1)


It is a grace remaining in grace

Neminem etiam baptismatis gratia renovatum idoneum esse ad superandas diaboli insidias et ad vincendas carnis concupiscentias, nisi per quotidianum adiutorium Dei perseverantiam bonae conservationis acceperit. Quod eiusdem antistitis in eisdem paginis doctrina confirmat, dicens: «Nam quamvis hominem redemisset a praeteritis ille peccatis, tamen sciens iterum posse peccare, ad reparationem sibi, quemadmodum posset illum et post ista corrigere, multa servavit, quotidiana praestans illi remedia, quibus nisi freti confisique nitamur, nullatenus humanos vincere poterimus errores. Necesse est enim, ut quo auxiliante vincimus, eo iterum non adiuvante vincamur» (Denzinger 241).

No one even after having been restored by the grace of Baptism is capable of overcoming the snares of the devil and subduing the concupiscenses of the flesh, unless he has received through the daily help of God the perseverance of the good way of life. The doctrine of the same Pontiff [Innocent] confirms this in the same letter, declaring : "For although He [God] had redeemed man from his past sins, nevertheless knowing that he would be able to sin again, He saved many things for reparation to Himself, offering him daily remedies by which He might be able to correct him even after those sins, and, if we do not struggle relying upon these remedies and trusting in them, we shall by no means be able to conquer human mistakes. For it is necessary that, as we are victorious with His aid, we shall again be defeated if He does not help us."


Father Vincenzo Marrone with some students

Father Vincenzo Marrone with some students

Ogungbade, Nigeria

30Days for the religious of five African nations

Ogungbade, 29 October 2007

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
For some months I receive the pleasing magazine 30Giorni directed by you; I appreciate its contents and form; I don’t quite know who I must thank, but in you I thank all those who contribute to this gift. I am the Director of the Salesian post-novitiate and of the Center of Philosophical and Pedagogical Studies of Ibadan, attended by religious who come from five nations: Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Congo.
The Head of the school asks if it is possible to receive your magazine in the English edition.

Father Vincenzo Marrone

Punta Arenas, Chile

I would like the magazine in the Spanish edition

Punta Arenas, 13 August 2007

Mr. Director of the magazine 30Giorni,
With great gratitude I want to thank you for the free sending of your magazine 30Giorni that has accompanied me for nearly two years. It is a magazine that one reads with pleasure both for how it is presented as well as for the contents of various topics, religious, cultural and social. Thanks for this gift and the opportunity of keeping myself informed.
I would like to receive it in the Spanish edition, in order to be able to use it better and to spread it by sharing it with other persons. For my part I can offer, for the subscription, the celebration of five holy masses for the successful outcome of the apostolate that you are carrying forward with this magazine.
I hope that my wish can be accepted in so far as it is possible for you. For now many many thanks.
With respects,

father Carlos Da Meda Fabris


Thanks for the gesture of charity

Guatemala, 13 September 2007

Please accept my most heartfelt thanks for the gesture of charity that you have made towards our mission in Guatemala.
Your offering, like the mite of the widow of the Gospel, has great value, because it is the Christian demonstration of your sensibility towards the brothers of the Third World.
I assure you appreciative memory in my prayers and of all the boys of our mission and take the occasion to send you my sincerest greetings.
Very gratefully,

father Livio Pulita, MDR

Huari, Peru

Quien reza se salva for the Indios of Perù

Huari, 7 November 2007

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
With my cordial greetings I wish to send you a sincere thanks for the free sending of the interesting magazine 30Giorni in the Spanish edition.
I receive it punctually and, since we are a group of Italian missionaries, we read it with great interest.
We, missionaries on the Cordigliera of the Andes in Peru, work among the descendants of the Incas, in a very rough and difficult region, and have in our charge approximately 300 thousand Indios who live in the eastern part of the Cordigliera. It would interest us greatly for our pastoral work to be able to receive the booklet Quien reza se salva in the Spanish edition but we do not have the possibility of purchasing it as we are in a region of extreme poverty.
If you succeeded in finding a benefactor that could give us a gift of two thousand booklets, we promise you that we will have him prayed for and will send you great blessing.
If this proved possible, we ask you to send the booklets to: Monsignor Dante Frasnelli Tarter, Bishop Emeritus of Huari, Conferencia Episcopal del Perù, Jr. Estados Unidos 838 – Jesús María Apartado 310, Lima 100.
We place our hope in your hands, in your goodness and generosity and, from now, send you our warm thanks.

Dante Frasnelli Tarter, OSJ,
bishop Emeritus of Huari

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