from issue no.01 - 2008


Mexico City, Mexico

Your magazine is an exhortation to pray

Mexico City, 3 October 2007

Dear Senator Andreotti,
May the grace of the Holy Spirit immerse your soul with joy and spiritual happiness.
I wish to greet you on behalf of the Poor Clares of the Convent of El Ave María, wishing you every good in the Lord, and to thank you again for your very beautiful magazine 30Días that has been a precious gift for us that our good God donates to us through you. A thousand thanks!
Through your magazine a wide horizon opens up for us where we can contemplate the world with its urgent necessities and its joys: it is a strong exhortation to pray with more strength and love for all our brothers. The last article on Iraq is impressive! How the Christians suffer! In general, all the news is topical; all that refers to our Holy Father Benedict XVI is very interesting, as also the interviews with prelates.
In this way, we can unite ourselves more with our Church since the experience of this communion obliges us to go much further.
Now that the feastday of our Seraphic Father Francis of Assisi approaches, we praise Him Who is all good, the supreme good and, with our Sister and Mother Clare, give Him thanks because “He thought of us and created us”.
With much gratitude we send you some hand-painted souvenirs.
May the Lord reward you with His graces.

Sister María Inés de la Isla Serrano, OSC

Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

A help to construct new cells

Brazzaville, 8 December 2007

Dear Sir,
Our Poor Clares from Mbuji-Mayi provided us with an issue of 30Jours that interested us a great deal and we come to ask if there is also a way to subscribe our small community to this magazine: it would be of great help to us, since we don’t receive much news from the outside.
In January it will be three years since the first nuns arrived in Djiri, a small village twenty-four kilometers to the north of Brazzaville. This foundation was established by the Poor Clares of Mbuji-Mayi, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our community numbers five nuns currently, but we often have nuns in transit who help us in our small foundation. In this period we are constructing our chapel, since in order to pray we have only a small oratory; the Christians would like to pray with us, but for now this is not possible given the smallness of the places. It is quite urgent to construct also a building of twelve cells, inasmuch as when we accommodate nuns in transit we are forced to sleep in two to every room.
I outline our situation a little in order to tell you that we would be happy to receive your magazine.
Perhaps, through it we would also have a means of receiving some small help. In fact, we have been founded by an African convent which at this moment finds itself in difficulty because of the political context.
We make many small things in order to earn a living for ourselves and manage to find what is necessary for food and clothing, but when it comes to building, the matter becomes more problematic and we proceed very slowly. However, we have the certainty that the Lord, if He wants this foundation, will give us what is necessary to realize it.
Hoping for a favorable answer, trust in the assurance of our appreciative prayers.

Sister Claire

Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India

It would be a joy to receive other copies of Who prays is saved

Nagercoil, 13 December 2007

Sincere greetings from the Poor Clares of the Perpetual Adoration of Nagercoil, for a Happy Christmas and a New Year rich in graces.
With gratitude in your regard, we remember you affectionately in our liturgical novena for Holy Christmas, from the 16 to 24 December, in the Eucharistic adoration and the daily prayers.
Emanuel, Who has always accompanied us without failure in all the vicissitudes of the past year, will continue to walk with us and be our faithful companion in this year dedicated to the Word of God.
We take the occasion to express our gratitude to you for the magazine 30Giorni, that with great generosity you wished to send us for all of last year. We ask you to continue to do so. It is of great help to us in keeping us up with the events of our time. It would be a joy for us to receive other copies of the booklet Who prays is saved and we thank you in advance.
Happy Christmas and a Holy New Year!
With our sincere greetings in our Redeemer Child,

Mother Mary Regina, PCPA, and Community

Ikonda, Tanzania

The Who prays is saved booklets have gone like hot cakes

Ikonda, 12 December 2007

Dear Mr. Director,
It is with true joy that I write to thank you not only for the magazine 30Giorni, most interesting and stimulating, but also for sending the booklets in English: Who prays is saved. It was a gift appreciated by many people and in particular by the staff of the hospital and the students of the TTC (Teacher Training College). The booklets have gone like hot cakes, a sign that people are thirsty for prayer. I have recommended to all to be mindful of you and your collaborators in prayer!
I wish you a Happy Christmas of peace and true love and a New Year rich in every good. Congratulations and best wishes for these issues of 30Days that one reads all in one go!
From this poor corner of Tanzania, where there are still children who suffer because of malnutrition, I send you the most cordial and appreciative greetings and good wishes.
With my and our prayer,

Sister Magda Boscolo

Mwanza, Tanzania

Reading Chi prega si salva a young person returned to the Church

Mwanza, 10 January 2008

Dear Mr. Giulio Andreotti,
pax et bonum!
May the Lord guarantee you the abundance of the Holy Spirit in order to continue your work according to His holy will. We thank you for the beautiful and wonderful magazine 30Days directed by you. We find it very interesting and instructive. It gives us news of the Church and the world. It encourages us to pray with more fervor and intensity. We thank you and your collaborators. Your apostolate occupies a special place in our prayers.
Thanks also for the “red booklet” (Who prays is saved). We gave it to a young student at the Saint Augustine University, who had not been seen in church for six years. After some days he returned to give us good news: he had read the booklet very carefully and has now returned to the Church. We give thanks to God! May we dare ask you to send other copies to us?
We enclose a copy of our newsletter. We wish to have you share in the fact that our new convent was blessed and inaugurated by our apostolic nuncio in 2003. But given the long distance from the city we are far from the electricity center. This is a disadvantage from many aspects, especially the fact that at night we are in the dark. Some kind persons have helped us by giving us solar panels, but they are not sufficient. If we had at least 500 euro we could extend the system of solar panels. We pray for this.
United in prayer,

Sister Mary Assumpta, Abbess, and Community

Spiritual reading/15

The doctrine of the faith expressed in the two chapters of the Indiculus is wonderfully summarized in the following prayer of the ancient Ambrosian liturgy:

“Deus, qui es mirabilis in operibus,
iustus in iudiciis, largus in donis,
multiplica super nos gratiam tuam;
et quia tu nobis es bonorum causa meritorum,
custodi quod tribuis,
ut invenias quos corones.
Per Dominum nostrum”
(Litaniae post tertiam, feria IV, hebdomada III in Quadragesima)

“O God, Who are wonderful in works,
just in judgments, generous in gifts,
pour out on us Your grace;
and since You are for us the cause of fair deserving,
safeguard what You bestow,
so that You may find who to reward.
Through Our Lord”


We do not think that freedom is diminished, but neither do we doubt that His grace is worth more in every one of the individual good acts of the will

Capitulum 5. Quod omnia studia et omnia opera ac merita Sanctorum ad Dei gloriam laudemque referenda sint; quia nemo aliunde ei placet, nisi ex eo, quod ipse donaverit. [...] “[...] Ideo utique, quia “praeparatur voluntas a Domino” [Pr 8, 35 Sept.], et ut boni aliquid agant, paternis inspirationibus suorum ipse tangit corda filiorum. “Quotquot enim Spiritu Dei aguntur, hi filii Dei sunt” [Rm 8, 14]; ut nec nostrum deesse sentiamus arbitrium, et in bonis quibusque voluntatis humanae singulis motibus magis illius valere non dubitemus auxilium” (Denzinger 243).

Chapter 5. That all the zeal and all the works and merits of the saints ought to be referred to the glory and praise of God; because no one pleases Him with anything except with that which He Himself has given. [...] “[...] Therefore assuredly, ‘because the good will is provided beforehand by the Lord’ [Prov 8:35: LXX], and that the good may accomplish something, He Himself touches the hearts of His sons with paternal inspirations. ‘For all that are moved by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God’ [Rom 8:14]; so that we do not think that our free will is lacking; and we do not doubt that in each and every good movement of the human will, His help is most powerful”.

Capitulum 6. Quod ita Deus in cordibus hominum atque in ipso libero operetur arbitrio, ut sancta cogitatio, pium consilium omnisque motus bonae voluntatis ex Deo sit, quia per illum aliquid boni possumus, “sine quo nihil possumus” [Jo 15, 5] (Denzinger 244).

Chapter 6. That God thus operates in the hearts of men and in the free will itself, so that a holy thought, a pious plan, and every motion of good will is from God, because we can do anything good through Him, “without whom we can do nothing” [Jn 15:5].


Tanzanian women in traditional dress

Tanzanian women in traditional dress

Iringa, Tanzania

Thanks for the three activated wells

Iringa, 4 December 2007

Dear Mr. Senator Giulio Andreotti.

After a short period of sojourn in Italy, I have returned to Pawaga, Iringa (Tanzania). I am moved and full of gratitude on seeing how many, but so many friends and readers of the magazine 30Giorni adhered to the request to collaborate in the realization of artesian wells here in the Pawaga region. To you, Mr. Senator, and to them, my and our thanks. For my part I was prompt in sending to each one of them a letter of congratulations. But I also ask you to express through the magazine 30Giorni heartfelt thanks. I make myself the spokesman of many people gratified by this help.
There are three wells already activated: the first one near the Pawaga jails. Here the prisoners and the service staff will be able from now on to drink sweet and fresh water (a pity that it is not wine from Piglio! ... I make this comment... But I am very aware that to drink clear water, from the source, clean, at a depth of only six meters is an incalculable gift compared to that from unhealthy swamps).
Another well, also very precious, has been activated in the village of lkorongo. Here three tribes live, the Masai, the Wagogo and the Wahehe, who took part in the digging of the well and when they saw the water emerge from the cistern they began to clap their hands and to “trill” with their tongues.
Well... the animals also, the herds of cows exulted with joy. They drank, they drank and gave intimate natural thanks.
And the third well is in Mkumbwanyi. Here the excitement reduced me to silence. A village of lunar characteristics, indecipherable because of multiple problematics of a socio-economic character. I have been here in Tanzania for a long time (15 years) and I had never seen so much poverty and misery! Houses? Absolutely not, a dream! Only shacks, straw huts, thrown there haphazardly in order to seek shelter from the torrid sun. Well, in this village the clean and fresh water has also arrived. A well of five meters, At the first water surge a crowd of children took their first bath.
So, dear Giulio, what very little cost to make the poor Lazarus happy, taking from our opulence some “small change”, a “coin” of evangelical memory! Thanks be to God, without doubt and first of all, but great thanks also to you, most dear friend, good friend of the Lord to Whom you have made yourself interpreter of many less fortunate brothers in life, today.
My very dear one. I bless you. For you and your collaborators I will offer to the Lord a Holy Mass of thanksgiving.
Father Silvestro also joins with me.
Thanks and Happy Christmas, most affectionately,

father Sergio Antonucci, IMC

To continue to help Father Sergio Antonucci
Missioni Consolata Onlus corso Ferrucci, 14 - 10138 Turin
c/c postale 33405135
N.B. In the written reason it is necessary to specify that the offering is for Father Sergio Antonucci

Sitio Novo, Mato Grosso, Brazil

I intend to buy Quem reza se salva

Sitlo Novo, 20 December 2007

Dear friends of 30Giorni,
And in a special way the ever highly respected Senator Giulio Andreotti, thanks for having me included in the list of the missionaries to whom you send the magazine free of charge. I hope to continue to receive it in Italian with the enclosures, that are very important for me. I also intend to buy Chi prega si salva in Portuguese and in the pocket format. Meanwhile I thank you and send you again many good wishes for a Happy and Holy Christmas.
Most devoutly,

father Bruno Bortolaso

Windsor, Ontario Canada

The history articles speak to me from close up

Windsor, Christmas 2007

Senator Giulio Andreotti, To you and your family best wishes for a good Christmas and a I Iappy New Year. I thank you for sending 30Giorni that I always read from the first to the last page. The history articles speak to me from close up having lived the years of the Second World War and the post-war period in Italy. I
find the inserts very interesting and useful.
May the Lord grant you merit for this good work toward many persons.
Respectful greetings to you and all the staff.

Father Augusto Feccia

Camaná, Peru

3OGiorni for the young seminarians

Camaná, 20 November 2007

Dear Mr. Director,
It pleases me to address myself to you with the wish that God may accompany you and bless you in all your professional activities.
This present letter is in order to acquaint you with the fact that the major seminary “Nuestra Señora de Qoilca” is located in the city of Camaná, in the district of Areqoipa, in Peru, and belongs to the prelature of Chuquibamba, whose center is in Camaná, erected on 24 March 2006, Our institution is dedicated to the formation of future priests who will carry out their sacerdotal ministry in this ecclesiastical district on behalf of the Church, leading souls to holiness.
The prelature of Chuquibamba, to which we belong, is a territory that comprises four provinces of the district of Arequtpa and, since it does not have many priests, our bishop, Monsignor Mario Busquets Jorda, felt the necessity of founding a seminary. In our seminary there are thirty young students coming from humble families of low income. Not receiving any economic support from other institutions, we request to he able to benefit from the sending of the magazine 30Giorni . This magazine is of great usefulness for the formation of the candidates to the priesthood since it contains much ecclesiastical information thai leads to a doctrinal and cultural enrichment of the seminarians.
Hoping to be able to count on your prayers and your support for our seminary, which will he greatly appreciated, we entrust you to our prayers, asking God to bless the activities that you promote in favor of others.

Don Percy Fernando Saavedra Ramirez, Vice Rector

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