from issue no.04 - 2008


Yangyang (Gangwon-do), South Korea

Thanks for the most beautiful spiritual meditation

Yangyang, 12 March 2008

Dear Senator Andreotti,
We wish you all the grace and the joy of Easter, and pray that you may experience in a special way the loving presence of the Risen Lord.
Once again we wish to express to you our appreciation because you continue to send us the wonderful magazine 30Days. The reportage that concerned the Church in China was wonderful and very rich in information. I was able to share it with our Korean sisters who do not know English. Thanks also for the very beautiful spiritual meditation of Don Giacomo Tantardini, “Faith also pleads” [“Anche la fede domanda”], that touched my heart very deeply. I would like if the magazine were available in Korean. However, it gives me the possibility of sharing many things with my sisters, so once again I say thanks to you and may God bless you for your gift!
May the Risen Lord continue to bless you with the peace and the joy of serving and following Him!
Fraternally in Christ,

Sister Mary Diane, OSC, and the Sisters of Yangyang

Canicattini Bagni (SR), Italy

Send us Chi prega si salva

Canicattini Bagni, 13 February 2008

Dear Editorial staff,
We request you to send us as quickly as possible twenty-seven copies of Chi prega si salva, pocket format, and three copies of the same, large format. We will pay COD. We thank the Lord for the good that your beautiful magazine does and are close to you in prayer. Happy Easter!

The Discalced Carmelites

Ostuni (BR), Italy

I ask the charity of sending us Chi prega si salva

Ostuni, 25 March 2008

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Some time ago along with the magazine 30Giorni there was a booklet included: Chi prega si salva. I wanted to ask of you the charity, also paying, of having fifteen or so copies of this booklet sent to us, which is produced very well and rich in prayers, and can be of great help to those who sometimes ask us for booklets in order to pray.
As a community of Carmelite nuns of Ostuni (BR), we renew our thanks for the magazine that you send to us monthly. We assure you, dear Senator Andreotti, and all those who work for the fine publication of the magazine, the daily support of the prayer of the community, so that God may bless every single person in a new life in the light of Holy Easter.

Mother Daniela and fellow Sisters.
P.S. An affectionate greeting from Sister Agnese

MerloSur, Argentina

I would be interested to get to know Chi prega si salva

Merlo Sur, Easter 2008

In Jesus, Dear Mr. Giulio Andreotti.
May the paschal joy overflow in our hearts so as to make us love Jesus more every day.
These are our wishes while we thank you for the sending of the magazine 30Giorni, gift of Mrs. Vannucci, because we receive so much good from reading the news it brings us. While I thank you once again for the publication of the volume on the remains of the twelve apostles, I allow myself to tell you that I would be interested to get to know the booklet Chi prega si salva. I thank you in anticipation and greet you fraternally in Jesus and Mary.

Mother Maria Matilde of Jesus Crucified


Kaolack, Senegal

Two thousand copies of Qui prie sauve son âme

Kaolack, 27 March 2008

Dear Editorial staff,
On the insistent recommendation of our bishop, Monsignor Benjamin Ndiaye, I submit to your concern the request for two thousand copies of the prayer booklet Qui prie sauve son âme, that we came to know because it was included as a supplement with 30Jours.
We have found it so practical and useful that we believe it can sustain our faithful, who often don’t have practical aids for their prayer.
Certain of the particular attention that you will reserve for our request, we ask you to believe in the assurance of our communion in prayer,

Father Raphaël Ndiaye

Asunción, Paraguay

What joy when 30Giorni arrives!

18 January 2008

Dear Senator,
I am very grateful for the sending of the magazine 30Giorni. All the articles interest me, and very much. What joy when it arrives! But the first thing I read is your article of personal memories. They make me relive my youth. They make many things clear to me that I could not then know or understand. I left Italy, already a priest, in February 1948, with anxiety in my heart about how the elections would go the following April. I have now carried out my mission for sixty years (I will not retire) between Argentina and Paraguay. Every time that I see something that has the colors of our flag there comes to me... well! Blood is not water!, despite the eighty-five years passed.
From next February I will be transferred to Paraguay again so I would be grateful to you if the magazine could be sent to the new address.
Please receive my sincere wishes for a prosperous 2008. May you enjoy many fulfillments for long years in perfect conditions of health.
I remember you daily in the Eucharistic celebration.
Again infinite thanks,

Father Danilo Vaccari

Puerta Parada, Guatemala

I would like 30Giorni in Spanish

Puerta Parada, 2 February 2008

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
peace and wellbeing!
An old Franciscan missionary who for more than forty-one years works for the kingdom of God in Central America, and precisely in El Salvador and Guatemala writes to you, places in which violence has found well “fertilized” land in which to grow freely. Just this morning a fellow brother was attacked, injured and robbed. Here every day is lived with fear and, night having arrived for rest, we thank God for having kept us safe and sound from dangers.
I receive punctually the magazine 30Giorni that you direct with much love and wisdom. Thanks from the heart. I read it with great interest seeing that it brings me up to date not only with how Italian society proceeds, but with all of the Church. I allow myself to ask the favor of being able to receive it in Spanish, so that also my confreres, who do not know Italian, could benefit from it. I thank you sincerely and I assure you of my remembrance in the Lord.

Father Bonizio Morin

Bangui, Central African Republic

Something lovely that makes us feel part of the Church

Bangui, 9 February 2008

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I am a Combonian missionary in the Central African Republic: I write in order to ask of you, if possible, the gift of the subscription to the magazine 30Giorni.
The community to which I belong, and in whose name I write, is in Bangui, the capital, and this is the provincial house of the Combonians in Central Africa. This in order to say that everyone passes through here, and would be happy, while waiting to leave again, to read something lovely that makes us feel part of the Church.
Some issues of 30Giorni that we received, perhaps as a gift, the past year, made us appreciate this magazine very much, and we await every mail arrival with hopeful expectation. Unfortunately the last number that arrived to us is from April 2007.
We ask, Senator, if you can make us a gift of a subscription for a year or more to your magazine, best if in French. If it is not possible to receive a free subscription, please have the magazine sent to us anyway with the indication as to how we can fulfill our obligation: it will be our responsibility to do so as soon as possible.
Trusting in a favorable outcome, we express to you, Senator Andreotti, and to all your collaborators, our esteem and gratefulness and assure you of remembrance in our prayer.
We greet you cordially.

Father Gianantonio Berti, MCCJ

Tananarive, Madagascar

I would be grateful if you could send me the review in French

Tananarive, 27 February 2008

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
I am a Salesian coadjutor brother, a missionary in Madagascar for twenty-four years; I take care of the poor young people and the most needy in Tananarive, in the area of professional formation, work that I already did for eighteen years in Palermo before coming to Madagascar. I write in order to thank you for the very beautiful and most appreciated gift that I receive from you for six months now, the sending of your wonderful magazine 30Giorni. I read it with great admiration and have some of my Italian fellow brothers read it: but in my community there are also confreres who are not Italian and don’t know Italian, so because of this I would be immensely grateful if you could send the magazine to me in French which, after Madagascan, is the official language and the most spoken here in Madagascar.
I thank you in anticipation, and I renew my esteem and appreciation to you personally and to all your qualified collaborators.
In union of prayers,

Paolo Sapienza

Spiritual reading/17

Reading the first two canons of the Council of Orange the image returns immediately to the memory of beloved Pope Paul VI who, forty years ago, on 30 June 1968, pronounced the Creed of the People of God in Saint Peter’s Square. With this profession of faith the Pope, as he explained in the homily, wanted to attest “our solid purpose of fidelity to the deposit of faith (cf.1Tm 6, 20) which the holy apostles have transmitted to us”. Making it evident to the eyes of all the faithful that the deposit to be safeguarded was more important than the task of the caretaker, “successor of Peter even though last in merit”. Also because, as the apostle Paul writes to his beloved disciple Timothy, it is the Lord Himself Who is able to guard both the deposit and the caretaker (cf. 2Tm 1, 12).
Thus then Pope Paul VI: “We believe that in Adam all have sinned, which means that the original offense committed by him caused human nature, common to all men, to fall to a state in which it bears the consequences of that offense, and which is not the state in which it was at first in our first parents – established as they were in holiness and justice, and in which man knew neither evil nor death. It is human nature so fallen, stripped of the grace that clothed it, injured in its own natural powers and subjected to the dominion of death, that is transmitted to all men, and it is in this sense that every man is born in sin. We therefore hold, with the Council of Trent, that original sin is transmitted with human nature, “not by imitation, but by propagation” and that it is thus “proper to everyone”. (Denzinger 1513)”.
While Paul VI gave the first-person good example of “taking the maximum care not to blunt the teachings of Christian doctrine”, what is known as ‘Sixty-eight’ began, a revolutionary idealism that a recent book, much discussed in Italy, describes its final consequences as follows: “As was already seen in many revolutions, that of globalization was prepared by the enlightened, put into action by fanatics, by preachers who began with theological faith in the quest for the earthly paradise”1.

1 G. Tremonti, La paura e la speranza [The fear and the hope], Mondadori, Milan 2008, p. 5.

Council of Orange 529

All of man, both body and soul, is wounded by original sin

De peccato originali
Canon 1. Si quis per offensam praevaricationis Adae non totum, id est secundum corpus et animam, in deterius dicit hominem commutatum, sed animae libertate illaesa durante, corpus tantummodo corruptioni credit obnoxium, Pelagii errore deceptus adversatur Scripturae dicenti: «Anima, quae peccaverit, ipsa morietur» [Ez 18, 20], et: «Nescitis, quoniam, cui exhibetis vos servos ad oboediendum, servi estis eius, cui oboeditis? » [Rm 6, 16]; et: «A quo quis superatur, eius et servus addicitur» [cfr. 2Pt 2, 19] (Denzinger 371).

Canon 2. Si quis soli Adae praevaricationem suam, non et eius propagini asserit nocuisse, aut certe mortem tantum corporis quae poena peccati est, non autem et peccatum, quod mors est animae, per unum hominem in omne genus humanum transiisse testatur, iniustitiam Deo dabit contradicens Apostolo dicenti: «Per unum hominem peccatum intravit in mundum, et per peccatum mors, et ita in omnes homines [mors] pertransiit, in quo omnes peccaverunt» [cfr. Rm 5, 12] (Denzinger 372).

Original sin
Canon 1. If anyone claims that not the whole person, that is both in body and soul, was changed for the worst by the sin of the prevarication of Adam, but believes that, remaining undamaged the freedom of man, only the body is subject to corruption, deceived by the error of Pelagus, he goes against the Scripture that says: “The soul, that has sinned, will itself die” [Ez 18, 20]; and: “Do you not know, if you put yourselves into the service of someone as slaves to obey him, you are slaves of him whom you serve?” [Rm 6, 16]; and: “He who is overcome by someone, is also assigned to him as slave” [cf. 2Pt 2, 19].

Canon 2. If anyone state that the sin of Adam harmed him alone and not his offspring also, or states that because of a single man, death of the body, which is the penalty of sin, penetrated into all mankind, but not also sin, that is the death of the soul, he will attribute to God an injustice, contradicting the Apostle who says: “Because of a single man sin entered the world, and through sin death, and so death has spread to all mankind, because in him [Adam] all have sinned” [cf. Rm 5, 12].

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