from issue no.05 - 2008


Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, Mexico

Thanks for sharing with us the gift of God

Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas, 28 January 2008

Dear Mr. Senator Giulio Andreotti, Director of the magazine 30Días,
I was pleased to share your praise and gratefulness to God for life and the gifts received.
Please receive our sincere greetings of peace and wellbeing.
In these days in which you have completed another year of life and have the opportunity of enjoying new experiences, may you renew your spirit and offer the best of yourself as you are doing by offering us the magazine 30Días. Thanks for sharing with us the gift that God has granted you.
We, Poor Clares of Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas, in Michoacán, wish to thank you for the kind gesture of sending us your magazine which is very interesting for all of us: many thanks.
We are seven nuns who arrived eight years ago in this coastal and missionary land; this community of contemplative life is the first in this diocese that has much need of prayers and priestly and religious vocations, being a coastal area and a land of mission. We have economic difficulties in constructing the convent and, since our resources do not allow us to build it, we are living in one small house that was given us on loan.
Our Lord Jesus Christ knows what He does and we are abandoned to His divine providence: He will send His holy angels to help us.
Our prayers and sincere thanks to you. May the Lord guide and strengthen your work, overflow your heart with life and enthusiasm and fill it with blessings.
May harmony and peace reign in your generous heart.
With consideration,

Sister María Gabriela Pérez Téllez, OSC

Cuenca, Spain

Quien reza se salva will do good to my soul

Cuenca, 26 January 2008

Ave Maria.
“The best stimulus to love and pray to God is the infinite love that encircles us”. (Saint John Bosco)

Happy Easter of Resurrection!
Dear friend Giulio Andreotti, peace and joy.
Today providentially I found in my parish the beautiful magazine 30Días. I was enchanted and decided to write this small letter in order to ask you with great affection, if possible, to receive the booklet Quien reza se salva. I am sure that it will be precious and do much good to my soul.
Very dear friend Giulio, are you a priest? I wish very much that you would write me some details. Many thanks for your precious apostolate. Thanks to the magazine many people have come close to the Lord, among them this poor sinner. May the Lord bless you and Our Most Holy Mother preserve you always in her Immaculate Heart.
The poor Sister in Christ Jesus is full of gratitude to you,

María Carmen de Todos los Santos

Villena (Alicante), Spain

We would like copies of Chi prega si salva in Spanish and English

Villena, 18 March 2008

Dear Mr. Director Giulio Andreotti,
With great joy we wish you a happy Easter of the Resurrection of the Lord. May the Lord bless you and your projects.
We are very grateful for the magazine 30Días, that you send us free of charge, seeing that by means of it we are up to date with all that happens in the Church and the world; therefore we will continue to pray for all those persons who suffer from every kind of slavery there is in the world.
We have also received the booklet Quien reza se salva. We wish to receive another fourteen copies in Spanish and two in English: we will pay the amount COD as soon as we have received the package.
We greet you affectionately,

Mother Regina González
and the Community

Merlo Sur, Argentina

Who prays is saved for a good confession

Merlo Sur, 23 April 2008

In Jesus. Dear Mr. Director Giulio Andreotti,
I have received Who prays is saved with great pleasure. I like it a lot and thank you for having sent it to me so soon. What struck me most was evidenced on the back cover of the magazine: “Who prays is saved contains [...] all that helps to make a good confession”: It is what I always look for in prayer books in order to recommend them to the faithful, because, as Pope Pius XII already said, the awareness of sin is lost. Who prays is saved teaches these things in a simple, clear and short form that is comprehensible to all.
Unfortunately where we live there is much poverty and the things offered can only be donated; we are not in the condition to do so.
I allow myself therefore to ask of you the charity to send some copies of Who prays is saved in Spanish to us so that we can give them as gifts to the persons who attend our chapel.
I thank you again for having sent this booklet to me: I accompany it with my prayers so that its circulation may increase ever more.
Wishing you the grace and gifts of the Holy Spirit for the next feastday of Pentecost, I greet you fraternally in Jesus and Mary.

Mother Maria Matilde of Jesus Crucified

Alcalá de Henares, Spain

Thanks for the punctual sending of the magazine

Alcalá de Henares, 17 April 2008

Dear Mr. Andreotti, may the joy of the Risen Lord be in your good heart.
Through these simple words we wish to thank you for the punctual sending of the magazine 30Giorni. May the Lord continue to bless you and all the persons who collaborate in this great endeavor.
Receive our gratitude and the promise to remember you in our prayer.

Sister María Teresa García de Dios, Prioress

Nkumba, Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Quie prie sauve son âme: an aid for novices and nuns

Nkumba, 18 April 2008

We express our deepest gratitude!
Mr. Director of the magazine 30Jours,
May the Lord fill you with His peace and His joy. We wish to express to you our profound gratitude for the paternal attention and the consideration with which you sent us 30Jours in gift. It is a very instructive magazine, because it keeps us in contact with all that happens in our Holy Mother Church and the world, so that we can then present all this to the Lord in our prayer.
Our convent is situated among volcanoes and lakes. We are here for four years now. The building is still not finished. Many things are lacking: for example, our libraries, also that of the novitiate, are nearly empty: there are only the books of our holy founder saints. Our novices, during the readings of the office, use one book in two.
We thank you a thousand times for the sending of the magazine 30Jours: we read and reread it. We live off Providence, thanks to our benefactors.
There is a book, that you distributed, entitled Quie prie sauve son âme: we haven’t received it; if you wish, you can donate it to us also, it can be of help to us in our spiritual growth, particularly for the novices, but also for the nuns.
May our daily prayer accompany you in your apostolate. The convent will be constructed little by little, according to the gifts of the Divine Providence.
In Jesus and Mary, thanks for your understanding and support.

Your nuns of the Visitation Sainte Marie

San Francisco de Campeche, Mexico

Quien reza se salva is very useful

San Francisco de Campeche, 7 April 2008

Peace and Goodness!
Dear Mr. Giulio Andreotti,
The reason I write is to thank you for the generosity you have shown in sending us the magazine 30Días. It helps us keep up to date and discover other realities that stimulate us to pray for our brothers throughout the world, above all those in the Middle East, who have great need of peace: our persecuted Christian brothers and those of other religious confessions.
All the articles are of great interest because topical; the spiritual reflections help us to meditate and at the same time to know the places from which they come.
Another reason why we write to you is to introduce ourselves; in fact, although our Order was founded by Saint Francis of Assisi, it is small and at times we are confused with the Poor Clare nuns; we are Franciscans of the Third Order Regular of Penitence, that includes friars, us nuns and congregations of active life. In Mexico twelve monasteries exist: we are in this beautiful city of Campeche, and are fourteen nuns with perpetual vows and two in formation.
Count on our prayers, may God reward you for your charity and also for the Quien reza se salva booklet that is very useful. If you wished to have the good will to supply some copies to us for our families, we would be extremely grateful to you. May our good God bless you and your work team.
Praise be to Christ,

Reverend Mother Rodríguez Gem, TOR, Abbess

Cotonou, Benin

We would like to receive five hundred copies of Qui prie sauve son âme

Cotonou, 15 April 2008

Dear Mr. Director, peace and goodness to you!
With hearts full of gratitude we thank you for your magazine 30Jours that arrives to us in French and Italian, since our founders are Italian.
The magazine helps us to extend our prayers to the horizons of the world, to the Church at the present time and serves also as spiritual formation.
Even if late, we wish you a Happy Easter. May the Risen Christ, through the intercession of the Virgin, of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, bless you and all your staff.
With all our affection and the assurance of our prayers.

The Capuchin Poor Clares

N.B. We would like to receive five hundred copies of Qui prie sauve son âme, inasmuch as we are in the capital and many frequent our monastery in search of a book of prayers. We thank you so much from now.
We recommend ourselves to your prayers because, on account of the advance of the sea, after fifteen years sojourn, we prepare ourselves to move forty kilometers towards the interior. The works of the new convent have already begun since 10 November 2006 but we don’t know when they will finish because the price of the materials increases every day.

Spiritual reading/18

In 1576 Saint Teresa of Jesus heard these words from the Lord: “Seek yourself in me”. Some of her good friends, among whom Father Julian of Avila and Father John of the Cross, at the suggestion of the Bishop of Avila, set down in writing their reflections on these words of Jesus to Teresa. Saint Teresa responded to the reflections of these theologians “out of obedience” with a short written piece in which, with delicacy, she corrects them, not excluding Saint John of the Cross.
Thus Saint Teresa of Jesus: “Regarding Father Julian of Avila. He begins well and ends badly: therefore the prize is not for him. He is not being asked here how the uncreated light unites with the created, but only how to seek ourselves in God. Nor do we ask him what the soul experiences when it is perfectly united with its Creator, nor how it can judge the difference in being united to Him. It seems to me then that these are issues to which the intellect cannot apply itself. If it could, it would also understand, and very well, the difference that exists between the Creator and the creature.
He further says: “When the soul is purified”. But here, according to me, there are neither virtues, nor purifications that suffice, because it has to do with a supernatural grace given by God to whom He pleases. If there is something that can dispose us to it, it is nothing but love. But I forgive him these mistakes because, if for nothing else, he has the merit of not being so long-winded as my Father, Brother John of the Cross.
Regarding Father John of The Cross. His response contains such excellent doctrine as would serve wondrously for anyone wanting to do the exercises of the Society of Jesus, but it is out of place here. We would be very much to be pitied if we may not seek God unless already dead to the world! Magdalene, the Samaritan woman, the Canaanite woman were perhaps dead to the world when they found the Lord?
He expands on the necessity of uniting oneself with God and of making oneself a single thing with Him. But when that happens, when God grants a soul this grace, it cannot any longer be said that it seeks God, because it has already found Him. God deliver me from people so spiritual as to want to reduce every thing, relevantly or irrelevantly, to perfect contemplation! However one must be grateful to him for having explained so well to us what we never asked him. This is why it is so beautiful to be always speaking of God: one derives profit from it even when one doesn’t expected it”*.

* Translated from Saint Teresa of Jesus, Doctor of the Church, Opere, OCD, Roma 2005, pp. 1479-1480.

Council of Orange of 529

“Prayer is always the gift of God who comes to encounter man” (from the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 534)

De gratia

Canon 3. Si quis invocatione humana gratiam Dei dicit posse conferri, non autem ipsam gratiam facere, ut invocetur a nobis, contradicit Isaiae prophetae vel Apostolo idem dicenti: «Inventus sum a non quaerentibus me; palam apparui his, qui me non interrogabant» [Rm 10, 20; cfr. Is 65, 1] (Denzinger 373).

Canon 4. Si quis, ut a peccato purgemur, voluntatem nostram Deum exspectare contendit, non autem, ut etiam purgari velimus, per Sancti Spiritus infusionem et operationem in nos fieri confitetur, resistit ipsi Spiritui Sancto per Salomonem dicenti: «Praeparatur voluntas a Domino» [Pr 8, 35 Sept], et Apostolo salubriter praedicanti: «Deus est, qui operatur in vobis et velle et perficere pro bona voluntate» [cfr. Fil 2, 13] (Denzinger 374).


Canon 3. If anyone says that the grace of God can be bestowed by human invocation, but that the grace itself does not bring it to pass that it be invoked by us, he contradicts Isaias the Prophet, or the Apostle who says the same thing: "I was found by those who were not seeking me: I appeared openly to those, who did not ask me" [Rm. 10,20; cf. Is. 65,1].

Canon 4. If anyone contends that in order that we may be cleansed from sin, God waits for our good will, but does not acknowledge that even the wish to be purged is produced in us through the infusion and operation of the Holy Spirit, he opposes the Holy Spirit Himself, who says through Solomon: "Good will is prepared by the Lord" [Pr. 8,35: Sept], and the Apostle who beneficially says: "It is God, who works in us both to will and to accomplish according to his good will" [Phil. 2:13].


Who prays is saved

Who prays is saved

Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania
Moshi, Tanzania

Chi prega si salva: a gift for the bishops of Tanzania

Moshi, 28 April 2008

Dear Director,
I would like to express my deep appreciation for having been sending me each month a copy of 30Days magazine for several years now. I wish to state without any hesitation that the material contained in that magazine has been a source of spiritual enlightenment and human enjoyment, let alone the balanced and sound information it provides about our Church and our world. For all these I thank you, Dear Director, with your collaborators.
I have now retired from the Office of the Diocesan Bishop of Moshi in Tanzania. But whatever I shall be doing for the Church, I will still need your magazine in order to remain mentally and spiritually active in our church and the world. So, I kindly request to remain on the list of the beneficiaries of 30Giorni. The address remains the same. I will continue to pray for the success of your apostolate.
I have been requested by the Bishops of Tanzanian Episcopal Conference to give them a Spiritual Retreat this year. We usually have a retreat together every two years. I would greatly appreciate if it would be possible to get 35 copies of the above booklet in English so that each bishop would get a copy of his own. This would serve as a souvenir for this important spiritual exercise for the Church in Tanzania. The bishops need also to be reminded about the basic prayers we learnt from the time we were taught morning and evening prayers.
Thank you, and forgive me for any inconvenience.

Amedeus Msarikie,
Bishop Emeritus of Moshi

Iringa, Tanzania

Chi prega si salva is the first book for many

Iringa, Easter 2008

Dear Director!
I am a Brazilian missionary who works in Tanzania. My missionary companion is also Brazilian. I always receive your magazine that is for me a great help to accompany the life of the Church. The mission where I work (Ng’ingula) is very isolated. We don’t have electric light and in this period of rains (from December to May) we don’t even have roads. I almost always walk to the villages, schools, communities. Even though with many difficulties, we are living Lent intensely with many catechumens who are preparing for Baptism.
Many times I thought to write. Today I gathered the courage. I also have two things to ask: the first are the books. In the mission there is a secondary school with about three hundred students. The school is very poor. Students have no books. They must copy the lessons in notebooks of poor quality or on pieces of paper. They would very much like to have a prayer book or even the Bible, if they didn’t cost too much. If possible, we would like to have Chi prega si salva in English: for many this would be the first book they held in their hands and I am sure they would make good use of it.
The second thing: we should consign this mission to the diocese in about two years or so. Our desire is to leave the pastoral and structural situation well underway. We need to build some small churches. I dare propose the request of building a church in the village of Mwatasi. The village has six thousand inhabitants. The Catholics are already a beautiful community and grow ever more in number and in quality. The present small church is insufficient and the village was divided into two. Even if the people are very poor they would very much like to have their own church (20 meters by 10). It is difficult to receive aid from Brazil. Also as elsewhere, there is more sensitivity today to the social situation (which is needed especially in the midst of so much poverty). But, although poor, these people are asking to have their own place of worship, their church, and are willing to help according to their possibilities. They already have the project. The church could be built with 12 thousand euros. Excuse me if I have exaggerated in asking this aid. May the Lord always bless your valuable work for the Church and for society.

Father Roberto Facchini

To help Father Roberto Facchini
Current account: IT 16V0306901 1220 0000 51 60 049 at Banca Intesa-San Paolo, Agency 84, Corso Vittorio Emanuele n. 208, Torino
In the name of: Fondazione Missioni Consolata onlus, Corso Ferrucci No 14, 10138 Turin
Important: it should be specified in the reason for the transfer that the donation is for Father Roberto Facchini
Missionari della Consolata, Missione di Ng’ingula, Iringa, Tanzania

Bangui, Central African Republic

We thank you very much for the beautiful gift

Bangui, March 2008

Dear Mr. Senator Andreotti,
We received the first issue of 30Jours.
I, and my confreres also, thank you very much for the beautiful gift and also for the promptness in the acceptance of our request.
Our Bangui house is the home of the Combonian provincialate in the Central African Republic: all missionaries pass by and sojourn here for some time; they are pleased to read the magazine that presents a serene outlook on the Church in the world at this time.
I greatly appreciated the articles about Lourdes on the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the appearances, and the words of Saint Bernadette. Thanks again to you, Senator, and to all your collaborators at 30Giorni, also on the part of my confreres in the Central African Republic.
We remember you all with affection in prayer.

Father Antonio Berti

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