from issue no.08 - 2008


The letter of Alexis II

The letter of Alexis II

From the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

I am deeply gratified that 30Giorni now has a Russian version also

Moscow, 6 August 2008

Dr. Giulio Andreotti
Senator of the Republic of Italy

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
Thank you and all the staff of your 3ODays magazine for having sent me the magazine’s first special issue in Russian, which includes among other things my interview.
I am deeply gratified by the fact that this authoritative periodical published in seven languages now has a Russian version. This special issue contains rich material on the history, culture and today’s life of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church. It is my conviction that this benevolent interest in our country and our Church will contribute to good relations between the Italian and Russian nations and to fruitful dialogue between the Moscow Patriarchate and the Roman Catholic Church in Italy.
I would like to wish success in your work and all the best to you and all the staff of the magazine.

Alexy, Patriarch of Moscow
and All Russia

archdiocese of karachi, pakistan

Thank you for the Russian edition and for the Creed of the People of God

Karachi, 23 July 2008

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
Congratulations and Thanks.
I wish to thank you for sending the special issue as a gift: an issue of 30Days in Russian (with an English section), a product of collaboration with the World Public Forum–Dialogue of Civilizations of Moscow. You rightly call it The faith of Russia, the unity of the Church. It is indeed a beautiful gift. Thank you also for Pope Paul VI’s The Creed of the People of God.
I congratulate you on your great interest and efforts with regard to Ecumenism. We pray that the Lord may grant Unity and Peace to His Church.
Thanking you again with every good wish.
Yours sincerely in Christ,

Evarist Pinto
Archbishop of Karachi


The Russian edition interests all of us

Medellín, 11 August 2008

Dear friends,
Many thanks for the special edition in Russian that you sent me.
I believe that the reading of these articles on The faith of Russia, the unity of the Church will interest all of us. We continue to pray for full communion;
May God bless and accompany all your excellent initiatives for promoting unity.
A most sincere greeting,

Alberto Giraldo Jaramillo
Archbishop of Medellín


Thanks for the Russian edition

Tunisi, 28 July 2008

Dear Sir,
We received with pleasure the special edition of 30Giorni in Russian and thank you for your gesture as well as for the work done by the editorial staff of your magazine.
We also wish to communicate the personal details of Father Dimitri, of the Russian Church of Tunisi, which could be useful: Reverend Dimitri Netsvetaev – Russian Orthodox Church – Avenue Mohamed V, 12 – Tunisi.
Please accept our sincere greetings.

Maroun Lahham, Bishop of Tunisi

diocese of Birmingham in alabama, united States

Soon full communion, according to the will of the Lord

Birmingham, 13 August 2008

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the special issue of 30Giorni in Russian (with a selection in English), the product of collaboration with the World Public Forum–Dialogue of Civilizations of Moscow that you called The faith of Russia, the unity of the Church.
I share your desire that full communion may be achieved soon, according to the will of the Lord.
Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Robert J. Baker, S.T.D.
Bishop of Birmingham in Alabama


Sadori, Togo

We live thanks to our work

Sadori, 18 June 2008

Dear Sir,
For many months now we receive your magazine, which we find very interesting because it provides us with news about the Church and in particular about our Pope Benedict XVI. How can I express our satisfaction and our gratitude to you for this gift that you make us since we cannot subscribe? We are a foundation of the Convent of the Assumption of Dzogbégan, which is situated in the south of Togo. We instead are in the north of the country, in the diocese of Dapaong.
Our convent is in existence since 1995, but has not yet been completed. In these days we began the construction of the church, which is now a big workyard. We asked aid of different bodies and we hope to be able to collect the entire amount needed.
We are only ten nuns and live through different works: the production of yoghurt, sausages, syrup, honey and, in the area of agriculture, onions and fruit. We also have a guesthouse. But everything is difficult in Togo. A country deeply marked by long years of absence of aid, with an economic situation that remains precarious and a lot of poverty.
We received with pleasure the booklets Qui prie sauve son âme and we hope that you can send us another dozen for a few girls who seek the religious life and whose training needs strengthening.
In repeating our gratitude for the sending of the magazine, we assure you and all your collaborators of our prayer.

Sister Spera Anthony, Prioress

Seto-shi, Japan

Thank you for Chi prega si salva

Seto-shi, 25 May 2008

Dear and esteemed Director,
Thank you very much for sending the two parcels full of Chi prega si salva in six different languages.
Sister Marie-Thomas, our Prioress, and all the Sisters with me pray very much for your intentions and those of all of you.
As a token of thanks, we send two prints of the statue of Saint Joseph that the sculptor Albert Houart gave us.
In the unity of the Eucharist, your very grateful Sisters.

Sister Marie-Dominique

Augustinian NUNS OF THE CONVENT of tabalong
Bohol, Philippines

From a small community of Augustinian nuns

Bohol, 23 May 2008

Dear Mister President,
We are a small community of contemplative life. Some of us have resided in Italy for a long time.
We know your generosity toward all, especially toward the consecrated. Thank you, good President. We ask you, if it is possible, to receive 30Giorni so as not to ignore the life and the problematics of the Church and of the world. We are confident that our request will be heard and assure you of our daily remembrance before the Eucharistic Jesus. Sincere good wishes to your collaborators also. With profound Augustinian friendship.

Sister Emanuela Operiano

Ars sur Formans, France

We participated in two retreats preached by Cardinal Journet

Ars sur Formans, 8 August 2008

Dear Sir,
We would have wished to, and should have, thanked you for your response, so prompt and so generous, to our request. Please forgive us: it was not possible for us, but it is important for us to say how much you have enriched us! And today we can add that the copies of 30Jours have already enabled us to make many people happy, especially a young priest friend for whom they arrived just in time, just when he is about to leave his parish to receive a new appointment and therefore wants to give some copies of the magazine both to the parishioners he is leaving and the new ones!
Returning to this issue of 30Jours of which we asked some more copies, allow us to add a “personal” detail or, more exactly, “real” or “experienced” by our convent (see the interview with Cardinal Cottier): we had, we indeed, the immense grace to participate in two retreats preached by Cardinal Journet, in 1973 and 1974. He should have also come back in 1975 but the good Lord called him to Himself! For us it was an overwhelming encounter with a “saint”, in the stronger and more complete sense, which marked our community forever, including the young people who entered afterwards and therefore did not know him!
In renewing our religious thanks to you, please accept for yourself and the team of your collaborators, the assurance of the prayers of

the Carmelite nuns of Ars

Stolberg-Zweifall, Germany

I assisted Schlier before his death

Stolberg-Zweifall, 22 June 2008

Dear Mr. Director Giulio Andreotti,
As Carmelite nuns of Mary Queen of Stolberg in Germany (Rheinland), we would like to thank you with a very cordial “God bless you!” indeed for the gift 30Tage. In this regard, we would like to know who is the generous benefactor to whom we owe this present. It is a great help for our studies in spiritual theology because it is of an excellent journalistic level. With issue number 2 of 2008 you sent us a work of Heinrich Schlier, and I want you to know that, as an auxiliary in the department of Medicine in the Hospital of Saint Peter in Bonn, I was able to assist this world-renowned theologian until his return to the House of the Father. And I also came to know his family. It was an important milestone on the road for the Caramel of Stolberg-Zweifall. If you are in contact with any of them give them many fond wishes.
Thank you for everything. On behalf of my fellow sisters and in union with Jesus,

sister Mary Queen of Heaven, OCD, Vice Prioress

Jerusalem, Israel

A thank you from the Jerusalem Poor Clares

Jerusalem, 8 July 2008

Mr. Senator,
The Poor Clare nuns of Jerusalem are very grateful for your wonderful magazine. What joy to see the 30Jours reappear in our convent! May God bless you, with all your collaborators.
I entrust you with the future of our community that will be renewed with the forthcoming arrival of six young Poor Clares from Umbria and Rwanda. It is a wonderful project of God!
Sincerely united with you.

Sister Marie Paul du Christ, Abbess, OSC

Baden-Baden, Germany

Thanks for the constant sending of 30Tage

Lichtenthal Abbey, 7 July 2008

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
On behalf of our Abbess and all the sisters, I thank you very much for the constant sending of your magazine 30Tage, so interesting, and also may God reward you for the accompanying book by Heinrich Schlier Über die Auferstehung Jesu Christi (very precious!) and also for the Creed of the People of God. Really thank you very much!
May God continue to bless your activity with the success it deserves! We gladly support it with our prayers. So that through the writings you may have the joy of seeing your apostolate spread more and more.
With appreciation,

sister Mary Irmengard, O. CIST.

Arona, Novara

Thank you for the book Montini and Augustine

Arona, 25 July 2008

Mr. Senator Giulio Andreotti,
I received today and immediately thank you for the beautiful gift that 30Giorni offers us. The revered memory of Paul VI, his great figure is still resplendent in the Church and in the hearts of those who knew him.
We will make a treasure at community level of the whole richness of this volume: the thoughts of Saint Augustine, another saint so loved and, perhaps, still little known in spite of everything, will open us to a greater love for Christ and the Church.
Thank you, Senator. A prayer for you, always!
With esteem,

sister Maria Teresa Rossano, VSM

Cognac, France

Thanks for the Creed of the People of God

Cognac, 24 July 2008

We received with great interest, as always, the latest issue of 30Jours (No. 4 of 2008), dedicated to Paul VI.
Thank you also for the full text of the Creed of the People of God that was attached.
If you have the kindness to send us 30 copies, we will be happy to circulate it. We enclose a check for 20 euros.
We renew our thanks for your wonderful magazine and pledge our grateful prayers.

Sister Marie-Odile de l’Annonciation, OCD, Bursar

Spiritual reading/20

In commentary on the Canon of the Council of Orange we present two pieces by Don Giussani from In Cammino (The Journeying), a conversation with some university students of August 1992

“ ‘The real drama of the Church that loves to call itself modern [the real drama of Christians who want to be modern] is the attempt to correct the wonder of the event of Christ with rules’. It is a wonderful phrase of John Paul I (that month of his pontificate would be providential, if only for this observation, whose equivalent is not found elsewhere). Christ is an event, a happening, a fact, that first of all fills with wonder. The irruption of something unpredictable and unexpected – a happening, an “event” – arouses first of all wonder. And the wonder is the beginning of a reverentia, of a respect, of a humble attention. As in a child...”.

“The supreme morality – that is a way of life appropriate to the self, to the dignity of that created being that is indicated by the word “I” – is the loyalty to the attitude with which the Creator makes us. How does the Creator make us? As children. The child presents himself with his face wide open, open positively to reality (curiosity is the phenomenon in which initially, even though in an arid way, this original positiveness of the look is verified). The created man stands before the world not only opened positively, but awaiting completion. The child, in fact, wondrous in the face of reality, is full of desire, waiting for completion, with joy, ‘as in preparing himself for a party’.

Cf. L. Giussani, In cammino (The Journeying) (August 1992), in Un avvenimento di vita, cioè una storia [An event of life, that is a story] (introduction by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger), Edit - Il Sabato, Rome 1993, pp. 481. 488.

Council of Orange of 529

“May Your grace precede and always accompany us” (prayer, XXVIII Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Canon 6. Si quis sine gratia Dei credentibus, volentibus, desiderantibus, conantibus, laborantibus, orantibus, vigilantibus, studentibus, petentibus, quaerentibus, pulsantibus nobis misericordiam dicit conferri divinitus, non autem, ut credamus, velimus, vel haec omnia, sicut oportet, agere valeamus, per infusionem et inspirationem Sancti Spiritus in nobis fieri confitetur, et aut humilitati, aut oboedientiae humanae subiungit gratiae adiutorium, nec, ut oboedientes et humiles simus, ipsius gratiae donum esse consentit, resistit Apostolo dicenti: «Quid habes, quod non accepisti?» [1Cor 4, 7]; et: «Gratia Dei sum id, quod sum» [1Cor 15, 10] (Denzinger 376).

Canon 6. If anyone says that God has mercy upon us when, apart from his grace, we believe, will, desire, strive, labor, pray, watch, study, seek, ask, or knock, but does not confess that it is by the infusion and inspiration of the Holy Spirit within us that we have the faith, the will, or the strength to do all these things as we ought; or if anyone makes the assistance of grace depend on the humility or obedience of man and does not agree that it is a gift of grace itself that we are obedient and humble, he contradicts the Apostle who says, “What have you that you did not receive?” (1 Cor 4, 7), and, “But by the grace of God I am what I am” (1 Cor 15, 10).


Bangalore, India

Who prays is saved for our seminarians

Bangalore, 10 August 2008

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Peace and so much joy in the Lord!
I am Don Lorenzo Tosatto, a missionary of the Congregation of Saint Luigi Orione, who wants along with his brothers and Indian seminarians to thank you warmly for the magazine 30Giorni, which arrives punctually and is read with interesting intensity. Now I gently press the button of your generosity, asking you, if possible, for twenty-five copies of Who prays is saved. Our seminarians thank you and ensure prayers for your fruitful apostolate through the press.
Thank you in advance and I renew my appreciation and gratitude to you personally and to all your qualified collaborators. Yours in Christ,

don Lorenzo Tosatto

Tacuatí, Paraguay

30Giorni for the youth of the mission

Tacuatí, 9 June 2008

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
I am a priest of the “Redemptor hominis” Community, founded by Don Emilio Grasso, of the diocese of Rome, and recognized by diocesan law in 1981. I have been for a long time in Cameroon and, for about ten years now, I reside in Paraguay.
For some time I know your fine magazine, that I had occasion to read in Italian in the periods spent in Italy. Recently I discovered the Spanish edition in the bishop’s palace of our diocese of San Pedro Apóstol (Paraguay).
I should be grateful to be among the beneficiaries of this interesting magazine, preferably in the Spanish edition, so that it can also be read by the young people of our mission.
I thank you in advance, entrusting you and all your staff to the Lord.

Father Giancarlo Nava

Ocaña, Colombia

I read the precious booklet Chi prega si salva

Rome, 26 July 2008

Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,
Grateful for the valuable work and service that you perform for the good of thousands of readers, helping them to form a clear criterion for judging the national and international reality and concerning yourself also with the evangelization of peoples, let me congratulate you and wish you an ever growing momentum in your good intentions.
In late August I will return to Colombia, and carefully reading the precious booklet Chi prega si salva, the idea came to me to bring with me some copies to my diocese of Ocaña – which is eleven hours by bus distant from Bogotá – to give to those who, desiring to learn more about the faith, would need a useful tool.
If it were possible, then, let me ask you for a hundred copies in Spanish as a gift, in that I do not have the resources to buy them. I would be very happy if Chi prega si salva could also contribute to the evangelization of the distant and lost lands of my diocese.
Awaiting your reply, and thanking you most sincerely, I greet and wish you all good.

Don Alfredo Quinterno

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