from issue no.12 - 2008


Fregenal, Spain

We are very happy to receive the magazine 30Días

Fregenal, 26 October 2008

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
We are a community of Augustinian nuns of the contemplative life; we are made up of ten nuns and three postulants, of whom seven are Africans, the continent of our father Saint Augustine.
We are very happy to receive the magazine 30Días, in which everything is very useful for enriching the spirit. God reward you for everything.
Also the booklet Quien reza se salva is very interesting and useful. We would very much like to receive twenty-five copies of it for the families and the young people who attend our convent.
May Jesus and Mary help you to continue this work and bless you for your beautiful “exertion”.
With our remembrance in prayer,

Augustinian nuns of Fregenal

Oudenaarde, Belgium

A huge thank you!

Oudenaarde, 12 November 2008

Mr Andreotti,
Our mother prioress and all the sisters are very grateful to you for the sending of your beautiful and informative magazine 30Jours. All the articles are very interesting, but that on the “genesis” of the Credo du peuple de Dieu of Pope Paul VI really moved us.
The mother prioress of the Carmel in Ghent (died 21 October last) did so much to spread it, so we were all happy to learn more about it! Cardinal Journet, a great theologian and man of spirituality, whom we know through his books, retreats and the conferences he held, was already our “friend” and secure guide in the disorientation of yesterday’s and today’s world.
Also – speaking on my behalf – I confess that I derived great profit from Heinrich Schlier’s booklet, included with 30Jours, Sur la résurrection de Jésus Christ. A huge thank you!

A Carmelite Nun from the Convent in Ghent
(since December 2007 merged with the Oudenaarde Carmel)

Waldron, Great Britain

30Days is a beautiful magazine

Waldron, 17 November 2008

Dear Senator Andreotti,
It was a very kind thought to send the latest edition of 30Giorni to our former monastery of Partridge Green. The house is now in private ownership, and the two communities became one at Waldron.
We are delighted to be recipients of this beautiful magazine 30Days. We greatly enjoy reading it and we wish to extend our thanks for keeping us so well informed of events in the Church worldwide with excellent reportage, lectures and illustrations.
Thanking you and all your staff for your great kindness, and sending you all good wishes, many graces and blessings.
With remembrance in our prayers.
Yours sincerely in Christ our Lord,

the Visitation Sisters of Waldron

Macapá, Brazil

It was a joyous surprise to ascertain your appreciation for the contemplative life in the cloister

Macapá, 27 November 2008

Very Dear Mr Senator,
Peace and well-being!
For a long time I wanted to write to thank you for the precious gift you make us of your beautiful and very important magazine 30Dias. It was a joyous surprise to ascertain your appreciation for the contemplative life of the cloister.
I wanted to ask you a big favor: could you send us a copy of the book by Heinrich Schlier, Sobre a Ressurreção de Jesus Cristo? I read it with immense joy a long time ago.
Excellency, I have been very slow in writing to you because I wanted to send a photo, but it wasn’t easy. Our convent is located almost in the middle of the forest.
Of course, the more time passed, the less strong was the motivation to write to you. Not long ago, however, not only did some friends make a gift of a photo, but also some particular and stimulating facts occurred: number 6/7, 2008 of 30Dias – the last one received – was delivered at home! The mailman came with his motorcycle to deliver it, something that never happened from 2003 until today, not even with the parcels sent by registered mail. Not only, among the letters, one from Guatemala spoke precisely about Schlier’s book, and another from Viet Nam wrote about “belated” thanks; so I decided to write to you too.
I hope, Excellency, that this will soon arrive so as also to bring warmest wishes for Holy Christmas and the New Year to you.
May the Father of mercies fill you and your family with favors and special graces and make of your beautiful magazine a most effective means of spreading the faith.
In the hope that you can personally read this, sincere thanks, I greet you also on behalf of the Mother and Sisters.
With admiration and esteem,

sister Maria Bernarda of Christ the King,
Poor Clare Capuchin

Dông Nai, Viet Nam

Could you donate Qui prie sauve son âme to us in another three languages?

Dông Nai, 10 December 2008

Mr Director,
Thank you very much for sending, from 2006 until today, the monthly 30Jours dans l’Église et dans le monde. It has enabled us to follow the activities and events of the whole Church, to unite ourselves with the joys and pains of the world and to raise our prayers to the heavens.
The articles open us up to new horizons of unsuspected information that are a great help in our permanent training.
We always remember in our daily prayers you and your staff for your work, entrusting all of you to our good Almighty Father who loves us and cares for each of us more than we do for ourselves. Once again whole-hearted thanks.
May God bless you, and may your work always be pleasing to the Lord.
Please accept the assurances of my most sincere gratitude,

sister Marie Jean de la Croix, Prioress

P.S. Could you, if possible, donate to us one or two copies of Qui prie sauve son âme in Italian, French and English? Thank you in advance.

Spiritual reading/24

“It is the awareness of the absolute gratuitousness of God’s interventions in history that is the most pure and objective value of Christian life. Because no greater and sweeter and exciting truth exists: the encounters that He has created to make men be part of His reign – us! – are such an exceedingly pure gift, that our nature could never have imagined, foreseen: pure gift above any capacity of our life, “grace”...
And not only the fact of the encounter, but also the capacity to understand the call is a gift of grace...
And the capacity itself of verifying this call, of recognizing its value, is a gift of grace…
And the capacity of adhering to and implementing the Christian proposal is a gift of grace...
At this point we can understand what the expression of a genuine willingness and commitment to the Christian call is: it is the attitude of petition, of prayer...
The sense of one’s original dependence, which is the most basic aspect of natural religiosity, thus disposes the simple soul to recognize that all the initiative can be of the mystery of God, and that the ultimate attitude to be taken is the humble one that asks to see, understand, and to adhere. So fundamental is this attitude of prayer that belongs as much to believers as to those who still do not believe, as much to Peter exclaiming: “I believe, Lord, but increase my faith”, as to the Unnamed crying: “God, if you exist, reveal yourself to me”...
This matter of petition and prayer is where the conscience of man begins its participation in the mystery of the One who creates him. And our spirit then feels the dizziness of this mystery which does everything, absolutely everything, when it also reflects that this initial activity of petition and prayer is also made possible only by a gift from the Creator: ‘Nobody can say: Lord Jesus, if not in the Holy Spirit’”.

(Luigi Giussani, L’incontro come grazia (The encounter as grace), in Il cammino al vero è un’esperienza (The path to truth is an experience), Rizzoli, Milan 2006, pp.151-155)

Council of Orange 529

“To the praise of the glory of his grace, his free gift to us in the Beloved Son” (Eph 1, 6)

Canon 12. Quales nos diligat Deus. Tales nos amat Deus, quales futuri sumus ipsius dono, non quales sumus nostro merito (Denzinger 382).

Canon 12. How God loves us. God loves us for what we shall be by his gift, and not by our own deserving.

Canon 13. De reparatione liberi arbitrii. Arbitrium voluntatis in primo homine infirmatum, nisi per gratiam baptismi non potest reparari; quod amissum, nisi a quo potuit dari, non potest reddi. Unde Veritas ipsa dicit: «Si vos Filius liberaverit, tunc vere liberi eritis» [Gv 8, 36] (Denzinger 383).

Canon 13. Concerning the restoration of free will. The freedom of will that was destroyed in the first man can be restored only by the grace of baptism; for what is lost can be returned only by the One who was able to give it. Hence the Truth itself declares: “So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed” (Jn 8, 36).

Canon 14. Nullus miser de quantacumque miseria liberatur, nisi qui Dei misericordia praevenitur, sicut dicit Psalmista: «Cito anticipet nos misericordia tua Domine» [Sal 79, 8]; et illud: «Deus meus, misericordia eius praeveniet me» [Sal 59, 11] (Denzinger 384).

Canon 14. No miserable wretch is freed from any wretchedness, however little it may be, save the one who is anticipated by the mercy of God, as the Psalmist says, “Let thy compassion come speedily to meet us” (Ps 79, 8), and again, “My God in his steadfast mercy will meet me” (Ps 59, 10).


Carora, Venezuela

Thanks for the books sent

Carora, 4 October 2008

Dear brothers of 30Giorni staff,
Thanks for having sent me the books Quién reza se salva and Sobre la resurrección de Jesucristo. Thank you in advance for all material useful to my study and my training that you can send me. I assure you of a special thought in my prayers and the celebration of Mass so that you may continue to send me such an extraordinary magazine,

father Dr. Ramón Luis Crespo Lobato

Hong Kong, China

150 years in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 16 October 2008

Dear Mr Director,
I am a PIME missionary and have been doing my missionary work in Hong Kong for more than thirty years. Now I find myself fulfilling the task of superior of the Region of Hong Kong-China.
Let me first of all thank you, also on behalf of all the PIME missionaries resident here, for the gift you continually make us of your precious and esteemed magazine 30Giorni, full of news, cultural, religious and political information. It is very useful to us for continuous updating.
I want to thank you, even if late, for your letter of congratulations and encouragement, that you sent us through the Italian Ambassador in Beijing, His Excellency Riccardo Sessa, during the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the missionary presence of PIME in Hong Kong. Of the 205 missionaries, that in all these years have passed through here, you will remember many, including Father Gian Battista Tragella, to whom you were particularly attached.
We thank the Lord for all that He has carried out in the Church of Hong Kong in all these long years; and we thank all those who, in various ways, have worked to support our missionary work.
The Kingdom of God grows and spreads through the action of the Spirit, which takes advantage of our collaboration.
I send you a complimentary copy of the commemorative book of our 150th anniversary, From Milan to Hong Kong. 150 years of mission, written by our Father Gianni Criveller.
If you are interested in having more copies, also in Chinese, we would be very happy to receive your request and to arrange it as soon as possible.
I wish that you continue your work with ever greater enthusiasm and assure you of a special remembrance to the Lord in our prayers.

Father Franco Cumbo, Regional Superior


Your articles make me feel closer to our Church

Lourdupuram, 29 September 2008

Dear Mr Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Greetings from the Rosarians, known as Indian Trappist contemplatives.
I was very much touched by your magazine, which I came to know during my visit to one of our convents in Kerala (south India).
We dedicate ourselves to the perpetual Rosary: our order was founded in 1928 in Sri Lanka, where we now have four Ashrams [small communities, ed], we have another sixteen in India. We also have sixteen convents, in India and Sri Lanka.
You and your mission are very much in my thoughts, our prayers and in the daily Eucharist.
The articles in the magazine all bring me closer and closer to our Church, a divine spirit pervades every page.
We are not social workers but men of God who came to seek Him alone in the isolation of the monastic life. Even today some of our monasteries do not have TV or daily newspapers. Hence I thought of writing to ask for your holy magazine 30Giorni.
May the Lord guide you and permit you to send us 30Giorni in English and your booklet Who prays is saved. A lot of priests, nuns and brothers visit our monastery.
Thanking you, yours gratefully in Jesus, Joseph and Mary,

Reverend S. Thomas, CR

P.S. Please could you send us the booklet Who prays is saved in the English edition?


Presidente Prudente, Brazil

Make us a gift of the booklet Quem reza se salva

Presidente Prudente, 13 August 2008

Peace and well-being!
Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
I write to ask as a charitable gift some copies of the booklet Quem reza se salva.
If possible, we’d like to receive them in the Spanish, Italian, French and English editions (the languages we are studying in the seminary), as well as in Portuguese, our mother tongue.
Thank you in advance if you can fulfill our request.
Special thanks for the help you give to those who serve the Gospel and to the brothers in most need.
We pray for our salvation and that of the world.
In Jesus Christ,

Giovani Fernando Cardoso, seminarian

Diocesan Seminary of San Juan de los Lagos
San Juan de los Lagos (Jalisco), Mexico

Thanks for 30Giorni

San Juan de los Lagos, 14 August 2008

Senator Giulio Andreotti,
With this letter I wish to express on behalf of myself and all members of the seminary of San Juan de los Lagos our best wishes for all personal good for you.
We want to thank you for the subscription to the magazine that you direct and which generously you gave us free. I consider 30Giorni a wonderful opportunity to unite and to contemplate our Church beyond the borders. In addition, the articles presented allow our students to be enriched by elements that invite to a deeper understanding of different philosophical-theological issues. For some time we have known the magazine 30Days in the Church and in the World and I assure you that it has always had a welcome reception on the part of priests and seminarians of this diocese.
I assure you of our sincere appreciation and our prayers for you and your staff.
Fraternally in Jesus Christ,

father José Luis Aldana Wario,
Rector of the Diocesan Seminary

Hue Major Seminary
Hue, Viet Nam

The seminarians will benefit greatly from 30Days

Hue, 30 October 2008

Dear Senator Andreotti,
It is a very kind and generous gesture on your part to have begun to send us 30Days in annual free subscription to our Major Seminary in Hue. I am sure that our seminarians will benefit greatly from reading 30Days in the Church and in the World.
On behalf of all the seminarians of the Major Seminary of Hue, I thank you with all my heart for your great kindness and generosity! Expressing our best wishes to you, I remain devoutly yours in Christ,

J.B. Nguyên Van Dan
Rector of the Major Seminary

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