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The first page of the article 
«Faith also pleads», from the English edition of I30Giorni/I, number 10, October 2007

The first page of the article «Faith also pleads», from the English edition of I30Giorni/I, number 10, October 2007

Yangyang (Gangwon-do), South Korea

“Tutiores vivimus, si totum Deo damus” (Augustine, De dono perseverantiae 6, 12)

Yangyang, 8 December 2008

“Through His Angel, Saint Gabriel, the most high Father in heaven announced this Word of the Father, so worthy, so holy and glorious, in the womb of the holy and glorious Virgin Mary, from whom He received the flesh of humanity and our frailty”.
St. Francis’ Letter to the Faithful

Dear Don Tantardini,
I greet you from far-off Korea, and wish you much joy this Christmas, as we thank the Father for the great gift of His Son! May you continue to know the Child of love’s closeness in a special way! I have wanted to write to you for a long time, to thank you for your wonderful sharing and understanding of St. Augustine, which have appeared as articles in 30Giorni. I was especially moved by the article: “Faith Also Pleads”, as well as your lectures at the Conferences on the Relevance of St. Augustine, which appeared in the June-July 2006 issue. I am a Poor Clare Sister who came to Korea from the USA almost 40 years ago, as part of the group of sisters that started the first monastery of our Order in this country. It has been difficult to find reading that really nourishes my spirit. When I read “Faith Also Pleads” I was so deeply moved, and read the article prayerfully at least four times. It was at a time when I was deeply experiencing the grace of God in my heart, after a long period of darkness. I could so deeply relate with what you shared. I thank the Lord for His grace, as I know that without it, I am nothing and can do nothing. Thank you so much for this sharing! I look forward to more from you!
May the Lord continue to be your constant companion, granting you abundant grace and joy this Christmas and during the coming New Year, as you continue to spread His love to others. With thanks and love,

sister Mary Diane Ackerman, OSC

Something that I want to add from my reflection on your article: salvation is precarious! Faith, grace and salvation are always a gift. They are not our possession, as you so rightly said. In reflecting on these words, this thought came to me – yes, in one sense, salvation is precarious; it is not our possession. But for that very reason, it is all the more secure, more secure than if it were our possession, because it is in the hands of One who loves us so very much, One whom we can trust absolutely! I really met the Lord in praying while, reading “Faith Also Pleads”! May the Lord continually bless you with choicest gifts of His grace!

Sister Mary Diane

Jericó (Antioquia), Colombia

30Días favors missionary zeal

Jericó, 12 January 2009

Dear Mr. Senator and editorial staff,
Please receive our respectful greeting of peace and wellbeing, with the hope that you are in good physical and spiritual health. And with best wishes for this year that, by the grace of God, we have been able to begin: that it may be filled with abundance and joy and watered with a plentiful shower of spiritual blessings, for each of the collaborators of the magazine.
We thank you immensely that we can benefit, in our cloister, from the magazine that comes to us punctually. We profit from it a great deal because of the wealth of spiritual themes it offers: it is beautiful in all of its content. We, as daughters of St Clare and St Francis, feel particularly within the missionary Church and you, with such wonderful articles, guarantee that our community will grow even more in missionary zeal.
We wish, like the great apostle St Paul, that the whole world will reach the fullness of salvation, not sparing efforts to spread the love of God. Like this great master, may your writings be the fire of God and missionary zeal through this wonderful magazine.
We wish you great success this year, joining our feelings in a hymn to life, to love and to hope.
With feelings of gratitude and appreciation,

Sister María Imelda de la Cruz Rendón, Abbess, and Community

Spiritual reading/26

When, in early 1993, the book Un avvenimento di vita, cioè una storia (An event of life, that is a history) was published, with an introduction by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, in which the speeches and interviews of Don Luigi Giussani from 1978 onwards were collected, Cardinal Jean-Jérôme Hamer personally wrote a letter to the author in which he confided his interest in the fact that Don Giussani defined Christianity as an event. By maintaining that Christianity is an event, Don Giussani, according to Hamer, responded positively also to the nouvelle Théologie carefully avoiding, as Humani generis had exhorted, “distorting the concept of the gratuity of the supernatural order”.
As a commentary on canon 21 of the Council of Orange, that clarifies in such a clear and simple manner the relationship between nature and grace, we publish some of Hamer’s observations1.

“Affirming the event means recognizing the radically new and sovereign nature of Christianity. The dictionaries tell us that an event is an important fact marking a certain moment in history. Giussani does not stop at this definition but develops the idea that event is a fundamentally new fact, in the Charles Péguy vein: “unpredictable, unforeseen, the non-consequence of antecedent factors”. So it is something which surprises, which “erupts” in history, and in the history of the individual too. Msgr. Giussani’s approach is such as to be an illustration of the exact meaning of the Church’s thinking on the relationship between “expectation” and “fulfillment”, between “prophecy” and “realization”, between “old law” and “new law”. In each of these binomials there is real continuity and a radical discontinuity. Christ is the right answer to all man’s deepest desires. But the fulfillment is not the natural and progressive development of man’s expectation. The fulfillment does not correspond to the desire as the plant does to the seed. It is not an evolution, a natural, linear process. For, the expectation receives an answer that far outweighs the question”.

“The natural religious sense is also expectation in function of a fulfillment. Recounting his friendship with a group of Buddhist monks, Giussani says that the apex of the natural religious sense is ‘a painful awaiting’.”

“The primacy of the event over and above even the religious sense is to my mind one of the most important innovations in Msgr. Giussani’s thinking in this book. This emerges clearly from the interview he gave to the theologian Angelo Scola in 1987 (on the occasion of the world Synod on the laity) and which is published at the beginning of the book. Asked if the movement’s pedagogical proposal levered the religious sense, Giussani answers without hesitation: “The core of our proposal is more the annunciation of an event that happened, that surprises men in the same way that, 2,000 years ago, the annunciation of the angels in Bethlehem surprised the poor shepherds. First and foremost, it is an event that happens to the religious and non-religious man ...”. This is a decisive point”.

“This leads to Giussani’s anti-Pelagian polemics, polemics which are part of Church tradition from Augustine to Thomas. On this point, it would be interesting to go back over and comment on the articles of St Thomas about ‘why man needs grace’”.

“Is this a devaluation of the importance of dialogue? I would not say so. Dialogue is important on all levels, not least the political one in that it brings hostility to an end and creates a climate of trust. “We must always negotiate”, Cardinal Richelieu said. In its truest form dialogue, too, is the communication of the event, the means of an encounter”.

1 J.-J. Hamer, Oltre ogni attesa (Beyond all expectation), in L. Giussani, È, se opera (He is, if He changes) 30Giorni, Rome 1994, pp. 92-95.

Council of Orange of 529

Nature and grace

Canon 21. De natura et gratia. Sicut iis, qui volentes in lege iustificari et a gratia exciderunt, verissime dicit Apostolus: «Si ex lege iustitia est, ergo Christus gratis mortuus est» (Gal 2, 21), sic iis, qui gratiam, quam commendat et percipit fides Christi, putant esse naturam, verissime dicitur: si per naturam iustitia est «ergo Christus gratis mortuus est». Iam hic enim erat lex, et non iustificabat: iam hic erat et natura, et non iustificabat. Ideo Christus non gratis mortuus est, ut et lex per illum impleretur, qui dixit: «Non veni legem solvere, sed adimplere» (Mt 5, 17), et natura per Adam perdita per illum repararetur, qui dixit, venisse se «quaerere et salvare, quod perierat» (Lk 19, 10). [Denzinger 391].

Canon 21. Concerning nature and grace. As the Apostle most truly says to those who would be justified by the Law and have fallen from grace, “If justification were through the law, then Christ died to no purpose” (Gal 2, 21), so it is most truly declared to those who imagine that grace, which faith in Christ advocates and lays hold of, is nature: If justification were through nature, “then Christ died to no purpose”. Now there was indeed the Law, but it did not justify, and there was indeed nature, but it did not justify. Therefore Christ did not die in vain, but so that the Law might be fulfilled by Him who said, “I have come not to abolish the Law but to fulfill it” (Mt 5, 17), and that the nature which had been destroyed by Adam might be restored by Him who said that He had come “to seek and to save what was lost” (Lk 19, 10).


Sanyasa Institute of Consecrated Life
Bangalore, India

We would like to take advantage of the free subscription

Bangalore, 21 January 2009

Dear Sir,
I am a Claretine priest, in charge of the library at Sanyasa Institute of Consecrated Life . We offer diploma and Post-graduation courses for religious on the theology of Consecrated Life. This is a joint venture of all the Claretian Provinces in India, affiliated to the Claretianum, our Institute in Rome.
I have learnt that you have an English version of the journal 30Giorni, which you are able to send free of cost to Institutes. We would like to subscribe for the same.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours in love and prayer,

father George Martin, CMF

Buenos Aires, Argentina

30Giorni provides quality information

Buenos Aires, 25 January 2009

Dear Sir,
I received the issue of 30Giorni today and I take this opportunity to extend to you my gratitude for your generosity and, at the same time, let you know the value that this magazine has for us priests who do not always have the opportunity to receive quality information such as you offer. Through every issue of the magazine that comes to us, a window opens on the broad reality of the universe.
In this holy Pauline Year you and your staff help to ensure that the message of Christ reaches all men opening a fruitful dialogue with all the cultures.
With my best wishes for you and your staff, I greet you in Christ and beg abundant blessings from God for all,

Don Luis A. Lahitou, Parish Priest

Kanghwa Island, South Korea

Thanks for the article about Uganda

Kanghwa Island, 20 February 2009

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank Gianni Valente and Massimo Quattrucci for the moving article and photos from Uganda in issue Number 11. I don't know whether it was written originally in English or not but it reads beautifully. I was moved to tears as memories of my own small privileged time in Africa a few years ago came back to me – the stone quarries, the smiling faces, the singing... The article is a great tribute to Rose and to the strength of the human spirit when imbued with the promise of the Resurrection.

John L. Sullivan O.S.A.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I would like the two books on the Resurrection of Jesus

Dhaka, 15 March 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
A cordial greeting in this our Lent during which we direct our gaze towards Easter.
I was surprised by your offer of two books on the Resurrection of Jesus, one by Heinrich Schlier, praised by Cardinal Ratzinger, and the other by Don Giacomo Tantardini. This is a fundamental theme of the Christian proclamation! Welcome are the books that help us not to fall sleep over them. Since I’m working on the submission of some celebrations on the “Way of Light” (Resurrection) – work that involves the consultation of various texts of reflection on the Paschal Mystery – I think that these books could be helpful to me. In the past I have used your “library”, always open to readers of good will.
I send my sincere thanks and best wishes for a good Easter,

father Silvano Garello


Medellín, Colombia

I think 30Giorni is wonderful

Medellín, 11 February 2009

Dear Mr Andreotti,
A cordial greeting from Colombia, land of violence, drugs and poverty; but however a land that has a great desire for life, peace, of a future full of hope and love.
I’m in the Philosophical Seminary of the Consolata Missionaries in Medellín and am in charge of missionary activity and missionary vocational promotion.
During the holidays I had the opportunity of reading the magazine 30Giorni. I think it’s wonderful.
I ask you, if you can, to send it to me. Thank you!
A cordial greeting to you and your collaborators,

father Luigi Crespi, IMC

Manizales, Colombia

I would like to receive the book He chose twelve

Manizales, 19 February 2009

A big greeting from Colombia.
I am a priest of Manizales, in Colombia, and I work in the major seminary of my diocese. We have the opportunity of receiving your magazine in Spanish. I read in issue number 10 of 2008 the fine article about the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul and wish to know if it is possible to receive the book by Lorenzo Bianchi He chose twelve. How can I do so?
Thanks so much for your attention. May God the Father bless you.

Father Juan Sebastian Rivera Fellner

Tarija, Bolivia

You really do a good job

Tarija, 25 February 2009

Hello, friends of 30Giorni,
My name is Alex Rolando Sosa. I am 21 years old and come from Tarija, Bolivia. I read your magazine, thanks to the bishop of my diocese who gave me a present of it. I really enjoyed the articles and interviews. I am very pleased. You really do a good job and we need people like you. Now I am in Cochabamba, where I study Literature and Philosophy at the San Pablo Catholic University. A cordial greeting and a fraternal embrace in the Lord to Mr Giulio Andreotti and thanks to you all for the editorial work.
Affectionately in the Lord,

Alex Rolando Sosa

Venado Tuerto, Argentina

In 30Giorni there are very fine articles about culture and current affairs

Venado Tuerto, 14 March 2009

Dear Gentlemen of 30Giorni,
My name is Emanuel Amaya D’Alleva, I am a seminarian in the first year of theology in the Diocese of María Inmaculada de Venado Tuerto, Argentina.
I happened upon some numbers of 30Giorni, which seemed to me of great interest, since there are very fine articles about culture and current affairs.
I would like to know if you could send me the magazine free, because for us, here in Argentina, it is not possible to make a subscription of 70 euros. If you could, I will thank you with my prayers.
Thank you very much for now, awaiting an answer, united in Christ the Lord.

Emanuel Amaya D’Alleva

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