from issue no.04 - 2009


Saltillo, Mexico

Quien reza se salva is a gift of the Lord

Saltillo, 8 February 2009

Distinguished Senator Giulio Andreotti and all the colleagues of 30Giorni,
Thank you sincerely for the beautiful gift of the booklets Quien reza se salva. They arrived a few days before Christmas, so we had the wonderful opportunity of giving them as a Christmas gift and assisting in giving birth to Jesus in a great many hearts, thanks to this little booklet, which teaches the most essential truths of the faith. Simple people receive it as a gift from the Lord and while they clasp it to their hearts they kiss it with great devotion: it is true that the Lord reveals Himself to the humble and sincere of heart.
I wish once again to thank all the editorial staff for the wonderful magazine 30Giorni, which I always read with great pleasure for its content. For those who are far away from the homeland it is always a breath of fresh air that you breathe deeply and that gives the pleasure of hearing that there are still those who devote their time to spreading the good word and contribute to maintaining the holiest of values.
Thank you, thank you sincerely to all the editorial staff , the Lord bless your work with abundant fruits of spiritual joy.
We assure you always of your remembrance in our prayers.
With esteem and gratitude,

sister Maria Margherita Bichi

Bruges, Belgium

30Jours for our community in Rwanda also

Bruges, 22 February 2009

Mr Senator,
Every month the articles of your very interesting magazine nourish our prayers and are at the heart of our intentions. We are very grateful for your generosity. We make bold to ask you simply to think also of our missionary Community in Rwanda: could you send a copy of 30Jours to our fellow sisters of that training community that works for reconciliation in a country so marked by the events of 1994?
We assure you of our deep gratitude and our prayers for you, for your intentions and those of your collaborators.
In communion on the journey toward Easter,

the Sisters of the Nazareth Convent

Moundou, Chad

Qui prie sauve son âme for all our parishioners

Moundou, 16 March 2009

Dear Director,
We are the Sisters of Charity of Saint Giovanna Antida Thouret and write to you from Chad. We receive 30Giorni passing it from hand to hand through the various communities. It is with pleasure that for some time we have become aware of the booklet of prayers Qui prie sauve son âme. We would be interested in the French edition. Our idea is to propose it to the catechists, the catechumens, the altar servers and Christians in general. Since the difficulties in the shipment would be consistent (given the problems of local mail ...), we ask if it is possible to receive the text by Internet so we can print it out ourselves. We understand that this is not in line with normal practice ... If it is not possible, we will see how to do otherwise.
Trusting in your understanding, awaiting your answer we greet you fraternally,

sister Silvana Rossini, SDC

Montello, Bergamo

30Giorni throws open our hearts

Montello, 11 March 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
For years we receive monthly and punctually the beautiful international magazine 30Giorni, a free gift to the cloistered nuns.
Through the magazine we become aware of and are in contact with the needs of the Church and the world today.
The wide horizon throws open our hearts to live our vocation and our mission as contemplative nuns ever better.
With our prayers of praise, of thanksgiving, of intercession, through communal fellowship and silent work, we want to be present in the heart and body of the Church and all people around the world.
We remember you in our prayer that you may always be illuminated and sustained in this very valuable work in the service of so many brothers and sisters in the journey of faith and for your own personal intentions and needs.
Heartfelt thanks also for the booklet Chi prega si salva, for so many other books and the DVD Amore e carità in un mare di dolore (Love and charity in a sea of pain ed.).
With sentiments of esteem and gratitude.

mother Silvana Grigis and Sisters

Hsinchu, Taiwan

The open roads of the Celestial Empire edition of 30Days struck us

Hsinchu, 28 February 2009

Dear Senator Andreotti, our Brother in Christ,
Thank you from my heart for the very interesting and helpful magazine “30 Days” which you have so generously sent us and our sister Carmel in Taiwan. Also for the booklet “Who prays is saved.” The text of the profession of faith “The Creed of the People of God”, has been a source of deepening of faith. I marvel at Jack Maritain’s ability at composing it.
I thank God for having given you the gifts that have enabled you to do this great work for the Church. This magazine increases our knowledge of the Church in the different parts that your magazine has written of and has enlarged our vision.
Our Carmel here was jointly founded by three Carmels in California. We were invited here over fifty years ago by the Jesuit Fathers. Many of them who were here at the time had been imprisoned in China. They asked us to come and join them until we could return to China. We have not succeeded yet in returning and many of the elderly members both Jesuits and Carmelites have gone to God. Your magazine “30 Days” entitled “The open roads of the Celestial Empire” give hope that our waiting will not be too long.
With much gratitude and united in prayer.

The Carmel of the Lord of Heaven

Moquegua, Peru

Quien reza se salva will be useful for our mission

Moquegua, 8 April 2009

Mr Senator Giulio Andreotti,
In greeting you with gratitude for having fulfilled our request, we let you know that we received three parcels containing the booklets Quien reza se salva, that will be very useful to us for this great mission that we initiate. May God reward you a hundredfold, and grant you health and preserve in you such great love for the Lord Jesus and his Church.
Thanks also for copies of 30Días, whose content is very beautiful. Thus we can participate in the apostolic zeal of those who work to bring the Word of God to the world.
God keep you and your collaborators in the health and joy of the Lord.
Let us unite ourselves more in prayer, in these holy days. Count on the prayer of us Carmelite sisters of Moquegua. May God reward you. We ask, when and whenever you can, to let us have some more of these booklets that contain the essential of our Christian life, accessible to simple people.
Thank you once again,

your Carmelite daughters

Cap Haïtien, Haiti

Qui prie sauve son âme also for those close to us

Cap Haïtien, 16 February 2009

Mr Director,
A short time ago we received some copies of Qui prie sauve son âme.
Could you also send us another twenty-four in French, and ten in English?
We have so appreciated this gift that we would like that those who are close to us could also derive benefit from it. It is a treasure of Christian life.
Thank you in advance for what you can do for us. May God reward you,

sister Hélène Marchand

Cotija de la Paz (Mich.), Mexico

We are preparing for the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of our convent

Cotija de la Paz, 21 January 2009

Dear Mr Andreotti,
Praised be the Blessed Sacrament!
First of all, we greet you by wishing you the light and peace, the joy of the Holy Spirit, for you and your staff.
We are a community of Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, we are preparing for the Golden Jubilee of the founding of the convent here in Cotija, and we want to communicate our joy to you and to the universal Church so that you may glorify God with us for the wonders He has done in these fifty years.
We ask a prayer for our sanctification and assure our gratitude for the goodness that you show toward us by sending us punctually your beautiful and interesting magazine 30Días. Be assured also of our prayers for your intentions, particularly in the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
May God bless and reward you, together with all your loved ones, your colleagues and their families.
May the Blessed Virgin Mary help, guide and protect you always,

mother María Teresa del Niño Jesús y de la Santa Faz, Superior

Spiritual reading/27

As commentary on canon 23 of the Council of Orange, which only serves to repropose the affirmation of the Apostle Paul in his Letter to the Philippians, we publish a short passage of St Augustine from De gestis Pelagii ad Aurelium 3, 5 and the beginning of the article that Don Luigi Giussani published in Avvenire on Sunday 30 April 2000, at the beginning of the Marian month of that Holy Year.

The best thing that freedom can do is allow itself to be carried by grace
“Nec aliquid in nobis libera voluntas melius agere potest, quam ut illi se agendam commendet, qui male agere non potest: et hoc cum fecerit, ab illo se ut faceret, adiutam esse non dubitet, cui dicitur in Psalmo: ‘Deus meus misericordia eius praeveniet me’ [Ps 59, 11]”.
“Free will can do no better in us than rely on being made to act by Him who cannot do evil, and not to doubt, after having done so, of having been helped to do so by the One of whom it is said in the Psalm: ‘My God, Your mercy will go before me’ [Ps 59, 11]”.

Our response to grace is a prayer
“ ‘Quos redemisti, tu conserva, Christe’: those that You have redeemed – the ones that You wanted, designed for You – You save, You preserve, Christ. Save them in whatever circumstance You have set them. It is with surety that we cry out to God our gratitude.
‘Those you have redeemed, preserve them, Christ’. Those whom You have called. Each one of us has been called, touched by the finger of God, endowed with the flame of the heart.
The answer to this election lies wholly in the prayer that we are capable of. Our answer is a prayer, it is not a particular capacity; it is solely the urging of prayer. We enter on the month of May. The Christian people, for centuries, were blessed and confirmed in yearning toward salvation, I believe, especially by one thing: the Holy Rosary. The Rosary is like a synthesis of all that the Christian people are capable of thinking and saying to Christ.
Synthesis of the entire program of the redemption of the world, of the dignity to be acknowledged, of a charity to be lived in victory over the death in the crucifixion; no, not in the crucifixion, but in the Resurrection. Because we are saved by the Resurrection.
The use of the Holy Rosary, the meditation on what it imposes on us, the Mystery that is revealed in it is the surety of what the mother of Jesus can do for our life, does for our life. Jesus did not act for us to waste time”.

Council of Orange of 529

“For God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure” (Phil 2, 13)

Canon 23. De voluntate Dei et hominis.
Suam voluntatem homines faciunt, non Dei, quando id agunt, quod Deo displicet; quando autem id faciunt, quod volunt, ut divinae serviant voluntati, quamvis volentes agant quod agunt, illius tamen voluntas est, a quo et praeparatur et iubetur, quod volunt (Denzinger 393).

Canon 23. On the will of God and of man.
Men do their own will and not the will of God when they do what displeases Him; but when they follow their own will to comply with the will of God, they do what they do by their own will, yet it is His will by which what they will is both preordained and commanded.


Nyahururu, Kenya

I’d like to give Who prays is saved to my priests

Nyahururu, 2 April 2009

Dear Editorial staff,
I have been reading 30Giorni for two years. The prayer booklet Chi prega si salva arrived to me, I am so happy to use the prayers in Latin and in Italian learned as a child! I feel them on my lips without thinking and I realize that I am praying with the heart!
Here in my diocese none of the diocesan priests know Latin, and the ten Italian missionaries prefer to use Italian among themselves, mixed with the local languages and English.
So I write also to know how to get the English version, Who prays is saved: I would like to make a gift to my priests in Kenya who use the breviary in English. To also have a booklet of prayers in the same language would be a good idea. We are in all seventy-eight: sixty-eight diocesans and ten missionaries.
I would like some information about this and I even dare to ask for a small discount.
The Easter of the Lord is in ten days, we already taste the joy and hope that it brings with it and that I wish to all of you at 30Giorni, with a hug to Senator Giulio Andreotti.
A mutual blessing, a sign of love, we happily give!
I remain your most obliged,

Luigi Paiaro, Bishop of Nyahururu

Coloane, Macau

I am always near you during the Holy Mass

Coloane, 24 March 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
It has been dozens of years that I follow you, that I am close to you. I receive the magazine 30Giorni, I read it always and thank you for this.
I left the magazine in church ... the reverend sisters, who are all Indian, took it and believed that I had given them a present of it, as I do with L’Osservatore Romano in English. They looked at your magazine, saw the pictures, beautiful, they were enchanted by it, but could not read it, because they do not know Italian. So I promised them that I would write to you asking you to send the magazine 30Days, in English. Their Congregation, “Sisters of Charity of Saint Anne”, was founded in Spain two hundred years ago. Here in Macau they have four institutions for the poorest, the elderly and people with mental or physical problems. Needless to say, they know English perfectly and Chinese well enough, true missionaries!
They have vocations in India, here in Macau there are twenty-eight. I am sure that if in your goodness you were to send them thirty copies of Who prays is saved (one for each sister), they would be happy.
They are simple Sisters, humble, full of charity. They unite action to contemplation, every morning they come to our church at 6: 30.
“Contemplation”: they are consecrated souls, et hoc sufficit. I send you the picture of our church of Our Lady of Sorrows: a gift from the great Pope, His Holiness Pope Paul VI, made in 1966 to our assisted. This leprosarium has now become a home for the elderly, not for me who, next April 3, will only be 94 years old.
Greetings, to you and all your staff, for a good and holy Easter. That the Lord will give you grace and strength to continue this valuable apostolate of yours for the benefit of many souls: from the letters that you receive one sees the fruits.
Sorry if I disturbed you. I am always close to you during the Holy Mass and the prayers of every day.
In Jesus Christ, our Lord today and always!

Priest Gaetano Nicosia, SDB

Cochabamba, Bolivia

30Giorni transmits serenity and hope

Chipiriri, 17 March 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti and colleagues,
Occasionally it happens that the magazine 30Giorni comes into my hands. I always read it with great interest because it presents a balanced world overview, both of social life and that of the Church. Thank you for your commitment and service that transmits serenity and hope.
In the magazine 30Giorni I read many letters which express thanks for the booklet of prayers Chi prega si salva. I would like to receive a copy of it in English and in Spanish.
I am an Italian Franciscan friar who for over thirty years has lived in Bolivia. I have no other way of having you receive the money needed for the purchase and shipment of the books; because of this I include in the letter twenty euro for expenses. I hope they are sufficient and that they will arrive.

Father Gregorio De Marchi

Behrên-lès-Forbach, France

From a missionary to Italian emigrants in France

Behrên-lès-Forbach, 13 April 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
My name is Don Guido Cornale and I am a missionary (chaplain) to Italian emigrants here in Eastern France for the last forty-one years. The community of our co-nationals exceeds 25 thousand individuals.
I wish to tell you of all the esteem I have always had for your person, both as a politician, and as a man of faith.
May the Lord preserve you for many years so that you can continue to do good, also with the magazine 30Giorni that I greatly appreciate.

Don Guido Cornale


Curitiba (Pr), Brazil

The Lord loves the cheerful giver

Curitiba, 8 March 2009

Dear Senator and Director Giulio Andreotti,
I am a missionary in Brazil for fourteen years, and rector of the minor seminary of the Congregation of the Holy Family of Bergamo, in the State of Paraná. For a few months now I have received your magazine 30Dias even translated into Portuguese, which facilitates its reading for local seminarians also.
I want to congratulate you for the quality and the really good and helpful comments and thank you very much for such a beautiful gift: the Lord loves the cheerful giver.
Continue this activity and service with courage as a real mission.
Also grateful on behalf of the seminarians and brothers of my religious community,

father Ettore Dotti


Who prays is saved for me and my friends

Rome, 25 November 2008

Dear Gentlemen of 30Giorni,
I am a diocesan seminarian from Papua New Guinea studying at the Urbanian University. I have seen your little prayer booklet Who prays is saved and I am a bit curious about getting in touch with, knowing it.
Therefore I would like to order ten copies of that prayer booklet.
Would you kindly send me five copies in English and five copies in German please.
It would be a pleasure to use one for myself and distribute the others to friends and benefactors.
Thank you in advance and may God bless you all richly for the work you are doing.
Kind regards. Your in Christ,

Christian Sieland

Mbanga, Cameroon

Qui prie sauve son âme is greatly appreciated by all students

Mbanga, 23 March 2009

Mr Senator,
I received the copies of the prayer booklet entitled Qui prie sauve son âme, which you sent to our community.
I can assure you that its content is greatly appreciated by all the seminarians, who use it daily. Please accept our thanks for this precious gift received from you, testimony of great generosity, of which you continually give proof, toward us, toward the Church and society.
Please accept, Mister Senator, the expression of my highest and respectful consideration.
The Rector,

Benoît Ewane

Douala, Cameroon

30Jours is an extraordinary instrument of information

Douala, 21 October 2008

It is with great pleasure that we receive for a few months now your magazine 30Jours dans l’Église et dans le monde. It is an extraordinary instrument of information.
Thank you infinitely for having offered us a free subscription.
May the Lord fill you with His blessings. You are now among our benefactors and we have added you to the intentions of the Mass that we celebrate every third Saturday of the month specifically for all our benefactors.
Praised be Jesus Christ!

François Achille Eyabi, Rector

Uruaçu (Go), Brazil

30Dias offers precise news

Uruaçu, 11 September 2008

Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
Peace and good!
I am writing to compliment and thank you for the free annual subscription to the magazine 30Dias that you have sent to our seminary. Currently we have thirteen seminarians who attend the course in Philosophy and many other people who participate in weekend training courses held in our seminary. Undoubtedly, this beautiful magazine complements our work and provides accurate and reliable news about our Church.
Without taking up more time, for now, I will close here asking that God enlighten your work and bring to fruition this blessed enterprise. May God bless you.
Fraternally in Christ,

father Clécio Nogueira Barros, Rector

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