from issue no.06/07 - 2009


Sanivarapupet, Eluru, India

Continue to offer a valuable service to His Church

Sanivarapupet, 25 May 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
We are just wondering if you have received our Christmas Greetings in which we expressed our ‘thanks’ for the 30Days magazine you have been sending us for the past three years. So here we are again to say a big, warm, hearty ‘thank you’ for the generous gift of this fine magazine 30Days. It is excellent in fact and very enriching.We can get to know what is happening throughout the world and the Church, so we can intensify our prayers and sacrifices for its needs. May your magazine continue to render a precious service to Christ and His Church.
We lift you up to our dear Eucharistic Lord solemnly exposed on our altar and perpetually adored and entreat Him to bless you and the work you do.
Your Sisters,

The Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration,
Sister Mary Teresita and Sisters

Lourdes, France

Qui prie sauve son âme is truly beautiful

Lourdes, 10 June 2009

Dear friends,
I am a French Dominican nun. We received, as per our request, the booklet in French Qui prie sauve son âme and thank you for it because it is truly beautiful. However there’s a question: is there also something more specific for children? Could you also indicate the price? If possible, we would like it in the same small size, and in French. Thank you,

Sister Marie-Isabelle

Apostolic Latin Vicariate
Aleppo, Syria

Chi prega si salva in Arabic

Dear editors,
I receive 30Giorni in French, which I look forward to and always read with pleasure. I congratulate you for the service you render to the Church and to so many people. I hear that you can send the book Chi prega si salva in various languages. Do you by chance have the edition in Arabic? If possible, could you please send me at least one copy? If this is not possible, I would like a couple of copies in Italian along with a note of authorization so that we can translate the text into Arabic here. You already have my address.
Thank you for the attention you give to this message.
Wishes of all good,

† Giuseppe Nazzaro, OFM

Asunción, Paraguay

Quien reza se salva to learn to pray

Asunción, 1 June 2009

Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,
Peace and good.
I am a Franciscan nun with forty-seven years of missionary experience in Latin America. One day the Salesian father who comes to celebrate the holy mass, knowing that I am Italian, gave me the magazine 30Giorni. His fellow-brother Father Pier Giorgio, who is now dead, used to receive it.
I read it and found the articles interesting, so I would like to receive it free. I would like it in Spanish to facilitate the its reading by my fellow-sisters. Many thanks.
If it were possible I would also like to have those beautiful booklets, Quien reza se salva, in small format, for our girls who are learning to pray.
I offer you, esteemed Mr. Andreotti, my heartfelt thanks, combined with my prayers that the good God continues to bless this beautiful spiritual undertaking for His glory and for the good of others,

Sister Caterina Caretta, FMM

North Kinangop, Kenya

Who prays is saved for the school

North Kinangop, 10 June 2009

We thank you for the good work you do. We have read Who prays is saved, but we have only one copy for many sisters. So I thought to ask for these booklets in English for my catechism group. These booklets will be of great help for the teachers and in general for our school, where we use English.
Thank you, God bless you.
In the love of Christ,

Sister Veronicah Mwangi

Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

All I asked for has arrived

Manaus, 8 May 2009

Dear Mr Andreotti and friends of the editorial staff,
I think of all of you in the Lord Jesus, enjoying the fruits of redemption while awaiting the Holy Spirit.
I lack words to thank you. I asked for the magazine and it came, I asked for the booklets and they arrived. I asked for the magazine in Portuguese and it has arrived. What more could I want? Thanks for the edition in Portuguese, my sisters are reading it and then we will pass it on to priest friends and pastoral agents.
We and the mission are grateful to you. Mr Giulio, when I see your picture I think of my dad, young, enthusiastic, who fought and worked during the elections of ‘48; I, a child of three, absorbed his ideals and made them my own. From the balcony of my home a great shield with a cross could be seen throughout the village.
Yet another thing. In July, I hope to come to Italy to visit my eighty-seven year old mother. Would it be possible to have a meeting with you? I would like to personally submit a project to you. Please tell me what I can do to make this meeting come about.
May God bless you and the Madonna protect you.
With esteem,

Sister Adriana Garrubbo

Luanda, Angola

30Dias, for a country that has experienced thirty years of war

Luanda, 9 June 2009

Dear Mr Director,
For two months now your magazine 30Giorni has been arriving to our community. We are very happy because it is very beautiful and rich in content. We are deeply grateful that you want to make this gift to us. It is even more beautiful because it is in Portuguese, so that our Angolan sisters can also read it. Here books and magazines are still not so readily available, and thus are quite valuable.
Angola is a country that has experienced thirty years of war in its recent past. It is trying to get back on its feet and catch up. Because of this also a good magazine like yours is a great help. We offer our thanks as a prayer that the Lord may bless you and your editorial staff, that you may do great good through this medium,

Sister Francesca Martin

Ovalle, Chile

Quien reza se salva for evangelization

Ovalle, 11 May 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Please receive fraternal greetings from our distant mission and our gratitude for the generosity shown by the sending of the wonderful magazine 30Días, very useful for circulating articles about our Holy Mother Church.
The object of my letter is to ask of your solidarity the favor of 28 copies of Quien reza se salva (in Spanish), as many as are the people we daily evangelize: we do not have this precious material. We ask the Lord full of mercy to reward your generosity.
Yours in Jesus the Good Shepherd,

Father Pedro Galvez Rojo

Lunsar, Sierra Leone

30Days is indeed the greatest thing that has happened to us all

Lunsar, 8 May 2009

Dear Senator Andreotti,
Greetings from the people of God in Makeni Diocese, Sierra Leone.
Your monthly publication has brought hearts and minds together. Indeed we now realize how universal our Church is. The publications of 30Days are like the best sellers in our Diocese.
The spiritual richness of your editorial articles have kept us abreast with the real issues emerging in the Church.
30Days indeed is the greatest thing that has happened to us all.
We are really proud of you.

Father Francis Sesay

Spiritual reading/29

Commenting on the conclusions of the Council of Orange about the grace of God bestowed in view of Christ the Redeemer on a multitude of saints before Christ (and the before is not only chronological but also before the personal encounter with the Gospel, cf. the expression of the Council of Trent “post Evangelium promulgatumDenzinger 1524) we publish a paragraph from the Dogmatic Constitution Lumen Gentium of Vatican II Ecumenical Council.

Lumen Gentium, Chapter I, paragraph 2
“Aeternus Pater, liberrimo et arcano sapientiae ac bonitatis suae consilio, mundum universum creavit, homines ad participandam vitam divinam elevare decrevit, eosque lapsos in Adamo non dereliquit, semper eis auxilia ad salutem praebens, intuitu Christi, Redemptoris, qui est imago Dei invisibilis, primogenitus omnis creaturae (Col 1, 15). Omnes autem electos Pater ante saecula praescivit et praedestinavit conformes fieri imaginis Filii sui, ut sit Ipse primogenitus in multis fratribus (Rm 8, 29). Credentes autem in Christum convocare statuit in sancta Ecclesia, quae iam ab origine mundi praefigurata, in historia populi Israel ac foedere antiquo mirabiliter praeparata, in novissimis temporibus constituta, effuso Spiritu est manifestata, et in fine saeculorum gloriose consummabitur. Tunc autem, sicut apud sanctos Patres legitur, omnes iusti inde ab Adam, ab Abel iusto usque ad ultimum electum in Ecclesia universali apud Patrem congregabuntur”.

The eternal Father, by a free and hidden plan of His own wisdom and goodness, created the whole world. His plan was to raise men to participation in the divine life. Fallen in Adam, God the Father did not leave men to themselves, but ceaselessly offered aids to salvation, in view of Christ, the Redeemer “who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature” (Col 1, 15). All the elect, before time began, the Father “foreknew and pre-destined to become shaped to the image of His Son, that he should be the firstborn among many brethren” (Rm 8, 29). He planned to assemble in the holy Church all those who would believe in Christ. Already from the beginning of the world the foreshadowing of the Church took place. It was prepared in a remarkable way throughout the history of the people of Israel and by means of the Old Covenant. In the present era of time the Church was constituted and, by the outpouring of the Spirit, was made manifest. At the end of time it will gloriously achieve completion, when, as is read in the Fathers, all the just, from Adam and “from Abel, the just one, to the last of the elect”, will be gathered together with the Father in the universal Church.

Council of Orange of 529. Conclusion of Cesarius Bishop of Arles

The grace of God and the multitude of ancient saints

De gratia, de cooperatione humana et de praedestinatione
Ac sic secundum supra scriptas sanctarum Scripturarum sententias vel antiquorum Patrum definitiones hoc Deo propitiante et praedicare debemus et credere, quod per peccatum primi hominis ita inclinatum et attenuatum fuerit liberum arbitrium, ut nullus postea aut diligere Deum sicut oportuit, aut credere in Deum aut operari propter Deum quod bonum est, possit, nisi eum gratia misericordiae divinae praevenerit. Unde et Abel iusto et Noe et Abraham et Isaac et Jacob, et omni antiquorum Sanctorum multitudini illam praeclaram fidem, quam in ipsorum laude praedicat Apostolus Paulus (Eb 11), non per bonum naturae, quod prius in Adam datum fuerat, sed per gratiam Dei credimus fuisse collatam (Denzinger 396).

Concerning grace, human cooperation and predestination
And thus, according to the passages of Holy Scripture quoted above or the interpretations of the ancient Fathers, we must, under the blessing of God, preach and believe as follows: the sin of the first man has so impaired and weakened free will that no one thereafter can either love God as he ought or believe in God or do good for God’s sake, unless the grace of divine mercy has preceded him. We therefore believe that the glorious faith which was given to Abel the righteous, and Noah, and Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and to all the saints of old, and which the Apostle Paul commends in extolling them (Heb 11), was not given through natural goodness as it was before to Adam, but was bestowed by the grace of God.


Chapalita, Mexico

It is a joy to receive this publication

Chapalita, 28 March 2009

Mr Giulio Andreotti,
I am a Mexican religious of the Order of St Augustine, now residing in Chapalita, superior of the convent of Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo, Church of St Rita of Cascia. With these few lines I want to thank you for the kindness shown us in sending the magazine 30Giorni – which you offer us free for some time now – and to stress the amount of news about the Church which you make known to us through it, in addition to your articles and memoirs that we read and keep in mind with great pleasure. It is a joy to receive this publication, which with its very many virtues really deserves to be consulted. May God will you to continue the work done so far with this prestigious magazine. So we are grateful for this wonderful gift that you make our community of Augustinians, along with other orders.
I am pleased to recall that I had the good fortune to know dear Senator Andreotti personally when I was director of the auditorium-hall of the Augustinianum Patristic Institute in Rome. The senator often participated in conferences that were held there, both when he was prime minister and, subsequently, in other circumstances. The last time I had occasion to see him, I received him personally: the organizers had not set a precise time for the meeting at which he was to participate, so, when the senator arrived there was nobody to receive him, and I dared lead him into a room, awaiting the arrival of those involved. I had the pleasant opportunity of express-ing to him the good wishes of many people, aware of the situation, that the delicate moments the senator was going through, because of the unjust accusations read in the newspapers, would soon pass. With great pride and satisfaction I keep an autograph of the senator on a card of the Presidency of the Republic, which I don’t know how it came into my hands.

Father Alfredo Parra Segovia, OSA

Kà-Ho, Coloane, Macau

Who prays is saved available to the sisters

Kà-Ho, Coloane, 12 June 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
On my own behalf and on behalf of the nuns, the Sisters of Charity of Saint Anne, I thank you for your kindness for having sent them 30Days, and recently also thirty copies of the prayer booklet Who prays is saved; the sisters of this order have worked in Macau for many years at four institutions for the sick, for elderly people and in a center for Hansenians [those suffering from Hansen’s disease, ed.] in China.
The sisters appreciate the magazine greatly and even more the book of prayers; each one has a copy, and be assured, they read it often, it is a vademecum that is available to them. A constant link with the good God to Whom they have been consecrated since childhood.
They are all Indian, a country that produces many vocations, and came here to Macau and to China as missionaries – a most beautiful thing – and like Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta take care of the poor among the poorest.
Once again thank you for your goodness towards us and even more for the good you do. Through your work, the salvation of many souls is possible, if possible of all mankind, all children of the good God, our Father Who is in heaven and on earth and Who cannot separate Himself from us because He loves us.
I wish you all good in the Lord,

Father Gaetano Nicosia

Lahore, Pakistan

Who prays is saved for new seminarians

Lahore, 2 July 2009

Dear Giulio Andreotti,
Greetings from St Francis Xavier Seminary Lahore, Pakistan.
After a long spell of hot weather the rain has refreshed the weather in Lahore and people have found some relief. Actually it was not only the heat produced by the hot sun but also the budget for 2009, which once again has failed to bring any relief to the people. The interruption of the electric power supply continues for hours and the prices keep increasing to make the life of an ordinary person more difficult.
In this situation we in our seminary closed the academic year with 16 graduates who will continue their Theology study in Christ the King seminary in Karachi. I am so happy to share with you the news that we will also welcome 23 new candidates from all over Pakistan.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sending us your beautiful and inspiring magazine 30Days. Last year you sent us 10 copies of Who prays is saved. It was a nice gift for the new students. I would like to request if you could send us some more copies for our new seminarians.
It is surely a great gift of God that we work together in the vineyard of the Lord. It may be in a different place but surely in the same spirit.
May God bless you and your whole team who share with us the blessing of God.
Be sure of my prayers.
Sincerely yours,

Father Khalid Yousaf

Gambela, Ethiopia

Who prays is saved teaches us how to pray

Gambela, 7 July 2009

A warm greeting to all the editorial staff,
I am Don Filippo Perin, a Salesian missionary and I write from Gambela, in the west of Ethiopia, bordering on Sudan. Thank you very much for the magazine to which you subscribed me, 30Giorni. Lately I have been in charge of the minor seminary in Gambela. May I ask you not to send me the magazine in Italian, but in English if possible? A second request, seeing that the greatest difficulty for the students here is to learn to pray, if it were possible to have ten copies, in small format, of the booklet Who prays is saved, also in English, it would be wonderful.
I have just arrived and I saw immediately that a major difficulty is to have “good and substantial spiritual nourishment” in these remote lands, so it would be important for these seminarians to have these booklets.
A greeting and a special remembrance for all your work, thanks also from the bishop here, Monsignor Angelo Moreschi.
Thanks again and until soon,

Father Filippo

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