from issue no.12 - 2009


Lomé, Togo

I would like to make Qui prie sauve son âme available to my brothers

Lomé, 4 November 2009

Dear Sir,
I just found the presentation of the book of prayers Qui prie sauve son âme on the back cover of your magazine 30Giorni and I was enchanted by it. I am an Augustinian religious in Togo and in charge of publishing a monthly missal and other prayer books; I promote everything that can help our poor Christians to live their Christian life. I therefore want to make this booklet available to my brothers. How can you help me with this? If you agree to give us the right to publish it on the spot, we can print five thousand copies at the retail price of 75 euro cents. You could also send us a certain number free...
Were you to agree to help us, what would the conditions of this agreement be? With all my gratitude,

Sister Emérentienne

Harissa, Lebanon

30Jours is a great spiritual good

Harissa, 4 November 2009

Mr Director,
I am hereby asking a charity: could you please send us by mail two copies of the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme and two copies of Sur la résurrection de Jésus Christ by Heinrich Schlier? We would be very grateful. Attached we send ten dollars for expenses.
We would also be very grateful if you could send 30Jours to the convent of nuns based in Syria, although their mailbox is in Lebanon.
Mr Director, I take this opportunity to thank you for sending 30Jours which is a great spiritual good for all of us.
Religiously in Christ and in the Most Holy Mother of God,

Thérèse de Jésus, Prioress

Pregonero, Táchira, Venezuela

Our most sincere thanks for the magazine

Pregonero, 8 November 2009

Esteemed Director,
We Camaldolesian hermits of Monte Corona, a monastic community of contemplative life, devoted to prayer and to work for the spreading of the Kingdom of God and for the good of the Church, are very grateful to you, having received our first free copy of your prestigious magazine that allows us to be better informed about the life of the Church in the world of today.
We renew our most sincere thanks and wish you abundant blessings of God for this noble work that you do for the good of the Church,

Don José G. Peláez

Juigalpa, Nicaragua

We hope you will send us 30Giorni for many years to come

Juigalpa, 11 November 2009

Esteemed Senator Giulio Andreotti,
How are you? It is right and necessary that we thank you for the continuous gift of 30Giorni that keeps us up to date on the most important facts of the Church and the world. We hope that you will send it to us for many years to come. Our poor prayer accompanies your generosity towards us and all the people who receive its benefit.
Here we grow slowly, but progress has been represented by the autonomy that, in February of this year, our community in Nicaragua established with respect to that of Argentina, on which we depended. We rely on your remembrance to the Lord that we may always be pious, open to His mercy so as to transmit it to our people, especially to the poorest.
Happy Advent and Merry Christmas, and may His grace fill you! United in His love, along with all my sisters I greet you sincerely,

Sister Franca Ancona

Ars sur Formans, France

30Jours for the retired chaplain

Ars sur Formans, 18 November 2009

Dear Sir,
Our chaplain, after almost sixteen years of dedication at our Carmel and feeling that his energies were abandoning him, retired... he is 87 years old!
Strongly bound to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Church, he greatly appreciated your magazine that he had the joy of reading each month. Now, we send it to him. Could one of the three copies we receive be sent directly to him, without additional expense on your part?
Allow us to take this opportunity to reiterate our full appreciation and admiration for the magnificent work for the Church that you carry out with your publications.
We respectfully assure you of our prayers and we dare to entrust ourselves to yours to help us to become the saints which the Church and the Holy Father have so much need of,

The Carmelite sisters of the Saint Curé of Ars

Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

One hundred copies of Who prays is saved

Miri, 18 November 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Please receive fraternal greetings from our distant mission and our gratitude for the generosity shown by sending us the wonderful magazine 30Days. All our sisters are reading it by turn.
Ihave enclosed with this letter a check for a hundred copies of the booklet Who prays is saved.
We offer our prayers for you, Mr. Andreotti. May the good God continue to bless this beautiful spiritual undertaking for His glory and for the good of the Church.
May God bless you and all your staff.
Your humble servant, in Jesus and Mary,

Sister Rose Mary of the Immaculate Heart, IUC, Prioress

Nimes, France

Every time I pray for you, I pray... with joy

Nimes, 23 November 2009

Dear friends in Jesus,
Thanks be to God for your good works through the review 30Giorni. Among so many people who you are enriching in so many ways is my self. I am a contemplative nun of the convent of Nimes, originally from Malawi, in Africa. As St Paul, I too “thank my God each time I think of you, and when I pray for you, I pray with ... joy”.
This magazine is broadening my mind and I am aware of the spiritual graces that it transmits through the knowledge of all the events that our Mother the Church is holding in its motherly heart.
May I take this opportunity of asking you if it could be possible to send seven booklets of Chi prega si salva in French and another six in English to my nephew who is promoter of vocations for the Carmelites; three of them will be given to his sister, a religious in the Sisters of Divine Providence, she also committed to helping the youth in her apostolic activity. Thank you so much in advance.
May the good Lord be blessed in whatever you are doing for the salvation of his flocks.
May His name be blessed forever.
Your Sister in Jesus,

Sister Ancilla of Christ The King

Spiritual reading/33

From the Indiculus, the small Roman Catechism: “... as we win with His help, likewise, if He does not help us anew, we are defeated”

From the Gospel according to Luke: “Then He told them a parable about the need to pray continually, and never to lose heart”(Lk 18, 1)
Commenting on the statement of the IndiculusNecesse est enim, ut quo auxiliante vincimus, eo iterum non adiuvante vincamur / It is in fact inevitable that, as we win with His help, likewise, if He does not help us anew, we are defeated” (Denzinger 241) we print a passage of Saint Ambrose taken from Expositio in Lucam X, 88-90. The passage comments on an invocation of prayer very often repeated by Ambrose: “Respice, Domine Iesu / Look at us, Lord Jesus”. The Gospel of Luke says that Jesus coming out of the Sanhedrin where he had been convicted, “looked at Peter... and Peter burst into tears” (Lk 22, 61. 62). If Jesus had not looked at him, Peter would not have wept.

Respice, Domine Iesu, ut sciamus nostrum deflere peccatum
Look at us, Lord Jesus, so that we may weep for our sin

Petrus doluit et flevit, quia erravit ut homo. [...]
Peter grieved and wept, because he made a mistake like all men. [...]

Bonae lacrimae, quae lavant culpam.
Good tears, that wash away the guilt.

Denique quos Iesus respicit plorant.
Only those who Jesus looks at weep.

Negavit primo Petrus et non flevit, quia non respexerat Dominus.
Peter denied for the first time and did not weep, because the Lord had not looked at him.

Negavit secundo: non flevit, quia adhuc non respexerat Dominus.
He denied a second time: he did not weep, because the Lord had not yet looked at him.

Negavit et tertio: respexit Iesus et ille amarissime flevit.
He denied even a third time: Jesus turned to look at him and he wept very bitterly.

Respice, Domine Iesu, ut sciamus nostrum deflere peccatum.
Look at us, Lord Jesus, so that we may weep for our sin.

Unde etiam lapsus sanctorum utilis.
So even the fall of the saints is useful.

Nihil mihi nocuit quod negavit Petrus,
The fact that Peter denied did me no damage,

profuit quod emendavit. [...]
the fact that he amended was instead a help. [...]

Flevit ergo et amarissime Petrus,
Thus Peter wept, and very bitterly,

flevit ut lacrimis suum posset lavare delictum.
he wept so as to cleanse his sin with his tears.

Et tu si veniam vis mereri, dilue culpam lacrimis tuam;
And you too if you want to deserve forgiveness, dissolve your guilt in tears;

eodem momento, eodem tempore respicit te Christus.
at that same moment, at that same time, Christ looks at you.

Si in aliquo fortassis labaris,
If by chance you fall into some error,

quia secretorum tuorum testis adsistit, respicit ut recorderis et fatearis errorem.
because He is near you, as a witness of your secret actions, He looks at you so that you remember Him and confess the error.

Imitare Petrum dicentem alibi tertio: Domine, tu scis quia diligo te.
Imitate Peter when, in a separate incident, he says three times: Lord, Thou knowest that I love you.

Etenim quia tertio negaverat, tertio confitetur,
In fact, since he had denied three times, he confesses three times:

sed negavit in nocte, confitetur in die.
but he denied by night, he confesses by day.


Ouesso, Republic of the Congo

30Jours for the Preparatory National Seminary

Ouesso, 29 September 2009

Dear friends of 30Jours,
Thanks for the magazine, which we regularly receive despite the postal service being difficult in our region.
Congratulations on the subjects addressed, for the topics “without borders”, for the quality of the photographs. It is one of the rare international magazines that come to us, in the far north-west of the Congo: because of this it is even more appreciated.
I have a request: since our Episcopal Conference reopens its Preparatory National Seminary, seven kilometers from Ouesso, around November, would it be possible to send them a subscription? Thank you.
Fraternally yours,

Monsignor Yves Marie Monot, Bishop of Ouesso

Kouvé, Togo

Qui prie sauve son âme would be a great Christmas gift ;

Kouvé, 1 October 2009

Dear Senator and editorial staff of 30Giorni,
I have no words to thank you for the monthly gift of the magazine but especially for the booklet Qui prie sauve son âme. Our catechumens copy the prayers in a notebook. I gave one of them the book and if you had seen the joy... I cannot even describe it. I would be very grateful if you could send us by mail twenty booklets, which would be a great Christmas gift. Here on the mission life continues in poverty but also in great serenity and we get on well with the people here. My commitment, as well as catechesis, is to care for the mothers with AIDS, giving them the opportunity to make themselves useful for themselves and for their families. With the cure of antiretrovirals, and if the test is done on time, they can live quite well. Now I repeat my thanks and before Jesus during adoration I will speak of you.
With deep gratitude,

Sister Luigina Pia Beraldin

Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico

Quien reza se salva for help in catechesis

Tepic, 23 October 2009

Dear Director Giulio Andreotti,
Peace and good.
I am Friar Álvaro Carmona and a missionary in this prelature among the Tepehuanos Indios. I read the magazine 30Giorni and saw that the articles are extremely interesting. Would it be possible to receive it free, in Spanish, so that even my natives can read it?
If it were possible, I would also like to receive two booklets of Quien reza se salva for my children that come to catechism.
Mr Andreotti, I extend my thanks. I add my poor prayers and may God our Father bless you.
Most affectionately in Christ,

Missionary Fra Álvaro Carmona, MFIM

Nyahururu, Kenya

Chi prega si salva helps us in our daily duties

Nyahururu, 29 October 2009

Dear Director,
On 7 May I received parcels with copies of Chi prega si salva in Italian and Who prays is saved in English.
I immediately distributed a copy in English to each of my priests, who as I wrote in my first letter, number seventy-eight (including ten Italians).
We agreed to recite the prayers in ideal union, each in his own parish, in the morning.
I thank you for the useful and welcome gift that helps us in our daily duties and assure you that we remember you all in prayer to the Lord, so that he may help and bless your commitment to spreading the truth.
With best wishes to you and the staff for the festive season, and renewing my gratitude, I remain your much obliged,

Luigi Paiaro, Bishop of Nyahururu

Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria

30Days for our communities in Nigeria

Onitsha, 5 November 2009

Dearest in Christ,
We write to request some copies of your magazine. We learned how valuable it is from one of our sisters. After reading it, we found it very interesting, since it gives information about the life and the activities of the Church.
We have seven communities in Nigeria and would be very grateful if each of our houses could receive a copy of it.
Thank you for your kind gesture and may God fill you with blessings.
Yours in Jesus Christ,

Sister María de la Luz Roa Ventura, Regional Superior

Bidzar, Cameroon

Qui prie sauve son âme allowed us to live intensely the month of the Rosary

Bidzar, 9 November 2009

Dear friends,
I received ten booklets of Qui prie sauve son âme and I thank you. I am the pastor of the “Immaculate Heart of Mary” parish in Bidzar in the Archdiocese of Garoua, Cameroon. This booklet has allowed us to live intensely the month of the Rosary and I use it in catechesis. Thank you so much for this valuable tool,

Don Émile Saiga Kofor

Laranjeiras do Sul, Paraná, Brazil

Thanks sincerely for 30Giorni

Laranjeiras do Sul, 15 November 2009

Very dear friends,
I thank you for sending the magazine 30Giorni. I write also to wish you my sincere and fraternal greetings for a good and holy Christmas.
Now I turn to you for the renewal of my free subscription to 30Giorni for the year 2010.
Please send the magazine to my new address (the parish of Sant’Ana in Laranjeiras) from January 2010.
Again thank you very much. May the good God bless and protect you,

Father José Maria Ribeiro dos Santos

Huacaybamba, Huánuco, Peru

Quien reza se salva was a great surprise

Huacaybamba, 16 November 2009

Dear Dr Andreotti
You and your team are very efficient and generous. It has been a while since I received, as I had requested, the booklets Quien reza se salva: it was a great surprise for me and for the catechists, truly a great gift on your part; I hope to send some photos. But above all we will keep you particularly present in our prayers, when we pray together with the help of this booklet. Thank you very much, may God bless you for all the good you do for our Church.
With consideration, in Christ and the Virgin Mary,

Don Benito Filemón Guzmán Santiago, Parish Priest

Kannur, Kerala, India

Thanks for the book on Pope Luciani

Kannur, 16 November 2009

Dear Mr Andreotti,
I have just received the beautiful book My brother Albino. I can’t find words to thank you for this beautiful gift. I read it all in one go with great spiritual profit, because the life of this great and holy Pope is a grand example of holy life for us priests and a program to follow in our pastoral and missionary lives.
May the Lord reward you for this great favor. I am sure that other priests will also find in this book a lot to imitate from the simple and holy life of this great Pope, who passed as a beneficial aurora in the heaven of the saints.
Thank you again sincerely and I pray that the Lord reward you abundantly for your great apostolate of the press, which you carry through with 30Giorni.
With great affection and mutual prayers I remain in Jesus, Mary and Joseph your ever most affectionate,

Father L. M. Zucol, S.J.

Khartoum, Sudan

I always receive 30Giorni as a great gift

Khartoum, 23 November 2009

Dear Mister Director,
Very special thanks to you for the wonderful magazine 30Giorni; I receive it always as a great gift. God bless you for the good that you do for so many people and especially also for me.
The mission in Sudan where I am is very nice, thanks particularly to the people, who are hospitable and rich in faith. It is not easy for Christians to live in a Muslim society but the “God with us” at times removes every barrier and then we feel like brothers even in diversity. I assure you of my remembrance, and through this simple letter send the loveliest wish for a holy Christmas to you and all your collaborators. A big greeting and heartfelt thanks for 30Giorni.
In appreciation,

Sister Stefania Bassan


Paisley, Scotland

The Immaculate Conception and the perpetual virginity of Mary are two clearly distinct mysteries of faith

An appropriate correction of the translation of Ignace de la Potterie's article “The Virginity of Mary: a theologumenon?”, from 30Days no. 9 - 2009

My dear Editors of 30Giorni,
Thank you for sending me a copy of the English language version of 30Giorni. I always enjoy reading it.
On pages 64-66 of Issue No 9/2009, there is an article by Father Ignace de la Potterie, entitled “The Virginity of Mary: a theologumenon?”
I was drawn immediately to this piece both because of the importance of the subject and because of the eminence of the author, Father Ignace de la Potterie, who taught me when I was a student at the Gregorian University in Rome.
I imagine the article in question has been translated from French or Italian into English. The English text uses the term “Immaculate Conception of Mary”, but I think it is really discussing the Conception of Jesus by the Virgin Mary, that is to say the “virginal conception”. This is the mystery that the Church celebrates each year on 25th March as the Annunciation and which comes to fulfillment in the Feast of the Nativity of Jesus on 25th December (Christmas Day).
In English, the terminology is rather important, because “Immaculate Conception” refers not to the virginal conception of Jesus, but to the mystery of faith which declares that Mary herself, who was conceived in the normal way through the sexual intercourse of her parents, was free of original sin from the first moment of her existence, which is to say from her conception. This is the mystery the Church celebrates each year on 8th December, the feast of the “Immacolata”.
So really, the term “Immaculate Conception” should not be used to mean “Mary’s virginity” or the “virginal conception” of Jesus.
I hope that this clarification is helpful.
With my kindest wishes,

+ Philip Tartaglia, Bishop of Paisley

Right Rev Tartaglia,
We would like to thank you for your email and for having pointed out our mistake which has fortunately occurred only in the English translation. We have corrected it on our website (
Your clarification has indeed been very helpful and we are pleased to publish your email in acknowledgement.
Thank you once again.
Sincerely yours.


Khartoum, Sudan

Who prays is saved would be a great help to us

Khartoum, 3 October 2009

Dear Giulio Andreotti,
Greetings from St. Paul’s National Major Seminary Khartoum, Sudan.
I am seminarian of The Catholic Diocese of Tombura Yambio, studying in the second year of theology in St Paul’s Seminary. We get copies of 30Days every month thanks to our Professor of Dogma Fr Salvatore Copo MCCJ who brings them to us .
I would like to kindly request you for some copies of Who prays is saved in English since we are living in a country where Arabic is used as a means of communication, so it is hard to get prayer books in English here. It will be good help to us therefore to have these booklets.
May the Almighty God bless you and your whole team for the good you are doing.

Elario Zambakari, Seminarian

Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil

Fifty copies of Quem reza se salva

Maceió, 12 October 2009

Dearest friends of the magazine 30Giorni,
The Archbishop Emeritus of Maceió, Monsignor José Carlos Melo, would like to know if it would be possible to receive fifty copies of the booklet Quem reza se salva and what the corresponding value is, including postal service costs.
Thank you,

Don Menete Junior

Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Ecuador

30Días will be helpful to seminarians and teachers

Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, 7 November 2009

Dear Sir,
Please receive a cordial greeting with best wishes of abundant blessings of the Lord for all your activities.
Hereby, I express my best wishes for you and your excellent magazine, on my behalf, and that of the teachers and seminarians of our seminary San Pedro.
I would like to ask you kindly if you can give us a subscription to the magazine directed by you, because, through its articles, it is a tool to learn about the life of the Church and the opinions of renowned commentators. I know it will be very useful to both seminarians and teachers.
On behalf of all of us who are part of this house of formation, I am very grateful for the welcome that you will give to this request.
I assure you our prayers for the success of the magazine and the prosperity of all those who collaborate in it.
With sincere appreciation, servant in Christ Jesus,

Father Luis Alfonso Sterling M., CM, Rector

Lomé, Togo

I’d like to receive copies of Qui prie sauve son âme

Lomé, 16 December 2009

Dearest brothers and sisters in Christ,
Allow me with these words to thank you sincerely for your magazine 30Jours that I have just had the opportunity to discover and that fascinated me both for the depth of the articles as well as for the beautiful graphic composition. It is a true masterpiece... Thank you so much for this yeast you bring so that the dough of our humanity ferments better.
I am Moïse Agbégnon Koumondji, a seminarian of the “John Paul II” major inter-diocesan seminary in Lomé, Togo. I just finished the third year of philosophy and am currently doing an internship in the diocesan registry of the archdiocese of Lomé. I enjoyed the meditation on St Paul that appeared in number 6/7 of your magazine that I discovered in the waiting room of the archdiocese.
I told myself that I must have this jewel for my personal culture, and this is the reason that now urges me to send you these words: to ask that I now be counted among your readers and to subscribe to your magazine. Unfortunately I do not have the economic means for this, but rely heavily on your great kindness...
Also, I would like to have, if possible, ten copies of the prayer booklet Qui prie sauve son âme. Thanks in advance for your response which I hope will be favorable. Thanks for everything.
I assure you of my union in prayer. Happy end of the year festive season!

Moïse Agbégnon Koumondji

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