from issue no.02/03 - 2010


Whitland, Wales, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for sending us 30Days

Whitland, 12 December 2009

Dear Mr Andreotti,
A peaceful and joyful Christmas to you and your family.
Thank you so much for sending 30Days. The pictures and articles are so beautifully printed and presented. I first met 30Days twenty years ago, when I was in our USA community where I read it each month from cover to cover. Then when I came back home here to Wales I missed it. You can imagine how pleased I was when it started to arrive here.
God bless your good work and kindness,

Sister Stephanie Roberts, OCSO

Graz, Austria

“God reward you!”

Graz, 16 December 2009

Dear Mr Director,
Late, but even more so from our hearts, we wish to thank you with a sincere and happy: “God reward you!”.
For years you have made us a generous gift, free, of your very rich magazine.
May He from Whom every good gift comes continue to fill you with the blessings of His Spirit to prepare the way for the Light of the world through 30Tage.
In union of prayer in Emanuel, greetings to you, your grateful

Carmelite Nuns of Graz

Lusaka, Zambia

Thank you for what we read and see

Lusaka, Christmas 2009

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
It is time that we join the monasteries all over the world who thank you for the gift of your magazine. We too appreciate the interesting articles, but we also want to tell you of our gratitude for the beautiful illustrations. In Africa we have heard of our Christian cultural heritage, but have little opportunity to be in contact with it. These pictures are a great help and we use them in different ways. So thank you for what we read and see.
Be assured of our prayers for you and for your intentions.
We wish you strength of life and joy of the spirit for the whole year

The Poor Clares of Zambia

Guernica, Spain

30Días allows us to follow the most important events of the Church

Guernica, 5 January 2010

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti: peace and good.
For a long time I have wanted to write to say thanks for the precious gift that you make us with your beautiful and interesting magazine 30Días. It is a pleasing surprise to note your appreciation for the contemplative life in the cloister.
Your precious magazine enables us to follow the most important activities and events in the Church, to unite ourselves with the joys and sufferings of this and of the world and thus raise our prayers to heaven for it. The valuable reportages open up new horizons of information for us.
We keep you in mind – you and your staff – for your important work, entrusting you to the Lord to bless you, fill you with His grace and heavenly gifts and so that your work may always be pleasing to God! We wish you a happy and holy New Year 2010.
Please accept my expressions of sincere gratitude, along with those of the whole community. I greet you, yours in Christ,

Maria Begoña Guerricabeitia, OSC

Piedimonte Matese, Caserta

The Spiritual Reading a voice for the praying soul

Piedimonte Matese, 13 January 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti and editorial staff,
We are writing to express our warmest thanks for sending us your magazine and our appreciation of it.
We are struck by the completeness and the serious formal accuracy and choice of content of the magazine. It’s really a great support for our formation as consecrated persons, which can never be said to be completed!
The articles are very interesting and the spiritual readings a voice for the praying soul.
We assure you of our prayers so that the magazine may continue to provide such a valuable contribution to the world of culture, information and spirituality.

Mother Maria Saveria Marra, Prioress, and Community

Windhoek, Namibia

30Days has helped us to walk in this world with the Church

Windhoek, 16 January 2010

Dear Mr Andreotti,
We greet you in the New Year 2010 with all our gratitude to the Lord and to you!
Your magazine 30Days, read in our Community with great interest the past several years, has been very informative, instructive and formative. You have helped us to walk with the Church, our mother, and also with our mother humanity, in this world.
Thank you very much for your encouragement to all us contemplatives in the enlosed Orders.
United with you in Christ Our Savior, and in Our Blessed Mother,

Sister Mary Clare and all the Sisters

Havana, Cuba

The prayer of the Discalced Carmelite Nuns in Cuba

Havana, 25 January 2010

Praised be Jesus Christ!
Dear Mr Andreotti,
From distant, but near Cuba, we greet you with great affection and gratitude, assuring you of our remembrance in prayer.
For some time we have intended to write and say thanks for the great good that God does through you, for your dedication and that of all your collaborators of the much-appreciated 30Días magazine, which comes to us and which we read with great interest. We want to say a big “God reward you!” Know that in Cuba there are fourteen Discalced Carmelite nuns who support you with their prayers, with much gratitude.
It is truly a valuable magazine for its content, and we really like the section where the thanks you receive from many different places are published: and now we too join in.
May Jesus Christ, the faithful friend, continue to support you and our Queen and Beauty of Carmel always carry you deep in her heart,

Your Sisters and Daughters, Discalced Carmelites

San José de Buenavista, Antique, Philippines

We received 30Days with joy and gratitude

San José de Buenavista, 1 February 2010

Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
Greetings of Peace and Goodness!
We received with great joy and gratitude the magazine 30Days in the Church and in the world. We thank God for your generous charity.
We have read with joy and interest these news reports that inform us of what is happening in the Church and in the world. We appreciate them greatly.
We thank you from the heart and ask Our Lord to reward you with abundant graces. May the good God, through the intercession of Saint Clare, always bless your life, your work and recompense you for all the good you realize in favor of the Church and the world.
With best wishes and the promise to pray for you fervently, we greet you with friendship and gratitude.
May God bless you.
Very gratefully yours in Christ,

Sister Christine O. Goneda, OSC, Superior

San Martino delle Scale, Palermo

Chi prega si salva for the youth of the parish

San Martino delle Scale, 5 February 2010

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Peace and joy in the Lord.
I am Don Bernardo Maria Velardi, a Benedictine monk of the abbey of San Martino delle Scale in Palermo.
I read with pleasure the magazine 30Giorni and saw extremely interesting articles. Thanks for this fine service you render to the Church and the world.
Would it be possible to receive some copies of Chi prega si salva to distribute to my youth of San Martino? Unfortunately, they have few resources and little work to live on. These copies would serve me to bring them closer to God and the Church through prayer, a fundamental element of our lives. I would be very grateful for this esteemed senator.
This group of young people would like to go to Madrid with Pope Benedict XVI in 2011 for the World Youth Day: we hope to be able to.
Thank you very much, Mr Giulio. We will always remember you to the Lord in our prayers: we will pray for you, for your health and for the good you have done to Italy and the world.
A devout greeting of peace in the name of Saint Benedict and all the holy monks to whom you are very attached.
Peace and joy in the Lord.
Yours faithfully,

Don Bernardo Maria Velardi, OSB

Cochabamba, Bolivia

The little book Quien reza se salva, to help young people who come to visit us

Cochabamba, 16 February 2010

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Peace and good!
We look forward to the magazine with joy.
Every time we receive the magazine, we say: “We must write” to thank you for the great generosity in sending it to us, since we await reading it with enthusiasm.
We express our sincere thanks, asking the Lord that your generous heart be filled with divine love and imploring the protection of the Most Blessed Virgin.
The magazine offers us quality articles for our contemplative life and adequate information, useful and current, on the Church and the world. We would be very grateful if you could kindly send us some copies of the booklet Quien reza se salva, to help young people who come to visit us and want to know more about God.
May the Lord bless you always. Count on our prayers.

Poor Clare Nuns

Spiritual reading/35

The passage of St Ambrose taken from De Isaac vel anima 3, 10 commenting on the Song of Songs 1, 3-4 – “Propterea adulescentulae dilexerunt te. Adtrahe nos: post odorem unguentorum tuorum curramus / Because of this the young girls loved you. Attract us, and we shall pursue the fragrance of your perfumes” – recalls a passage from the journal of little Theresa of the Child Jesus, she too a doctor of the Church like the saint bishop of Milan: “Complicated means are not necessary for simple souls; because I am one of these, one morning, during the thanksgiving, Jesus gave me a simple means to accomplish my mission. He made me understand that word of the Song: ‘Attract me, we pursue the fragrance of your perfume’ (Song 1, 4). Oh Jesus, it is therefore not even necessary to say: Attracting me, attract the souls that I love. This simple word: ‘Attract me’ is enough” (Theresa of Lisieux, Story of a Soul).
If you compare the passage of Ambrose with that of little Theresa you will notice how the same prayer awakened by the same attraction of grace presents different nuances, suggested by the difference in translation of the verse of the Song of Songs. Ambrose says: “Good is the soul who prays not only for itself but for all! Attract us”. Little Theresa (like Dante when he describes the first disciples who pursue Francis, Paradiso XI, 76-84) stresses that it is enough that a soul be attracted so that, by that reflection of grace, others pursue.

Attract us

Propterea, inquit, adulescentulae dilexerunt te.
Because of this, he says, the young girls loved you.

Adtrahe nos: post odorem unguentorum tuorum curramus.
Attract us: and we shall pursue the fragrance of your perfumes.

Bona quidem prudentia, sed dulcis misericordia;
Because prudence is good, but mercy is sweet;

illam enim pauci adsequuntur, haec ad omnes pervenit.
in fact few succeed in reaching the first, while the second reaches everyone.

Propter hanc, inquit, indulgentiam tuam diligunt te animae renovatae spiritu. [...]
Thanks to this your indulgence, he says, the souls renewed by the Spirit, love you...

Et ideo et ista festinat ad verbum et rogat ut adtrahatur,
And therefore this soul also hastens toward the Word and prays to be attracted,

ne forte derelinquatur,
lest it be abandoned,

quia currit Dei verbum et non est adligatum.
because the Word of God runs and is not tied.

Denique exultat tamquam gigans ad currendam viam
Again: it rejoices like a giant running along the road

et, quia egressus eius a summo caelo et occursus eius ad summum eius,
and, since it emerges from the highest of the heavens and its race reaches its height,

videns se inparem tantae velocitati dicit: Adtrahe nos.
[the soul] seeing itself unequal to such great speed says: Attract us.

Bona anima, quae non pro se sola, sed pro omnibus rogat! Adtrahe, inquit, nos.
Good is the soul that prays not only for itself but for all! Because of this it says Attract us.

Habemus enim cupiditatem sequendi, quam unguentorum tuorum inspirat gratia:
Indeed, we have the desire to follow, which the grace of your perfumes inspires;

sed quia cursus tuos aequare non possumus,
but since we can not match your pace,

adtrahe nos, ut auxilio tuo fultae vestigiis tuis possimus insistere.
attract us so that, supported by your help, we can walk in your footsteps.

Si enim tu adtraxeris, curremus et nos et spiritalia velocitatis flabra capiemus.
If you in fact attract us, we too will run and grasp the spiritual breaths of speed.

Et deponitur enim sarcina, quibus manus tua fulcro est,
Indeed, from those for whom your hand is a pivot the weight is also removed,

et oleum tuum infunditur, quo curatus est ille qui a latronibus vulneratus est.
and your oil is poured with which he who was wounded by robbers was cured.

Ac ne inpudens tibi videatur quod ait: Adtrahe nos,
And lest you think it insolent to say: Attract us,

audi dicentem: Venite ad me omnes qui laboratis et onerati estis, et ego vos reficiam.
Listen to Him who says: Come unto me all you that labor and are heavily burdened, and I will refresh you.

Vides quod libenter nos adtrahat, ne remaneamus sequentes.
See how happily He attracts us, lest we fall behind in following Him.


Father Walter Tonelotto with Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun

Father Walter Tonelotto with Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun

New York City, New York, United States

One hundred and fifty Who prays is saved for the newly baptized Chinese of New York

New York, 18 February 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I am a Scalabrinian missionary in New York and, after three years of mission in Haiti, I have now been four years in China ... in New York. My parish was built by Italian immigrants and now is one of two Chinese churches in New York’s Chinatown, and the only one made up almost exclusively by emigrants from Fujou.
For many years I have followed your magazine with interest, but I “devoured” with great joy the latest issue on China. I love and greatly appreciate the Chinese Catholics. We have almost 150 adult baptisms each year, divided among the feasts of Christmas, Easter and the Assumption (perhaps the highest figure of converts of any Chinese church in the world). Father Guazhong Ruan is very well integrated into American culture and is doing an admirable job.
You would do me a great favor if you could send me at least 150 booklets of Who prays is saved in Chinese which I would like to give as gifts to the newly baptized. And if you could send me 1,500, then I would also give them to all of my Chinese Catholic community in New York.
A sincere thanks,

Father Walter Tonelotto, CS

Diocese of Makeni
Makeni, Sierra Leone

The Good News through 30Days

Makeni, 8 December 2009

Dear friends of 30Days in the Church and in the world,
I send you greetings from the Holy Spirit Parish, Makeni city, Makeni Diocese in Sierra Leone West Africa. I am Reverend Father Henry Magbity a diocesan priest and chaplain to the hospitals and prisons.
I must sincerely thank you for the invaluable magazine 30Days which I have been reading for some time and which has provided me with treasures about the church and humanity as a whole. This thanks to our Ordinary Bishop Giorgio Biguzzi of Makeni Diocese who was instrumental in getting this 'always wanting to read' magazine into the diocese and available to all, religious, priests and lay faithful.
It is amazing that the prisoners, sick brothers and sisters I visit are very delighted and inspired by the messages I share with them from the 30Days magazine.
I hope to send you in the near future some articles and photos of my visits and sharing of the good news. 30Days is Good News for the care of the sick and prisoners.
Thank you and God bless you.
In Christ,

Father Henry Magbity


Chi prega si salva in Chinese is a very beautiful thing, especially for the Chinese community in Italy

Rome, 23 February 2010

Dear Sirs,
Peace be with you! I hope you are well.
I am a priest, vice-chaplin of the Chinese Catholic community in Rome. I often read your website and your magazine 30Giorni. I greatly appreciate your service.
Yesterday, visiting your website, I learned that you have printed the booklet of prayers Chi prega si salva in Chinese. I think this is a very beautiful thing, especially for the Chinese community in Italy. Since I serve the Chinese brothers who live in Rome, I would like to ask a favor: could you send me some of these booklets as a gift, as we need them for our church? I await your response.
Sincerely yours,

Father Joseph Zhang

Khartoum, Sudan

We will translate Chi prega si salva into Arabic and local languages

Khartoum, 16 February 2010

Many thanks. I received Chi prega si salva today. We will translate it into Arabic and local languages. It is hoped that between English, Arabic and local languages prayer groups will become active and the desire for dialogue with the Father will increase. Thank you especially for the financial “part” and I also thank Senator Giulio Andreotti for his initiative and willingness to communicate the good.
Thank you and may the Lord bless your good projects,

Father Ernesto De Gaspari, SDB

Lomé, Togo

Qui prie sauve son âme for the catechumens

Lomé, 4 March 2010

Dear brothers,
Praised be Jesus Christ.
I’m Father Henri Joël Ekoue-Totou, vicar in the parish of Christ the King. I am in charge of catechesis, and therefore the catechumens. To interest them even more in the teaching and the prayers of the Church, I would ask you to send me fifty copies of Qui prie sauve son âme.
Hoping for your favorable response, I wish you a good Lenten season.

Father Henri Joël Ekoue-Totou

Samsun, Turkey

Chi prega si salva in Turkish

Samsun, 3 March 2010

Dear Editorial Board,
I am Don Giuliano Lonati, a fidei donum priest from the diocese of Milan, I collaborate with Monsignor Luigi Padovese, Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia.
I ask, if possible, for a copy in Italian or French of Chi prega si salva. We would like to attempt a Turkish translation. I await the booklets with instructions for their payment.
I take this opportunity to say that I regularly receive the magazine 30Giorni which is not only beautiful but also restorative. In Islamic land it is almost a balm... Thank you!

Don Giuliano

Samsun, 10 March 2010

... I picked up the booklets just now. Thank you very much... Regarding the translation we will set things in motion as soon as possible. I avail of the occasion to send Easter greetings. Let us remember each other in prayer,

Don Giuliano

Ambositra, Madagascar

30Giorni stresses the necessity of grace

Ambositra, 9 March 2010

Dear Director, Senator Giulio Andreotti and editorial staff,
Congratulations on your magazine. What interests me in it is a bit of everything, but especially that insistence on the need of grace, following in this the general tradition of the Church and St Augustine, who demonstrated the need in an unsurpassable way.
Meanwhile, today people are becoming Pelagians and even something more: pagans who don’t trust in God, but in their own flesh, whose wounds from birth are well known and make us constantly cry with shame, to lead us finally to perdition.
I am a Jesuit missionary who has worked for over forty years in the diocese of Ambositra in the center of Madagascar, in the highlands.
Not wishing to be deprived of the enjoyment of reading your magazine and not having the money for a subscription, that someone gave me, I request you please to send it to me free.
If you could gather all those quotes taken from the African Councils and which you have reported in your magazine, and group them together to make a small book, you would certainly do us a great good,

Father Antonio Cataldo

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