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Montini and Augustine: the best present

26 May 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti
Forgive me if I address you so simply, but I am not used to contacting important and worthy people like you.
For many months I have received the monthly magazine 30Giorni that you masterfully direct and I cannot tell you how many moments of spiritual enjoyment I have received! I am very happy to have this opportunity because of your generosity, and it is really impossible to express my immense gratitude. Only God to whom I turn to fill you with blessings, can make you understand my feelings.
What really impressed me was the attachment Montini and Augustine with the unpublished notes of his Holiness Pope Paul VI. I, in my scarceness, have always loved and admired Paul VI, so I could not have received a better gift. True, I have allowed a lot of time go by but in the meantime, I didn’t neglect to remember you in my prayers so that the Lord and his Virgin Mother may adequately reward you and your capable staff. With great esteem I thank you.

Sister Maria Geltrude Delizia

Jaén, Peru

Quien reza se salva: the surprise and joy because we didn’t believe they would arrive so soon

Jaén, 17 March 2010

Dear Mr Editor of 30Días magazine,
Some time ago we wrote thanking you for the magazine that we receive punctually and that does us so much good. Many thanks.
Now, with the last isssue, there came a catechism (Chi prega si salva) in Chinese and we would like it in Spanish. Can you send us some copies, seeing that here there is still so much ignorance but also a great desire to learn?
We keep you always present in the poor prayers of this community of Poor Clares of Jaén, Peru.
Thank you in advance,

The Poor Clare Sisters

Jaén, 6 April 2010

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
Happy Easter of Resurrection!
We have just received the booklets Quien reza se salva; a thousand thanks! You don’t know the surprise and joy we felt on receiving them because we didn’t think they would arrive so soon. We have already distributed some and those who receive them are very happy. We hope one day to be able to reciprocate.
Know you are always present in our prayers and that we entrust to God your wonderful work and the great good you do with the magazine. We all like it very much. We renew our thanks to you.
United in prayer

The Poor Clare Sisters

Paray-le-Monial, France

Thank you for the faithful sending of 30Jours each month

Paray-le-Monial, 7 April 2010

Mister Director,
All the religious of the Visitation communities at Paray-le-Monial want to thank you for the faithful sending of 30Jours dans l’Église et dans le monde each month, an exciting magazine and open to all countries and all topics. A magazine of spiritual information, that interests every nun.
Please know that this reading stimulates and strengthens our prayer for all the problems addressed with sensitivity and precision.
Please accept, Mister Director, the expression of our gratitude, our religious respect and the assurance of our special prayer for your special intentions.
For the Visitation Sisters at Paray-le-Monial

Sister Marie-Agnès, VSM

Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Thanks for 30Giorni

Uberaba, 4 April 2010

Dear Mister Giulio,
We sing with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, united to the Holy Father in this Year for Priests, wishing an Easter of light and peace for all the holy Church and all humanity.
Receive, with our prayers, our thanks for the magazine 30Giorni.
May the Risen Christ continue to give you strength and courage to bring the truth and love to the people of our time.

The Discalced Carmelite nuns of Uberaba

Manati, Puerto Rico

30Días in our new convent

Manati, 13 May 2010

Dear Mister Giulio Andreotti,
I write to you to you to inform you of our new address, because since last November we are in our new convent in Manati.
Thanks to Providence and the generous help of many brothers, we can now take advantage of this new house of prayer, where day and night we raise to heaven our prayer and our praise to God on behalf of all humanity.
Mister Andreotti, thank you very much for sending us your interesting magazine 30Días, for the information and topicality in terms of religion, Church and society. We’d love to continue to receive it, seeing that in recent months it hasn’t arrived, due no doubt to the fact of not having forwarded the change of address.
We advance thanks to you on behalf of this contemplative community and assure you of our prayers for yourself and your charitable work. God bless you.

Sister Maria Mercedes de la Trinidad, OP, Prioress

Vynthala, Kerala, India

Fascinated by the booklets Quien reza se salva

Vynthala, 5 May 2010

Dear Senator,
With the Easter Alleluia, we Discalced Mercedarian nuns fromVynthala, in the State of Kerala, thank you for having responded positively to our request to send us the magazine, three numbers of which have already arrived, thanks to your generosity. We were really fascinated by the magazine and the booklets Quien reza se salva: you don’t know the good they are doing and how all are happy to have them. Be assured of our prayers for you and the entire apostolate that you carry onwards through this magazine. We know that in today’s world Christian politicians and truthful informants are essential who present us with information as a window open on the world and the Church while promoting Christian spirituality at the same time.
Many thanks on behalf of all.
A cordial and fraternal greeting on behalf of all,

Sister Trinidad Montes

Carcagente, Valencia, Spain

Our fellow sisters receive 30Días

Carcagente, 6 June 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti,
With this letter we ask you not to send us 30Días magazine anymore. The reason is a bit sad: we are thirteen sisters, but since some of us are very old and in somewhat precarious health, we decided all together and by mutual agreement to merge with our fellow sisters of the Immaculate Torrente Convent, in Valencia.
It is painful to leave the convent where we have lived for many years, but it is comforting and makes us feel grateful to see ourselves welcomed with great affection and openness by our fellow sisters.
May the Lord accept this sacrifice for the good of the Church.
Our sisters in Torrente already receive your rich review that we read with great pleasure.
Receive my affection.
On behalf of all,

Sister María Dolores

Chalais, France

With 30Jours we pray for the Pope and for what happens in Rome

Chalais, 27 May 2010

Dear Mr. Andreotti,
Thanks again for the magazine 30Jours. We read it with love and pleasure. I am grateful for all the gifts we receive from you.
We have all the news about the Holy Father, from Rome and the Vatican. This allows us to pray for the Holy Father and for what happens in Rome.
In France there are many newspapers, but none like yours.
Thank you. We pledge our prayers,

Sister Dominique Benzi

San José de Gracia, Jalisco, Mexico

Quien reza se salva for our community

San José de Gracia, 30 May 2010

Dear Mister Giulio Andreotti,
Please receive an affectionate greeting. I am writing to thank you so much for the good that you do us by sending us your excellent magazine 30Días en la Iglesia y en el mundo. All of us sisters of this community of perpetual adorers of the Most Holy Sacrament appreciate the work you do for the good of the Church and pray Our Lord exposed in our chapel to bless you abundantly and reward you for your generosity. I want to ask a great favor of you, if possible, to send us twenty-two copies of the book Quien reza se salva for the nuns of this community who have expressed a desire to have it. We thank you for your great kindness and assure you of our prayers.
With my respects,

Mother Maria del Consuelo Quintero Sanchez, Superior

Spiritual reading/37

Commenting on the passage of Saint Ambrose taken from Expositio Evangelii secundum Lucam V, 116, we print a response of Pope Benedict XVI in an interview to journalists on the plane during the flight to Cyprus on 4 June last (after the assassination of Monsignor Luigi Padovese on 3 June) and an excerpt taken from Don Luigi Giussani’s Si può (veramente?!) vivere così? [Is it (truly?!) possible to live this way?] (Bur, Milan 1996, pp. 246-247).

“We should consequently imitate, as it were, God and his patience”

“With all these episodes that we are experiencing we are always in danger of losing patience, of saying ‘that’s enough’, and of no longer desiring to seek peace. And here, in this Year of the Priest, a beautiful story of the Curé d’Ars springs to my mind. To the people who said to him: ‘It’s pointless for me to go to confession and absolution because I’m sure that the day after tomorrow I shall relapse into the same sins’, the Curé d’Ars answered: ‘It doesn’t matter, the Lord deliberately forgets that you will commit the same sins the day after tomorrow, he forgives you now, completely, he will be forbearing and will continue to help you and to reach out to you’. We should consequently imitate, as it were, God and his patience. After all the cases of violence, we must not lose patience, not lose courage, not lose our forbearance so as to start over again; we must create this readiness of heart to start ever anew, in the certainty that we can forge ahead, that we can achieve peace, that the solution is not violence but patience for the true good”.

“Faced with a presence, one is impressed and says: ‘I’ll follow you!’, ‘Yes, I’ll follow you’. The yes is the ‘I’ll follow you’. Then he commits a hundred murders, but after the hundredth murder – he has committed them forgetting many things, feeling remorse again – if after a hundred murders that presence there says to him: ‘But what have you done? Who are you with?’ With all the pain in the world he would say: ‘With you’.
So the yes of St Peter is not a decision but the emergence of something that was created day by day, like a thread that ran through all his days, because there was nothing like that man there. It did not prevent him being called ‘Satan’ by Him, from denying Him (but I prefer to speak of a hundred murders, because it’s clearer)”.

Christ does not fail anyone, it is we who fail

«Exsurgant vel sero qui dormierunt, etiam qui Christum perdiderunt.
“Let them arise, even if late, how many have fallen asleep, and how many who have lost Christ.

Non sic amittitur Christus, ut non revertatur, si tamen requiratur,
Christ is not lost to the point that He will not return again, provided you are looking for Him,

sed vigilantibus regreditur et exsurgentibus praesto est,
but He comes back to those who watch and presents Himself to those who arouse themselves,

immo omnibus adest, qui ubique semper est, quia complet omnia.
rather He is close to all, He Who is always everywhere, because He fills everything.

Nulli enim deficit, nos deficimus;
He does not fail anyone, it is we who fail;

nulli inquam deficit, superabundat omnibus;
He fails nobody, I say, He abounds for all;

superabundavit enim peccatum, ut superabundaret gratia.
indeed sin has abounded, so that grace may further abound.

Gratia Christus est,
Grace is Christ,

vita Christus est,
Life is Christ,

Christus est resurrectio.
Christ is the Resurrection.

Qui surgit igitur invenit esse praesentem».
So he who arouses himself finds Him present”.


Carora, Venezuela

30Días nourishes us with valid and formative theological articles

Carora, 12 March 2010

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Most esteemed in Christ,
First I must apologize for having sent this letter of thanks to you so late. It is some years now that I have been receiving your wonderful 30Días magazine, which not only keeps me informed about the important events of the Church and the world, but also nourishes us with valid and formative theological articles of various kinds. Indeed, it serves not just me, but many priests of this diocese, to whom I pass it on for reading.
I renew then my profound thanks to you and the assurance of my prayers for your intentions and those of your collaborators.
Sincerely in Christ,

Eduardo Herrera Riera, Bishop Emeritus of Carora

Paris, France

30Giorni is a breathful of ecclesial Roman spirit

Paris, 16 April 2010

Dear President Andreotti,
I am a Scalabrinian missionary, originally from a village in the Val di Non. Currently at 75 years of age, I serve as vicar in Paris in the parish of Saint-Bernard-de-la-Chapelle, famous among other reasons because in 1996 it was occupied by the sans papier. The environment is multiethnic and multireligious, with a prevalence of faithful of the Muslim faith.
I deal mostly with the elderly. Some time ago, with the help of a priest friend of Rome, I was able to circulate several copies – in Italian and French – of that golden booklet that bears the words taken from Del gran mezzo della preghiera [The great means of prayer] of Saint Alphonsus: Who prays is saved.
In past years I read with profit a biography of De Gasperi written by you. I would be grateful if you could send me a copy, in Italian, of your magazine 30Giorni: it is a breathful of ecclesial Roman spirit which is really good. Among other things I, from a humanistic background, enjoy even the few pages of the spiritual reading in Latin...
Thank you for now and I assure you of my prayers for you and your very valuable work,

Father Ettore Zentile, CS

Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

30Days helps us to be informed about the life of the Church and the world

Abidjan, 26 April 2010

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
I don’t have the words to thank you for the gift of your magazine 30Giorni. The articles are really interesting, they help us to be informed about the life of the Church and the world.
My fellow sisters and I are very grateful and read the magazine with interest. We renew our deepest gratitude to you. We assure you of our prayers for the abundant blessings of God on this noble work that you do for the good of the Church and the world.
With sincere respects,

Sister Eleonora and community

Tokyo, Japan

Thanks for the care you have for missionaries

Tokyo, 14 May 2010

Dear Editorial Staff,
I don’t know how to express my gratitude for the care you have for us missionaries, people about whom, even in Italy, we always talk less and do not consider the mission so necessary and urgent.
I love the way your magazine knows how to combine the memory of past events with the problems we face in the Church and in modern society, as well as the eternal youth of your Director. I also appreciate the way you choose topics of interest to the international society, which is your way of being missionaries. Thanks!

Father Domenico Vitali, SJ

Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Children bring Qui prie sauve son âme with them when they come to mass

Boma, 25 May 2010

Mister Senator,
I was delighted to receive the booklets Qui prie sauve son âme. They were given to the catechumens and catechists who use them with joy. The children now, with these books, know how to pray and bring them with them when they come to mass. It is a great joy for us catechists, catechumens and the whole Christian community of the Cathedral of Boma. I gave them to the priests of our parish and the pastor greatly appreciated it. The Christians of our parish have much need of it, and also the religious, men and women, for their communities. The stock I received in French has run out and people want others. Could you send me other copies in French to help Christians pray well?
Thanks in advance for thinking of us. May the Lord always fill you with His grace and blessings.
Mister Senator, may the expression of my sincere greetings please you.

Roger Phanzu-Kumbu, responsible for catechesis

Gurué, Mozambique

Thank you for this lovely service of information/formation in the Church

Gurué, 10 June 2010

Mister Director: peace, good and consolation.
I am a missionary of the Consoled. I read 30Giorni in our Provincial House in Maputo, Mozambique.
Recently the Holy Father appointed me Bishop of Gurué, in the province of Zambezia, in the center-north of Mozambique.
I would like to continue to read 30Giorni monthly, but the permanent economic crisis of our missions is preventing me from making a normal subscription. So, I appeal to your generosity in order to continue receiving your magazine at my new address. Thank you and I pray for all of you who provide this lovely service of information/formation in the Church.
May the Lord continue to bless you, your staff, your life and your activities.

Francisco Lerma Martínez, Bishop of Gurué

Diabo, Fada N’Gourma, Burkina Faso

Chi prega si salva for my people

Diabo, 16 June 2010

Dear Editorial Staff,
My name is Sister Alma Comi, I am a missionary in Burkina Faso, in the Diocese of Fada N’Gourma, and work in the parish of Diabo.
Last year, having returned to Italy on holiday, I subscribed to your magazine which I find lovely and very useful, especially for us far away who sometimes struggle to keep ourselves informed and trained. I saw your publicity for the booklet of prayers Chi prega si salva. I would be interested in having this book in French, but I wanted to know if you could offer a “discount” on the price. My people are interested in everything that can help Christian growth but they are very poor, and could not pay the book’s price of one euro. If with your help I could have it at a lower price, then I would add my part and theirs, and the Christians here, could have this lovely booklet of prayers.
I would be interested in having three hundred copies, to begin with.
Awaiting your response, I thank you.
United in prayer.

Sister Alma


Lomé, Togo

Qui prie sauve son âme for the catechism children

Lomé, 14 February 2010

Hello, I am a seminarian of Togo, my name is Francis Agbokou. I am very happy to have read the little booklet Qui prie sauve son âme. I would appreciate having copies with which I could help children learn the catechism. I’ll be really happy to have them. Let me reiterate my joy at having read that book.

Francis Agbokou

Lomé, 9 March 2010

Thanks so much for the package containing the small booklets Qui prie sauve son âme. I received it with great joy and it was a great, genuine and welcome surprise. I’m not the only one to appreciate the synthesis and the precision of such a work that will greatly facilitate the work with the very young catechumens. I wish to ask if you could also send me the magazine, if you have nothing against that.
Once again let me tell you of my sincere gratitude. God will know how to reward your beautiful work.

Francis Agbokou

Ibadan, Nigeria

30Giorni is a great asset to our seminary

Ibadan, 19 March 2010

Dear friends,
Many greetings from Africa and the Salesians of Don Bosco seminary in Ibadan, Nigeria.
We thank you so much for your magazine: it is a great asset to our seminary.
I am the director of our Salesian seminary. We have need of financial help. I ask if you can help, for example by “sponsoring” one of our brothers among the young students. I hope to have a kind response from you to my request.
There are twenty-nine young seminarians in our seminary now.
The costs of a scholastic year for a seminarian are 1.722,89 euros.
Again many thanks and God bless you.
I offer with affection the prayer of my youths in training and my own.

Father Isaiah Torres Gonzalez, SDB

In relation to your request, we are pleased to inform you that the non-profit association “Little Way” intends to bear the burden for a scholarship to benefit a seminarian of the Salesian Seminary of Ibadan in Nigeria.
Cordial greetings

The editorial staff

Agbodrafo, Togo

Thank you for this service so useful to the Church

Agbodrafo, 7 April 2010

Hello, dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
I greet you in the joy of the Risen Christ. I am Olivier Johannes Adjigbe and I had the pleasure of reading some articles in your magazine through a friend at the Jean-Paul II seminary in Lomé, where I also study for my training. Concerning this, I want to ask you as a gesture of charity for some instruments to help the young people of my parish to discover the joy of prayer.
Thank you very much for this service that you offer which is so useful to the Church, ensuring you also of my spiritual closeness. May the Lord Himself be your strength and your reward.

Olivier Johannes Adjigbe


Catamarca, Argentina

There are many reasons to give thanks

Catamarca, 17 February 2010

Dear Mr Director,
I have the pleasure of writing to thank you for sending the magazine 30Giorni and also the publications On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by Heinrich Schlier and the Creed of the People of God by Paul VI.
Thank you for this service of a good press. For the article If everything is grace, grace is no more by Cardinal Georges Cottier, OP, and the interview with Cardinal Godfried Danneels, Primate of Belgium. As also for the reports on Tunisia by Gianni Valente and the spiritual reading taken from Saint Ambrose.
In short, there are many reasons to thank you sincerely.
My respectful greetings,

Carlos Cesar Sosa

Havana, Cuba

A help to repair the church of Saint Philip Neri

Havana, 23 February 2010

Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
I am writing to you first of all to thank you for the commendable work carried out by you in the direction of the magazine 30Días that, with seriousness and precision, helps to spread throughout the world the true face of the Catholic Church. I would also like to express gratitude for the generosity that characterizes you and that will certainly be rewarded by the Lord.
This surfeit of altruism has been benefiting, for some years, the Christian community of St Philip Neri, set in a geographically hidden place of the archdiocese of Havana in Cuba. The magazine is kept in the library of the Praesidium of the Legion of Mary that is in our community and which serves not only the legion brothers but also all the other confreres of the community, as well as many other people who are not members of the Church. It would be very useful for us to continue to receive the magazine gratis, because with it we keep track of what happens in the Church and the world. If possible, send us some copies of the booklet Quien reza se salva to use as a compendium of prayer in the catechumenate of young people and adults. I take this opportunity of contact with you to ask for help in rebuilding the church of my town. The church, which is the only one dedicated to St Philip Neri in Cuba, has been in a serious process of deterioration for nearly five years. The roof is partially destroyed, the doors are in a deplorable state of neglect, the bell tower is dangerously damaged and the three bells completely broken... We appeal to the generosity of 30Días readers so that with their modest contributions they may help us repair our church; in particular we make this appeal to the Church of Rome of which St Philip is the patron and that of Florence, the birthplace of the saint. Renewing our thanks, I greet you assuring you our constant prayers. May the Lord bless you,

Benito Luis Espinosa Cheo

To contact our friend Benito Luis Espinosa Cheo
Chiesa di San Filippo Neri, calle 8, n.15 e /11 e 13 San Felipe, Quivicán, L’Avana, Cuba cap. 34380 – tel. +5352674190

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