from issue no.06/07 - 2010



Thanks for the esteem and confidence you have for convents

Locarno, 20 June 2010

Dear Director Andreotti
For quite some time now we have received your complimentary magazine 30Giorni, and on behalf of the mother superior and the whole community of St Catherine, I thank you for this appreciated gift of yours.
The magazine is very interesting, written in simple language and offers interesting food for thought and meditation. We compliment you for this welcome initiative and offer best wishes for every good and many satisfactions.
We are nine sisters, a small contemplative life Augustinian community, who live in Italian Switzerland and, with the help of God, attempt to be a source of graces and heavenly blessings for the city of Locarno, for our nation and the whole world. “A man who prays elevates the world”, it was written, and we thank you, dear Director, for the esteem and confidence you have for convents and religious communities. May the Lord reward you for the good that you and the magazine’s staff sow in many hearts, and we, be assured, will remember it in our prayers.
With much gratitude, we thank and greet you fraternally.
On behalf of the mother superior,

Sister Sandra Künzli, vicar

Olmedo, Valladolid, Spain

The catechism Quien reza se salva for the children of Kuito in Angola

Olmedo, 18 June 2010

Esteemed in Christ, Mr. Giulio Andreotti,
I am a cloistered Dominican nun now resident in the convent of Olmedo (Valladolid), although for 38 years I was part of the Madre de Dios convent in Angola, a subsidiary of this, and for some years, of that of Kuito-Bié (Angola ) where we had a foundation.
At Olmedo we receive the magazine 30Días en la Iglesia y en el mundo. One day I saw it and I looked at it out of curiosity: it was a real discovery, I found articles that I had never seen in any other magazine. Therefore I wish to express my deep gratitude both to you and to those who collaborate in the editorial staff, the photographers, printers, to all, for their work. We consider this magazine a channel through which sound doctrine circulates and which sows the good seed, because what we receive, besides being useful for our soul, is also useful to be transmitted to others.
I take this opportunity to make a request, if possible. In the monastery of Kuito many children with too little formation come to visit us. We would like to offer them the catechism Quien reza se salva. We encourage you to persevere in your apostolate, in order to make Christ known through the witness of His written word and by His example.
What good spokespeople God has in the world!
United in prayer, with esteem and gratitude,

Sister María José Martin

Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Spain

A copy of 30Days for our sisters in Kenya

Medina del Campo, 18 June 2010

Dear Senator,
Our best wishes and our gratitude for your wonderful magazine, which you so generously send us. Could you send a copy in English for our sisters in Kenya and those wishing to preserve their knowledge of the language? May God reward you!
We will continue to pray that the Lord bless your valuable ecclesial work.

The Augustinian Nuns

Haifa, Israel

We thank and pray for the benefactors who make the complimentary sending of 30Giorni possible

Haifa, 8 July 2010

Dear Editorial staff,
For several years we have received with great joy and spiritual fruit 30Giorni in Italian, which many of us know because it is our mother tongue, but we will give it up... provided we can receive the French edition (if it exists) that all can use (also for reading in the refectory).
We find your monthly magazine in tune with the times and the difficult situation of the Church.
For our part we thank you and pray for the benefactors who make the complimentary sending that we enjoy possibile, making us feel loved by those who believe in the fruitfulness of our vocation in the heart of the Church.
With much gratitude, we send sincere greetings.

The Carmelite Nuns of Mount Carmel

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Thanks for the booklets Quem reza se salva for the monks

Salvador, 7 July 2010

I wish, through this e-mail, to thank you for the magazine 30Dias and for having fulfilled my request for the booklets Quem reza se salva sent to the monastery of St Benedict in Salvador de Bahia. I ask you to send me some other copies because the number was not sufficient for all the monks and some did not get copies. Thank you for your attention.

Friar Anselmo Luíz, OSB


Lira, Uganda

Thanks to Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus

Lira, 6 June 2010

Dear Director,
I read – in 30Days no. 2/3 of 2010 – about the non-profit association the ‘Little Way’ and its charitable purpose. We are missionaries very devoted to Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus and the Holy Countenance, as patroness of the missions.
I’m on a mission that this year celebrates its first decade as ‘parish’. It has thirty-six subsidiary chapels, some in baked bricks with zinc roofs, and others in straw and mud, others still being built. The Christians very gradually build it from the foundation to the roof within two or three years. And here their patience and commitment are to be admired, as well as their ingenuity in helping each other in turn. Chapels have an average size of 8-10 meters by 18-20 or more. At the end of their task, the workers expect what we missionaries are committed to provide, that is payment – as our part of the cooperation – for the zinc necessary for the roofs, which requires on average the equivalent of about two thousand euros. And here is the critical point. I finished what little I had and made available, and now there are at least five chapels waiting in line for the delivery of the mabati (as they call them here), that is the laminated zinc. That ‘story’ of money at the convent of St Theresa in Gallipoli is something really beautiful and touching. Something that I had never read or heard of. Having read that episode, I began to pray again more fervently and earnestly.
Maybe she can find the money for me.
With my most cordial greetings and best wishes,

Father Giuliano Chisté, Combonian Missionary

Rome, 30 August 2010

Dear friends of the ‘ Little Way’ non-profit association,
I confirm that the bank transfer of € 1.000 effected in favor of Father Giuliano Christé, Combonian missionary in Uganda, has now arrived. In the coming days we will arrange to transfer the sum to Father Giuliano.

Father Claudio Lurati Combonian Missionaries ,Via Luigi Lilio 80, 00142 Roma

Quito, Ecuador

30Giorni useful for spiritual exercises

Quito, 26 June 2010

Mr Director,
Some months ago we brothers were gathered awaiting the priest who was to preach the spiritual exercises. As the preacher did not come, we had to organize ourselves without him. In a room of the monastery, we found several copies of the magazine 30Giorni in Spanish and this saved us because we found interesting subjects of theological relevance and reflection in it.
I am writing because we would like to receive the magazine in Spanish but do not have the money to subscribe. Our parish is very poor and is located in a suburb. We could offer twenty masses for your intentions and needs and thus receive the magazine which will help us in our permanent formation and in our apostolate.
We would also like to receive four copies in Spanish of Quien reza se salva, one for each religious in our community.
Awaiting a favorable response, yours sincerely.

Father José Jaramillo, OFM


Archdiocese of Mercedes – Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thanks for sending 30Días

Mercedes, 20 June 2010

We are a group of ten seminarians. We are training in the Saint Curé of Ars seminary of the Archdiocese of Mercedes – Luján, in Argentina.
First of all, we want you to receive, on behalf of the rector of our seminary and all the seminarians, our thanks for sending us the magazine published by you. We appreciate the articles and derive great profit for our different areas of study.
Our professor of Theology asked us for Heinrich Schlier’s book On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We write to you also because of this, to ask if you could send us ten copies of that work. We have a good number of priests available to celebrate Masses to cover the expenses for the books.
Awaiting your response, we offer sincere greetings and ask God to bless and protect you.

Ricardo Germán Rodriguez

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

30Days is very useful for faith formation

Bangalore, 24 June 2010

Respected and Honourable Senator Giulio Andreotti,
Prayerful and loving greetings from Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram (DVK), Pontifical Athenaeum of Philosophy, Theology, Canon Law and Formative Spiriutality and Counselling. We have total student strength of 1050, including our off campus. We. have one of the best libraries in India pertaining to Philosophy, Theology, Oriental Canon Law and Spirtiuality and Counseling. In our library there are over 500 journals of national and international standard. We spend a big amount of money in subscribing to the journals. As we ourselves are publishing three international journals, we acquire a few journals on exchange basis.
I am very sorry to inform you that in our DVK Central Library we are missing your esteemed journal 30Days. As it is a very useful journal for faith formation and for the seminarians, may I request you to send your journal regularly to our library. Our present day financial constraints do not permit us to go for the subscription of new foreign journals. We are ready to exchange our journals, etiher Vinayasadhana, Journal of Formative Spirituality and Counselling, or Asian Horizons, Journal of Theology, with your esteemed journal. Were you to send us your journal regularly, it would be read and used by hundreds of people, including seminarians, professors, theologians, philosophers, religious men and women and lay people.
I have great appreciation for 30Days for its unique way of presenting relevant topics. I used to read the Italian edition when I was in Italy pursuing my higher studies in the Gregorian University, Rome.
Wishing you, Honourable Senator, all the best for your very timely mission and awaiting your positive reply. May I request you to send also two copies of Who prays is saved.
With fraternal regards, yours sincerely,

Professor Francis Thonippara, CMI, President

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