from issue no.10 - 2010


Merrivale, South Africa

It is truly a beautiful magazine

Merrivale, 26 July 2010

Dear friends,
We greet you from the province of KwaZulu-Natal and we join the chorus of thanks from the many contemplatives who have already written to thank and to praise you for your fine magazine 30Days. By translating it into many languages, it is able to reach so many, and reading it suggests many things to pray for. The excellent articles and beautiful pictures are really helpful. It is a beautiful magazine indeed. Through it, you are able to highlight and embrace many areas of the Church that would not be accessible to us otherwise. We shared our copies with others and they too have benefited from them.
Sadly, we must now ask you to discontinue sending our copy, as we are closing the convent in South Africa and returning to the Motherhouse in the United States at the end of next month, August 2010.
We pray for all your intentions.
In the Redeemer,

Sister Ann Marie, OSSR

San Francisco de Campeche, Campeche, Mexico

Thank you for Quien reza se salva

San Francisco de Campeche, 8 August 2010

Peace and good!
Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
We hope that this letter finds you in good health. We wish to thank you for your generosity in making us a present of the magazine 30Días. We are very happy to receive it because it informs and instructs us. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Please receive our prayer for yourself and your staff. Thanks also for sending the booklet Quien reza se salva, which was really liked by our benefactors and friends. It is a useful aid to prayer. Once again, thank you.
I take this opportunity to inform you that our small community prepares to celebrate its twenty-five years of presence in the Diocese of Campeche. We are the Franciscan community of the Third Order Regular of Penance, composed of seventeen sisters. All we ask is a prayer of thanksgiving for these twenty-five years.

Sister Gemma, Abbess

Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil

This precious booklet has become famous throughout the world

Campina Grande, 11 August 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti, peace and good!
After a long silence, I return to write to the editorial staff of the beloved magazine 30Dias made up of such friendly collaborators.
I would like first of all to thank you for the free subscriptions sent to me, as well as for the four packages containing the booklets Quem reza se salva.
I apologize if it is only now, after two years, that I offer my thanks. Even more since I would like to receive more copies of the booklet to give to very many people I know, in need of these holy readings of the catechism. Even some sisters ask me for them for their family members.
Men today are so far from God that readings like this must be within hands’ reach. This precious booklet has become famous throughout the world because of the large demand for it that all who receive the gift of 30Dias make, this magazine that entered and charmed all the religious houses to which it is sent. I imagine how it is awaited. For me, when I get it, I put aside all other readings to devote myself solely to it. Because of this I would like very much to pass it on to a generous father who makes himself available to celebrate Mass for us every Monday, without any remuneration. I would also like to account for the allocation of the two copies of 30Dias that you send me: one, I give to a priest right away and the other is for me and I pass it on only after reading it. I kept No. 2/3 for myself because I found three very interesting articles: 1) the two Churches in China in the phase of union, 2) the great miracle performed by St Therese, which led to her beatification, and 3) the whole discourse on the Roman Canon. Because of this I kept it for myself, without saying anything. Indeed, if it is not asking too much, I’d like to have another copy of the same number to give to that generous father. I think that he’ll greatly appreciate these readings that impressed me so much.
With the assurance of my humble prayers, for you dear Senator, and all those who collaborate with you in contributing to such edifying work, I offer my fraternal embrace to each one of you. May all contribute to the greater honor and glory of our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sister Maria Tereza do Espírito Santo, OSC

Saint Francis, Wisconsin, United States

30Giorni brings us closer to Holy Mother Church

Saint Francis, 7 October 2010

Dear Director Mr Andreotti,
Praised be Jesus Christ! I humbly come with this request for a subscription to your beautiful magazine 30Giorni. It is a work of love that lifts up one’s spirit and brings one closer to Holy Mother Chrch, the Mystical Body of Christ, with such good and doctrinally sound reporting and informative articles that are uplifting.
I am a consecrated hermit – a Carmelite hermit of the Immaculate Heart – offering my life of prayer and sacrifice for priests and for the salvation of souls.
God bless you and your staff for your work in the Church and your generosity in providing many monasteries and hermitages with your truly wonderful magazine. I assure you and 30Giorni staff of my prayers.
Lovingly in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Sister Mary Margaret Gertrude of the Blessed Trinity

Ostrow, Poland

Affection and prayer from Poland

Ostrow, 15 September 2010

Praised be Jesus Christ!
We humbly ask you to send us the edition of 30Giorni nella Chiesa e nel mondo in Italian, not in English.
We will be grateful, with affection and prayer,

Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters

Tokyo, Japan

Thank you from Japan

Tokyo, 25 August 2010

Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
In warm token of gratitude for the invaluable gift-subscription of 30Days over the long years!
With all prayers in gratitude,

from the Sisters of the Tokyo Carmel


Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo

Qui prie sauve son âme to pray better

Boma, 24 August 2010

Mr Senator,
The children and the Christians of the Cathedral of Boma would like to have the booklets Qui prie sauve son âme to pray better. Thank you for the first quantity that we have already received but that was not enough.
God bless you!
United in prayer.

Roger Phanzu-Kumbu

Diocese of Chiang Mai, Thailand

From Thailand

Fang, 23 August 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I am a PIME missionary who lives in the mission of Fang, in the Diocese of Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.
Fang was the first mission founded by the PIME missionaries in northern Thailand, more than forty years ago, a few kilometers from Burma (Myanmar). Currently I am in charge of the mission, aided by Father Massimo Bolgan and Father Giovanni Zimbaldi all PIME missionaries. Also two Presentation sisters live in the mission: Sister Salome, from India, and Sister Josephine, from Pakistan. As you can see we are an international community!
From the beginning we dedicated ourselves to the activity of evangelization and human advancement toward those who are called the “tribes of the mountains”, especially the Lahu and the Akha. The missionary work, which wants to ensure religious and social service, branches off in fact to the nearly fifty Catholic villages scattered over a vast territory. Suffice it to say that the two villages at the opposite ends of the mission are more than two hundred kilometers apart!
In the mission of Fang about a hundred children are hosted, aged from six to twenty. Then, driving about a hundred kilometers on a road that runs along the Burmese border, there is a second mission, that of Ban Thoet Thai, with another seventy souls. They are all children to feed and, above all, educate. Backed by the mission, all these children can attend school, learn the Thai language and integrate into society.
Since the mission is located in a border area one frequently encounters refugees fleeing the Burmese military regime. They are people forcibly uprooted from their own natural environment, sometimes with the family divided a little on this and a little on the other side of the border. Approximately fifty percent of these people do not yet have Thai citizenship and cannot leave the village or town, under pain of arrest and imprisonment. Even if in these recent years the government has committed itself to developing villages by road construction and the connection of electric lighting, the living conditions of mountain people remain very precarious and extremely poor.
I take advantage of the visit of Senator Emanuela Baio to give her this little note of acknowledgement and thanks for you and for the magazine 30Giorni, that I regularly receive and read with great interest. I promise my prayers and the prayers of the children who live here in the mission.
Father Claudio Corti, PIME

Parintins, Amazonas, Brazil

If I look at the magazine, I see the world

Parintins, 13 October 2010

Dear Senator,
I am writing first to thank you for the faithful gift, which is the magazine: if I look out the windows of the house where I live, on the banks of the Amazon, from every side I see the forest that extends for at least a thousand kilometers; if I look at the magazine I see the world. And this makes a big difference in the heart and head.
The bishop sent me to a parish where I want to systematically introduce the “reading of the month”. I ask you, if possible, to no longer send me the Italian edition, but the Brazilian one, so as to be able to use some texts. Don Giussani taught that looking at who is greater than us, we learn to become greater; the interviews and articles in 30Giorni are a valuable aid.
Finally, thanks for all that you continue to do for our brothers in faith, especially for the most exposed to difficulties and to persecutions.
May the Lord bless you.

Father Mauro Romanello

Gulu, Uganda

Who prays is saved brings help to the sick

Gulu, 1 October 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I am writing to inform you that I have received ninety copies of Who prays is saved. I cannot describe the joy at the opportunity to make so many patients happy in our hospital, especially the paralyzed, who often ask for magazines, newspapers and books on religious topics that can bring them spiritual help.
Please accept my sincere and dutiful “thanks”. I promise to reciprocate with my own prayer and with that of those who receive the booklets. The beautiful magazine 30Giorni is passed on to us by a Combonian father of our mission.
I wish that the peace and joy of the Lord be always in your heart and accompany you everywhere.
With sincere affection and much gratitude, I extend my greetings and renewed best wishes!

Sister Romilde Spinato

Mbeya, Tanzania

Who prays is saved for our community

Mbeya, 24 September 2010

Dear Senator,
We are a small community of Discalced Carmelites who share their own spirituality with various guests, religious and priests, who come to our community. We provide our services also in the pastoral sector of the parish. I had the privilege of reading in some religious house the magazine 30Days published by you. It’s really beautiful, it also contains some writings of the Fathers of the Church, of the Church’s doctrine and also news of the Pope and recent documents of the Church. May we also have the magazine in English? Also, I read something about a booklet called Who prays is saved, published by you. I will be very grateful if you could send a copy, for us and for all those who visit our community.

Father Felix Moras, OCD


Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Quien reza se salva for the Dominican Republic

Santiago de los Caballeros, 11 August 2010

Dear Mr Director,
I wish, with this, to ask you to make a complete edition in Spanish of the book Quien reza se salva for the Dominican Republic. I sent a copy of this booklet to every bishop of the Dominican Episcopal Conference and some have asked me to propose a specific edition for our country. This is what I do, then, on their behalf and on my own.
Thank you for the attention that you will give to our inquiries, responding to us at the address of the archdiocese.
In Jesus the Good Shepherd, Maria de la Altagracia, and St James the Apostle,
I greet you and bless you.

Ramón Benito de la Rosa y Carpio Archbishop of Santiago de los Caballeros

Ragama, Sri Lanka

Keep up the excellent work

Ragama, 21 August 2010

Dear Sirs,
It is with profound gratitude that I write to thank you for the copies of the magazine 30Days that you sent to me. I really enjoy reading it. The articles are very interesting and informative, the layout is excellent. Thanks. Keep up the excellent work.
I want to make a request. I would be very grateful if you could send one or two copies of the prayer book Who prays is saved. I hope this is possible.
Sincerely yours in Christ,

Oswald Gomis Archbishop Emeritus of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Koper, Slovenia

30Giorni reaches me every month with lots of very interesting articles

Koper, 13 September 2010

Dear editorial staff,
Having received these days your suggestion to have the magazine in Italian, I gladly accept this proposal and take this opportunity to express my warmest congratulations and my deepest gratitude for your most noble and valuable offer that is reaching me every month with many very interesting articles and news.
May the peace of the Lord be always with you.

Jurij Bizjak, Auxiliary Bishop of Koper, Slovenia

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