from issue no.12 - 2010


Carmel oF Nossa Senhora do SorrISO AND Santa Teresinha
Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

We received 30Dias with great joy

Natal, 1 November 2010

Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ! "Love gives value to all things".
It is with great joy that we received the wonderful magazine 30Dias which we have wanted to receive since we established our convent. How nice! Everything is grace! So, we are more aware of the news about the holy Church. From the heart and with gratitude, we ask God to reward you for so much goodness. All of you count on our prayers always, because there will be a special intention for you in the Holy Mass on the 30th of each month. May God reward you. May the love of Christ unite us always in charity and may Nossa Senhora do Sorriso and Santa Teresinha give you the strength to live with joy this mission that is so beautiful in the Church: to help the convents.
With affection and prayers,

Sister Maria de Jesus, OCD

Zabkowice Slaskie, Poland

Thank you for sending 30Days

Zabkowice Slaskie, 29 November 2010

In this most blessed time when Christ is born we ask Him for His Grace that we may on this night see the Crib with the same simplicity of the shepherds and in this way feel the same joy as theirs when they were coming back home. Let us ask Him to give us the same humility and faith as Mary’s, who did not understand but trusted in the Word.
Let us also ask that the light seen by the shepherds, may illuminate us as well. May the Little Jesus bless you as well, dearest members of 30Days editorial staff, and may the light of the Redeemer who comes to show us the good and merciful face of the Father, shine in your lives and give the world the gift of God’s peace in the New Year 2011.
We cordially thank you for your remembrance and for the systematic sending to us of your magazine 30Days.
This last year was extremely difficult in Poland.Together with the entire nation we suffered through the tragedy of April 10th: the death of our president and other people who took care of the welfare of our country. In June and July with our prayer and sacrifice we tried to support the victims of the great flood in Poland and all of Europe.
We humbly ask for your spiritual help for our new Mother Superior and Monastery Board that was elected on August 4th.
We offer you our deep gratitude for your remembrance and we remember you in our prayers.
God bless you!
With joy and prayer,

The Poor Clares of Zabkowice Slaskie, Sister Mary Barbara of the Lamb of God, Mother Superior

Buôn-ma-Thuôt, Vietnam

30Jours helps us to recognize our role within the Church

Buôn-ma-Thuôt, 29 November 2010

Mr Senator,
We are the Carmelite nuns of Châu Són. We send our affectionate and warm greetings to you and your collaborators in 30Jours dans l'Église et dans le monde. Thank you so much for the magazine that you send us free. It is a way to help us know the news about the Church and the world and to better recognize our role within the Church.
Christmas is coming. May the Child Jesus fill you with graces and blessings. Thank you wholeheartedly.

Sister Marie-Fatima

Crosby, Great Britain

A big thank you from Great Britain

Crosby, 30 November 2010

Dear Giulio Andreotti,
A big thank you for sending us your excellent magazine 30Days. We have enjoyed reading it over the years you have been sending it.
We are a small community of Redemptoristine Nuns – but as our numbers have now dropped to four we have moved to a smaller place.
So that we can continue to read 30Days will you please make a note of our new address.
Thank you and be assured we keep you all in our prayers, please pray for us.
God bless you all and send you many graces and blessings in 2011.
Yours sincerely in Christ the Redeemer,

Sister M Bernadette, OSSR

Girona, Spain

With 30Días we feel united with everyone in the Church

Girona, 6 December 2010

Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti,
Christ's peace and all good!
With the upcoming occasion of Christmas, we send this letter renewing our profound thanks for sending us the magazine directed by you 30Días en la Iglesia y en el mundo, with which we feel united with all humanity, in the Church, through the Communion of Saints! Thank you so much!
May Jesus, born in Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary, be always our joy and hope which nothing and no one can take from us!
May the Lord keep you and your family for many years and make your work fruitful!
In the communion of faith and prayer,

The Capuchin Sisters

Spiritual Reading/40

“We thank you for your goodness, but we also plead you: show your power”

In his audience on 20 December 2010 to give his Christmas wishes to the Roman Curia, replying to the address of homage given by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals, Pope Benedict XVI repeatedly cited the prayer of the Advent liturgy: “Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni / Rouse up your power, O Lord, and come”. Here are some excerpts from the Pope's speech:

“‘Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni’. Repeatedly during the season of Advent the Church’s liturgy prays in these or similar words. They are invocations that were probably formulated as the Roman Empire was in decline”.

“‘Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni’. Today too, we have many reasons to associate ourselves with this Advent prayer of the Church”.

“‘Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni’: amid the great tribulations to which we have been exposed during the past year, this Advent prayer has frequently been in my mind and on my lips”.

“‘Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni’. We set out from this plea for the presence of God’s power in our time and from the experience of His apparent absence. If we keep our eyes open as we look back over the year that is coming to an end, we can see clearly that God’s power and goodness are also present today in many different ways. So we all have reason to thank Him”.

We present the oratio I of feria IV de exceptato from the ancient Ambrosian Breviary. The same prayer is found in the Missal of St Pius V as the Collect of the IV Sunday of Advent and, with minimum variations, in the Missal of Paul VI as the Collect of feria V of the first week of Advent:

Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni, et magna nobis virtute succurre: ut per auxilium gratiae tuae, quod peccata nostra praepediunt, indulgentia tuae propitiationis acceleret. Qui vivis et regnas...

Rouse up your power O Lord and come, that you may save us with great force, so that, with the help of your grace, the indulgence of your mercy may hasten what is held back by our sins. You who live and reign...


Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Request for help from Piccola Via

Kinshasa, 2 November 2010

Dear Sir,
I am a missionary in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. A regular reader of 30Giorni, I never noticed your Piccola Via non-profit organization charity-initiative.
Reading issue no 6/7 of 2010 I noticed the letter from my fellow priest Father Giuliano Chisté. A little hope opened up in my heart. Little, because in these recent times everything has become more difficult, hunger and disease are growing.
The reality in which I live is not translatable into a project. I don’t work for street children, I live with them and their marginalization.
Forgive me if I write by hand. I do not know how to type and do not know how to use the computer.
On the door of the little house where I live (twenty-nine square meters) in a working class neighborhood, it says: "Fraternité du Crucifié. All those who enter are crucified, but with hope in the Crucifix of Jerusalem. If you can, give us a hand.
With St Theresa of the Child Jesus and St. Francis, I say "Peace and good".

Father Gaetano Manzi

Johannesburg, South Africa

30Days gives us food for thought

Johannesburg, 5 November 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti,
Since November 2008 we have been receiving 30Days and have been very impressed with the wonderful quality of the magazine. We are grateful for the generous decision of yourself and the board to send the magazine free of charge to all institutes of consecrated life.
Some of the art reproductions have been truly inspirational and many articles have provided thoughtful reading. The news items are up to date and interesting and certainly bring information that we would not receive otherwise in South Africa.
If you are still able to send free copies to our other communities, we would be grateful and so I enclose a list of our communities in South Africa.
Thank you again for your generosity.
Yours sincerely,

Sister Barbara, MSA

El Nayar, Nayarit, Mexico

I am very happy when I receive 30Giorni

El Nayar, 8 November 2010

Mr Giulio Andreotti, highly respected in the Lord,
Please receive through these lines a warm greeting of peace and good. First of all, I apologize for the delay in thanking you for having received, for some months now, your wonderful magazine. Many thanks. I work as a missionary in this region and am very happy when I receive 30Giorni.
May God reward you for your generosity. Count on my poor prayers. I renew my deep gratitude to you.
Affectionately in Christ missionary,

Father Álvaro Carmona

Kannur, Kerala, India

Thank you for the very beautiful gift of 30Giorni

Kannur, 5 December 2010

Dear friends,
I thank you for the most beautiful gift of 30Giorni that I regularly receive through your generosity.
I would be very pleased to receive the book Gli amici di Gesù [The Friends of Jesus].
Thank you very much. Merry Christmas and many prayers from my converts who will be baptized before Christmas.
With great affection, your ever affectionate co-missionary,

Father L. M. Zucol, SJ

Freetown, Sierra Leone

30Days offers very useful updates for the Church

Freetown, 10 December 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I have been receiving your very informative monthly magazine 30Days since I was nominated bishop a little over two years ago. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your editorial staff for this very lovely magazine.
30Days presents very useful updates on the Catholic Church throughout the world, especially about Catholic communities experiencing difficulties of one kind or another, and about very important personalities in the world of politics.
As we draw closer to the great feast of the Nativity of our Lord, I would like to wish you, your staff and your numerous readers in the four corners of the world a Blessed Christmas. I pray that the peace of Christ, the Prince of Peace, may reign in our hearts, in our homes and institutions, and in all the countries around the world.
Devotedly yours in Christ,

Edward Tamba Charles, Archbishop of Freetown and Bo

Piura, Peru

The sending of Chi prega si salva in Chinese was a lovely idea

Piura 16 December 2010

Dear Director Giulio Andreotti and editorial staff,
We join the chorus of praise for the content and graphic presentation of 30Giorni, a formidable combination.
Thanks for the free delivery and best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a 2011 prosperous in joy, peace and good so that the Divine Babe may bless your efforts in the work that brings many good benefits to your readers.
The sending of Chi prega si salva in Chinese was a lovely idea: I immediately gave a copy to a young Chinese. The Chinese colony is numerous: the Opus Dei University has created a chair for the teaching of Mandarin Chinese.
Dear Mr Giulio Andreotti, thanks!
We always await the arrival of 30Giorni!

Father Lorenzo Gambino, SDB


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Who prays is saved is very useful

Bangalore, 21 November 2010

Honorable Senator,
Warm greetings and respectful regards to you from Dharmaram.
Fifty-six Deacons of our Congregation are being ordained to priesthood this year. The Ordinations take place between 26 December 2010 and 2 January 2011. I am sending the details of these Ordinations to you.
May I request your prayers and blessings for these young men. Please do remember them in your prayers that they may become good instruments in the hands of God and of the Church. Thank you very much for sending us thirty copies of Who prays is saved. These prayer books are very useful.
Wishing you very cordially a holy and blessed season of Advent, and with every good wish.
Yours fraternally in Christ,

Fr Augustine Thottakara, CMI, Rector

Concepción, Chile

With Quien reza se salva we pray as the memory of the Church teaches us

Concepción, 9 December 2010

Dear Senator Giulio Andreotti,
I express my sincere gratitude for the generous sending of several copies of Quien reza se salva. I trust that, through this little booklet, many young people might meet Christ present and turn to him in the way that the memory of the Church teaches us.
May the grace of God accompany you.

Rodrigo Briones Caballero


Catholic Church of Byzantine-Slav rite
In the years 1859-1861 some members of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church asked for union with Rome. Pope Pius IX accepted their request and, on 8 April 1861, he ordained the Archimandrite Joseph Sokolsky archbishop. In 1926 an Apostolic Exarchate for Catholics of the Byzantine Rite was established. By the end of 2004 the Apostolic Exarchate of Sofia had about ten thousand baptized in twenty-one parishes, assisted by five eparchial priests and sixteen male religious, with seventeen other male and forty-one female religious. It is currently administered by His Excellency Bishop Christo Proykov.

Sofia, Bulgaria

One hundred and fifty years of the Catholic Church of Byzantine-Slav rite in Bulgaria

Sofia, 2 November 2010

Dear Editorial Staff of the magazine 30Giorni,
I have the great honor of contacting you. I write with all the sincerity of a foreign reader who has from time to time been able to draw on your publications and always found support for a more attentive reflection.
Allow me to send you material that relates to a modest anniversary: the one hundred and fifty years of a Church similarly modest and small, but that has made its own way and has had the experience of dealing with other Christians, with public institutions, with the atheist communist regime, and today, after one hundred and fifty years, can allow itself to celebrate with its head held high, proud of its past and its present.
In the press release in several languages that I enclose, prepared in cooperation with the press office of the CCEE (Council of European Bishops’ Conferences), I send in brief all the information about the celebrations and the work that will be held during the celebration of our hundred and fiftieth anniversary.
I’ll be again honored to send you more new material and photographs for clarification, maybe to be published, if you consider it appropriate, on the pages of your beloved monthly magazine.
Our church is small but feels strong precisely in its Catholic faith and communion with the Pope and the universal Church. I think, and I write because of this, that the limited experience in the faith of our Church may help other Catholics throughout the world who live their faith in different circumstances.
I remain willingly at your disposal, dear gentlemen, for any clarification or need for information either for this occasion or for the future.
With best regards,

Bogdan Patashev


30Days presents events in total agreement with the Catholic faith

Rome, 1 December 2010

Dear Senator Andreotti,
I wish to thank you most sincerely for sending me a complimentary copy of 30Giorni during my residence in Rome at the Vatican these last twenty years. I wish at the same time to congratulate you for the enlightening way of presenting events in the world in complete accordance with the catholic light and vision. I pray that our Lord will continue to bless your generous apostolate.
I am going to Manila where I intend to do something for our faith especially in the pastoral field. I shall surely miss the enlightening visits of 30Giorni but I shall continue to pray for you and for your wonderful apostolate. If I could help in the future or to send me again a copy of 30Days this is my new address.
Devotedly in Our Lord,

Cardinal José T. Sánchez, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Clergy

Archbishopric of York
York, Great Britain

Thanks from the Anglican Communion

York, 3 December 2010

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your letter and for the enclosed 30Days magazine. It was good of you to send this. I know that the Archbishop will appreciate the complimentary subscription to this publication.
With every good wish,

Kerron J. Cross, Director of Communications to the Archbishop of York


Thanks also for the “inspired” idea of gathering prayers and catechism notions in Chi prega si salva

Brescia, 6 December 2010

Mr Giulio Andreotti,
We are also among the lucky religious recipients of the magazine 30Giorni directed by you. Thank you heartfully.
We like it both for the solidity and breadth of the topics treated, as well as for the layout and the beauty of the photographs. Even though in the community we read L’Osservatore Romano and Avvenire, we are pleased to receive your magazine, because it is as if it completes the information that is necessary also for us to better live the life of the Church.
In addition, there is no lack of update for us on current issues and the world of culture, which makes 30Giorni always welcome and greatly appreciated.
Thanks also for the “inspired” idea you had of collecting so many prayers and catechism notions (perhaps destined to be forgotten!) in the booklet Chi prega si salva. My superior has ordered lots of copies and continues to do so. Recently she had the idea of doing something wonderful by giving it as a gift to all the mothers of our primary school pupils (about three hundred), on the occasion of Mother’s Day. We are certain that the gift can only bring good.
We wish you to continue your work with your usual enthusiasm, and thank you for the beautiful testimony of a coherent Christian that you continue to give us.
With our prayers and our gratitude,

Sister Maria Cecilia Serina and community

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