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He was killed after celebrating Mass

Carlos Mugica, priest

by Gianni Valente

Father Carlos Mugica, a priest close to the Peronist left-wing, was assassinated in Buenos Aires on 11 May 1974 in front of the church of San Francisco Solano, in the working-class district of Mataderos, where he had just finished celebrating Mass and talking with a couple of young people who were about to marry. “Those who were militants in political formations considered him a political leader. But for the people of the Villa he was simply ‘el padrecito’”, says Guillermo Torre, his current successor at the church of Christ Obrero in Villa Retiro.
On 9 April 1999 the remains of Father Mugica were transferred to the chapel of the Villa where he spent his priesthood. Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio on that occasion prayed as follows: “The death of Father Carlos, for his material killers, for those who were the ideologues of his death, for the complicit silences of most of society and for the times that, as members of the Church, we did not have the courage to denounce his assassination, Lord have mercy”.

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