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The trust and the miracles

Five years after the death of Don Giussani,
22 february 2005 - 22 february 2010

by Don Giacomo Tantardini

Five years have passed since the death of Don Giussani and the communion of grace has grown along with the predilection. Two things seem to me to contain the renewed experience of encounter in the last five years.
The first: when I suggested that the cover of 30Days bear the phrase of Paul VI of 7 December 1968, repeated by Benedict XVI on 8 November 2009, I seemed to see Giussani’s face and hear his voice again as he said: “You see we are not alone in repeating these words of our Paul VI”. He addressed him as that, “our Paul VI”, in front of all of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation in April 1999.
The second thing that accompanies and comforts is something he said in February 1995: “... it is the time of the beginnings of Christianity, it is the time in which Christianity rises, it is the time of the resurrection of Christianity. And the resurrection of Christianity has a single great instrument. What? The miracle. It is the time of the miracle. We must tell people to invoke the Saints because they were made for this. It is precisely the time of the miracle in history, it is the time of the miracle...”. And the miracles that Jesus performs (“because even others can perform miracles”) always have to do with the life of grace (in fact, without charity, they wouldn’t help) and happen humbly (perhaps the repeated call of Jesus in the Gospels not to publicize His miracles means this), almost without one noticing. I too found myself giving thanks later.

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